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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Eight: November

The next morning, Bobby turned the page on the calendar and realized that tomorrow would be a year since Mary Winchester had died.  His mind began to click.  He knew he had to call John Winchester, but he wanted an agreement that the boys would stay with him until Dean started school.  He would be six in January.

The conversation with John had been difficult.  The man was drunk.  Bobby understood the reason behind the drinking.  John knew the date better than anyone.  The two men talked for over an hour.  The boy’s father wanted to come get them, but realized he wasn’t ready to protect them, knowing the little he knew.  Different hunters were taking him under their wings and teaching him the aspects of hunting they knew, and he spent time with Missouri Mosley. 

Bobby did suggest that he come and visit at times and just spend time with his boys.  The man agreed.   What surprised Bobby was John had decided that Dean did not need Kindergarten.  He still wanted the boy to learn all there was to know about hunting.  The older man agreed but planned on continuing the training his own way. 

John cried on the phone, and the older hunter listened and waited.   He promised to spend Thanksgiving with his sons.  The call ended.

Bobby sat back with a cup of coffee and plotted Dean’s training and how to intermix it with typical childhood needs.  John wanted to wait until Dean was seven and that seemed wrong to the man but it did give him time to try to help the boy.   Sam would be three before Dean started school.  Maybe the older brother would be able to handle that.  He sighed, sipped his coffee and  planned breakfast for his two boys.

Castiel had been sitting at the table, listening in on the conversation.  He, too thought seven was too old for first grade, but was relieved on Dean’s behalf.  The boys would have almost two years with Bobby before John took them.  The angel smiled at the thought.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Seven: Halloween Aftermath

Castiel stayed close to Dean the entire night. The boy squirmed in his sleep and whimpered.  He touched the skin and felt the perspiration and knew the boy was remembering his mother’s death. 

“Sammy,” the child moaned.  Castiel ran his hands through the sweat dampened hair and let his peace flow through him to his charge.  Dean would calm down for a while and it would start up again. 

Sam was getting restless.  Castiel went looking for Bobby who was sitting in the kitchen with two hunters.

“The boy thinks the man killed his mama.  I couldn’t hear what the man said but Dean thought he was going after Sam.  What is really interesting is there was a glowing figure behind the boys and the man backed down and shut his door.”

One man leaned on the table holding a cup of coffee.  “I don’t mind checking it out, Bobby, but I’m heading home afterwards.  I haven’t seen Ellen in a while.”

“Thanks, William,” Bobby said as Castiel softly touched him   He stood up.

“You hear anything?”

The other hunter shook his head.  William Harvelle rose and grabbed his hat.

“We’re gonna check it out and head on.  If you don’t hear anything, the place is empty. I’ll give you a call from the Roadhouse once I get home.”

Bobby saw them to the door, and heard a noise upstairs.  Sam was coming down the stairs very slowly.

“What are you doing, up, Son?”


Bobby picked the child up and hurried up the stairs.  The older child was tossing and turning in his sleep.  Bobby set Sam on the bed and pulled Dean into his arms.  Startled, Dean screamed, “Mama!”

“It’s all right, Dean.  I’ve got you.”

The golden head buried itself against his chest, and the boy cried.  Bobby rubbed his back and held him.  Sam sat there watching, a curious expression his face.  Bobby laid down on the bed with Dean in his arms.  Sam crawled over on the other side and put an arm on his big brother.  Soon all three were asleep on the bed. Castiel sighed in relief and sat in the rocking chair to await the morning.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Six: Halloween Night

Bobby drove the boys into town for Trick or Treating. In the back seat, Dean was trying to explain to Sam why he had to keep the mask on and what the plastic orange pumpkin was all about.

Bobby would stop at the end of a street, let the boys out, then follow them slowly in the car. Castiel walked behind them.

One house had a black light burning on the porch. Sam started to pull away and run towards the porch, but Dean grabbed him. Sam tugged and pulled away and ran up the steps. The door opened and a man stood there staring at the younger Winchester.

Dean yelled, “No!” He ran up the stairs and stopped, staring at the man who was reaching down towards his brother.

“Dun touch him!” the older boy yelled. The man looked at him with yellow eyes. Dean had a flashback of when his mama died. The man in the room had yellow eyes. He grabbed his brother and started to pull away.

The man laughed, “So, you are going to be trouble, Dean Winchester. I should have known.”

The boys didn’t see the glowing form behind them but the demon and Bobby did.

“Dean! Sam!” the hunter yelled, running towards them.

The demon saw Castiel glowing with power and backed down, hissing.

 The door slammed shut and Bobby grabbed both boys. He looked up and the glowing form was gone.

Dean wouldn’t let go of Sam. Bobby finally got the boy’s hand pried loose.

“It’s okay, Son. I’ve got him.”

“He killed Mama.”

“Who did?”     
“That man. I saw him kill Mama.”

Bobby checked the house number and then drove home.

He put a call for someone to check the house and told what had happened.

He went upstairs and found both boys asleep. Dean had the silver blade under his pillow and salt in front of the bedroom door, the closet and the window.

Bobby whispered, “I don’t know what was protecting you boys tonight, but I’m grateful.”

Castiel whispered, “You’re welcome.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Five: Halloween and Hunting

Bobby and Dean were up before dawn, and had a quick breakfast. The boy was dragging and Bobby knew he’d had trouble sleeping from excitement. Castiel, the memory of the turkey on his mind, was less enthusiastic about the hunt than Bobby.

After walking for about six miles, Bobby found a clearing.  He and Dean settled in some brush and waited.  After about twenty minutes, the boy was asleep.  Bobby smiled at him and kept his eyes on the clearing. 

The sun finally rose high enough for the light to shine in the woods.  A deer slowly moved into the clearing.  Bobby grew very still and watched.  When he saw the antlers, he knew he had a buck. He slowly raised the bow and attached an arrow with a razor tip and waited.  Taking a deep break, he exhaled and released the string.  A slight Twang was heard and the arrow entered the deer’s neck, right below the jaw line.  Bobby watched it run a few feet and drop.

He went forward, set his ammo down, and field dressed the buck, bleeding it and removing the organs.  He wrapped it in a large tarpaulin and went to wake up Dean.

Gently nudging the boy, he woke him up.  The hazel eyes focused on his face and the child yawned.

“We got us a big buck, Dean.  You were a great help,” the man commented, watching a smile light up the young face.

Castiel was only glad that the animal was in a tarpaulin.  He could imagine thoughts of Bambi and winced.  

The three of them headed home with Dean carrying the ammo and Bobby dragging the tarpaulin.  The wind blew through the trees and the sound whistled through the woods.  Man and boy felt a peace and joy being together in such a beautiful place.  The angel thanked Father for the opportunity to give Dean such a gift.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Four: Bobby's Way of Training

Dean returned to the house when Castiel nudged him to do so.  Bobby was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking whiskey.  Dean recognized the bottle and the smell and backed away.

“It’s okay, Son.  I’m not your Daddy.  I can hold it.  I wanna talk to you.”

Dean sat at the table.

“I think it would be fun tomorrow to go bow hunting.  I will teach you how to use a bow and arrow and help you become good at it.  Would you like to learn how to do that?”

Dean nodded and spoke softly, “Yes, Unca Bobby.  What about Sammy?”

“I have a neighbor who will come over and watch him.  I promised her some  of meat if we get any.”

“Kay, Unca Bobby.”

“Would you like to learn how to use it today, so we can spend tomorrow looking for game?”

Dean nodded.  Bobby disappeared into the back of the house.  The boy went upstairs to check on his brother.  Cas followed him and they both saw Sam sprawled out on the new bed, arms and legs wide apart and head turned as he breathed deeply.  Nodding in satisfaction, Dean went back downstairs and outside.

Bobby was already there.  He had two bales of hay set up away from the house with a large target attached to them.  The man spent about 30 minutes going over and over the way to attach and unattach the string from the bow.  Dean finally learned how to step into the bow and bend it.

Dean seemed to be a natural at aiming and shooting with a bow and arrow.  Bobby stared at him in surprise, knowing he’d done the same with a gun. 

Castiel watched the arrows hit  in or near the bull’s eye.  He was concerned about Dean.


‘Yes, my Son?’

‘Dean is hitting every bull’s eye.  He aced shooting with a gun’

‘Sam Winchester will have incredible powers, my Son.  Dean needs to be better than good at hunting.  I have gifted him.  He will never know this.  It will be a natural talent for him and he will be proud of it.  He should be.  Sam will be an incredible hunter, but he will never surpass Dean.  Remember that when Dean falls.’


‘You are not ready for this knowledge, my Son.  Be proud of him and encourage his pride in these talents.  He has a right to them.  It is the one thing his father will rely on.  Dean is the good son.  Whatever helps him survive in his family is a good thing.’

Castiel turned when he heard Dean shout for the first time in a long time.  It was a shout of triumph.  The angel smiled, sadly.  He was relieved that Father knew Dean was the good son and was providing him with a means of survival.

Both bowmen ran towards the house when Sam called out for Dean.  Bobby looked at his watch.  Supper time.  Dean had done incredibly well.  He was proud of him.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Snippets Fifty-Three: The Intrusion of John Winchester

The next two weeks were quiet ones.  Dean followed Bobby around the property, looking at the damaged vehicles.  When Sam was asleep, Bobby knew he’d find the older boy in a car somewhere on the property. 

The day before Halloween, John called.  Bobby answered immediately as it was a hunter’s line. 



“This is John Winchester.”

The quiet was deafening as the older man decided what he should do or say.  Castiel listened in, frustrated that he couldn’t just make the older Winchester disappear for a while.

“Whatcha need, John?”

“How are MY boys?”

“The boys are fine. Sam is taking a nap and Dean is outside, playing.”

“Well, that stops now.”

“What stops?”

“Dean’s a good shot, and he has one kill under his belt.  It will harden him and help turn him into the perfect soldier.  I want you to start training him on other weapons and how to clean and take care of them.”

“I’ll be damned if you are going to tell me how to take care of that boy!"

“If you don’t, I will.”

Bobby was quiet for a moment, thinking hard.

“I’ll do what I can, John.  That’s all I can promise.”

“Not good enough, Bobby.  He’s my boy and he’ll be raised as I say.  Take it or leave it.”

“All right, John,” Bobby said as he slammed the phone in its receiver.

“Damn fool!” 

Castiel stood there for a minute.  He went back outside to where Dean was sitting  in an old 1957 Chevrolet Bellaire.  He watched him with sorrow in his heart. 

‘Father, he’ll be six in January. Please let him be a child.’

‘This is his destiny, my Son.  We cannot change it.  No matter how much we want to.  We cannot change it.’

Castiel turned from his short conversation with Father and felt something on his cheek.  He reached up and felt a drop of moisture, a tear.  He stared at it in disbelief and turned to look at his charge.

‘I shed a tear for you, little one.  What will our future hold if I shed a tear for you?’

Snippets Fifty-Two: Bobby Steps in

The next morning, Bobby checked on the boys and saw that Dean was in the crib with Sam.  Frowning, he went downstairs to fix breakfast and think of a way to help Dean with his fears. 

Drinking a cup of coffee, he gave Caleb a call and asked the man if he was home or hunting 

“I’m doing some research on a vampire nest I heard about.  I’m over-nighting the information to Daniel Elkins in Colorado.  He’s the expert on them.”

“Elkins is a good man.  He’ll handle it.  Where are you?”

“About 200 hundred miles from your place.”

“Two hour drive?”

“If I take the back roads, yeah.  Watcha need?  How are the boys?”

“I have a Dean problem,” Bobby answered, and he explained what was happening.

Sam woke his brother, and was taken to the bathroom.  Dean gave him a bath and put clean clothes on him.  The younger Winchester was chattering and Dean ‘shhed’ him.

“Be quiet, Sammy.  I don’t hear Unca Bobby.”

“That’s because I’m up here,” the hunter responded watching the boy jump in surprise.

“Come on.  Breakfast  is ready.  You got a long day ahead of  you, Dean.”

The hazel eyes looked at him, a question in them.

Caleb is taking you out to get Halloween costumes for you and Sam. 

Dean remembered Halloween.  Mama quit taking him after the young men in the store caused problems.  He never understood that.

Dean cleaned up and watched cartoons with Sam.  Caleb arrived and asked about a car seat.  Bobby had cleaned Sam’s but it was still damp, so he gave the other hunter Sam’s sizes and said the younger boy would stay with him. 

  Caleb and Dean spent several hours looking at costumes.  Dean picked out the items to be G.I. Joe and pointed at a small Spiderman costume for Sammy. 

When they arrived home, Bobby was sitting on the porch and Sam had some new toys to play with.  The older boy carried the costume items into the house and Bobby told him to take them to their room. 

Caleb grabbed Sam and the two men slowly followed the boy upstairs.

“You get it all done?”

“Yep.  A neighbor helped me.  She bought everything needed for it.  I gave her the money and told her what to get.”


They stood outside the room after Dean entered.  There was no sound.  Peeking into the room, they found the bag of costume supplies on the floor and the boy was touching a quilt on a full-size bed.  The sheets, blanket, and quilt were camouflage.  There was a brown rope netting hung like a canopy.  The curtains were made from the same print as the bedding.  Dean looked up at the two men as they entered.

Bobby smiled and spoke softly, “It’s okay, Dean.  This bedroom is yours and Sam’s from now on.  We can change styles as you get older, but this is home.  It doesn’t matter where you go, this is home.”

The boy ran towards him and jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. 

He gently whispered, “Thank you, Unca Bobby.”

Dean Winchester finally understood that ‘Unca Bobby’ was home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snippets Fifty-One: Home

Bobby pulled into Singer’s Salvage around eleven that night.  Sam was asleep but Dean stayed awake and watched over the younger Winchester.  Castiel figured Dean’s exhausted nap was the reason for it.
Bobby stopped the car, picked up Sam and headed towards the house, with Dean and Cas following.
“Unca Bobby, if you give me the keys I can get our stuff.”

”Nope.  You are going to get a nice hot bath, and I’m going to put Sam to bed.  I’ll fix you something to eat and then you should sleep too.  Just remember.  My house is protected.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Dean followed Bobby and Sam up the stairs and waited while Bobby helped Sam get into some pajamas.  Much of their things had been left behind with Bobby.  Dean spotted his dog and smiled softly.

“You have pajamas still here, Son.”

Dean went to the chest of drawers and found some blue pajamas and underwear.  The angel followed him to the bathroom.

The boy started the water when the hunter entered.

“I, umm, bought this last time I was in town.  Thought you might like it.  It’s bubble bath.”

Dean watched the water foam with a small grin on his face.  He slid into the water and under the bubbles.  Soon his head emerged, covered with foam.  The boy slid down the tub and back into the water splashing it everywhere.  Bobby laid out some towels on the floor to catch the water.  As he headed downstairs to make some soup and a sandwich for the boy, he heard a loud laugh.  It was the first time Dean had done so since Bobby had met the child.

Castiel enjoyed watching the child play, reveling in the joyous laughter.  Dean had a wonderful time, until Bobby called him.  He dried off and put his dirty clothes in a basket.  Getting dressed, the child checked on his brother and headed to the kitchen.

Bobby had two cups of soup, two sandwiches, a glass of milk, and a cup of coffee on the table.  Castiel sat and kept an eye on his charge.  Dean was quiet while he ate.  The man and the angel noticed his head nodding and  the soft yawns. 

Dean and Cas were surprised when the man picked Dean up and hauled him upstairs.   He tucked him in and gave him his bear.

“Good night, Son.”

“Night, Unca Bobby.”

Castiel sat in the rocking chair and noticed Dean go over to the crib and climb in.  He slept next to his brother, placing himself between Sam and the door.

Snippets Fifty: The Road to Bobby's

Dean awoke late in the afternoon to the movement of a vehicle.  For one moment he didn’t know where he was.  He saw his brother sitting on the rear seat next to him without his car seat.  Confusion crossed his young face for a moment and the memory returned. 

Panic ensued as he sat up with a jerk and looked for his father.  Cas turned around and saw the fear in the young eyes.  He reached back and touched the tousled hair sending a feeling of peace through the boy.

Bobby looked in the review mirror.

“Afternoon, Son.  It’s about 4:00.  You hungry?”

A rumble erupted in Dean’s midsection and the child smiled. 

Bobby smiled and pulled into a  Denny’s.  He got out, opened the rear door and picked up Sam, noting the panic on Dean’s face.

“It’s all right, Boy.  You called me.  Remember?”

Swallowing hard, Dean nodded.

They got a seat and ordered a large meal.  Bobby watched Dean eat a small steak, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable that he wrinkled his nose at.  Bobby pointed to it and asked him to try it.  The boy made faces as he chewed it.

Sam was talking to his brother about the drive.  Some of it was understandable.  He watched the older boy listen and respond to the little boy.  Sam was covered with food.  His brother wiped the food from the smiling face. 

“Dean?” Bobby questioned.


“Apple or peach?”

“Apple,” the soft voice replied with a tremor.

“You’re safe with me, Son.”

Hazel eyes met his.

“I know Unca Bobby. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Boy.  Enjoy your pie.”

For a second, a smile that would attract women from miles around flashed across the face, and Dean Winchester relaxed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snippets Forty-Nine: Aftermath of the Hunt

Dean woke up the next morning to a knock on the door and his father demanding to be let in.  For a second the boy panicked.  John Winchester would want to leave and Bobby would not find them.

He opened the door and let his father inside.  John grabbed his duffel and got clean clothes and headed to get a shower.  He turned and looked at the young boy standing at the door.

“Beau told me he gave you money.  Go get breakfast.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Dean was still dressed from the night before and his neck hurt from lying at an angle.  He winced and headed out the door.  Fifteen minutes later he saw three vehicles parked on either side of the Impala as he carried breakfast back to the motel.

Setting the food down on the ground, Dean opened the door and walked in.  The voices inside grew silent.  He stood just inside the door.  Sam was sitting on the bed.

“Take care of your brother, Dean.”

“It’s customary to introduce your guests, John,” the one in the minister’s garb responded.

Bobby snorted.

The hazel eyes wondered at the crowd in the room.  Dad would be angry about Bobby.  The other two had to be Pastor Jim and Caleb.  Both kept calling last night.  He really didn’t know who they were.

“These are my boys, Sam and Dean.  This is Caleb and this is Pastor Jim. Bobby, you know.  If that’s breakfast bring it over here.  Don’t stand there and let it get cold.”

“I didn’t bring enough.”

“Dean?  It’s okay.  Caleb and I have both eaten already.  I imagine Bobby has too.”

Bobby looked at the boy.  His eyes were red and the man could tell the child was hurting.

“Did you get some sleep last night, Son?”

Dean nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

Castiel knew there was probably a major crick in the boy’s neck.  He slept, but it wasn’t a restful sleep, and the angel knew it.

Dean took breakfast over to the bed and ate with his brother.  He listened to the argument.

“The boys are not going with anyone but me.  They are my sons and it’s my job to care for them.”

“I talked to Beau, John,” Caleb replied.


“John, you two weren’t one hundred percent sure what you were up against.”

“The boys were fine.  Do they look harmed?”

“John, they are alive because Beau gave Dean a large silver blade.  You two found Dean on his back on top of Sam with the blade in his hands.  Oh, did I forget to mention it was embedded in a wraith?” Bobby commented, sarcastically.

“Does he look hurt?”

Pastor Jim responded, softly, “Physically?  No.  Mentally and emotionally?  Most likely, John.  How did you fall?”

“I’m not sure.  It felt like I was pushed.  Dean, did you push me?”

The boy shook his head ‘no.’

The minister looked at the boy.

“What did happen, Dean?  You Dad has a concussion.  Beau told us.  He won’t remember things right.”

“He slapped me and he fell.”

“Okay, Dean.  John, you need time to get well and learn to hunt and know what you’re hunting.  We are going to take the boys until you know what you’re doing.  No sense in you having to worry about them and have your mind off your job.  They’ll be better off with Bobby.”

“Fine, but no kindergarten.  Child Protective Services doesn’t need to know he has them.”

Bobby rose from his seat.


“You and your brother get ready to go, Son.  I’m taking you home.”

The men talked as the two children got ready to leave.  Dean walked to his dad and hugged him.  Sammy was in John’s lap in seconds.  The hunter hugged his sons and told them to behave.

Bobby said goodbye and loaded the duffels in his car and made sure the children were safely strapped in the back seat.

Thirty minutes later, the angel and Bobby both checked the back seat.  Dean was sprawled out on the seat and fast asleep.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snippets Forty-Eight: A Day Without John

After Beau left, Dean got dressed and made sure his brother was warm enough.  He got on the phone and dialed the number Beau had given him. Castiel sat on the bed next to the boy, keeping a hand on his back, giving encouragement.

“Singer’s Salvage.”

Dean was quiet for a second.  The sound a safe voice shook him up.


“Un…Unca Bobby?”

This time Bobby was quiet.

“Dean?  Are you and Sam all right?”

“No.  Beau said to call you.  We wanna come home.”

“What happened, Dean?”

“They hunted last night.”

“Okay.  Your Dad there?”

“He fell.  Beau put him in the hospital.  Can we come home?”

“Yeah, you can come home.  Where are you?”

“I dunno.”

“Okay, give me the number written on the phone.  I’ll find you.”

Dean gave him the number.  Bobby picked up another phone and dialed the number, getting the name and address of the motel.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow morning, Son.  Are you two okay?  Is there a grown up with you.”

“Just me and Sam, but Beau gave me money. “

“I’m on my way.  You be careful.  Order in.  Don’t go out.”

“Kay.  Gotta pay for tonight.”

“No further.”

Dean went to the office and paid for the night.  He lied and said his dad was sick and asleep.  He saw a restaurant across the street with a small store next to it.  He knew he promised Bobby but this was better.  He bought food and snacks and headed back to the motel.

Neither boy left the room after this.  Every few hours Bobby called and checked on them.  Soon they were getting calls from someone named Caleb and a minister named Jim Murphy.

Dean colored with Sam and read him stories from the books he bought at the store.  He never showed how scared he was.  It was his job to protect Sammy and he would do it.

Castiel kept a close guard on the room, not letting anyone near it. 

As evening set in, Dean microwaved Spaghettios and he and Sam had supper.  He bathed and dressed his brother and helped him into bed. 

The young boy sat on a chair and tried to watch television.  His vision was too blurred by tears to see anything.  After a while he dozed in the chair with the tears drying on his face.

The angel sat on the arm of the chair all night and allowed himself to be a pillow for the blond head.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snippets Forty-Seven: Dean's First Weaspon

Beau knocked on the door the next morning.  John was up and answered the door, letting his hunting partner into the room.  Dean sat up on the bed next to Sam, his hair going in every direction.
Beau brought breakfast and sat down at the table with John.  He turned towards the boy on the bed.

“You and your brother gonna eat with us, Dean?”

“Yes, Sir,” the blond murmured and woke his little brother.

The four of them sat at the table, eating scrambled eggs, sausage, and biscuits.  Beau had brought coffee and glasses of milk.  Sam watched a cartoon on the television, but Dean tried to listen.  He was scared about where they were going next.

John muttered that the hunt had gone well.

Castiel, sitting on the bed, almost choked.

Beau stated, “Like hell it did.  The boy made the kill.  He and the little one should not have been there.  If he had been left with the weapon you gave him, both of your sons would be dead.  You’re  a fool with your kids, John.  I won’t be hunting with you anymore.  I don’t want to be responsible for those boys.”

Dean held his breath and shook.  Would his dad be doing this alone and leaving them in the car?  They would have died with the gun.  He looked at his brother as he laughed at the cartoon. 

He jumped up and yelled, “Don’t leave us in the car!”

John stood, “Dean, sit down.”

“No!  Don’t leave us in the car!”
The man grabbed the boy and dragged him outside and shook Dean hard.

“I said to sit down.  You stop yelling.  You’re scaring brother.”

“Don’t leave us in the car!”

John slapped his son.  Castiel not thinking of what was the correct thing to do, caused the man to fall backwards and strike his head.  Dean stood there, with moist eyes, but no tears fell.  He held his face where his father’s hand struck him.  He ran back into the motel room and got Beau when his dad fell.

Beau took John to the hospital.  The man had a concussion.  He got money for the motel room and cash for a few days for Dean and gave the car keys to the boy, telling him not to let his father drive. 

Dean walked with the man to the door and Beau motioned for the child to come with him.

“I have something for you, Son.”

He brought out a nice Army duffel and gave it to Dean.  The boy looked at the empty duffel and back at the man with a question in his eyes.  Beau smiled and handed him the silver blade.

“You were the one to first kill with it.  It’s yours, Dean.”

“Thank you.”

“Call this number collect, and ask for Bobby Singer.”

“Unca Bobby?”

“You tell him that Beau said to come get you and Sammy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Snippets Forty-Six: Cas' Comfort

John managed to put away a half a bottle while lying on his bed.  Dean tossed and turned, waking up with a start, eyes wide in terror.  The angel would breathe a soft breath against the sweat covered skin.  He would touch the boy on his cheek and run his fingers through blond hair. 

‘It’s all right,’ came a soft whisper like a breeze. 

The boy had no idea where it came from but was reminded of his mother.  Once in a while, there would be a soft sob, and hands trying to wipe away unseen blood.  The angel kept up his soft touches and whispers.

The blond head would turn and make sure his sleeping brother was okay.  Castiel knew that he needed someone to just hold onto.  He put his arms around the child, knowing there would be no pressure of arms holding the boy.

‘You are loved, Dean.  You are protected.  Sleep, child.  I am always here.’

The young boy curled up next to his brother with an angel curled up next to him.  The breath of air was there, and with it, a strange sense of peace and comfort.  There were no more nightmares that night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snippets Forty-Five: Dean's Hunt?

John followed Beau to the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln.  The two men got out of their vehicles and double checked their ammo.  John told Dean to stay in the back seat with Sam and use the gun on anything that tried to get into the car.

Beau watched John walk away and shook his head.  He motioned for Dean to roll down the rear window.  A long blade was handed to the child.

“I’m not sure this thing will take what’s in the gun, so use your body and all the force you got and push this into it if it comes near.  Okay?”

Dean held the gun in one hand and reached for the long blade.  The hazel eyes stared into Beau’s and the boy nodded.

“What?” he whispered.

“It’s a large dagger I had made from silver.  You shouldn’t have to be too close to stab it.”

Dean murmured, “Kay.”

Beau left to follow John.

Castiel stood outside of the Impala.

‘Father!  This is insane. Dean isn’t six yet.  I can sense the thing, Father.  It’s a wraith.  Please Father, let me take it out.’

‘No, my Son.  This is part of the boy’s future. He must face this from the beginning to be who he will be.  He will know he can protect his little brother.  Sam will need Dean’s protection.  Sam will stray.  Dean is the only one who can bring him back from the dark.  Only Dean, Castiel.’

‘Yes, Father.’

The hours passed and Dean fell asleep beside Sam on the back seat.  Cas circled the car every so often. 

A gunshot was heard.  The angel stared into the distance.  Dean jerked awake and Sam started crying.  The older boy tried to quiet his brother but to no avail. 

Suddenly, Castiel felt himself be thrown away from the car.  The wraith was able to see him, surprisingly.

The creature pulled on the rear door and pounded on the glass.  Dean stared and Sam screamed.  Suddenly, it went around the other side of the car and broke the window by Sam.  The blond head turned quickly.  The creature reached in for the younger Winchester boy.

“No!” Dean screamed.  “You can’t touch him.  I won’t let you!”

Cas saw his charge throw himself on top of his brother.  The wraith jumped in through the window and landed on the blade that Dean held in a tight grip in his hands.  Cas had reached the wraith and saw what happened.  He pushed on the creature, embedding it on the silver blade.

Sam was screaming loudly.  The creature’s blood flowed over Dean and into the car seat he had covered with his body.

John and Beau heard the child screaming and ran.

They tried to pull the wraith out of the car but Dean was not letting go of the blade.  John climbed into the backseat from the other side and pulled the blade out of his son’s hands.  Beau pulled the creature out of the car. 

John pulled Dean out of the car. Beau turned a flashlight on the child. The hazel eyes were wide and the young boy was shaking. He was covered with the blood of the wraith.  He kept whispering, “It can’t touch Sammy.”

John grabbed his other son and held him, trying to stop the screams.  Dean walked over and tugged on his Dad’s army jacket.  His father looked down and the boy reached up for his brother.  Sitting on the ground, he rocked Sammy and whispered to him.  Soon his brother was sleeping, with Dean still shaking as he held him.

John and Beau salt and burned the wraith and loaded their vehicles.  They rented two motel rooms on the outskirts of Lincoln.  John bathed Sam and put him to bed.  Dean took a bath.  He came out in his pajamas.  John looked at his older son who was so much like Mary.  He told him to get into bed.  As he sat on the other bed, he called his son.


The head turned away from Sam and stared at him.

“I’m proud of you tonight, Son.  “You’re going to be a good hunter.

Dean Winchester turned back over and held his brother.  No one knew what kind of nightmares he had may have had that night, except for one angel who stayed close on the bed and hugged the boy, letting his own peace wash over him.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snippets Forty-Four: John Begins to Teach Dean

John woke the boys up early and, after a quick breakfast, they found themselves in the car and driving to Lincoln, Nebraska.

John had Dean sit up front. The boy was nervous having Sam in the back seat.  His father began quizzing him on what Bobby had taught him about hunting. Bobby had let him play and take care of Sam.  Dean really did not understand hunting. John was infuriated over the boy’s lack of important knowledge and skills.

John began to teach Dean about hunting.   He lectured, gave information, and talked about training. Castiel listened and wanted to stop the man.  He felt a nudge from Father and a whisper to ‘let it be.’  He shook his head and kept a hand on Dean.

By the time, Sam started getting hungry, Dean had quit talking.  He listened, muttered ‘Yes, Sir,’ and Castiel could tell the boy was terrified.  John pulled into a truck stop and told Dean to get his brother.   They went inside to eat a meal. 

John questioned Dean over what he had told him.  Even Castiel was surprised over the answers the boy gave.  Dean was frightened but he wanted to please his Dad more than he was afraid.  John was pleased. The angel was infuriated more than John had been earlier.

They reached the Nebraska border around six in the evening.  The hunter John was meeting was waiting for them.  They continued on to Lincoln.  They stopped for a meal around nine in the evening.  Sam was half asleep at this time.  Dean asked for tomato and rice soup. 

“Are you feeling sick?” John asked.

“No, Sir,” responded the soft voice.  Castiel, watching his charge carefully, recognized a need for comfort.  The boy knew he would not find what he needed from his father so he sought out a memory of being sick and his mother fixing the soup and caring for him. 

“Well, I’ve studied everything, Beau.  You say the thing is in the Sunken Gardens in the city?”

“Yeah,  John.  It attacks at night and we need to get there.  Who’s taking care of the kids?  We need to hurry.”

“They’ll stay in the car.”

Beau looked at the two little boys. 

“That won’t work.”

“Yeah, it will.  Dean, here, is a crack shot.”

Snippets Forty-Three: John Awakes

The smell of coffee and food woke the man sleeping on the bed.  John’s head pounded.  He reached for his duffel and noticed it wasn’t there.  He fought to remember what happened.  He didn’t remember going to bed.  He looked over at the other bed to see a sleeping Sam.  Dean sat at the table. The remains of a cheeseburger and a coke were beside him and he was eating a slice of pie.

John stood and the boy looked up at him.  The man headed to the bathroom. While he was taking his shower, the boy grabbed the key card and the car keys and got his dad’s duffel from the trunk.

A few minutes later John opened the bathroom door and came out with a towel wrapped around himself.  He saw his duffel on the bed.  Taking some clothes, he went back into the bathroom. 

A few minutes later, he came out and went to his duffel and grabbed the medical kit.  Taking it to the table, he sat down and opened the coffee.  He took three aspirin.  The older Winchester  unwrapped the meal and saw a steak, potato, and a salad. Dean watched him shake his head.

Halfway through the meal John asked him, “How did pay for the room for another night and for the food?”

“I took money from your wallet.”

John stared into the hazel eyes and snorted.

“We need to leave tonight.”

Castiel had been sitting in the other chair watching everything.  At that moment he nudged John Winchester.  John shook his head as if he felt it.

“Sammy’s asleep,” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“He can sleep in the car.”

“I’m not going.”

“What makes you think you can tell me what to do?  I’m your father.”

“I hid the keys.”

John’s head hurt too much and he sighed and went and laid back down.  He was soon fast asleep.  Dean stared at  him and resalted the front door.  He turned off the lights and went and slept next Sam.  Again he put himself between his brother and the door.  Castiel wondered if John was part of what the boy was protecting his brother from.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Snippets Forty-Two: Morning

Castiel’s head jerked towards the door as he heard it open.  John walked in with an almost empty whiskey bottle in his hand.  His eyes were bloodshot and glazed over.

Dean woke up and slid out of bed and walked towards his father as the man sat on a chair and buried his head in his hands and leaned on the table.  His shoulders started shaking.

The boy stood beside his father, uncertain what to do.  The angel stood over him and waited to see what would happen. 

John started sobbing out Mary’s name.  His son climbed up into his lap and put his arms around his father’s neck and cried with him.   After a while, John calmed down.  Dean climbed off his lap and took his hand and led him to the other bed.  The man feel asleep immediately.

Looking in his father’s wallet, Dean found some cash.  Taking the money and the key card, he went to the diner next to the motel and bought some breakfast to go for Sammy and himself.

Getting back to the motel, the young boy turned on the television and found cartoons. Sammy clapped his hands and sat at the table and ate his breakfast.  The boys kept the television low. 

During the morning hours, Dean bathed his brother and himself and they got dressed.    A man from the motel came by and said they needed to vacate.  Dean looked at the man and smiled softly.

“My Dad got sick.  He’s asleep now.  Can I pay for today and tonight?”

The man told him how much and Dean gave him the money and followed the man to the office.  He was given a receipt. 

Castiel followed the boy from place to place, amazed at how capable he was.

John Winchester slept off his drunkenness while is little boy took care of his family.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snippets Forty-One: First Night with John

Dean requested several restroom stops during the day for himself and Sammy.  He asked for drinks and food.  John wasn’t happy about it but bought the boys tuna sandwiches and a coke.  Dean looked at the food and at his brother.  He took out the bag that Bobby had made for Sammy and got out what the boy could eat at his age.   He did let him have some of the coke.  John watched and grew angry over the sack lunches.

“Okay, next time, you go in and get the food.”

The drive to Lincoln was difficult for both boys.  Around eleven in the evening, Dean woke up beside his brother, not sure where he was.  The motion made him realize they were still driving.
He looked at the highway through the front windshield.


“What, Dean?  Don’t call me Daddy.  Call me Dad.”

“Okay.  Dad?”

“What Dean?”  John sounded irritated.

“We need to go to bed.”

“Sam is asleep and you were.  Go back to sleep.  I’m not stopping until I have to.”


“What, Dean!”

“Sammy and I had a bed at Unca Bobby’s.”

“Damn it!”  John pulled off the highway into cheap motel.  Castiel looked at it and a memory of Sodom and Gomorrah passed through his mind.  One hour room rentals followed that thought. 

John locked the car and went to get a room.  When he came out a hooker was tapping on the rear window trying to get his son to roll it down, much to the chagrin of one angel.

“He’s underage.”

The woman turned and smiled up at the older Winchester. 

“You’re not.”

“You’re right, but I’m broke and I got the two kids with me.”

“If you got a bottle to split, put them to bed and come to my room.”

John grinned and asked for a number. 

He took the boys and their duffels into the motel room and showed his son how to salt the room.

“If anyone tries to get in, you shoot them with this,” he handed Dean the pistol he’d tested him with.

Dean stared at his Dad as the man took a bag with a bottle in it and left the room.

Castiel was freaking out.


‘Castiel, if anyone attempts to enter the room, deal with them.  You have my permission to protect the boys in this situation.”

The angel turned and saw Dean put his brother into pajamas and climb into the bed with him.  Exhaustion was such that the young Winchester could no longer keep his eyes open.  He cuddled his brother close and instinctively put himself between the door and Sammy; a habit he would never break.