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Monday, May 23, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 144

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from themThank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Medical Tests

 The trip took a bit and fortunately, the clinic was nice and warm when the men arrived.  The doctor kicked his feet against the front entryway, shaking the snow off before heading inside.  

Dean was about ten minutes behind the other two.  He looked to see if Nurse Nancy was there.  The doors to the main lobby were closed so he had no idea if she was there or not.  Now that he knew what coming he did not want a woman involved but he was pretty sure the doctor would need an assistant and he was nervous.  No, take that back.  He had to admit to himself.  He was scared to death.

Nancy waved at him as she entered the room.  "Don't look so nervous," she said, taking his coat.  "He's good at what he does.  You'll be all right."

Dean looked at her.  She was a beautiful woman.  Ordinarily being naked in front of a beautiful woman didn’t bother him, but having a beautiful woman being involved in putting a camera up his ass bothered him big time. He figured it was probably one of the last things they’d do.  The stress test and stuff would  be done first.  He’d have the fasting blood work.  Well maybe the stress test would be done later in the afternoon after the scoping, and he’d eaten.  His mind was too messed up to even ask.  He just wanted this over now.  He looked at his brother.  

“What the hell, Sam?  You’re supposed to be here for me and you’re laughing? Sonofbitch!”

    The nurse shooed Dean into a room and drew his blood for the doctor.  "You'll be able to get revenge later," she promised.  "I"ll get Lisa and Sarah to help on it."  She didn't see Dean as a man, being too much in love with her own girlfriend.  Once the blood was drawn, which was done with very little pain or fuss, she sent him into a room to start the stress tests while she prepped the blood for a send off.

Dean took off his his shirt and t-shirt  as the doctor began putting on the wires for the ekg and had him get on the tread mill.  They started him out slow and he told Dean to walk.  Slowly the tread mill picked up speed.  Dean walked faster and faster.  The tread began rise and Dean was walking a steep incline.  There been a time before his injuries and the long recovery when this would not have been a problem.  He had not gone back out into the hunting world.  There’d been only one case.  He’d never really recovered fully.  Something was not right.  He should not be this winded.  He knew that.  Winded, yeah.  Some.  Not like this. He wanted to hide it.  No.  He wanted to be back to normal.  He finally let go of the treadmill and went to the ground and sat there, gasping for air, thinking he’d failed it.  He did not realize he’d been walking a steep incline at a very high rate of speed for over twelve minutes.  He could not breathe.

Nancy and the doctor both rushed to him, talking him down as they gave him some oxygen to breathe.  This wasn't too unusual for some patients, and they knew how to help guide him into regaining his normal breathing pattern.

Dean’s normal color started to return.  “I’m sorry, Doc.  I shoulda been able to walk longer and faster then that. I’ve gotten rusty....slow.  I need to work out, I guess.”

Nancy looked surprised at the comment.

 "Dean, you've been pretty active.  Stop this.  This isn't a point fingers at yourself time.  We're trying to determine what's going on so we can help you.  Do it again, and I'll have your sasquatch of a brother sit on you," he threatened playfully.

“Okay,  How steep was it?  How fast was I going?  How long was I doing that ?”

The doctor told him, and Nancy grinned.  "Most people can't do that incline at that speed for as long as you did," she told the man..

Dean made a an oh expression with eyes and mouth, nodding his head and got up. “What x-rays are we taking, Doc?  What kind of physical?  Any other kind of tests before this scoping thing?  I know the blood work for after I eat is the last thing.”

 "We'll do the x-rays now," he said, guiding him into the room.

I’m assuming You’re not doing upper and lower  g.i.s ?  Right?  I don’t think I got liver or gall bladder problems. You haven’t done an enema yet, so I’m assuming no.   Blood work can check a lot of that.  Just doing a chest x-ray right?  We’re not doing a prostate exam are we?”

 "We're doing everything," he told him.  "You've gone too long in your life without regular check ups, Dean, and I want to make sure what's going on in there."

“Yeah, but you’re gonna wait on the lower g.i. and do it after you stick the camera up me right?  I mean you don’t want that radioactive crap up there when you’re trying to videotape me, do you?  Please?”

“Dean..stop worrying!"  He turned to look at the man.  "This is part of your problem.  Stop fretting on details and just trust me to do the things needed to take care of you."

Sam, seeing the absolute terror on Dean’s face realized what was wrong,  said, “Hey, Dean, you’re gonna need to get completely undressed. Why don't you go into the other room where the x-ray table is.  You’re gonna lay down for the scoping. and the enema.  They will do the dye last.  You stand for x-ray.  Put the gown on.  Just lay down and relax until they are ready for you.  Okay? Doc, can we talk for a minute.”

The man nodded, heading out of the room.

Sam walked out behind him.  “Doc, this is normal for Dean.  When Dean was around 15 or 16 he was brutally raped by 4 or 5 men.  He had no medical treatment.  Hell, Dad took me and left him there, stark naked in that room where had found him.  Dean walked in the cold in a blanket back to our hotel and had to break in.  He was there for a week with no food, no money, and no clothes.  Dad came back, called him a whore, and used a dish scrub brush and dish soap and  washed his mouth and his ass out with them.  Can you imagine?  He’s probably scarred down there.  I don’t know how badly.  I do know this.  He’s scarred mentally and emotionally, so go carefully, Doc.  I didn’t even think about it until just now.”

"Ask him if he'll take a mild sedative," he said softly.  "I'll get it set up but I should've been told about this, Sam, so I could have sedated him before now."

“I’m sorry, Doc.  I found about it under a year ago.  We don’t talk about such things.  Dean clams up when you do.  You just don’t think about it unless you see it.  I  just saw it.  I’ll ask .”  Same went inside.

Dean looked up.  He was sitting on the table, his  bare legs dangling off the side,and  he looked up as his brother entered, a question in his hazel eyes.

 The doctor went to pull a medication that would relax Dean enough to go through this without causing panic or flashbacks.   He hoped Sam would get brother to agree.
Sam looked at his brother.  "Doc suggested something, and I think it's a good idea."

“Oh?  What’s that, Sammy?”  Sam could sense that Dean was getting tense.

    "I think a sedative would help you through the last tests," he said softly.  "I remembered the issues you've had in the past, and I think it's a good idea to let him give you something so you can relax."

“If I’m  not in control, how can I protect myself, Sammy?  God, I couldn’t do it then.  Dad didn’t defend me.  He didn’t go after them.  He punished me, Sammy.  He hurt me worse then they did.  If they drug me, who will protect me now?”

 "I will," he told him.  "I'll be there, I promise."

“You won’t let them hurt me?  You swear you won’t go?  You’ll be there?”  You won’t go”  Oh gods you won’t go, Sammy?”

 "I will stay at your side from start to finish, and I won't leave it till we're home and you're being bugged by the kids," he swore.  "I promise on everything I hold dear."

“Okay, Sammy.  Tell the Doc, only if you stay, I’ll do this.  Can I stand for those g.i.s with this?”

 "I'm not sure but the doc can answer that," he said.  "Let me tell him you'll take the sedative and we'll get these tests finished up, ok?"

“Yeah, then I can eat something, do that last damn blood work, and go home.  I have to go to school tomorrow.  That’s if they have it with all this snow.”

 "If we can't get out, we can't get out," he laughed, then went to find the physician.

The Doctor had a shot waiting and was talking to Nurse Nancy who was setting up an IV bag and a cart with some electronic equipment and another cart with a bucket some water bottles and a hose and what looked like a pink liquid.  His eyes grew wide.  The Doctor smiled.  “I think that with his problem and a mild sedative, I feel better having him on an IV.”

Sam figured it out and nodded.  "Yeah, probably so.  I'm staying with him through this," he told the physician.  "He's too upset."

“I have no problem with that. If I remember right.  Dean  does not like needles but will play macho, so let’s beard the lion in his den, shall we.  He’s a lot more frightened of what we’re going to do then he will be of an IV.”  They walked in with all of the equipment.  Dean looked up, saw everything they were carting in and started breathing fast.  He closed his eyes and tried to breath through his nose and out his mouth to control it but was losing the battle.  His brother heard him whisper his name in a a single panicked plea The Doctor told Nurse Nancy, “Let’s get that IV in so the sedative goes straight into the blood stream quickly.”

The younger brother gently placed his hand on the other's shoulder.  "It's ok.  I"m here, no one will hurt you."

The Doctor pressed on Dean’s shoulders also and pulled him down.  “Lay down, Dean.  We need to get IV in so we can give you this sedative.”  Dean froze.  

“No, Sammy, please.”  The two men gently pushed and pulled until he was on his back.  Nancy found a good blood vessel on his left arm and the IV was quickly in.  The sedative followed and soon Dean was  was  relaxing.  He was not asleep, just very calm.  “That’s better, Dean,”  the Doctor spoke softly.  ”Now I’m going to turn you on on your on your right side.  You’re going to feel something go inside you.  It might sting a little.  Then you’re gonna feel very warm.  It will be soothing, okay.  That’s all.  Don’t tense up.  It won’t hurt unless you tense up.  Okay.  It’s not real big.  It’s not anything like before.  It’s small.”  Sam saw his brother wince when the tube entered, but that was all.  

 The taller one kept talking quietly, keeping Dean reminded that he wasn't alone and that everything was fine.  It was a running babble mostly, bouncing over various topics.  He did talk about Sarah's latest rampage in the crafting area of the house.  The woman had been obsessed since they'd gotten the supplies in.

Dean smiled once or twice so his brother knew he was listening.  The enema was finished and the camera had been turned on.  The doctor had two of them.  He already had the small device entered into Dean and man had not even realized.  Sam kept on talking, telling Dean that he was going to have a major woodworking list from Sarah. Dean actually laughed and the Doctor asked him to be still.  That’s when Dean froze in the realization that he’d been violated.  His grip hardened.  Sam rushed to calm him before there was a problem. He looked up at the Doctor who had noted that Dean had clamped down.  “Sammy?”  Dean sounded scared.

 "It's all right, Dean, it's  the doctor, remember?  No one will hurt you with me here," he reminded him.  "So did you hear the catastrophe this morning?  Mello tried to raid the chocolate that was earmarked for Christmas candy making," he said, trying to pull him back into a more relaxed state.  "Watari and Lisa were chasing him for half an hour."

Dean actually grinned.  “We bought so much candy and junk food.  Why did he raid that?   Did they save it or do I need to buy some more?  I have to go over the lists from Monday anyway.  I can add more.”  Dean hissed  “Damn!  That hurt!  Something wrong, Doc?  Nothing else hurt like that.”

"Just relax," he assured him.  "It's almost done."
 Sam grinned back.  "I think he did it to annoy them, I don't know.  He had this devious look on his face when he was doing it too."

“If you say so, Doc.  I’m trying.  You know, Sam.  I looked at that stuff when I ordered it.  It has no sugar.  It’s unsweetened.  You use whatever is needed for whatever kind of candy you’re making.  If he bit into that.  Ewww.  That’s all I can say.”

"He made off with the sugar jar at the same time," he snickered.

Dean stared at him for a minute.  “Unsweetened chocolate and sugar?  Really?  Oh, Lord!  Stop!  Please!  For just a minute!”  Dean took a deep breath, literally gasping.  “I’m sorry.  It feels like it’s catching and ripping there.. Just let me catch my breath..” He inhaled and exhaled a couple of times and reached for his brother’s hand. “Can you see anything wrong there?” 

 "No, it looks fine," the doctor assured him.  "Just I said, we're almost done."
 "Yup, sugar and chocolate.  He nearly crushed one of the bags of near's potato chips too," he laughed.

Dean laughed and cried out again.  “You know what, Doc.  That camera is smoother on the going in side then it is on the coming out side cause it keeps catching on me. and it hurts like hell.  There is no way like hell you’ll ever do this to me again.  You’ll never catch me to do it again cause you proved to me I can move fast.”  Knowing it was the sedative talking, the other three in the room grinned and kept on with the removal of the camera. Nurse Nancy was preparing the other camera for scoping Dean’s stomach and Sam was wondering about that one.

 "This won't be comfortable," the doctor told him.  "If you feel pain, I want you to tap the table three times, ok?  Just breathe through it and listen to Sam talk."

They laid Dean on his back and his grew large as the camera and the cable came towards his face.  ‘Oh hell no!  Wait! Wait...wait...wait.wait..wait...”Sam grabbed his head and held him.  Dean try to  shake his head and Sam’s hand came to his mouth.  He could hear mumbled noes.  The Doctor stopped.  “Dean, this has got to be done.  I don’t want to have to drug you more.  You have to be able stand in a little while.  You’re a former hunter.  We don’t want to have tell the four boys that this happened, now do we?  They’re going to ask?  I won’t lie.”  Sam could see tears in his brother’s eyes, but Dean had calmed down.

 Sam leaned in.  "It'll be all right, Dean.  Not too much more now, then we  can go home.  What do you say to stealing some of the baking Lisa's doing and find a place to curl up and veg today?"

Dean nodded thinking of the people who were coming and planning on staying through Christmas, especially Jo and Ellen.  He hadn’t seen Jo in  long time.  Ellen either, for that matter.  He wished Cas would come.  But the angel was running.    He knew there were sigils that could hide him. ‘Cas?’  The doctor finally pulled the camera out.  “Just lay still, Dean.  We’re gonna give you an enema and do some x-rays.”  A very hoarse, “Awwww,” could be heard.

 "It'll be fine," his brother reassured him.  "Just relax.  Almost through."

A raspy whisper was heard, “It’s another damn enema, Sammy.  Another one.  He didn’t say there would be two.”

Nurse Nancy got Dean settled back on his side on the table and another hose was applied.  Dean closed his eyes and waited, expecting warm, soapy water.  What he got wasn’t very warm and he stiffened, stopping the flow through the tube.

 "Dean, stop it," he told his brother.  "You're going to hurt yourself.  It's all right.  Relax."

“I’m sorry, Sam.  It’s cold.”    Dean relaxed.  Nurse Nancy smacked his rump.  “Hold it in.  We have to take pictures with it in you.”

Dean’s grew large.  “You got to be kidding me?  You just poured the Gulf of Mexico inside of me and you want me to hold it in?  What do you think I am?  A dam?”

 Sam rubbed his brother's shoulder.  "Just try to think of something other than what's going on down there."

Dean’s hazel eyes were a brilliant green in intensity.  “Sammy, my bladder’s never been this full.”  He sat up.  At the top of his lungs, he shouted, “Doc, you got seconds to take those pictures, and then there’d better be a clear path to the bathroom and that machine.”

 He heard a chuckle from the doctor.  "I don't think that'll be a problem," he told his brother.

It’ll be a major problem if I don’t make it, Doc.  Bladder control is one thing,.  This is something else.  Just how full did you guys fill me?”

 "Pretty full," Sam said, having seen it.  "You'll want to rush aftewards."  Dean had to be uncomfortable!

“Seriously?”  Dean had such a miserable look on his face.  He was struggling hard.  He finally closed his eyes and had almost bitten through his bottom lip.  Finally he gasped, “That’s it, Doc.  If you don’t have them, you won’t have them.”  He took off at a run, bare butt shining.

 There was a soft peel of laughter when that happened.  Sam looked back.  "I hope you got it."

“I did,” the Doctor was wiping his eyes.  “Wait until he has to drink the stuff.”

 He made a face.  "Not sure I want to."

“Barium is very chalky and it will ruin the flavor of mint for life.”

 Sam's face grew even worse.  "Great...just great."

“You’ve got those massive greenhouses.  You can’t tell me Dean didn’t put every kind of mint there is in there.  Make him chew mint leaves for a while. It might just overcome that particular memory  and prevent the gag reflex when he smells or tastes mint.”

 "Or get Sarah to make her famous mint brownies," he responded.

“If I can okay him to have those, you bet.”

"She uses healthy alternatives but you can't tell that it is," he said.

“Carob instead of cocoa?”

 Sam nodded.  "Yup."

“Whatever his problems are, he’s in safe hands.”

 "We're trying," he said softly.

“I know you are.  I like your brother, Sam.  He’s a little rough around the edges.  Blue collar, but he has a heart gold..would give you the shirt off  his back.  I’ll help any way I can.  He won Nancy and Erica over, and that’s not easy.  I know he’s not the liberal type, but he’s fair and they know it.  He’s not the type to judge.  He takes people as they are.”

 He nodded.  "He's a good guy."

“You both are, Sam.”

A few minutes later, Dean came down the hall, moving slowly, wincing with every step.  Thinking over his brother’s day so far, Sam could imagine what he was feeling.  Dean looked at both of them, shook his head and  passed by both, stopped, turned around, and spoke, “Well?”

 "Time for a drink," he told his brother.  "I think this is the last test."

“I don’t have to eat and do that other blood work today?”  He sounded hopeful?

  "Yes, there's that," the doctor called out.

“Come on, Doc.  Don’t I need to have the food in my system for a while before you take the blood?  Couple of hours maybe?”

Nancy  commented, “Not more than about thirty minutes.”

 "Let them do this last test, then we'll get food into you, ok?"  Sam looked at his brother.

“Yeah, I’m actually hungry.”  As they walked together into the x-ray room Dean leaned into his brohter.  “Hell, could have been worse, Sam.  He could have wanted to check my prostrate.  That’s something I’ve never had done and I don’t really want to.  Don’t think so.”

 He held him upright, walking him into the room so Dean could be given the liquid needed for the next x-ray.

Nurse Nancy handed Dean a glass with a white, pasty looking liquid in it.  He looked at her and at it.  “What is this?”  He sniffed it.  “It’s barium,” she said.

Hazel eyes stared at her. “That’s what you just put up inside me?”  The nurse nodded.  "I have to put that crap in my mouth and swallow it?  Hell no.  You don’t drink what gets put up your ass.”

 "IT's from a fresh source, Dean," Sam reminded him.

“I know that, Sam.  IT’s the same stuff.  It can’t taste good, man.  They wouldn’t waste taste on something that goes in someone’s ass.  Think about it, man.  Come on.”

 "What's more important - your health or taste buds?"  He stared at his brother.

Dean, looking kind of lost, half naked in the hospital gown, stared right back at him, belligerent, “Both.”

 "Right now, it's your health.  So drink it or I make you," he said, almost teasing.

Dean, looked surprised, frowned, his mouthed opened, he leaned his a head little to one side and stared at his brother in confusion, and opened and closed his mouth again. Sam was amused.  Dean was not sure how to take this.  Nurse Nancy took Dean’s hand raised it.  He remembered the glass in his hand.  He wrinkled his nose and drank it down.  Sam could only count on one hand the number times he’d heard Dean actually retch.  This was one of them.  Sam recognize the sound of his brother fixing to vomit.

Hold it down," he said, rubbing his brother's back in a motion that Dean had used with him when he'd been sick growing up.  "It won't take too long.  I'm proud of you."

“I just drank pepto flavored plaster, Sammy.  Ohhhhhh.  I’m sick...I’m gonna be sick.  Please.”

 "No, Dean, just hold on."  He kept rubbing his brother's back.  "Breathe slowly, focus on something other than that, ok?"

Dean started thinking about last night with Lisa which was the wrong thing to be thinking about in his state of dress.  Nurse Nancy noticed and then realized it would embarrass Dean  She tapped Sam on the shoulder and whispered," help him.  He look at his brother  who was still slightly green, eyes squeezed shut.

Sam nodded, motioning for her to get the x-rays done so Dean could be more comfortable.  He worried for the other, hoping it would be all right.

“Let’s go, Dean”  Dean’s eyes popped open and he jumped.  “Yeah, okay.”  He rushed over to the machine and that was the moment he realized he had a problem.  Looking down, his brows went up, he got a silly smirk and turned slightly red, and one arm  moved down.  He  inched up closer to the screen.  Looking back up at the doctor, he smiled, “That okay, Doc?”

"You're fine, Dean.  Just get relaxed for a moment while I get the angle right," came the response.

“Lisa sent a meal for all of us, Doc.  We can eat together, visit until it’s time for the last blood work and then head out.  When will I know the results on these?”

 "A week," he told him.  "Hold still."

Dean remained still  while the shots were taken.  They waited until Nurse Nancy returned with the film and nodded.  “You canget dressed.”  Dean let out a sigh of relief and headed towards the dressing room, relieved the poking and prodding was over.

Sam sighed, following the doctor to a small lunch room to wait for Dean to finish dressing and they could eat.

“Are you all right?”  The Doctor asked, as he opened the basket of food that Lisa had sent.

 "Yeah, Sarah had me up too early because she needed help on stuff."

“Are you overdoing too, Sam?  Maybe I need to be doing two physicals?

 "Nah, I'm fine.  I try to take care of myself.  I do pace things out, just that Sarah needed some heavy hauling done this morning, and I won't let her do that on her own."

“Of course not, but what’s wrong with Mello and Matt?  The three of you could have made easier work of it.  I know you don’t want to involve Dean right now, Sam, but you can’t leave him completely out of things.  In the long run, it will cause problems.  This soon, though, I can understand.  Roust those boys and put them to work.  Don’t hurt yourself. I think I hear your  brother and Nancy.”

 "They were in lessons, and I didn't want to bother them.  Education is important, especially for them," he answered, knowing the future of the world pretty much rested in the palms of those three boys.  

“Well, if it is not an emergency, than Sarah will have to wait on some things.  It’s not worth risking harm to yourself, Sam.  She loves you.  She would understand that.”

“Understand what?”  Dean asked as he walked into the room.  He walked slowly over to the basket and began going through its contents.  “Hey, more of last night’s vegetable soup.  There’s ham, bread, veggies  for the sandwiches, mustard and mayo, and some kind of healthy chips, and a mug of hot coffee.  I’m allowed some coffee a day.”

"He's worrying about me overdoing because Sarah had me up early for heavy work earlier," he said, getting up to put a lunch together for himself.

Dean filled one of the bowls in the basket with soup and placed in it the microwave.  He turned towards his brother, contemplating him.  “You could’ve asked, Sam.”

The doctor, remembering the 10:00 wakeup call and all the small bruises or love bites on Dean’s chest and neck while he was doing the stress test just smiled and thought sure he could.

 "Yeah, right," he laughed.

Dean looked serious, “I wouldn’t have let you down, Sam”  Nurse Nancy joined in the laughter then.  Dean looked at all three of them.  “What?”  He made a sandwich, took his soup out of the microwave, carried both to the table, and poured himself a cup of coffee.  He sat down and started to eat.

The group began to enjoy their meal, talking about various things and plans for holidays.  The doctor was flying to Dallas for Thanksgiving.  Nancy was driving to Houston with Erica.  “We’ll see all of you Saturday in the city, right?” Dean asked.  

"We'll be there," she reassured him.

“Good.  Don’t forget Elsbeth and Andy.  Well, Doc?  Has it been enough time?”

 "Go with Nancy, and she'll get the last draw done," he told him.  "I'll call or come by with the results when I have them all in."

Dean got up and followed the nurse and they were gone about ten minutes.  He was soon back, rolling down his sleeve.   “Let’s go, Sammy.  I’m tired. Ya’ll be careful going back to town, Doc, Nancy.”  Dearn reached for his parka and cap

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 143

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from themThank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


At ten in the morning, the doctor banged on the cabin door.  Bobby was working in the library on his books.  Sam was helping Sarah with something in the loft.  Ben was doing homework.  No one had noticed the time.  Watari and the others had assumed Dean had gone for the tests.

Near opened the door, pale face poking out.  "Yes?"

“Hello, Near?  Is Dean here?  He was supposed to come for tests today?”

 "Dean is not there?"

“No.  That is why I am here.  Is he all right?”

 "Near is unsure.  Wait here," he said, allowing the doctor into the house and heading towards Dean's wing.

“Where is Sam?  If Dean is ill, he may need him?”  Come to think of it, where is Lisa?”

"Near does not know," he said, then entered the wing and padded to Dean's room.  The boy knocked on the door loud enough to wake anyone.

Dean all but fell out of bed, and Lisa jumped, grabbing the comforter around her.  “Where’s my clothes?  Just a minute!”

Ben came out of his room and saw Near.  “What’s wrong?”

"Dean has missed an appointment," he said flatly, waiting for the door to open.

“The doctor?”

The door flew open and Dean stood there with a sheet wrapped around his waist, his hair flying in every direction, and there was distinctive bruising on his neck and chest where he was not covered.  “What!”  He focused.  “I’m sorry.  What is it, guys?”

Gray eyes looked up at him.  "Dean forgot to set an alarm clock.  The doctor arrived here looking for Dean."

“Here?”  The hazel eyes closed as the hunter tried to focus.  “What time is it?”

 "After ten a.m.," he responded.

“What?!!  Aww!  Hell no!!  Where’s Sam?  He’s supposed to go with me?  Tell doc I'm sorry and I’ll be there as fast as I can.  Make sure it’s not too late.”

 "Near believes Sam is working with Sarah on a project," he said.  "Near will deliver the message."

“Thank you, Near.”  Dean shut the door, and ran for the bathroom, swearing as he ran.  Lisa had heard the conversation, and knew Dean had gotten himself in trouble because of last night.  Explaining that one would be interesting.  He would need food for after the tests.  She got up, put on some sweats, and headed downstairs to the their kitchen.  Dean hopped into the shower for a quick wash.  He towel dried, brushed his teeth, but did not shave.  He started grabbing clothes to wear.  Within fifteen minutes he walked into the big room to see his Lisa standing there with a meal for him, Near, Sam, and the doctor.  He turned red and Lisa grinned.

 "I thought you'd gone without me.  Your cell is still off," Sam said sheepishly.

Dean was putting on his parka, a cap to go over his ears, and blushed red again.  “I didn’t realize I’d turned it off.  I’m sorry.”

 "It's no problem," he told his brother.  "Let's get going."

“We can take the Impala, Doc?  Save walking in this.”  Dean looked down the drive and realized it was too deep and they were going to have to dig themselves out.  “We need a small plow, don’t we?”

 "We're going to have to hoof it, I'm afraid.  It's too deep for cars," he told his patient and friend.

Dean looked at the other two.  “Okay.  Let’s get this over with.  You talked about a bunch of tests.  What all are we doing?”

 The doctor listed the various types of tests he was going to put Dean through.

 Stress test?  That where they put  a bunch wires on you and make you walk and run up a hill on a tread mill like thing?”

The doctor nodded.  "That's one of them, yes."

Sam spoke up at that time, “Doc, when I called your office yesterday, to ask a question about him eating, you said forget about it.  You wanted to scope him both ways.  You were sending pills. They never came.”

Dean got a panicky look.He came to a sudden stop and his voice raised. “Scoping?  What ways?  Exactly what is being scoped and with what? Why?"

   "The type needed never came in, so we'll do this a different way.  Yes, Dean, scoping.  We need to check your stomach and lower abdominal area."

“Come on Doc, I’m tired.  It might be stress.    Maybe an ulcer.  Can’t you just let me swallow that nasty stuff and stand in front of that  machine and x-ray me?  You have stick a camera up my ass?  Hell most of the doctors out there don’t even knock you out for it, and that’s got to hurt like hell”

Sam was  standing next to his brother, slightly behind him, trying really hard not to laugh.  The doctor bit his bottom lip when he saw the taller man’s expression.

"I still need to check on it, Dean. I'm sorry but I have to stand firm on it."

Dean got a hopeful look.  “Doc, you didn’t have the pills.  You can’t clean me out.  We can’t do it.”

"Enema," he said, trudging over the snow to get to the clinic.

Sam trudge on behind him.  Both men heard a high pitched squeak, “WHAT?”

“Come on, Dean”

Looking very  pale, the older Winchester slowly began to follow, wishing he’d never gone to see to see the doctor.

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 142

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from themThank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

A Night at Dean and Lisa's

“I’m coming with you, hon.”

Dean smiled at everyone.  “Thank you for the great meal and the interesting conversation.  I’m sorry to eat and run.  Good night, everyone.”

Everyone waved at him.  "Sweet dreams," came to him in a chorus of voices.

When Dean, Lisa, and Ben had gone into their wing, Bobby snorted.  Everyone turned to look at him.  “What the hell just happened?  Who ate dinner with us?  Sam would have tutored Dean for a month to get him to have that kind of a discussion. Sam when did he begin to study economics?  He taking that in school?”

 "He's become well rounded in his education," Sam grinned.  "It's awesome, isn't it?"

“Damn!  Ellen and Jo ain’t gonna know him.”

Sam looked at Sarah.  “Neither will your Dad, Sarah,” he said with a grin.

 Sarah laughed.  "It's wonderful.  He's really growing, and it's incredible to see.  We're really proud of him."

Sam responded back to her reply to him, “We are, huh?”  He hugged her.  “He had you thinking up answers today, love.   I never thought  I’d see that.  He didn’t make you angry.  This is a banner day.  Dean Winchester discussed Celtic history, Ireland, Scotland, England, politics with you and the only one who got upset was him and it was righteous indignation.”  He sat back down and helped himself to  more salad.  

Dean walked into his son’s room and asked him what book he was reading.  Lisa’s eyebrows went up.

Ben looked up, heels kicking.  "White Fang!  It's good; it's got lots of stuff in it that's really cool.  Have you read it, Dad?"

“No but I’ve read Call of the Wild when I was a kid.  Sam was sick and Dad was gone.  I got the book and read it to him.”

 "Wanna read this with me?"  He looked hopeful

“Yeah.  How far along are you?”.

 "Not far, I can start over," the boy answered.

“I’d love to, Son. Start over.  We’ll do a chapter a night or until I fall asleep, whichever happens first. That a deal?”  Hazel eyes looked pleadingly into the brown ones in the doorway.

 Ben grinned and moved over, shifting it to the first page.  "Come on!"

Dean sat down next his to son and leaned back and listened.  Lisa knew she should have said no, but Dean seldom asked for anything, and both of them needed this.  They had started out with readings but Dean had gotten caught up in life and never had time any more.  He was learning to make time again.  This was good.  Reading with his son was as important for his health as meditation.

 The little boy looked happy, reading and allowing his dad to turn the pages as they cuddled together.  Occasionally, the older male would correct a mispronunciation and explain the word.  Lisa had returned and had her cell out and was recording the scene and she sent it to Bobby, Sam, Sarah, Watari,and Ryuzaki.  she felt they’d appreciate Dean’s idea of stress relief.

 The group awwed over the video, enjoying the scene.  "That's just too c ute," Sarah cooed.

Sam smiled.  There are two things I need to do.  First off I need to start chronicling this family.  All of it.  I Know I can’t do Ryu and them, but I can us.  I am going to set up a private ablum on the internet for friends and family to view.  I am going to set up video albums on DVD for all of us to have.  Starting tomorrow with this.  Let’s go to bed, hon.  After Dean is through with the doctor, maybe you can talk him into cutting wood for you.”

 "I was planning on making him my wood slave tomorrow," she snickered.  

“I think he’d like that, hon.”

“Wood slave?"  Mello started cracking up.

“You better be careful, Mello.  She’ll put you into hauling it for him.  I think a shop of some kind was put along the side.  An aluminum building on gravel.  Not enough time to set up anything permanent.  They plan on doing it once the weather permits.”

Sarah got an evil grin.  "Come to think of it...."
    Mello winced as Watari smiled.  "He and Matt could use some physical exercise.  Let me know when, Sarah, and I'll have them ready for you to put them to work."  Matt eeped, looking up at his caretaker.

Sam laughed and said, “They get kitchen duty tonight.  I believe Near and Dean had it last night.”    He took Sarah’a hand.  “Good night, everyone.”

Dean tucked Ben in and kissed his forehead.  “Night, son.”  He walked towards the door, turning off the light, and gently closing it.  Walking down the haul, he opened the door to the master bedroom.   The huge bed had the comforter pulled back, but he did not see Lisa.  “Lis?”  He walked to the bathroom, but she was not in there.  He frowned, wondering what she was up to.  He relieved himself, washed his hands, and brushed his teeth.  Turning off the bathroom light, he went to the large bed, kicked off his slippers and slipped in between the flannel sheets.

 She came into the bedroom, dressed in  beautiful blue satin knee length lingerie.  "Hi love."

She could see his eyes in the dimmed light.  They had widened and turned a brilliant green. She could see comforter rise a little  He was interested.  She smiled.  His voice deepened a little, “Hi, Lis?”

Lisa sauntered to his side.  "Thought I'd take you up on that wonderful offer you made," she smiled seductively

Dean’s eyes darkened and he reached towards her putting an arm around her hips and tugging towards him, a slow seductive smile crossing his face.  

    The woman went willingly, leaning in to kiss him deeply.  She lay on top of him, the kiss deepening as the man beneath opened his mouth and let her enter, his tongue tangling with hers.  A deep groan came from beneath her, and she felt his hands on either side of her waist and her turned over until he was on top of her.  He looked down into her brown eyes.  “I believe I said I wanted to kiss your entire body, Lis?”

    "You did, I believe.  I guess we have all night to play since the weather went all icky on us," she said.

“Well, the plows will be out, so Doc will be here, but I am not getting up at the crack of dawn.”  He began to slowly kiss, nip, and, lick every inch of her, slowly removing her clothing as he moved down her.  He went slowly, taking his time, waiting until she would beg him to stop on an area before moving on.  Several hours later, he’d finished her feet, and moved up between her  thighs, which had remained untouched.

 She gave him a dazed smile, tugging him up.

“Did we soundproof these walls?”

 "I hope so," she giggled, then set out to test if the walls were all night long.

“Before you start testing, hon, I missed a spot," and Dean pushed her back down.  

  Lisa grinned.  "Oh really?  silly me."

Several hours later found Lisa cocooned within Dean’s arms and legs as he had himself wrapped around her, holding her in his sleep.

 It was a great relaxing sleep that both of them needed, recharging batteries that had been on empty for a long while.