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Monday, September 26, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 149

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


Dean and Near left the restaurant and headed towards the city.  The roads were clear most of the way. The wind had started to pick up and he slowed the ATV down some.  They reached the town around 11 that evening.  It took another 15 minutes to reach the  hotel  due to Friday night traffic.  Dean was swearing under his breath, wondering why people were out so late on a Friday night when it was so cold.  He thought back to his hunting days when it was just Sam and him. Club hopping or going home to party with someone  you met at a bar was normal.  Dean shook his head.  He'd forgotten those times.  They pulled into the hotel and parked in front.  Telling  the young man to stay inside,  he got on his cell and called his brother, letting him know they had arrived and he was coming in to pay the bill.  The argument between them was won by the younger brother.  Sam had paid the bill and told Dean to just shut up about it.  Dean told him there was food in the car.  His brother, Matt, and Mello came down and brought the food inside while Dean parked the ATV.

They were all up late and slept in the next morning.  After breakfast, the tux fittings were done, and they were free for the afternoon.  Back at the hotel, Dean kept track of the time.  He had told everyone where the restaurant was, and at 4:30, he left, stating he had an errand to run and would meet them at the restaurant.

The group was rather curious as to what the other was up to but headed to the restaurant at the right time.  Sarah's eyes lit up at the outside of it, having heard of such places and hoping there was one near their home.  

The sun had been setting earlier every day, and it was dark outside. The building had a green roof, and awning; and the lights on the building were several shades of green from dark to light.

Sam got out and opened the door as Nancy exited her ATV and laughed, "Dean must have found the only Irish pub in West Texas."

The taller brother laughed and replied, "It does have a pub.  He told me that, but it is a very nice restaurant.  They serve food from the entire British Isles and it's authentic recipes. This is for Sarah.  He has known Lisa for a long time.  I got to know her some.  I found out that he had people watching over her.  He only got to know Sarah a couple of days, while I continued to email with her.  They had that one bout of argument and it worried Dean that he may have made her think he didn't like her or something silly like that.  Sarah, he just wants to make you feel a part of the family.  Just nobody, and I mean nobody, make fun of him tonight.  This has been hard for him.  Okay?  Mello?  Matt?"

Mello snickered at him.  "As long as I get chocolate tonight, I'm game.  Besides, this is a bit of home.  I don't mind at all."  Matt nodded, looking excited to try this as well.

To Watari, the green was a bit overdone but it seemed to feed the excitement of his boys as well as Sarah, who this little outing was obviously for.  The artist was soaking in the decor with eyes that just kept getting bigger and bigger as she turned her head, memorizing every little facet.  The inventor wished Dean could see her reactions.

A older man in a a very dark green tweed suit opened the door and asked if they were the Winchester party.  Sam said they were.  The door opened wide for them.  The vestibule had three doors coming off it.  One went to back to the restrooms and kitchens.  The on the left had heavy wood doors.  Sam opened it so they could see inside.  It was an old pub with wooden floors, a large oaken bar and wooden chairs and tables everywhere.  There several dart boards on the walls.    The doors to the right were oaken but they were held open.  Inside was a large room with windows on both ends.    The drapes on the windows facing the front of the building were a light green, and the ones at rear were open, showing leafless trees strung with small green and white fairy lights.  The carpet was a dark green.  The walls on both sides held prints of Ireland and Scotland.  There were massive swords and large crests on the walls also.  The tables had a dark green table cloth with a pale green  crocheted  lace cloth over them.  Several had been gathered together to make one long table.

The man who had greeted them seated them.  Lisa  and Sarah were seated on either side of head of the table but the seat was left empty.  It was for the host who was not there yet.  Several pipers came out in full regalia.  Two had Ulian pipes and two had the Scottish pipes.  The two with the smaller pipes were dressed in Irish kilts.  The other two were in Scottish attire.  

The Irish pipers played "Wearing O' the Green."   

Ryuuzaki closed his eyes with a muted wince for a moment.  He wasn't too fond of the pipes but would tolerate it for the sake of the ones who enjoyed this.  It was obvious Mello and Matt were having fun, and Sarah was humming with the music.  He could tell she knew the words and was definitely enjoying herself.

When the Irish pipers finished, everyone applauded.  It grew quiet.  The two Scottish pipers stood and started playing "Scotland the Brave."  About that time, Dean entered.  Bobby choked on some  beer he was drinking, and in a shocked voice, exclaimed, "Damn, bow legs and all."

Dean was in a full dress kilt of the Campbell plaid.  He wore  a white Oxford dress shirt,  The Argyle vest and jacket with the tartan fly plaid on one shoulder held to the shoulder with the Campbell clan crest brooch .  He wore the Ancient Campbell kilt in greens and blues.  The woolen socks came up almost to his knees and bore green ribbon hanging under fold at the top.  He wore gillie shoes.  His belt was black leather and had a Campbell crest belt buckle. the sporran was leather with the crest on it.  On his head was a black glengarry.  He slowly walked towards the table and stood by Sarah and held out his hand.  "I've been practicing this all week  I had a lesson in town before the snows hit.  Will ye dance a reel with me, Lady Sarah?" Dean struggled with the Scottish brogue, but there was determination to do it justice on his face.

Everyone was so focused in shock at Dean they had not seen the band with it's stringed instruments and drums  enter.  They started to play a Scottish reel and Dean led Sarah out onto the floor.  A number mouths were open in surprise as the elder Winchester kept up with Sarah and did a fairly good job of dancing the reel.

Sarah was laughing as she danced, moving flawlessly through the moves.  Her grin encouraged Dean, eyes gleaming in a way that would tell everyone that this was beyond amazing for her and she was loving every moment of it.

Near looked at Bobby.  "When did Dean learn to dance a reel?"

"Damned if I know.  When did he have time to get a kilt made.  Even more, as sick and exhausted as he's been, did he overdo by adding this?  Doc, did he mention learning to dance a reel while moving and everything else he's been pushing himself with? "

Lisa added, "Yes, inquiring minds would like to know."  Lisa was smiling when she said it.

Nancy interrupted.  "He's smiling and having a wonderful time and he doesn't look the least big tired.  Look at Sarah's face.  Her eyes are sparkling.  If I'm not mistaken so are Dean's.  I wouldn't have thought you could be that graceful dancing a reel when you haven't had the training.  He's having fun.  That's nice to see."

Dean had relaxed more as he moved the through the steps of the fast dance.  He started to genuinely smile at the woman he danced with, his eyes starting to twinkle as they moved.  

There was a mischievious look on Mello's face for a moment, and the blond grinned.  "He's having a great time.  We should take them to a competition and let them blow the others out of the water."

Sarah moved, matching him gracefully.  It was obvious she did this often and was enjoying having a partner to dance with. 

The music finally stopped and Dean and Sarah finished the dance in the center of the room.  Dean smiled an incredible smile at the woman in front of him.  "Thank you, my Lady.  May I ask for another later? There were two or three versions of it and I watched the steps and learned them.  I'm just a little nervous starting out.  I checked. The band knows the songs that go to the reels I learned.  I promise to try not to step on you."

The woman gracefully curtsied.  "You, dear sir, have been a pleasurable partner and one I hope to dance with again.  This was my honor and pleasure, and I anxiously await the next dance."

Dean bowed  to her with a wide grin.  "After the meal, then.  This was fun."  He took her hand and led her back to the table.  As he sat down he looked down the table at the shocked, questioning expressions on the faces of his family and friends.  He winked at Andy who was sitting next to Ben.  "Andy, I bet your grandmother danced the reel in her younger years."

The elderly lady laughed softly.  "Oh I have a time or two, young man.  You've done rather well.  I think the other young ones should learn about these old dances as well."

Sarah was all smiles as she sat down.  "I wish I'd known, I'd have dressed up too, Dean.  This is wonderful!"

"The kilt was a surprise, Sarah.  If I had told you to dress up for this, you would have known what I was up to and the surprise would have been ruined."  He got a wicked look in his eyes. " I think Elspeth is right.  We could hire this band and have Celtic or Gaelic parties at home.  It would be great if everyone learned.  The boys would do it well, I imagine."  He looked down the side table towards his brother.  "Sammy, you're going to do it aren't you?  It wouldn't take long to have the same things made for you.  They used the tux measurements."  Dean smirked at his big brother.

Sam muttered something about kilts and underwear but not loud enough to be heard down the table.  Bobby choked on his beer again.

Ryuuzaki shook his head as the woman gave a happy cry.  "I would love it!  Celidhs would be so much fun to host, especially at Celtic New Year.  Dean, thank you so much!"

Near smacked on Bobby's back when he choked, answering Sam loud enough to be heard by the table.  "Traditionally, there was nothing worn beneath the kilt.  However, given the presence of minors, Near doubts Dean held to that level of tradition."

A pin drop could have been heard.  Dean's eyes widened and his mouth dropped a little and he flushed.  "Was that necessary, Sam?"

About that time, the waiting staff brought platters and bowls of food to the table.  Bowls and plates were placed at each seat.

There was a lamb and potato stew, Irish potato pancakes called Boxty, Irish soda bread, and an apple butterscotch pie with meringue topping which was Scottish.  There was also a haggis and Helensburgh toffee which was made like fudge.

Watari ensured his charges ate a bit of everything before allowing desserts to be served.  He was proud of Dean's gift to Sarah, who was giggling as she ate her way through all of the food.  The older male smiled at that, happy to see this odd little family interacting so well.

Sam stared at the food in front of him.  The lamb and potato stew, he could handle but he knew what was in haggis.  He looked down the table at his brother, who was trying everything with a relish that made Sam want to turn green.  He could not allow it to be shown.  Dean, whose derision of the Campbells and kilts had caused a rift, was now on the best of terms with Sarah.  His brother  had gone against the grain and done all of this to make amends and make her feel welcome and would expect his support in this.  He shook his head and ate the stew.  The haggis was not on his plate.

The tartaned clad man at the end of the table was answering questions about the reels he had learned, how he'd practiced.  He talked about the blown up doll he had hidden in the wood shop and the small tv he watched in his office to memorize the steps.  He'd had one lesson before the snowfall hit and  was talking about finding the right attire.  Everything had been flown in and four tailors had worked on it, using his measurements taken by the tuxedo store.  He also talked about the history of the clans he was reading.  Lisa listened to the two of them talking with pride.  Dean had gone to a lot of trouble.  She was very proud him and was going to learn the dances.  She wanted to dance with him also.

Sarah had quoted a poem first before allowing the haggis to be cut and took a nice size serving, enjoying herself a great deal.  She'd offered to teach Lisa since she knew both the Scottish and Irish dances, and also the artist had agreed to help Dean learn more as well.  With a mischevious grin, she winked at Bobby.  "Hey Sam?"

Sam looked up and the woman he was going to marry, a question on his face.  He saw his brother taking a bite of the haggis, and he turned green.  Dean grinned at him

"Yes, Sarah?"

As soon as his mouth opened, she popped a bite of haggis in.  "Enjoy," she beamed at him, then focused on her plate.

 Watari chuckled, shaking his head at that devious act.  Sarah was quick when she wanted to be and kept the Winchester brothers on their toes.  Definitely a good choice.

Dean smirked at his brother and placed another bite of the haggis in his mouth.  He  chewed slowly as he watched his brother sitting there with a look of shock on his face.  Sam had not moved and certainly had not chewed the food that was in his mouth.

Dean swallowed.  "Come on, Sammy.  It can't taste as bad as some of the  things you've swallowed.  Give it a chance.  You're Scottish too.  You might actually like it.  It's got all kinds of healthy stuff in it."

 Sarah's eyes were sparkling as she watched him.  The haggis was really well cooked, seasoned beautifully, and she would have to beg for the recipe for it.  The others were actually eating it as well, since Watari had insisted on his group eating the courses before dessert would be allowed.  "Come on, Sam, it's good!"

"It's stomach," Sam replied.

Bobby spoke up, "Sam, it's only on the outside.  The inside has some organs of the sheep, spices, and Scottish oats.  The stomach is what you boil it in.  They used to use intestines for sausage.  What's the difference?  It's just a giant liver sausage.  It's no different then tripe.  The Mexicans call it menudo."

Dean looked up at the mention of menudo. "Weren't they a Puerto Rican boy band?"  This time it was Lisa's turn to choke.  

 Mello nearly fell off of his chair when he heard the question, snickering harder.  Near looked at Sam.  "Does Sam eat the American food known as sausage or hot dogs?"

 Watari covered his face, trying not to laugh.  He knew where Near was going, and he didn't want to start snickering and make the boy question his line of rationalizing.

"Only when we were hunting and there was nothing else at whatever store we stopped for gas or food for Dean.  I'm pretty picky about what I eat."

"If Sam ate the hot dogs then Sam should have no problems eating the haggis.  In truth, this is healthier than hot dogs or sausage," he said to him, gray eyes watchful.  Matt smirked a bit.  "He's got you there, Sam."

The younger brother looked down the table at the instigator of his problems at the moment.  Dean looked back at his brother, a challenge in his eyes.  Sam could see the laugh lines.  "Damn it, you're enjoying this, Dean."

Dean swallowed the bite of haggis and took a spoonful of the stew. He put it in his mouth and slowly chewed as he enjoyed his brother's discomfort. Swallowing, he grinned, "Yeah, Sammy. I am. I don't think there's any Superglu to be had around here either," he replied and started to laugh.

Watari groaned when Matt and Mello shared a look, then began pestering Dean for details.  The two livened things up when not working with pranks at times.

Near frowned slightly.  "Why is all of this a problem?"

Dean poured more beer from a pitcher into his tankard.  "It's not a problem.  I've gotten better at prank wars, and as I said, there's no Superglu.  He can't glue another beer bottle to my hand."

 "I'd be more worried about the dreadful duo," the elderly man told Dean, nodding towards the quietly conspiring kids.  Near was poking at his own food, obviously almost to his full point. He really needed to encourage the lad's appetite as it was nowhere near Ryuuzaki's, Matt's or Mello's.  

Hazel eyes turned towards the two teens, and the man watching them knew there would be trouble if he didn't nip it in the bud right now.  "Matt?  Mello?  No pranks in the house.  Outside only.   I don't want damage anywhere and it's holiday time.  I don't want to see anything messed up because of them.  If you are planning anything interior wise you get an adult's okay first."

"Seriously, like we'd damage anything," Mello pointed out.  "Besides, we need to talk to you about that later," he grinned, wanting to bring the older man in on the pranks.

Dean looked from one to the other.  "Oooo....kaaaayyy."  Everyone was trying the two desserts.  The older  ate a piece of the pie, but it was a small one.  He was full and didn't finish it.  "Sarah, are you ready for those other two reels?"

Sarah grinned, wiping her mouth and hands before answering.  "Yes, Dean, I believe I'm ready to work this meal off."  She was ready to have some fun.  

Dean got up from his chair and held a hand out to Sarah,  treating her like something priceless to be carefully tended to and guarded.  He led her out onto the floor and  motioned to the leader of the small band.  The music of another reel began and he led her into the dance.

 The woman gracefully fell into the open position, moving with the music and with Dean for each part.  She was glad she hadn't worn heels, which Lisa had tried to put her into earlier that day.

Parts of the reel required that Dean move in, placing his arm around her waist, gripping her tight as they moved in a tight circle around each other.  Sam's eyes widened and he grinned, watching them.  Suddenly he got up and walked out onto the floor, interrupting the dance.  The couple stopped and Dean looked up into his brother's hazel eyes a question in his own.  The younger man looked at both of them and smiled.  "Teach me how?"

Sarah burst out into a peel of laughter.  "Lisa, get your fanny out here.  Time you learned as well."

Lisa's eyes widened.  "I'll break something.  I'm in heels."  Dean grinned and strode over to the dark haired woman, reaching down and grabbing her arm.  He pulled out onto the floor.  She was dragging  her feet, telling him to stop.  The former hunter turned and faced her.  "You can kick the damn shoes off, Lis.  The floor is carpeted and it's warm in here.  Don't use the  speed and agility of the dance as an excuse.  You teach Yoga and you're as nimble  as anyone I've ever seen."

Lisa started to back away and stopped when the kilted man in front of her got a sad look in his eyes and quietly whispered, "Please?"  She slowly slipped her feet out of her shoes and walked towards him.  He stood a little taller and reached for her, a soft smile on his face.

Sarah set into position, showing Lisa how to stand as the woman would be to her right.  "When the music starts, watch my feet at first.  Upper body position is fairly easy.  Irish reels and jigs hold the upper body very stiffly.  The Scottish versions aren't as rigid.  Sam, watch Dean."

Sarah nodded to the musicians and the music started.  They were giving each other's partner instructions as they went along.  Before the dance was over, both seemed to understand the steps.  Dean told the band to play it again.  this time they went through it a little easier.  

Watari grinned when Mello dragged Matt out, pushing the red head to stand beside Lisa.  The two had been watching and fell into it fairly quickly, proving their intellect as they did the dance fairly well.

They went through the dance several more times and Bobby looked at his watch.  "I think we need to let these people go home, children.  The hotel awaits. It didn't snow here but the weather report we had yesterday said last night was a possible snow and ice storm.  If the roads are bad, we need to leave early in the morning to drive slowly when we hit those areas.  Dean, thank you for a wonderful evening."

Sarah hugged her future brother-in-law, whispering softly.  "Thank you, Dean.  This really meant a lot to me.  You look very distinguished tonight."

She watched Dean do something he found himself doing more of then ever before in his life.  He blushed a brilliant red.  "Really?  It doesn't look silly?  Cause, Sarah, I looked in a full length mirror and I thought I looked good.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it could look good.  It's not gay at all.  What I've read about the fear other militaries have towards the Scots is fierce.  They're really warriors."

 "This is the more dressy version and in my mind, it's very flattering for both genders.  You pull it off very well, and I'm so happy that you tried this for me."

"I'll be honest here.  It wasn't easy, but I meant every bit of this.   I know I don't really have the legs for a kilt, but I wanted to do it right."

 "You look just fine," Sarah reassured him.  "I'm half tempted to take you to a Celtic New Year and compete as dancing partners for the competitions."

"You think I'm good enough?  Cause they probably dance a lot more then reels,"  the man in front of her hesitated for a moment.  "Hell, why not?  If you think I can learn it all and be good enough to compete, then yeah. I'll dance with you for the competitions."  The six people in the middle of the room could have heard a pin drop at that moment.

What you don't know, I can teach you," she told him.  "Refine what you know and build on it.  You have a great balance, good sense of spatial awareness, and you don't mind getting sweaty and having fun.  That's what this is for after all, to have fun and keep a part of our history and culture alive."

Watari just smiled, proud of Dean for this.  It was good exercise and a great bonding experience for him to get to know his future sister-in-law.  He would get the materials for them for Christmas to get them going in the competitions.

"Okay, so we have until Halloween to do this?"

Sarah nodded.  "That's a good time to start.  I'd like to go to other festivals before then to give you time to see how the competitions go"

"We can do that.  Yeah.  Okay.  Bobby's right though.  It's getting late and the weather may be bad back home."  Dean turned to the man wearing the green suit.  If you'll bring the check I'll take care of it.  Thank you for renting it to us tonight.  It meant a lot."  Dean walked over the band and slipped them several large bills.  He did the same for the pipers.  He walked back to the table as the man returned with his check.  Dean gave him the credit card and the man left with the tab.

"Well, everyone.  Did you have a good time?"

The group chimed in with the positive.  Sarah was positively giddy, she'd had so much fun.  She hummed various tunes as they donned their outdoor gear to be able to brave the dropping temperatures outside.

Dean signed the credit charge and left a large tip for the staff.  He had thanked the  owner one more time, when an elderly lady walked out of the office.  Dean had a his winter jacket on , with gloves, earmuffs, hat, and muffler, but he was still bare legged.   

The lady intersected his path, stopping him.  "Where are your trewsers, young man?"

He looked down into her eyes.  "They're in my ATV, ma'am."

"You've got  nice legs, young man.  They do the kilt justice, but we all know what is worn under a kilt, and you're going freeze them off."  Dean's head jerked back in surprise.  He licked his bottom lip, nervous.

The man in the green suit went quickly to the elderly lady and took her by the arm, apologizing as he took her back to the office.  The little lady spoke louder, "You need some trewsers to protect those.  Children are important, young man."

Dean nodded and hurried towards the door, grateful that the family wasn't inside with him.  He was red faced again as he walked quickly towards the ATV, not sure who, if anyone, was riding home with him.

Near, Mello, and Matt had opted to ride with him actually, and the red headlooked at the other.  "Ok, why are you blushing?"

"Whose blushing?  I'm fine."

"Why are Dean's cheeks so red?"  Near leaned over, checking the other's face.

Dean let the engine heat up, he messed with the player in the car and Metallica came on.  He looked up and stared at Near and shook his head.  "Come on, guys.  It's personal."

Mello snickered.  "Let me guess, someone complimented you on the sexy legs?"

"Okay, Mello. Which one of those waiters do you think is gay and hitting on me?"  At that moment there was a knock on Dean's window.  He jumped a foot.  Turning he rolled his window down and the man in the green suit said "You dropped this when my Mother accosted you, Sir."  He handed Dean his wallet.  Dean stared at the man in disbelief.  The owner apologized again for the rude sexual remark and hoped it would not prevent the use of his restaurant at another time.  The younger man, his face a bright red at this point, choked out a reply, "It's all right.  At her age, dementia sets in.  Right?"  The older man smiled, "No, Sir.  Her mind is very clear.  She likes sex with younger men.  She would have gone a lot further."  All Dean could think to say was, "Oh."  He nodded at the older man and rolled his window up.  Putting the car into reverse, he started backing up.

The blond coughed, muttering a word in between the coughs.  "Cougar after you, Dean?," he grinned.

"That's not funny.  She's not a cougar.  A cougar could still attract a man, Mello.  This woman had to be ancient when I was born.  Okay?  She didn't proposition me.  Her son got there before that happened.  She just said."  Dean stopped.  "I'm not telling anyone what she said."

 Hazel eyes widened at that.  "No problem, think I'll shut up now.  Anyway, I can't believe Sarah pulled that trick on Sam.  That was priceless, especially the look on his face."

Dean stared in disbelief.  it wasn't like Mello to give up that easy.  "Yeah, it was really good.  I actually loved it"  The man's response to Mello had almost a sound of doubt in it.

Mello grinned, getting comfortable in the seat.  He wasn't going to push it because he'd been told to behave by his guardian, and he would behave...for now.

They drove toward the hotel.  Dean took it slow on the streets, knowing the traffic would be bad on a Saturday night.  He Let the boys out in front and drove around to the parking  garage.  He saw the other two on the second floor but had to go on up to the third to find a large enough spot for the ATV.  He went around to the back and got his the clothes he'd been wearing earlier.  They were in a back pack.  It was cold in the garage so he hurried to the elevator.

The rest were waiting for him. The cold was falling fast, which wasn't a good sign for the weather tonight. Ryuuzaki was waiting in the elevator to make sure that Dean made it in without problems.

Dean raised an eyebrow when he saw the man. It had not crossed his mind that someone else besides an elderly lady might try to hassle him. There was a gun in his backpack, but it would have been difficult to get to it. "Thanks, Ryu." There was a lot of meaning in those two words because it had dawned on him that there might have been more then hassling. It would seem the other had foreseen the possibility and saw to it that nothing did occur. Dean said nothing else. Ryu would know what he meant and he was grateful that he didn't have to elaborate.
    The detective nodded, popping a sucker into his mouth as he did so.  "The temperature keeps falling.  We may end up remaining in the hotel longer than originally anticipated."

"I hope not.  Thanksgiving is this week.  I want to finish up the the cuttings for the ornaments and stuff Sarah needs. Lisa took care of the stuff for Thanksgiving and Sara is doing Christmas.  I imagine that next year we'll go all out for other holidays.  Right now, it's one a time.  Christmas is the big one."

    Another nod came from the other man.  "I understand.  Perhaps the roads will clear up enough to allow for travel but we should be prepared for the other possibility."

"I know, Ryu.  If this had not been so important, we would have stayed home."

 "You certainly made amends and also found something to bond with your future sister-in-law over.  That is a large achievement," he told him.  "Sarah seemed to be very excited at having a partner to dance and compete with.  This will be good for you as well."

"I liked it, Ryu.  It was fun and exciting, but how is it good for me?"

Exercise for one.  Healthy competition is always good for an individual," he answered.

"Heh.  Sammy was the one who always competed in things.  I bet this has freaked Sam and Bobby.  It's not me.  I want it to be though."

    "Just go with the idea of enjoying yourself," he advised.  "I could tell you were having fun tonight, which is important."

"It was a lot of fun.  I really didn't know or understand.  Man, I made an ass of myself over this stuff a couple of weeks ago.  I'm glad I did this."

    "That is important, the having fun.  You've found something fun that you can share with your sister-in-law," he pointed out.

"I've never had fun with a woman  before who I wasn't sleeping with."

Ryuuzaki nodded.  "She is the only family member you haven't been able to connect with.  Now you have a means to do so that is enjoyable for you both."

Dean thought about it as they  exited the elevator at the street level and cross the street to the hotel lobby. "You're right.  Other then trying this, I wasn't sure how to go about it."

"Sometimes the best way to approach things is just to immerse yourself in something that the other enjoys, just as you have done tonight."

"It affected everybody, and I think they were all on Sarah's side.  I don't think I was wrong to feel that  way, but there was no way in hell she was going to back down on it.  I guess I'm actually growing up, Ryu.  I didn't want the fighting and everybody hurt and angry.  I didn't want the blame for all of it either.  I don't think she would be willing to let me off the hook.  It's easier this way, and I liked it. Surprise."

They stepped into a lobby elevator.  Dean was quiet for a minute.  "I'm not doing this against my will.  I actually enjoyed it and I want to  continue dancing with her."

"Then focus on that and use it as a chance to have fun and get to know her,"
 he told him.

Dean spoke softly as they walked down the plush hallway, "I will.  The first time I met her, I told  Sam that he needed to marry her.  She would have made a good hunter's wife..  Now he's not a full time hunter.  Only when you need us.  He's marrying her. I want to feel as comfortable with her as I do Lisa, Jo, and Ellen."  Dean stopped at his door and slid his card into the slot, turning the knob.  "Good night, Ryu.  Thank you." 

"Anytime, Dean."  He patted the man on his shoulder and trudged his way to his own room, determined to get some work done before Watari went off on him for his poor sleeping habits again.

The next morning, Dean was up and making calls, checking on road conditions between the city and home.  He knew it might be rough highway that goes to their home, but he wanted to make as far as he could go before he had to pay someone to clear things up again. The sheriff's department said that all the roads were cleared of snow and alt  laid in the worst area.  There might be spots of ice but it was passable.  They'd just have to be careful. Dean called and let everyone know.  They picked donuts and kolaches at a shop and head on.  More was expected. 

 The group was glad to be heading out, liking it better at home honestly.  They just had to hope that they would make it before the storm hit.

Dean led the way.  He'd driven in lots of weather like this up north  Sam rode with Nancy and her friend.  Bobby rode with the Doctor and Elspeth and Andy.  Watari sat up front with Dean. Lisa, Ben and near sat in the middle seat, and L, Mello, and Matt in the back seat.  Sarah rode with Sam and the two women.  It took longer to reach home.  The reached the Doctor's offices and started swapping out.  Nancy let Sam keep her ATV and Bobby hopped into the the back seat behind Sarah.    Nancy and Erica got into the ATV.  He leaned out and told them, Nancy would pick hers up when they stopped to  check the clinic.  Saying good bye and wishing each other a happy holiday, they all headed to their own homes.

Near gave a soft sigh when they entered the main room.  It was nice to be indoors.  Traveling was not his favorite thing to do, truthfully.

The men hauled the luggage in and checked the building inside and out.  When they had done the inspection, Dean started hauling in kindling and logs for all of the fire places.  When Mello and Matt saw what he he was doing, they grabbed their outer ear and went back outside to help..  Dean had pulled more  logs from the wood shed and had a gas powered chain saw and was cutting wood. Sam and Bobby laid the fire.  

 Watari began laying the fires as well, stacking wood in the boxes where each fireplace was.  He'd also put Ryuuzaki to work with Ben to help with wood, while Near and the ladies set the kerosene lamps out, making sure each was full with a wick ready.  The older man had a feeling this would probably be necessary.

The wood was laid, fires roaring in every room, everything was ready.  The women fixed a pot of soup with hot chocolate and coffee.  Dean left the storage shed, hauling several large black plastic cases.  He kicked a booted foot at the base of the storm door.  "I need some help", he yelled.

 The group went to aid him, though Watari insisted Near stay in a warmer area.  The boy was succeptable to catching colds if he wasn't watched.
Dean stumbled into the patio with a number of large plastic cases.  "These are quilts and heavy blankets.  There's about six or seven more in the attic of the storage room.  I tossed them all down so they are on the floor."

Sam and Watari went up to get the others whiel the group hauled in the boxes, determined to help

They hauled all of the quilts and blankets to the bedrooms, Dean telling everyone, "If you need to double up to stay warm, do so.  Body warmth helps."

They all sat down to eat and drink the coffee and hot chocolate.  The kitchen was cleaned .  Dean went into the pantry and brought out a propane stove.  "We will eat hot food if the lights go out.  If they do, we can  see what caused it and make the necessary changes.  But it's a day chore."  While he was talking, the storm hit.  It sound like gale near a beach.  Everyone gathered in the big room and sat together on the couches or chairs.  Dean sat on the floor near the fire, with Lisa pulled up close to him.

Gray eyes sparkled in the firelight.  "This is like the storms at the school sometimes."  Mello nodded, very familiar with that sound as well.  Whammy's house was massive and the wind wuthered around the house, filling the hallways with that moaning sound quite often.

"Snow storms or wet, rainy gales?" Sam asked.

 "Both," Matt answered.  "Sometimes just rain..other times snow.  It's a mix of what to expect."

At that moment there was a loud noise and the lights went out.  Dean stretched a little and sighed.  "Well that's it till the storm completely passes and we have not enough light to see.  We're self-contained here."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 148

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Late Friday Afternoon.

Lisa awoke before the alarm went off.  Dean had an arm and leg wrapped around her.  She lay in the dark room, listening the quiet.  She could feel his breath against her neck where had somehow managed to nuzzle.  She decided to wait on the alarm and just enjoy the moment.

It wasn't too long before the abrasive sound of the alarm went off, letting the room's occupants know it was time to get up and moving.  The room was warm and the smell of baking bread filling the wings of the house.

Dean  moved slowly and reached over to turn off the alarm.  He moved back towards the woman next him and reached for her.  She put a hand on his bare chest, leaned over, and gently kissed him.  "It's 4:30.  You and Near are leaving at 5:00?"

"Mmmhmmm," he said, rubbing his eyes after kissing her back.  "I should get a quick shower and changed.  The last thing I want is to be late and make him think I've forgotten."

"Dean, you had a nice hot bath a few hours ago.  Thirty minutes isn't a long time.  Going out into that weather after a shower?  It's not a good idea, hon."

Dean looked at the woman next to him and smiled.  He climbed out of the bed and went to gather clean clothes.  She watched his naked back side and and the bow legs and smiled.

"Yeah, you're right, Lis," he said, going to wash his face after laying out clothing for his outing with the young genius.

For fifteen minutes, Lisa watched him dress and locate his wallet and keys.  He leaned back over the bed and kissed her.  "Love you, Lis."  He headed for the door.

Near was waiting in the main room, dressed in his usual with a pair of white tennis shoes on.  A pair of white outdoor type boots and coat were waiting for him as he patiently waited, seated in a chair

Dean left his wing and saw the young teen.  He grinned.  "I'll be ready in just a couple of minutes.  I'm going to get my gear.  We'll need to let the ATV heat up a minute.  I'll go on out and do that .  I'll call when it's had time defrost the windows and heat up inside.  I don't want you getting cold and making you sick."

The genius nodded, white curls dancing a bit as he did so.  "Near will put the coat and boots on as well," he said softly. 

The older man returned a few minutes dressed for outside.    He had the keys in one hand and was reaching for the door knob with the other.  "I'll call your cell when it's ready."  He headed out the door, surprised by the amount of snow on the plowed parking area.  His brows raised slightly, and he headed towards the ATV.

Near managed to get into the snowboots, wrinkling his nose a bit at how clumsy it was to get tennis shoed feet into them but Watari had insisted.  He wrapped the heavy white scarf around his throat and put on the white mittens before slipping into the heavy white coat.  

The sky was clearing with just a few flakes falling to the ground   Dean had not checked the weather since the morning.  He knew just how bad it could get, but the clearing skies were a surprise to him.  He unlocked the ATV and climbed up into it.  Placing the key into the ignition, he started the engine and let it heat up.  After a few minutes, he turned on the defrosters.  All of the windows were heavy with snow and ice.  It would take a little while to  be able to see.  He reached into the glove box and found a scraper.  After about ten minutes, Dean climbed back out of the vehicles and began the job of scraping off all of the windows.  He felt half frozen by that point, but it was done.  He climbed back into the vehicle and turned on the heater at full blast.  

Near waited patiently, flipping through something on his cell phone as he did 

Dean called Near's cell and told him he was out front.  He drove over to the door to keep the younger teen from having to go far in the freezing weather.  He had put a stereo system in the car and was playing AC/DC in the tape player, knowing Sam would have a fit that it was a tape player.  He grinned at it and tapped the CD player that was also in the dash, thinking that Sammy should be grateful that he had added both.  

The white clad youngling headed outside, almost blending in with the snow and gray surroundings.  He opened the door and climbed in, his short height making it a bit difficult to do so.  Finally, he made it and fastened the seat 

Dean watched the struggle, fighting the urge to get out and lift the boy up into the vehicle.  He knew better.  Near was a young man who had a right to his own independence.  He would find a way to broach the subject and see if Near would mind the help.  After the boy was belted in.  Dean grinned at him and asked, "Are you ready?"   

"Near is ready," he said, checking something on his cell phone screen.  The models each of the boys had were top of the line, just as L's and Watari's were.  The teen put the item into a pocket, leaning back slightly.             

The older man put the vehicle in gear and slowly pulled out of the parking area and onto their private road.  "Is it warm enough for you?"  Dean turned to look at the teen sitting next to him. 

"It is," he murmured to him.  "Near was checking weather reports a moment ago.  It is a good thing this vehicle was chosen."   

Dean looked out at the stars in the sky.  It was colder than earlier.  "Clear skies mean temperature drops?  Are we gonna have more storms coming?  If the temps drop badly, we could be having ice storms."

 "Another set of storm cells are anticipated to arrive around midnight in this time zone," he answered.  "I texted Watari to advise about that and ensure the house was prepared in case this was more ice than snow."

Dean sighed, "I just know that Doc, Nancy, Erica, Elspeth, and Andy are meeting us in the city tomorrow.  We are picking tuxes up tomorrow, and there's a dinner at a restaurant.  I rented the whole place, Near.  No other guests will be there."  Dean was quiet for a moment thinking that, with what he had planned, he didn't want anyone else there.

"If the weather does not hold, that would not be advisable.  Snow is one thing; ice can be very treacherous indeed," he murmured.

Near could not read Dean's face from the side but could tell the man was tense.  Dean finally relaxed a little and said, "Yeah,  I know.  It's just that....," his voice trailed off.  A few more minutes passed.  "It doesn't matter, I guess."

The teen was quiet for a moment.  "Move the group into town tonight," he suggested.  "There is a hotel not far from the restaurant ."

Well, I had reservations at the same place we stayed before.  I could call and extend it, but will the others be able to come if we do that?  Dean reached for his cell phone and called Nancy, figuring that she could let him know."

Come to find out that Near's suggestion was a good idea.  Both Nancy and the doctor had ATVs and would collect the group to head into the city tonight 
before the storm broke.

Dean called the hotel explaining the situation.  The rooms were definitely available.  He had a room for Sam and Sarah, Bobby, L, Watari, Matt, Matt, Mello, Near, The doctor, Nancy and Erica, Elspeth and Andy, and for Lisa, Ben and him.   He put in a call to Sam.  When the phone picked up he said, "Hey, Sammy?"

"Yeah, Dean?  Aren't you supposed to be on your way to town?"

"Yeah, Sam, but it's clear skies this evening and the temperatures are dropping fast. Near says there are more storms coming after midnight. Watari is making sure everything is safe because of possible ice storms.  I called and talked to Nancy.  She called me back.  Doc and Nancy have ATV's and they are going to pick all of you up.  Elspeth and Andy will be with them.  We'r going into the city tonight.  If you would ask Watari and Lisa to pack for Near and I, we'll meet you  there.  I've already given the hotel my card number.  They know I may be later then you.  There's no problem.  They kinda remember us."

He chuckled.  "That would be why Watari had us packing up a bit ago.  I suspect your passenger passed the news on to his guardian while you were making the calls earlier.  He just didn't say why.  We'll see you later tonight.  Have fun ok?"

Dean laughed, "Okay, Sam.  We will.  He rides pretty good shotgun.  I'll see you later tonight."  Dean put his cell on the console between the seats and concentrated on the road.  In another twenty minutes, they were in town.  It took another ten to get through the lights to the outskirts on the other side of town.  He finally pulled into a large parking lot.  Near could see the Steak and Ale sign.  The restaurant looked like an old house.  "We're about ten minutes early, but the parking lot doesn't look very busy.  Are you ready?"

 Near nodded, hood of his coat bouncing a bit as he did so.  "Near is ready," he said softly.

They hurried into the restaurant.  The inside was almost overpowering.  Dean stood still for a second and then pulled his parka back, and took off the cap, his longer hair mussed up by the hat.  He walked up to the young woman manning the entrance desk.  He stared down at her with his flashing hazel eyes, and grinned one of his most charming smiles.  "Hi, I have a reservation for two at six.  We're a few minutes early.  I would like one of your quieter rooms."

The hostess smiled at the two, smile widening as Near pulled his hood back.  "Of course, sir.  Actually, I know just the room.  Follow me," she said.  The boy with him was cute in a very shy way, and she had a feeling that the man's brother, who she thought Near was, probably didn't feel comfortable around people due to his unique coloring.  

Dean and Near followed the young woman.  Dean leaned over and told Near, "You have a conquest.  She lit up when you pulled your hood back.  Don't worry about it.  She's older then you.  She is not gonna say a word with me around.  you're safe."

Gray eyes stared up at him in confusion but said nothing as they followed her to a small private dining room.  "Here you go, gentlemen.  Your server will be Brittany this evening.  Enjoy your meal," she said before leaving them.  Once alone, Near slid his parka off and draped it over the back of a seat before sitting down in his usual crouch, which was more comfortable to him.

"You can take those snow boots off if you want to.  It will be a little more comfortable for you.  The shoes will have to stay on though.  Health laws.  I'm sorry about that.  Did I upset you a  minute ago?"

 Near shook his head as he pulled the snow boots off with a bit of relief.  They were too heavy to be comfortable.  His pristine ked type sneakers were lighter, though he prefered his socks.  "No, Near was confused."

It was Dean's turn to look confused.  "Near, I'm sorry.  All of you led me to believe you understood things like that?  I'm sorry."

"Why was that a conquest?  Near did not conquer anything," he said, getting into his comfortable perch as he did so.

"Look, I've flirted with women and slept with a lot of those I've flirted with.  You have that innocent look and a lot women like that.  When you pulled your hood back, that hostess lit up like a Christmas tree on a dark night.  If you had been alone or were older then you are, she would have come on to you.  You can bet on it."  Dean smiled as a young woman in a black slacks, white shirt, and black bow tie, set water on the table and asked what they would like drink and would they like an appetizer.

I'd like a bottle of you best red wine.  Near?" Dean opened the menu and looked at the appetizers.  "See anything in the appetizers you want to try?   They have mushrooms in a wine sauce.  I'd prefer those with a meal though.  What do you think, Near?"

Near ordered a glass of water for himself as he was still considered underage and while Watari wasn't as strict on some things, alcohol and restricted substances were on a banned list.  He looked at the food, shaking his head a bit in confusion.  The school usually had healthy fare but also catered to the unique needs of each child under their roof.  L existed on sugar and caffiene, Mello on chocolate based foods, and Near was more into junk food when he nibbled outside of the cafeteria.  "Near is unsure," he murmured.

Dean looked at Near and considered what everyone would think.  "Forget the wine and bring a bottle of sparkling cider and two glasses.  Also one of your sampler plates for two.  You might as well have some to go boxes.  Neither of us eats a huge meal.  He's a very light eater.  Oh, and make that two glasses of water."  

"And for entrees, sir?" They had good sampler plates for appetizers.

Dean looked at the menu and winced. The baked potatoes were usually huge here.  If he was going to eat one, he'd want it fully loaded.  He looked up  "I'll have the Kensington medium.  Let me have the rice pilaf.  Near, they have a boneless chicken breast with teriyaki type sauce and sliced pineapple on it.  There's also some  great steaks.  Whatever you'd like.  Whatever you can't eat, we'll take with us."  Dean handed his menu to the waitress and smiled.  "How busy is your salad bar?  Would we have some privacy when we go out there?"

"Near will have the steak and potato, medium as well," he told her, following what Dean had said but wanting to try the potato instead of rice.  He wasn't too fond of rice honestly.

 Brittany tilted her head.  "If you tell me what you want on the salads, I can fix them for you."  Typically they didn't do this, but she had a feeling his request for privacy had to deal with the albino teen with him.  The hostess had informed the manager of the request for privacy, which was why this dining room would be left with just them unless it got too busy tonight.  

Brittany was able  to experience what very few people   knew.  Dean Winchester's very sweet smile appeared and he thanked her.  "Well, I would like the green leaf lettuce if you have it, with some red cabbage in it.  You can add tomatoes, red onion, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower.  Put some black olives and sunflower seeds on it.  I'll have blue cheese dressing.  Near, have you eaten much salad?  Knowing Watari, at least once in a while?"

"No olives, onions, or cabbage," he murmured.  "Light ranch dressing."  That was how Watari fixed his salad when the man forced them to eat one once a day.

Brittany returned with the sampler plate.  Dean looked at everything on it and mouthed the word, "Wow." The two spent the next fifteen minutes trying the different appetizers and making a list of what they would hunt up on the internet to find copy kat recipes for.  Brittany returned with their salads and put the leftover appetizers in a 'ToGo Box" and left it on a stand near their table.

"Near believes that sampler is enough for four people," he said wryly, taking a small bite of his salad and gave a satisfied nod.  She had followed his request perfectly and had added the perfect amount of dressing to the vegetables.  Near was not fond of cooked vegetables so often got his daily requirement through fruits and salads.

"Yeah, it was, but we got some ideas for  get - togethers.  That wouldn't be a bad thing to have. The salad is good.  We'll take the leftovers home.  If Mello and Matt don't want them, I bet Ben will.  Andy might too."

"Matt might eat it," he murmured, nibbling more on his salad.  "Matt tends to eat more normal things at times versus what Mello will eat beyond what 
Watari insists upon."

Dean looked over Near's shoulder.  "She's bringing our meal and some more of that bread, and the sparkling cider.  I hope you'll try a glass with me.  It's just carbonated cider and tastes a little bit like champagne, but it's not."

 The teenager nodded, moving his hands out of the way so the waitress could take the plates and set the meals down.  She poured cider for both of them and smiled.  "Is there anything else I can get for you, sirs?"

Dean smiled at her and shook his head, "Nothing right now, but thank you, Brittany."  The waitress flushed just a little.  Dean grinned when she left.  He looked at the teen across from him.  "She's a nice girl.  She's a good waitress too."  Dean cut into his steak and took a bite, chewing it slowly like the doctor told him to do.

Near cut a small bite, setting the knife down and taking a taste.  He chewed thoughfully, then gave a nod after swallowing.  "Near likes this."

Dean grinned.  "Fantastic!.  We'll hunt online and find out how it's seasoned.  One of us will cook them.  I like it too."

 "That would be acceptable," he said, taking a nibble of the mushrooms Dean had ordered for them.

Dean grinned, "Yeah.  It would be very acceptable.  A toast to your first outing for dinner with a friend and adopted dad all rolled in one."  Dean lifted up his glass of sparkling cider.

 A frown flitted across his face for a moment as he realized what Dean was doing, making it clear and the boy lifted the glass as well.  This was a new experience for him.

Dean stood up and raised the glass, "To you, Near.  One of the best things that has happened in my life.  You, Matt, and Mello are my other kids, but more so, you are very special to me.   We share a bond of life and death.  I have only had that bond with Sam.  This is a new experience for me.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of you life, and for becoming a part of mine.  I love you, Man.  I know and understand that you don't really comprehend that, which makes your being here tonight all that more special."  Dean leaned over and touched his glass to Near's and raised it to his lips and took a sip of it.

Near sipped it, then looked at him.  "No one outside of Watari or Ryuuzaki has tried to show anything outside of school or work," he murmured.  "Near thanks Dean."
Dean's eyes watered up and he sat down quickly and lowered his head to look at his plate, taking a bite of himself time to regain control over his emotions.  He looked up after he swallowed the mushroom.  "Looks like we're in each other's debt.  That's fine with me.  I want you to be able to see and experience other things too."

"Did Near cause Dean pain?"  He'd spotted the tears and didn't understand what the reason for it was.

"What?  No, Near.  I get emotional sometimes.  More than I used to.  This means a lot to me.  I  get emotional.  It would hard for you to understand that.  Don't be concerned.  It's not a bad emotion.  Okay?"

 "Is that what is meant by happy tears?"

"Dean smiled softly, eyes still watery.  "Yeah, Near.  I guess they are.  I never thought of them that way, but you're right.  They are."  Their waitress, Brittany reappeared.  

"Would you boys like some dessert?

Looking over at the young teen, Dean smiled again.  "What do you think?  If you're starting to get full, we can get to-go boxes for the rest of this.  You want to save some room for dessert?"

"Near would like dessert and possibly bring some back for Mello, Matt, Ryuuzaki, and it possible," he asked the other.

"Yeah, it's possible.  I think I'll bring some for the rest, too.  May we see a menu, Brittany?

"Of course, sir," she said, going to retrieve the menu.  Near looked at him.  "This would be a nice surprise for the group."

"Yeah.  It will be a few hours before they get it, though.  We have to meet them in the city tonight.  I imagine they are they are on their way by now."

He nodded.  "Or closer if Watari kept to Watari's usual schedule."

"Knowing Watari, they are definitely on schedule,"  he replied, looking up as the young waitress returned and handed both of them a dessert menu.  "Thank you."

Near chose a cheesecake for himself, enjoying that occasionally when Watari brought them in.  Usually Ryuuzaki comandeered that, especially if it had strawberries on it.

Dean saw that they had a special peach pie ala mode.  He requested a plain ice cream.  Brittany placed the remainder of their meals in the to-go boxes.  Dean ordered one whole cheesecake, one chocolate cake, and one peach pie.  "We can get some vanilla ice cream.  it will go with the cake and the pie."

 "The chocolate one, Mello will not wish for ice cream.  Mello is a chocolate purist when it comes to that dessert," he said, sipping his cider as he waited for his order.

"I feel that way about pie.  Apple is perfect but I like other pies too.  I don't want anything on them either."  Dean looked up at Brittany brought the desserts and three large boxes. "  "Would either of you like something hot to drink with these.  Coffee?  Cocoa?"

"I'd like coffee.  Black, please.  near?"

 "Hot chocolate please," he asked the waitress, who nodded.

Shortly, they drank their drinks and slowly enjoyed their desserts.  Brittany brought them their tab and Dean place a credit card with it. "You might want to get you outside clothes and the boots on."

Near nodded, tugging his boots on over the tennis shoes with difficulty.  He had to stomp a bit to get them properly on.  

Brittany returned with several large bags, and took the tab and credit card to the register.  "I know it's difficult at times with the boots and all, but it's to protect you from getting sick."  Brittany brought back a receipt and Dean signed it, leaving a large tip.  "Thank you, Brittany.  I really appreciate what you did for us tonight.  You ready, Near?"

Brittany gave them a bright smile.  "Thank you for coming.  Be safe out there and please come back again!"
The white haired teen put his mittens on and his heavy coat.  "Near is ready."