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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Four: The Siege Part One

        The day grew dark as evening set in.  Caleb came upstairs to check on the boys.

        “Bobby has supper ready,” he commented noticing the grip of a pistol beneath Dean’s pillow.

        “May I see that?”

        Dean turned pale and told his brother to go on to the kitchen.  He reached under the pillow and pulled out his pistol.

        “Where’d you get this?”

        “It was given to me.  I have a large blade too,” the boy spoke quietly.

        “What is it loaded with?”

        “Salt rounds?”

        “Dean, it can’t be salt rounds.  I’ve never seen them used in a pistol.  May I see the gun?”

        Caleb took the pistol from the boy and looked at the rounds inside it.  He smiled.

        “These are iron rounds, Dean.  You need a shotgun for the salt rounds.  I have an extra one and I’ll let you have it.” 

        Dean sighed and thanked the man. 

        “I’m surprised your dad didn’t teach you the difference.  It’s not a problem.  Let’s go and eat supper and I’ll get the shotgun for you.”

        The two headed downstairs and into the kitchen.

        Bobby had pork chops, baked potatoes, and a salad.  Dean frowned at the salad, but ate the potatoes and the chops.  Sam was enjoying the salad.  The older boy grimaced at every bite his little brother took.

        After dinner, Caleb and Bobby took a walk outside.  The two boys watched a movie.

        The boys heard a knock on the door.  Dean grabbed the shotgun and looked out a window.  A young woman stood on the porch and proceeded to knock again.   There was no sign of the hunters.

        A third knock was heard.  Dean wasn’t sure what to do.  He looked at Sam and told him to go downstairs and go into the safe room and lock it.  He had to order his little brother to make him go.

        The woman called out, “Hello?  Is anyone there?”

        Dean swallowed hard and opened the door after checking the salt line.  He looked into beautiful blue eyes and noticed dark brown hair and a wonderful smile.

        “Well, hello.  Is your Mother or Dad available?”

        “There upstairs and can’t come to the door.  Can I help you?”

        “You’re a pretty good liar, Dean,” the brunette said softly.  “Why bother doing that?  I know who you are.”

        “You’re not getting my brother,” Dean answered.

        “What if I don’t want your brother?”


        “He’s not ready and neither are we, but you are in the way.”

        Before Dean could reply a shot rang out and the demon disappeared.  Bobby and Caleb ran into the house.  The older hunter grabbed the boy and shook him.

        “Are you crazy?  You don’t stand there and talk to a demon, Boy!  You shoot them!  What did she want?”

        “She told me I was in the way,” the boy spoke softly.

        Both men turned and stared in surprise.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Three: Siege Preparations

        Caleb and Dean drove into town and stocked up on groceries and medical supplies Bobby was running low on.  The two had spent a good deal on the food and added things Sam would eat.  At the pharmacy, basic first aid items were purchased.  While Caleb was paying for the items, Dean walked next door and entered a book store.  The hunter saw him leave and frowned.  He quickly put the merchandise in his truck and entered the book store. 

        Dean was in the children’s books, looking for books for Sam and for himself.  Both boys read above their age level.  Caleb helped Dean find some books on animal life, oceans, and space for Sam.  Dean walked over to a young adult section and chose Doyle’s Holmes, and Bradbury’s Mars books. 

        The two climbed into the truck when Dean looked at the pharmacy and saw the man who had been at the door on Halloween.  He had been after Sam.  Dean knew he was a demon.  He gently touched Caleb and nodded towards the man. 

         “He’s a demon.”

        “We’re heading out, Dean.  Keep an eye out for anything or anyone else who looks wrong,” the hunter spoke softly. 

        Reaching the salvage yard, the two began to unload the truck with the help of Bobby.  Sam was told to stay inside. 

        Bobby fixed lunch and told everyone what needed to be done.  He explained about the safe room and told them to go there if the house was breached.  Dean nodded and looked at Sam who was having a difficult time keeping up with the conversation.

        “Sammy?  You remember when I said there were bad things and we had to be careful at times?”

        “Yeah, Dean.  Is this one of those times?”

        “Yeah, Sammy, so we do exactly what Uncle Bobby and Caleb tell us.  That way we stay safe.  Okay?”

        “Okay, Dean,” the young boy answered softly.

        After lunch, the older Winchester took his brother upstairs and they both started reading the new books.  Slowly the sun began to set.  The two hunters kept watch.

        No one knew Dean had a pistol filled with salt rounds under his pillow.

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 16

        Sam and Garth drove the vehicles to the Terlingua Ghost Town.  Both were concerned about the missing hunter.  Too many had died in the past few weeks.

        The men parked in front of the large gift shop and walked up on the porch, entering the store.  Sam went left and Garth went right.  It took a small amount of time to check every nook and cranny, looking for Dean.

        They met on the front porch.  Sam looked down the wooden platform towards the theater.  Garth shrugged when the taller man stared at him and nodded his head towards the end of the complex.  Both men walked towards the end part of the building. 

        Garth watched for passers-by as Sam picked the lock.  Both hunters entered the theater.  Sam went down front and looked in the back.  No one was in the place.

        “What about the motel?” the smaller man asked.

        Sam looked up and nodded.  As they walked out of the building and turned towards the bar next door, Sam explained about the motel not being a motel.  Garth shrugged again.

        Sam picked another lock and both men entered a dark room.

        “I don’t see anyone,” Garth commented as Sam took out a flashlight. 

        As they reached the door in the rear, the younger Winchester held up his hand and stopped the smaller man from going further.  They listened to the voices coming from behind the door.

        Dean’s voice sounded shaky, “You’re supposed to be dead, Man.”

`      “I would have missed out on seeing you get everyone you know killed,” came a familiar voice.

        Sam heard his brother’s voice drip sarcasm, “You’re still alive so give me time and I’ll work on that.”

        “Dean, Dean, Dean, I died fighting your battle, so back off.”

        “Why are you killing people?”

        “Leviathans, stupid.  You always were slow to figure things out.”

        “Why me?”

        “You’re just too much fun, and the biker girl really likes you.  I’ll make sure I let her know where you; so nice and tied up for her.”

        “Damn it, Gabriel!  That’s not funny!”

        “Of course it is, Dean.  You’re just on the wrong side of the humor.  How does it feel to be gay?  I’m sure she knows a gay biker somewhere.”

        “I swear I’ll kick your ass when I get loose.”

        “Well, I’ve done my job here.  I’ll bid you goodbye and let the girl know where you are.  It’s been fun, Dean.”

        The angel disappeared to sound of wings, leaving one hunter screaming his name.

        Sam and Garth entered the dark room.  Dean, not knowing they were there, thought it was the Amazon.  He started screaming, “No!  Go away!  Garth is right!  I am gay!  I’m anything you hate! Go away!”

        He turned red in the face when his brother’s flash light lit up his face.

        “You really are gay?” Garth asked.

        “Shut up!”
        Sam held his sides as he and Garth laughed.

        “Just get me out of here.  He’s sending her here.”

        In twenty minutes, the three men were sitting in the Winchester’s motel room, having a drink.  Garth drank a soda.

        They discussed the case.  Leviathans had been in the Ghost Town.  They would never know the reason, but found it interesting that the archangel was alive and fighting a mutual enemy.

        Garth said good bye and heading back to his shack.  All three were leaving in the morning.  Dean closed his eyes and shook as he thought about the Amazon.  Sam grinned and offered to leave his brother’s cell number at the restaurant for the woman.

        Dean Winchester used some unrepeatable words and opened another bottle.  Sam smiled and joined him.

Two Points of View

Sam’s Viewpoint:

        I grew up in a hunting family.  The only one who has always been there was Dean.  Hunting was never my choice of a career.  I want a degree, a normal career, a wife, children, and a home.  To be honest, I felt smothered by my brother.  I was always the younger brother.  It was always do what I say.  I got tired of it.  I wanted freedom.  I needed to get away.  Yes, I ran away; more than once.   Dean is Dad’s boy and he does whatever Dad says.  He can’t think for himself.  He’s embarrassing, always needy, and childish.  As we worked together, I realized that he made a lot of sacrifices for me.  I appreciate that more than he’ll ever know, but this year apart gave me the life I really wanted.  I love my brother, but I have needs that I have to fulfill now.  Dean has changed and his tendency towards violence is not normal.  I don’t want to live this kind of life.   I don’t want to hurt my brother, but Dean is not going to let go.  He’s in denial.  I have to tell him I’m going to do what I want with my life now.  I’ve given enough of it to hunting.  I’ve lost everyone that mattered.  He’s not the Dean I remember.  The Dean I knew is gone.  It’s time for me to live my own life.  I’m sorry, Dean.

Dean’s Viewpoint:

        I remember when Mom died and Dad said take Sammy and to protect him.  I’ve done everything I know to keep him safe.  Man, I’ve gone to hell for him.  I won’t talk about the things I’ve had to do to keep him safe, happy, and give him the childhood I never had.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  I love Sammy more than anyone or anything.  I’d die for him again.  He knows I always tried to get him back when he disappeared or died.  I tried everything I could come up with to get him out of the cage.  I broke my promise to not try.  After Cass and I disappeared and ended up in Purgatory, one of the things that kept me sane was knowing that Sammy was hunting for me; trying to find out where I was.  It hurt like hell to know he never looked at all.  I’ve lost him.  I know that.  I’ve been trying to keep us hunting, talking like I’ve never done, and I know I’ve changed.  I had to kill unmercifully to survive in Purgatory.  I made deals that were wrong, but they kept me alive.  Yeah, I feel bitter about it.  I’m angry.  I love him.  He’s my brother and the thought of going alone like Purgatory is killing me.  Who do I talk to?  Who do I trust to have my back? My whole life has been Sam and hunting.  Sammy, don’t go!  I can’t do this alone.  Not again.

Snippets One Hundred Two: John's Phone Call

        Bobby was awakened by an early phone call.  He looked at his clock and noted the time.  It was 3:00 a.m.  He walked into the kitchen and picked up his hunter phone.

        A soft, weak voice queried, “Bobby?”

        “John?  Are you okay?”

        “It wasn’t what I thought.  It was a demon, Bobby; a powerful one.  It’s gone.  Protect my boys.  It told me you have them.  I think it’s coming after them.  Protect my boys.”

        “John are you all right?  You coming here?”

        “I’m hurt pretty bad.  I busted my leg and there’s no way I can even drive right now.  Don’t worry about me.  It wants my boys, Bobby!  Protect  them!”

        “Don’t worry about them, John.  I’ll take care of them.  Caleb is here.”

        “Thanks, Bobby.  Keep me updated.  You have the number here.”

        “I will.”

        The hunter hung up the phone and turned to see the oldest Winchester boy staring at him.

        “Dean, are you okay?"

“How bad is my Dad?”

        “He’s messed up his leg, but he’ll be okay,” the hunter replied softly.

        “What’s coming, Uncle Bobby?”

        “A demon, Son.”

        “Tell me what I need to do,” the boy said quietly.

        “Go get Caleb and check on your brother and make sure the room is salted at any opening.”

        “Yes, Sir,” Dean answered as he headed upstairs to awaken Caleb.

        Bobby made a pot of coffee and some hot chocolate.  Caleb entered and sat at the table.  Ten minutes later, Dean joined them.

        The three made their plans to keep out a demon and whatever it brought with him.

        Castiel, listening to the plans, looked towards the ceiling.


        “Yes, my Son?”

        “May I fight?”

        “If it becomes necessary; yes.”

        “Thank you, Father.”

        The angel stood behind his charge and kept his peace surrounding the boy, helping him remain calm.

        Bobby fixed breakfast and all turned as Sam entered the kitchen, yawning.

        “Hey, Sammy.  There’s hot chocolate and Uncle Bobby’s making pancakes.”

        The younger Winchester smiled and joined the three at the table.

        The time of waiting was upon them.

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 15

        Dean waited in the car for the hunters, listening to “Man in the Wilderness” by Styx.  The song fit his mood perfectly.  He leaned his head against the seat and closed his eyes and hummed along with the melody.

        Suddenly, the driver’s door opened and the hunter felt a pair of hands grabbing his jacket and dragging him out of the car.  He fell on the pavement and looked up at a fist that came towards his face.  Everything went black.

        Sam and Garth walked outside, and stood by the door and talked.  Garth felt strongly that the monster they were looking for was a Trickster.  Sam sighed in agreement, remembering Gabriel.  Dean certainly wasn’t happy about it.  The two men walked down the hill toward their vehicles. 

        Sam stopped for a second, noticing the driver’s door on the Impala was open.  He started running towards the car, calling his brother’s name.  There was no response.

        Both men stared at the car.  The keys were in the ignition and a tape was playing Styx.

        Sam looked around and saw no sign of his brother.  He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

        “Damn it, Dean!”

        “Dude, we need to go back to the ghost town.  That’s where he has to be,” Garth said softly.

        “Yeah.  Let’s go.  I’m gonna kill that trickster,” Sam swore softly.

        Dean slowly woke up; his head throbbing.  He stared into the darkness, wondering where the hell he was. 

        “Okay.  You got me.  Now what,” he spoke into the darkness.

        No response came.  The hunter knew he was alone.  He began to struggle with his bonds, muttering names he’d like to call the person who attacked him under his breath.

        “Damn it!” the older Winchester cursed when the bonds didn’t loosen.

        A door opened, and Dean looked up at a shadow with light coming from behind it. 

        “All right.  Who the hell are you?”

        The light suddenly blinded him.  He squinted at the form in front of him.

        “Oh, come on!  You can’t be here!” the hunter hissed.

Friday, October 19, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 14

        Dean stared at his brother in total disbelief.  He closed his eyes, grimaced, and looked at both men.

       “Are you sure?  How do you know?”

        “Think about it, Dean.  Tricksters go after a certain type of person.  Think about Gabriel.”

        “You know, Sammy.  He went after both of us.  I’m the only one getting it here.  I guess you’ve both noticed that?”

        “Dean, the Trickster went after a half dozen men around here.  Real macho types.  Like you, Dude,” Garth offered.

        “Really?  The people in that town are insane, Man.  I’m not like that.”

        Sam took a drink of iced tea and gave a knowing look to Garth.  Dean saw it.

        “What?  I’m wrong?  Well, we’ll have to set up some kind of trap for this thing.  We know what he likes,” Dean smiled at the waitress as she brought him his steak.

        “I’m gonna eat and enjoy a peaceful meal.  Any problem with that?"

        Both men shook their heads in reply. 

        As Dean finished a slice of pie, Sam looked at him with a quizzical expression on his face.

        “What is it, Sammy?”  Dean was feeling amiable after the wonderful meal.

        “Tricksters like women, Dean.”


        “Yeah.  Maybe your girlfriend is one of his,” Sam said in a serious tone as Garth started to snicker.

        Dean choked on the coffee, stood up, and started to leave the restaurant.

        “You can pay, Smartass,” he said over his shoulder.  “Leave her a good tip.”

Snippets One Hundred One: Bobby's House

Bobby reached home by early evening.  He had two exhausted boys in the back seat of his car and one frustrated angel in the front seat.

Castiel was beginning to feel the boys had become the objects of a power play between the two men.  He did not blame Bobby, who only wanted normalcy for the two lads.  John was another matter.  The man wanted soldiers; not sons.

Caleb had dropped by and was sitting on the porch, waiting for the older hunter and the boys.  He smiled and waved at everyone.

Dean remembered him and shook hands, searching the man’s eyes for problems.  The younger hunter was surprised by the intensity in the youngster’s eyes.  He realized that the oldest Winchester child had stared, read him, and made his decision about him. 

The angel and the older hunter watched the interchange between the two.  Castiel knew that Dean would do this.  He had learned on his own.  Bobby was surprised.

“Let’s go in.  I imagine everyone is hungry.  I’ll cook up something and put some coffee on,” the older man said gruffly and unlocked his door.

Dean had both duffels and carried them up to the bedroom he shared with Sam.  His brother and the angel followed.

Sam watched his brother check the salt lines in the window.  He shook his head, not understanding the reasoning for it.  Dean turned and smirked softly.

“It’s just for protection, Sammy.”

“From what, Dean?”

“There’s bad things out there sometimes.  It’s better to not have to deal with them.”

Sam sighed, “Okay, Dean."

Bobby called the boys to the kitchen.  Dean’s stomached growled.  Sam laughed at the noise and both of the young Winchesters ran down the stairs.

Bobby had made cheeseburgers and set out a bag of potato chips and some milk for the boys.  He and Caleb had coffee with their burgers.  Dean stared at the milk and thought a minute.  Cas could read him.  The boy had thought about asking for a soft drink, but changed his mind.  Dean was learning to pick his battles.  Bobby was not a battle and the man’s kitchen was not a battlefield.

After supper, the boys went up their room and each found a book to read.  They laid on the bed and read until they fell asleep. 

Castiel sat in the rocking chair and watched his charge.  He could relax until John Winchester interfered again.

Monday, October 15, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 13

        Dean woke around 5:30 p.m.  There had been no call from either Sam or Garth.  He smacked his lips and rubbed his sleep filled eyes.  Yawning, he sat up on the side of his bed and looked at the clock in surprise.  He seldom slept that long.

        It took a few minutes to remember where he was and he checked his phone in case he had somehow not heard it ring.  There were no voice mails from either of the two men.  He began to worry.

        The older hunter took a quick shower and dressed.  He called his brother and the phone went to voice mail.  Garth’s number did the same thing.  He walked outside and saw the Impala was parked out in front.  Garth’s vehicle was nowhere in sight.

        He walked over to the restaurant and entered.  The place grew quiet when he walked in.  Stopping at the door, the young man noted all the stares and decided to find somewhere else to eat. 

Walking outside, Dean headed to his baby and drove to India’s.  The place was closed.  Sighing, the man wondered if there was anywhere else he could get a meal.  He drove to the local store and asked.  The Hispanic woman at the register told him about the Lodge in the Basin at Big Bend National Park.

As he headed that way, he saw the turnoff for the ghost town.  Thinking about Sam and Garth, the hunter decided he’d better check on them first.  Turning right onto the road, he saw Garth’s vehicle coming towards him.  He pulled over and waited.

Garth rolled down his window.  Dean asked about getting no answer on the phones.

“They barely work half the time around here, Dean,” Sam responded.

“Okay, well, what did you find out?” the older brother asked.

“We’re going to go eat and we can talk there,” the taller man replied.

“I’m not eating there.  They all got quiet and stared at me,” Dean growled, giving Garth an angry look.

“Hey, Dude, it got her away from you,” the smaller man argued.

“Yeah, well, now I’m the entertainment in town,” the hunter snarled.  “I’m going to Big Bend and the Basin.  They got a nice restaurant up there.  Follow me.”

The two vehicles headed to the national park and drove for a while as the drive went further into the barren wilderness of the park.  They finally turned onto the road that went to the Basin.  Dean slowed way down as the road had sharp curves.  He could look to the right and see drop offs. 

They finally pulled into the Basin and walked to the Lodge.  All three men were surprised at how nice the place was.  Dean saw the steak on the menu, and the waitress was an attractive redhead with a wonderful personality.  He smiled.

Garth had a chicken dish and Sam ordered the soup and salad bar.  Dean watched the waitress.  Sam followed his gaze.

“She’s wearing a wedding ring, Man,” he murmured.

“I know, but I can admire her, Sammy,” the older brother smiled.

“Dude, we have a Trickster,” Sam murmured, noting the shock on his brother’s face.

“Aw, come on!  Gabriel’s dead!” he hissed.

“There can be more than one, Dude,” came the harsh whisper.

“Son of a bitch!”

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snippets One Hundred: Bobby and the Boys

Bobby Singer was sitting in the school’s office when Sam and Dean entered the building.  He’d driven straight through.  Dean paused and looked at the man.  Bobby smiled and nodded at the boy.  Castiel, standing behind the boy, could see the anger in the way the man sat in his chair.  He left Dean and entered the office to sit with the man Dean had called for help.

The secretary motioned to Bobby to enter the inner office.  The angel followed the man into the Principal’s office, remembering another time when Dean had wanted to go home and watch over his brother.   Now the little brother was the problem. 


‘Yes, My son.’

‘Help Bobby with this situation, please?  No one should have to teach a five-year-old how to lie.  It is bad enough that Dean has to do so, but for Dean to have to teach it to Sam is wrong.’

‘I will bless Bobby Singer in this venture, Castiel, but I will not interfere with free will and neither will you.’

‘Father, will I be cast out if I continue in my course?’ The angel thought back over the rebellious decisions he had made.

‘I look at the heart, Castiel.  Remember that.  I, your Father, look at the heart.’

‘Yes, Father,’ the angel’s voice responded in confusion.

Bobby introduced himself as the boys’ uncle and explained where John was and that they worked around the country, using his salvage yard in South Dakota as a base of operations.  He explained that he had joint custody of the boys and was taking them back to South Dakota.  He handed the papers to the principal. 

The man looked at the papers the older hunter had forged and nodded.  He told his secretary to bring the boys to the office and check them out of school. 
Dean walked into the office and saw Sam sitting there.  He looked around for Bobby in fear.  Sam smiled at him.  The older boy sat next his little brother.

“Where’s Uncle Bobby?”

“I dunno, Dean.  The lady said we were leaving school.”

“We’re expelled?”

The door had opened next to the boys and Bobby touched the older boy’s shoulder.

“No, Son.  I’m taking you home.”

The relief on the boy’s face was heartbreaking.

“Let’s go get your things and I’ll call your Dad.”

At the motel, Bobby tried the number John had given him.  He left a message and loaded the boys into his car.  The angel sat in the front seat and sighed in relief.  The boys were going home again, but for how long?