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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snippets Ninety-One: John and Dean II

Dean watched through the window in surprise.  His head turned when the door opened and his father did not enter with the other two men.  He ran out the door before Bobby could stop him.

“Dad!” the young Winchester yelled and stopped when he started coughing.  Cas started to touch him but stopped when he felt a touch from Father.  He remained still and watched his charge.

John watched his son double over with the cough and managed to get up and walk to him.  He knelt back down on the ground and softly touched his son on the back.  Dean looked up at him, tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry, Son.  I’ve been a fool.  I didn’t realize how sick you were.  From now on, anything like this happens, and you feel you can’t do the job, you call Bobby. You hear me?  He’ll get to you or send someone who can.  I don’t want to lose you.”

Dean went into his father’s arms and both of them cried.  John pulled away and looked at his son.

“I think I’ll get a room and we’ll spend a couple of days here.  It will give you time to get completely well.  I can have some time with you and give you some lessons.  That sound good?”

Dean wiped his nose on his sleeve and sniffed. 

“Yes, Dad.”

“Let’s go see what they have.”

The two walked towards the motel office.

Bobby stood at the door, watching.

“I hope that’s real, Jim.”

“Me, too, Bobby.”

“I wish it was, but it’s not,” thought Castiel.

When is a Ghost Town not a Ghost Town Pt. 6

Dean sat on his bed and had beer and pizza with his brother.  He filled Sam in about conversation with Garth.  His brother remained quiet.  Finally, curiosity got the better of the older man.


“How the hell would I know, Dean.  Nothing in this place makes sense.  IT’s weird.  Whether there’s a demon or some whodo, I don’t know.  We’ve found nothing so far but craziness.”

“Yeah, I know,” Dean spoke around a bite of pizza.

“We need to go look at it tonight,” Sam comment after taking a drink of his beer.

“Hell, No!”


“They got snakes, mountain lions, and bears, Dude!”

“Yeah, Dean.  We’re in the wilderness.  They probably got lots of other things too.”


“Let’s try to get some rest. We’ve been on the road for over 30 hours and then all of this.  I’ll set the alarm.”

Dean looked at his brother in frustration. 


“What are you afraid of, Dean?  That you will meet up with a snake, lion, or bear…Oh My!”

“Shut up, Dorothy!”

“Maybe your girlfriend will be waiting for you up there.  I bet she could protect you.”

Dean through his last slice of pizza and smirked when it slid down Sam’s face.
“Sweet dreams, Dorothy,” he commented as he turned over to take his nap.

Snippets Ninety: John and Bobby

Bobby took Dean to the motel to see Sam the next morning.  John was in the room when they arrived.  Dean stood still, not sure what to do.  He smiled when Sam ran to him. 

“John,” Bobby muttered.

“Bobby.  Thank you for taking care of my boys.  We’ll be leaving.”

“Dean?  You want to go through this again?” Bobby asked the boy.

Looking at his father, Dean nodded.

“Let’s go,” John spoke to his sons.

“Just a minute,” Bobby stood in the way.  Jim began to rise, but Castiel nudged him gently and the man sat back down.

“We have nothing to say, Bobby,” John spoke firmly.

“Like hell, we don’t.  Let’s take it outside,” the other man countered.

John pushed past him.  Jim told Dean to stay in the room and followed the two men outside, with an angel right behind him.

John turned to say something when Bobby’s fist hit him directly in the face and the man fell backwards.  John struggled to get up but the other hunter grabbed his jacket, pulled him halfway up and hit him again.

“If you ever treat your boys like this again, John, the next time, I’ll use buckshot!”

“You can’t tell me how to care for my boys!”

Bobby picked the other man up halfway again and the blow was hard.

“Dean didn’t call right away because he was trying to obey you’re damned orders, John!.  If he had called me, we might have avoided a lot of this.  He got pneumonia and called when he was delirious from a high fever.  Your son was unconscious when we found him.  He nearly died, John.  Quit being an ass and raise him right!”

John laid there on the ground, a look of shock on his face.

“Nearly died?”

“That’s right!”

Bobby and Jim left him lying on the ground in the parking lot.

Snippets Eighty-Nine: John and Dean

Dean was moved from ICU to a room and was eating a breakfast sent up by dietary.  Bobby took the time to go downstairs to eat breakfast and have another cup of coffee.

The boy was watching a cartoon on the television that was mounted on the wall.  He wanted to go the motel and make sure Sam was all right, but the doctor said he had to stay one more day.

John entered the room and stared at his son.  The hazel eyes showed surprise and a hint of fear.  Both knew Dean had failed to obey his father’s orders.  John intended to instill that fear in his boy.

“Hey, Dean.”

“Hi, Dad.  I’m sorry.”

“You let me down, Boy.  You let Sammy down.  Who let Bobby in?”

“I don’t know.  I was sick, Dad.”

“Dean?  You failed me.  You failed Sam.  We are in a war, boy, and soldiers can’t afford to fail their commanders.  I trusted you and you failed.  I can’t afford to keep you around if you can’t do your job.  I have to know Sam is okay.”

“I called Bobby when I got too sick to watch him.  I didn’t have a phone number for you.”

“I have the number where Pastor Jim is staying.  I’ll come get both of you tomorrow.  I want to be proud of you, Boy.  I can teach you how to protect Sammy, but you have do the job. You have to be a good soldier.  You don’t let me down.  I won’t let you down.”

“Yes, Sir,” Dean voice quavered.

Castiel sat in the chair, wishing he’d gone ahead and finished what he’d started in Oregon.  He knew that, this time, Father would intervene if he did.

“Remember what I said, Son.  I’ll make you a warrior, but you have to have more discipline and do your job.  I’ll pick you both up tomorrow.”

John left the room

Castiel looked at his charge and wanted to tell him to be a little boy.  It would be all right, but he knew it wouldn’t be.  He couldn’t stop it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Snippets Eighty-Eight: The Hospital

Bobby was awakened by loud screams and recognized Dean’s voice.  He ran into the ICU towards the boy’s room.  A nurse tried to stop him, telling him it was not visiting hours.  Bobby pushed past her.

“That’s my boy screaming.  You’re not stopping me.”

Rushing into the room, the man rushed past an angel who stood and waited to see if he had to intervene.  He allowed Bobby to do so.

The hunter pushed the nurse out of the way and saw the child trying to pull out his I.V. and screaming for Sam.

“Dean!  It’s okay.  Sam’s okay.  Now stop this.  You were very sick.  Thank God you called me before you passed out.  Sammy’s okay.”

The tear filled hazel eyes stared into his and Dean leaned into the man’s arms, crying.

“Uncle Bobby.  I couldn’t take care of him.”

“He’s okay, Son.  We found your Father.  As soon as he can, he’ll be here.”

Dean nodded, but held onto the Bobby as if he were a lifeline.

“Now you got to stop fighting these people so you can get better.  All right?”

Bobby heard a large sniff and Dean nodded.  The hunter started to get up.

“Don’t go, Uncle Bobby.”

The nurse was on the phone with the doctor.  She smiled at the child and told him that his Uncle could stay.

The older man sighed and sat in the chair.  Cas sat on foot of the bed and thanked Father that Bobby was there.

Friday, August 24, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town

Dean pulled into the hotel when he saw Garth headed around behind the structure with a golf bag. 

“Sam, did you just see Garth?”

“No, Dean.  I’m going to go pick up some food at the restaurant and I’ll meet you at the room.”

Dean nodded and watched his brother walk to the parking lot next to the motel.  He turned and walked behind the structure.  There was no doubt they were in a wilderness.  The land behind the motel was made of clay that crumbled when touched and there rocks and boulders everywhere.  In the distance were tall hills made of the clay and rock with mountains of igneous rock on either side of a valley filled with the same clay, rock, and boulders.
Shaking his head, Dean walked through the area behind the motel and saw travel trailers parked in one area.  There was mine shaft over 800 feet down that was covered and had a large plague.  Next to it was the elevator car the employees rode up and down the shaft. 

Walking further, the hunter saw Garth setting a tee into the clay and trying to drive a ball.  The tee kept falling when the clay crumbled.  Finally the man surrounded the tee with rocks and tried again.  The ball flew into the air followed by a shower of rocks.

Dean walked out to the area and stood behind the other hunter.  He looked out at the golf course.  He assumed it was a golf course.  The sign said it was an 18 hole course. 

“Hell, Garth, where’s the grass?”

The thin man jumped and turned around. 

“This is Terlingua, Dude.  There isn’t any grass.”

“How in the Hell can you play golf on course that has no grass?  It’s full of rocks and a clay that crumbles when it’s touched.  How many golf balls have you lost out here?”

“I thought I’d play a round and pick up all the balls everyone else loses.”

“That’s not how you play golf, Man,” Dean replied as he looked at a strange club in Garth’s bag.

“What kind of wood is that?”

“Oh! That’s for killing rattlesnakes.  They don’t allow guns on the course.”


“They have a Mojave rattlesnake here that is known as the Two-Step.  It bites you and you die after two steps.”

 “Well, Garth, you have fun.  I’m…I’m going back to my room,” Dean responded nervously.  He took small steps, watching every inch of ground on his way back to the motel.

He entered the room and saw his brother sitting on the bed with a pizza and two six packs of beer.

“You okay, Dean?”

The older brother stood there, trying to figure out what he had just seen.

“Sam, I think this place is an escaped mental hospital.”

Supernatural - The Cougar

Sam and Dean entered the bar around nine o’clock in the evening, both men looking drained.  It had been an exhausting hunt and Dean was incredibly uptight about things.  Sam knew that the death of the young woman was playing on his brother’s guilt.  He had no idea how to help him.

Dean’s mind kept wondering back to Celesta, who threw herself in front of him when the creature attacked.  She died immediately.  He had enjoyed two nights with her and really liked her.  It was bothering him big time.

They sat at a table and ordered.  Sam had a beer, but Dean ordered a double whiskey with no water.  He had three and Sam tried to suggest going back to the motel.  Dean got up and walked to the bar.  Sam watched an older woman walk up and sit in the chair next him.  The younger Winchester smirked.  This would never work.

“Can I buy you a drink?” asked the woman on the stool next to Dean.

The hunter turned and stared at her. She was around five foot four inches in height, thin, and looked good for an older woman.  He looked into vivid blue eyes and saw a lovely smile.  Her face looked timeless.  Her hair was shoulder length and solid white. 

Surprise showed on Dean’s face and he leaned back, considering her.

“I’m not in the habit of picking up or being picked up by older women,” he said softly.

“Don’t you mean, a cougar?” her deep voice asked as she touched his leg.

“Lady, look, I’ve had a bad week. Okay?”

“Then, maybe I can help,” she offered.

“No, thank you,” Dean replied shortly and turned back to his fourth whisky.

“Whiskey won’t hide that pain.  Sad, too.”


“You look like you enjoy good sex.  You’ll probably pick up some young thing and have a fair time.  Being older, means I’ve been around, handsome.  You really want a good time, you should try someone my age some time.  I actually won’t make you gag, but you could try to make me do it though.” 

The woman finished her drink and walked towards the exit.  The hazel eyes followed her movements.  She was fit, good muscle tone showing beneath the tight jeans and t-shirt. 

‘Damn!’ he thought.  Sam watched his brother get up and follow the woman out of the bar with a look of shock on his face.

The taller brother walked outside and watched his brother climb into a white Cadillac. 

Sam spent a restless night.  Dean did not come home.  The next morning, the key turned in the door and Sam lay there and watched his brother enter the room, carrying breakfast take out and two cups of coffee.

He sat up and looked at his brother.

“You really did a cougar, Dude?”
Dean smiled softly as he took a sip of his coffee.  He felt good, and he felt totally satisfied.  He looked at Sam.

‘Did you know a cougar really can eat you alive.  You’ll enjoy every minute of it,” he stated as his astonished brother watched the soft smile go to his eyes.
“You hungry, Man.  I am.”  Dean laid out the breakfast.

As Sam walked towards the table, his brother asked, “You find a new hunt yet?”

Snippets Eighty-Seven: John Meets Castiel

John was driving on a black top road at two in the morning, heading back to Montana.  Caleb had not found him yet, but Castiel did.

He appeared in the front seat of the Impala and he spoke in his monotone voice.

“I would stop the car now if you wish to keep it intact.”

John jumped in surprise and swerved the car off the road. He reached for his gun and it flew into the back seat.

“Damn!  Demon!”  the oldest Winchester said as he reached into his jacket for a flask of holy water.

Cas was not in the seat when he got the water out.  He turned and looked into the back seat when his driver’s side door opened and the angel dragged him out of the car.

“Who the Hell are you?”

“You have a very sick son and you left him with no adult protection,“ the monotone voice showed a small amount of anger and it was more frightening in the monotone than if the angel had shouted.

John stared and threw a fist at the man in front of him.  The angel caught the fist in his hand and squeezed down until the human was on the ground in front of him.  He reached down, grabbed John’s jacket in the front, pulled him up, and stared into his eyes.  The hunter never saw the first fist.

‘Castiel,’ came the quiet voice.


‘You have done enough.  Return to your charge.’

‘Yes, Father.’

Thirty minutes later, Caleb found the Impala with the unconscious hunter lying on the ground beside it.

The angel spent the rest of the night sitting beside Dean Winchester’s bed.  The boy was off the oxygen.

  He had not taken the time to face what he had done, but he knew he would do it again for this child.
‘Was this Free Will?’

Snippets Eighty-Six: Castiel

Castiel had been in Heaven.  Father had called him home, saying there would be no attack on the boys while he was gone.  Cas had been nervous the entire time, but the knowledge learned about Azazel was important.  Something big was planned and it involved both boys.  Cas was to remain the guardian of Dean but watch Sam.

‘It is time to return, my Son.  The boy is ill and friends have put him in the hospital.  The father is in Oregon.  The boys are in Montana.’

‘I can heal him, Father.’

“Not at this time, my Son.  He’s under good care.  It is why I give the knowledge to Doctors.  I do answer prayers.'

Cas looked unhappy but returned to earth quietly.  He arrived in the hospital Pediatric ICU waiting room and his eyes widened in surprise.  He saw Bobby Singer sitting in a corner with a large cup of coffee.  There were the remains of three other cups on the end table next to his chair.
Cas entered the ICU.  Dean was on oxygen to help him breathe.

‘Please, Father.  At least let me clear the lungs?’

There was silence.  The boy looked weak.  Castiel felt anger and an unknown feeling…rebellion.  He touched Dean and cleared his lungs and gave the boys strength.

The angel left to find John Winchester.

Snippets Eighty-Five: The Hospital

Bobby filled out the papers in the emergency room.  He gave them an insurance card he kept for the boys.  He said he was their guardian and Pastor Jim confirmed it. 

The two men and Sam waited in the waiting area.  Forty-five minutes later a doctor called Bobby’s name.  Dean had pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized.  The two men looked at each other.  Jim nodded. 

“I’m gonna get a room and I’ll call and let you know where Sammy and I are.  You can give them the phone number.”

Bobby nodded, “I ain’t leavin’ the boy.”

“Of course not.  I’ll get hold of Caleb and have him hunt down John.”

“Good.  I’m gonna kill him.”

Snippets Eight-Four: Turning Seven

John was in Portland, Oregon, meeting with Daniel Elkins.  They were taking out a vampire nest.  John had been told to learn how to kill vampires from Elkins who specialized in them. 

Dean and Sam were left in Montana where John had killed a wendigo.  He’d given Dean a hundred dollars and had paid for the room for two weeks.  The older boy did everything he could to entertain his brother in the middle of a Montana winter. 

Sam was getting into everything, asking questions, and constantly wanting things Dean couldn’t provide.  The older boy was tired and not feeling well.  He hoped he wasn’t getting sick because Sammy needed him.  He had no idea who he could call.  Dad would be angry if he did.  After Anahuac, he avoided getting his Dad angry.
Two days later, Sammy heard his brother in the bathroom.  Dean was sick.  His face was white with flushed cheeks and his eyes looked glazed.  He would not lay down when he had a little brother to care for. 

That night, the older brother had fever driven nightmares.  He woke, sick and was unable to hold down liquids.  He heated food for his baby brother and it would make him sick to smell it.

He finally called his Uncle Bobby.

“Hey, Dean.  Happy Birthday, Son.”

Dean could barely get words out.  Bobby got the gist of what was happening.  Calls were made.  Bobby and Pastor Jim both reached the small town in Montana about the same time.

At this point, Sammy answered the door.  Jim picked picked up the younger boy as the older man found the little boy’s brother delirious on the bed closest to the door. 

He looked up at Jim, “Hospital?”

The minister nodded.  They packed up everything in the room and checked the boys out of the motel.

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt.4

Sam leaned against the Impala drinking one of the beers he had purchased.  He waited, a big grin on his face.  Fifteen minutes past before his brother burst through the door at a fast pace.  Sam’s eyebrows rose when he looked at his brother.

Dean had lipstick on his mouth, his neck, and Sam didn’t want to know where else.  He was rubbing his mouth with his bare arm and swearing like a sailor.

“You son of a bitch!  You left me with her!”

“Come on, Dean.  You’re a chick magnet, remember?” Sam snorted with laughter.

“She all but raped me, Sam!”

“Well other than the lipstick, which is a shade that doesn’t suit you, you look fine, man.”

“I’m gonna kick your ass, Sammy!”

“In this heat?  Come on, Dean.  Let’s go back to the hotel and let you shower.  She wears a strong perfume.”

“Awww, mannn,” the older Winchester whined.

“How did you get away?”

“Her boyfriend showed up.”

Sam laughed, “Really?  What did he look like?”

“A biker, Dude.  A biker.”

She ride a bike behind him?”  Sam had tears of laughter on his face.

Dean looked and saw the big Harley with a side car.  He stood there in shock.

Sam followed his gaze and was laughing so hard he was wheezing.

Dean saw the other beer and grabbed it.

“I’m gonna need something stronger to get her out of my mind.”

Sam started holding his sides, “Awww…come on, Dean.  How often do you get mauled by a girl.”

“That was no girl, Sammy.  That was Queen Kong.”

Sam laughed as he got into the car.  The perfume smell was so strong, the younger Winchester rolled down the window in spite of the heat.  Dean put the car in gear and headed back to the hotel, rubbing his face as he drove.

Monday, August 20, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt3

Dean stared at his brother, mouth open for a moment.

“Mayor?  A goat?”

“Yeah, Dean.  Well, they either have a very strange sense of humor or something is very wrong here.  Goats have a bad rep in our business.”

“Let’s get the hell out of here and keep looking.  I wonder how far we’d have to go to find a library and history of this place?”

“I’ve got Bobby looking into it,” the taller brother answered, reaching down to offer Dean a lift up.

The two men walked out of the theater, checking to make sure they weren’t seen.  It had grown hotter.

“Damn, it’s like an oven out here,” Dean swore.

“It is a desert, Dean.”

They walked towards the motel bar and found the door locked.  Going back down the wooden sidewalk, the two men entered the main part of the building.

The floors were wooden and slightly off level.  Dean looked at his brother.  He went right and Sam went left. 

The store had statues of local animals, rocks, arrowheads, and candy on the shelves and tables the hunter passed.  A few aisles over Dean stopped.  Everywhere he looked there were dolls and animals with skulls.  Shocked to find anything like what he was seeing, the hunter slowly took out his EMF reader.  Nothing came up.  He looked at the items before him and started wracking his brain for a reason.

Sam, walking through wracks of toys, statues, and post cards, turned and saw his brother standing at the end of a far aisle with this EMF in his hand. A questioning look appeared on his face and he turned to check on Dean.

Dean entered one aisle, moving slowly, staring and feeling very uncomfortable.
“What’s wrong, Dean?” Sam asked, making his brother jump.

“I think I just found Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s family,” the hunter grinned up at his younger brother.  Sam stared at him and looked at their surroundings.

“It stuff for those who practice El Día de los Muertos,” Sam replied as he moved through the aisle looking at the racks of unusual dolls with skulls.
“The Day of the Dead.  They have celebrated this since before the Spanish came to Mexico.  It’s a combination of Aztec and Catholic beliefs.  They celebrate their ancestors.”

“They want to remember them like this?  Don’t answer that.  I don’t think I want to know.”  Dean walked into a clothing section that had t-shirts and clothing from India.  He was slowly looking at everything, trying to find something out of the ordinary when an extremely large woman in a halter top and hot pants walked in.  She had a number of tattoos on her body.

Sam saw her at the same time she spotted Dean.  He grinned as the woman made her way towards the shorter brother.  Dean might consider himself a chick magnet, but this time it might just backfire on him.

Dean heard someone come up behind him and turned to find himself almost smothered by the woman’s halter top.  He tried backing up, but there was no place to move to. 

“Excuse me,” he stuttered, but the woman didn’t move.

“You’re new here, ain’tcha?” she asked.

‘Oh hell no!’ Dean thought as he looked over his shoulder at his brother who was grinning.

“Hey, Sam!  They don’t have it, so let’s go!”

“That’s okay, Dean.  Visit with your new friend,” Sam called back to him as he turned and left the room.

The last think the taller man saw was an intense look of fear on his brother’s face.

Snippets Eighty-Three: Surviving an Ice Storm

John spent every day carefully driving ice covered roads and searching for the evil in Oak Island, Texas.  He researched the back copies of the local “Anahuac Progress.”  It wasn’t difficult.  The paper only came out once a week.  He smirked when he was told this.

He discovered that there was an unusual number of teenagers who had died in the small communities in the area.  He couldn’t imagine the county having more than 4 or 5 thousand people.

He finally found a working phone out on Interstate 10 at a convenience store.  He called both Bobby and Pastor Jim with his information.   He promised to call back in the evening. 

Dean spent his time keeping Sammy warm and using the camp stove to heat food and hot chocolate for his brother and himself.  He read to Sammy and taught him more words.

John came in and told the boys he would be gone for the evening.  Dean expected him home and probably drunk, but John did not come home.  Castiel could sense the fear in this charge.  He realized that John had not told them he wouldn’t be home.  It was the not first time the hunter had done this.  Dean was concerned about money in the bad weather.  There was only a small convenience store and it was closed.  The Dairy Queen was not open either.
Castiel left the motel and searched for the Impala.  John was staying at a nice motel on the Interstate with a  woman he had met at a bar.  He had the name of what he was hunting and knew what he had to do, so he celebrated. The angel was furious.  The boys were cold and running out of food.  A hot meal from one of the food places on the freeway would have helped them.

John went after his prey the next morning, not knowing that his youngest son was sick.  He came home late that evening, drunk.  Dean was sitting in the only chair in the room, a look of fear on his face, when his father finally came home.
John looked at his oldest son.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Sammy’s sick.  We have no food, Dad.  I had no money to get medicine.  I couldn’t find a place.  Everything’s closed, Dad.  He’s sick.  Where were you last night?  We needed you.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, Dean.  Soldiers don’t question their commanders.”

“I’m not a soldier, I’m a boy.  Sammy’s sick.”

John struck his oldest son with an open hand, knocking the boy to the floor.

“Go to bed!”

The older man fell across the other bed and was soon snoring.

Castiel knelt by his charge.  Dean held his face.  There was a look of cold anger in his eyes and the angel felt fear for the boy.

‘Father?’ the angel called as the oldest boy climbed into bed next to his little brother.  He held Sammy close, keeping him warm with his body heat.  A small sob escaped him, but he quickly smothered it.

‘Yes, my Son?’

‘John struck Dean!’

‘It will happen again, Castiel.  Dean has learned a valuable lesson.’

‘What can a small child learn from this?’

‘Not to trust his father.  Dean will rely upon himself from now on.  It will take a lot of caring from others to break his barrier.’

‘Father, this cannot be right!’

‘It is not, my Son, but it is part of being human and having free will.’

‘I still do not understand that.’

‘You will one day, and Dean will teach you.  Right now, love him.  He has so little of that.’

The angel climbed into the bed and placed an unfelt arm around his charge and let his warmth and peace cover the boy and his little brother.