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Monday, January 31, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 118

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Rebellions Can Backfire.

She opened it, then hugged him tightly. "It looks beautiful. Thank you."

A soft smile was the response given as the older man returned her hug. Sam noted the hazel eyes closing for a moment. Dean released her and opened the doors for the women. He hopped into the driver’s seat, leaned out and asked Bobby if he was ready. At the wave, the Impala’s engine started and he backed the car out of the parking slot and headed towards the down ramp.

Lisa settled in the back seat,getting comfortable in the sea,t and talked with the occupants of the car about various things that had happened during the weekend.

Sam noted that his brother talked but was quieter than usual. He kept his eye on the highway, watching the places they passed. After they were about an hour out of town, Dean pulled into a restaurant parking lot. After he stopped, he commented on the need to eat. The place was a small Mexican restaurant.

Dean got out and started opening car doors. Everyone stared at the restaurant and than looked at him. Lisa stared at him and over at his brother and Bobby, who had walked up. The older Winchester commented that breakfast was hours ago, and the guys at the diesel school said the food was authentic here.

"Might be interesting," Bobby commented. "Sometimes the little places are the best to try."

Sam watched his brother exhale softly, relaxing a little. He’d gotten past Bobby, but Lisa, Sarah, and Sam would have the final word about Mexican food.

Lisa looked at her fiance. "Stay away from the fried things and it should be all right," she murmured.

Dean grinned, remembering what everyone had told him was in authentic Mexican cooking. Fried food was a minimal problem. Animal fat and other things were high in the stuff he wasn’t supposed to partake off. This afternoon, he didn’t give a damn.

She knew she could help him make the right choices and slipped her hand into his as they walked into the restaurant. Sam, grabbing Sarah’s hand, followed them in. He knew exactly what his brother was doing, but he knew Lisa too.

The group was soon seated and drink orders taken, the waitress leaving them to look over the menu.

Ben wanted enchiladas. Dean grinned and said yeah to his son. The hazel eyes turned towards the menu. He decided on a chile relleno stuffed with fajita beef and cheese. He asked for extra queso and sour cream for it. The meal came with refried beans smothered in cheese, Spanish rice, and a taco soup. The flour tortillas were thick and large.

Sam, Bobby, and the two women sat there as the order was given.

Lisa was quiet; Dean would be sick after the meal but she wouldn't say anything, letting him get himself into this. Once someone was on a diet that he had been on, going back to the unhealthy stuff would cause nausea.

Everyone’s meal was brought out. Dean ate his meal slowly, enjoying it, but felt full in a short while. There was a look of frustration on his face. His brother recognized the look,knowing that there was a rebellion going on. He looked at Bobby, who shrugged. This was Lisa’s battle this time. He slowly ate the taco salad he’d ordered, shaking his head when his brother tried take to another bite.

Sarah had a gut feeling as to what Lisa was doing. If this was Dean's way to rebel, he'd chosen the wrong kind and would be sick later. With Lisa not acting, she was allowing Dean to punish himself.

Sam’s brother knew exactly what he was doing. If he was as wrong as everyone thought than he deserved to be punished. Rebellion had set in big time and he’d do whatever he felt was necessary.

Lisa focused on her meal,letting Dean do as he wanted. She had a feeling that this was in regards to the problem earlier and if so, then he had to work it out his way.

Dean didn’t make it through half of his meal. He sat back and waited on everyone else.

The group finished their meals with contented sighs. "That was good," Sarah commented. "We'll have to try this again later." Sam got up and beat his brother to the register. He knew that Dean would never allow anyone to try to divide up this weekend and let them all pay part. He paid for the meal and left a tip.

The family went outside and back to the vehicles afterwards, ready to get home. Dean backed out and pointed the car towards home. He was quiet, but did contribute to the conversation. It was getting dusk when they turned onto the dirt road that went back to the property. Dean started having abdominal problems at that point. He kept quiet about it. It was his problem and his alone. He figured on indigestion with acid problems. He got a lot more than he bargained for.

Lisa was watching him as best as she could from her vantage point, already plotting to put the kettle on for ginger tea when they got home.

Everyone got out of the vehicles to start unloading suitcases, suit bags, and packages. Dean finally managed to get out of the car. He tried to stand up straight when the pains hit hard. He grabbed himself and doubled over, finally going to his knees. “Shit!”, he whispered, his head touching the ground.

She helped him back to his feet. "Time for tea," she murmured. "Come on, love." He tried to straighten and walk beside her, but they only made it a few feet before he groaned loudly, and doubled over again. She heard him whisper,“I’m sorry, Lis. It’s not burning. It’s hurting.”

"Your body has gotten used to having healthy things and is now protesting what you had for lunch. The tea will help," she said, guiding him toward their trailer

Sam walked up, “You guys need help?” He couldn’t see his brother’s face, but could tell his breathing was labored.

“I think I’m gonna be sick, Sammy. Stupid thing to do today. I knew better.” Dean fell onto the ground on his side, pulling himself into a ball, arms around his middle.

"Stay with him," she murmured, then went into the house to start brewing the tea.

Sam knelt beside him. "I'm surprised you did it," he told him, then helped him up.

“Why?” He was doubled over but standing. “Come on, Sam. I’m the bad guy in all this. Okay. I punish myself, maybe it’ll be over. Til I can come with something better, just let it be. Please?”

"You already apologized and it was don't have to punish yourself," he told his brother, knowing he'd need to let Watari know of this.

“They didn’t let it go, Sammy. The last stuff said was about what I did. Not, okay, it’s forgotten or anything. It’s not over in their minds. Because it’s not, it’s still in mine.”

"Dean, stop it. She accepted the apology so it's over. They're not Dad."

“Really? Watari and L both knew I still had some problems, Sam. You do too. Or was Friday morning a dream? Okay? I was apologizing for something I’ve believed my whole life. I’ve always joked in front of them. They joked with me about stuff I could’ve taken wrong but didn’t. I can’t joke any more about things that embarrass or upset me. I have to keep my mouth shut. I sure as hell can’t say the truth, can I? If they don’t take jokes, and I tell them why I feel that way,I’m an ass. So who the hell do I tell?”

"You can joke, Dean, but there are times when you take the joking a little too far or over things that are sensitive to others. I'm used to it, but it's not a good habit to have."

“Well, thank you, Mr. Sarah. Don’t worry. It’s not gonna happen again. I just thought I could talk to you about what I’m feeling. Hell! There’s no one.” Dean pulled away and walked off toward the cabin, holding himself and managing to stand about two-thirds upright.

Sam caught up to him. "Stop it. I was just explaining how the girls would take it. I'm not taking sides here, Dean. I'm trying to help."

“There’s such a thing as understanding what someone has gone through in their life, Sam. There’s such a thing as compassion. I never once made fun of her Wiccan heritage. If she really wanted us to wear kilts, I would have. I just would not have worn a Campbell. I’m sorry. You’ve never been around them, Sam. You can’t possibly understand. It would seem that Lisa doesn’t either. That is so comforting. I never called Sarah a witch. I explained that I had problems with paganism but I would listen. I called a kilt a skirt and joked that did I not want to be naked in a west Texas winter. She started on the Campbells. I did read about them. I did look them up. I even went to a couple of Scottish festivals and asked people. I got very little good on them. Nothing that would encourage me to want to look that side up. Hell, I know better than anyone that Dad isn’t any better, Sam. At least he took us to Bobby when I was so terrified they were gonna split us up. He didn’t separate us, Sam.The Campbells wanted to.They would’ve broke our family up,Sam. No. I can’t accept them.”

"Yeah, Dean, but you can't pin the blame on our ancestores..that's all Sarah was trying to say. The problem is, the jokes can be taken wrong. She's not used to your sense of humor."

“Damn it, Sam! You’re not listening any more than they did!. I did look them up. I read some stuff on them. I even got a damn book on the history of the clans. I asked people who are into that. The Campbells are not well liked by a lot of clans. I read some of their stuff. No, Sam. I didn’t say it just because of what the modern ones did. The ancient ones did stuff too. They killed everyone, trying to wipe out an entire clan, Sam. They killed little kids, pregnant women, and babies, Sam. They killed people who coudln’t protect themselves. Hell, even the men were in bed. They don’t have a good reputation. You know I thought it was awesome that they were hunters. If any of them are still alive, and I imagine they are, they never once offered to help us. Mom was their blood. We were her kids. No, no point, is there? We’re not gonna agree? Maybe I can hunt up some of the family for you guys and you can cozy up with them. Just damn well leave me out. I won’t bring it up again, but tell them to not do so either.”

Sam blinked at him. "There's other events the Campbells were a part of and did the right thing, Dean. I know what you're talking about, I researched too."

“You were right that time when you said Dad raised as as warriors. I guess I still am, Sam. When you made me see that when someone was possessed and we killed them? Hell, Sam, we killed an innocent person. I’ve lived with that guilt. I don’t want to be part of a clan that butchered babies, Sam. It goes against everything I believe is right or wrong. It’s my right to believe that. No one, especially those who don’t really know me like our future wives seem to not know, has that right. I am not going to joke any more. Lisa told me a while back that my joking might be coarse at times but it was just me and she understood. It’s really okay that she didn’t. You see, I love her. I told her than that I could stop it. I will. Tell them to back off on the Campbells. It’s the one thing that is not negotiable. I’m a Winchester, and so was my Mom.”

To be honest, Sam had serious doubts that Mary ever was a Winchester given what the woman had done in their past. "All right, Dean. Let's just get you inside."

Dean turned and slowly moved back towards the trailers. Lisa was standing on their porch with a large mug of ginger tea. Dean stopped and looked at her. “Where’s Sarah”

"She went to put their stuff in their trailer," Lisa said quietly.

“Ours still in the truck?” Dean’s voice was barely a whisper.

"No, Bobby and Ben are working on it now. Come on,time for a long soak in the tub and sipping the tea," she told him. "You need to relax."

Dean panicked,“The backpack?”

"Already here," she told him. "Unopened."

Dean almost sobbed in relief, thinking of the watches and the emeralds. The wedding rings were in there too. He slowly raised one foot up a step and tried to pull the other up with it, taking deep breathes as he did so. He was sweating hard.

Sam braced him, helping him climb and allowing his brother to use his strength.

Dean murmured a quiet thanks when they reached the porch floor.

He waved it off, helping his brother into the trailer and to the bathroom. "Think you'll be ok or should I stick around?"

Something flickered in the hazel eyes, but to fast to recognize it. “I’ll be fine, Sam. Until recently, I took pretty good care of myself. Lisa is here.”

"I'm just trying to help," he told him.

The eyes flickered again, and Sam knew it to be fear. Dean was not trying to push him away. He was trying to be whole, normal, and the man of his home. He still needed his brother and was afraid to admit it when those times came around. “I wasn’t trying to chase you away, Sammy. I’m sorry.”

"Dean, it's ok to need someone even here," he murmured. "Relax and let us help you."

"I can't bend over to get anything off, Sam. It hurts so damn bad. Where the hell is the regular indigestion and the acid?"

Sam helped his brother sit on the closed commode and he and Lisa began removing his tennis shoes. Lisa put the dirty socks in the hamper and placed the shoes in the closet. When she came back Sam had Dean standing and was unfastening his belt and removing his jeans. Soon Dean was laying back in the tub full of very hot water, drinking a large mug of ginger tea. Sam lowered the light on the dimmer switch. He joined Lisa in the kitchen.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 117

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Heading Home

Dean came back into the suite and entered the bedroom to pack his things. He could hear Lisa in Ben’s room. \It didn’t take him long. \He pulled his backpack out from under the bed. It had the emerald set, Lisa’s cleaned sapphire ring and the two pieces of jewelry for Bobby and Watari. Dean took the velvet box with the sapphire ring in it and went looking for Lisa. He couldn't find her.

Lisa had finished packing and was loading Bobby's truck with the rest of them.

Dean realized that Lisa had packed everything else but his things and was no longer in the suite. He pulled out his cell and called to see if everyone was down at the vehicles. If so,he bring his stuff and pay the bill on his way out.

Lis answered her phone. "Yup, we're all down here. I got most of your stuff packed up but wasn't sure if you needed what was left out or not."

“No, I didn’t and I packed it. Where’s their key cards? I’m going to go and pay. Gotta add today to it because we were supposed to be out by one and we weren’t”

"By the bed,I got Bobby's and Sam's before I went to load the car."

“I;ll be down in a few minutes, then. I have something of yours. I’ll take the key cards and pay the bill. Love you.” He shut the phone

Dean sighed, grabbed his things, slipped the ring case into a pocket, and grabbed all the key cards. He headed to the lobby and to the front desk.

She shut the phone and finished loading the vehicles with their help, smiling as Ben chose to ride with Bobby this trip.

Dean set everything but his backpack on the floor and laid the key cards on the front desk. “Checking out.” He set a credit card next to the key cards.

The young woman smiled. "Everything all right with your stay, sir?"

Dean returned the smile, “It was perfect, thank you.” He reached for the bill and slid the card towards the young woman..

She rang him up, handing him the receipt. "I'm glad. Hope you and your family stay with us again."

“Yeah, do you have a four bedroom suite for next Friday night? We have a tuxedo fitting the next morning.”

The young lady looked at her computer and grinned. "You're in luck, sir, I happen to have one ready for that weekend."

“I don’t know if I need it the whole weekend, but just in case, set me down for Friday and Saturday nights.”

She typed in the information, then handed him the confirmation. "Here you go sir."

Dean pocketed it with the receipt and told her thank you. He walked to the parking garage, looking for his car. When he’d done three floors, he got out the cell and called Lisa,

"Where’s my car?”

"We're on the fifth floor," she answered.

Dean took the stairs, blowing off steam, finally reaching the fifth floor. He walked out on the roof of the parking garage and spotted Bobby’s truck, wondering how it had gotten up there. They had parked it on the third level, which was why he had taken elevator to the third.

Sarah smiled, waving at him as she leaned against the truck. While she and Lisa had been out, they had taken the classic car to a special cleaning place, having the car detailed inside and out. It sparkled in the sunlight.

Dean walked to his car and stopped. His luggage hit the ground and he started to slowly walk around the car, looking a the tires, the shine of the polish, and how the windshield gleamed in the sunlight since they were on the roof. He opened the car and looked inside and sniffed. It smelled clean. The anger over the use of the car without asking was gone. He stood up, smiled at both women and mouthed thank you to them.

Both of them gave him a hug. "We borrowed her to help spiff her up as a thank you for everything," Lisa said. "How's she look?"

Dean’s voice was very soft as he replied, “She’s beautiful. Thank you. What are you thanking me for?”

"Just cause," Sarah said with a grin

Dean’s face showed confusion, but he smiled,shaking his head. “Ya’ll ready?”

Everyone agreed, smiling.

Dean looked at his brother. Sam had heard about everything that had happened. He knew Dean and what would be going through his brother’s head and refused to get involved. He,alone,understood where Dean was at, but he loved Sarah. It was better for all concerned that he remain neutral. Dean would understand this. Sam looked at his brother and smiled softly,“You up to driving, Dean? You’ve been so tired lately. No one would blame you if you just wanted to ride.”

Dean smiled acknowledging what Sam did not say. “I’m fine.” Dean reached for the keys. “Shot gun?”

"You know it," He said, slipping into the seat.

Dean looked at the two women, “Sorry, long legs before beauty. Oh, Lis. I had to borrow something of yours to size your rings. They cleaned this while I got it sized.” He handed her the sapphire ring in it’s case.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 116

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Arguments over Ancestry

Ten minutes later, both of Lisa’s men came out of the bedrooms in jeans and a t-shirt, hair going every which way. Dean carried socks and tennis shoes, and so did his son.

"Much better guys!"

Dean looked up from tying his shoes, a smile on his face that reached his eyes. “Yeah. We have to come back on Saturday to try on the suits and pay for them and pick them up. Sarah, we bought nothing for your wedding, because none of us had any idea what you wanted. Maybe we can do it next Saturday?”

"All I need are measurements. I'm going to order online and then go to a seamstress for any adjustments needed," she said with a smile.

Dean grinned. “The tux place has Sam’s measurements.”

"Can you get them for me?"

“Sam’s measurements? Sure.”

She nodded. "Thank you."

Dean smiled, relieved it was just his brother’s measurements she needed.

"Oh, I'll need yours, Ben's, and Bobby's too," Sarah added.

“For what? What are we having to wear?”

"Don't sweat it. I'll show you later," she told him.

“Is it Scottish?”

Sarah shook her head. "No, it's not."

“I looked at sites on the Internet with Sam. No skirts? We gonna have to wear tights for something like that?”

Sarah stared at him. "First of all, it's not a skirt, it's a kilt and having scottish ancestry, you should know that and be proud of it. Second, no, not tights. I'm doing a combination style type of thing. It'll be fine."

“First off, I’m a Winchester. They didn’t like my dad. He wasn’t good enough for them. The Campbells never had time for us. It is a bloodline from my mother. I love her more than you’ll know, but she’s the reason we’ve been hunters. There’s a lot you don’t know. I never took the time to know what the Campbells were other than their dealings with a clan called McDonald. I’m a Winchester.”

"Despite your grandparents, you should still look into it. It's a strong and noble heritage," she pointed out.

Dean’s voice never raised, never showed disrespect, but Lisa knew there was a lot more to it. “Yeah, well...maybe someday. When I find the time.”

Sarah shook her head. "Fine...anyway, I have more work to do." She headed out.

Dean watched her leave, knowing he’d upset her. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, waiting on Lisa.

"Dean..she takes a lot of pride in her heritage. You can't judge your family history by your grandfather. There's a lot to be said in knowing the background of your family history. I think you upset and hurt her. What if she had gone Celtic in her wedding?"

“Ben, why don’t you go check on Grandpa. See if he’s close to being ready.”

The boy nodded, then went to find Bobby.

“Lisa, Cas sent me back in time. I watched the Azazel possess my grandfather. I watched him kill my grandmother. I was named after her. He killed my dad. Mom made a deal to let him come into our home ten years later. He bled in Sam’s mouth. He killed my mom. I watched that. My dad saw part of it. We are what we are because of Campbell blood. I’m sorry. I will love my mom til I die. I would give my life to prevent what happened to her and Sammy. I can’t, but I don’t have to respect a bloodline that turned us away. I didn’t talk for over a year, Lis. They didn’t want me. Bobby took us in. No, they may be in my blood line, but they’re not my family and they’re not my heritage. I’m proud to be a Winchester. I may not like or respect my father and the things he did, but he went after Azazel.”

She shook her head. "Your grandfather wasn't to blame for being possessed, Dean, or do you remember Sam having that same issue? You also can't blame your ancestors for what the modern ones did. Do me a favor, research the Clan."

“I watched my mom sell us out to keep my dad alive. If it had just been her who was hurt in this, okay, but it wasn’t.”

"Again, you're holding that against the entire clan of the past. Just research it, Dean."

“I looked them up not too long after I came back from all of that. Did you know that they killed out an entire clan? Only a few escaped. They were told to get an oath of loyalty to the king from the chieftain of the McDonalds. It came late, but they sat on it. They went and spent the night, slept under the McDonald roof, ate their food, and slaughtered them. Under the clan system, that was evil, Lis. Where’s the honor there? All I have seen is dishonor from them.”

She stood up, shaking her head. "That's not all they've done. There's good in the history too but you're too determined to think bad things about them

“Why are we doing this? Why do I have to love something about my heritage that I have no interest in? Why am I being forced into this, Lis?”

"One because you're being beyond stubborn on it. Two, it's important to Sarah and you were rude about it."

“One, if I don’t want to be a part of the Scottish craze about clans it’s my right. The rudeness is in trying to insist that I do it. I was not rude. I never raised my voice. I never smirked at her. I kept my voice calm and even.”

"You don't have to smirk to be rude, Dean." She shook her head. "I'm going to teach Ben to respect that history and be proud of it, even if you're not."

“Lis, the things from my past were dealt with, but there’s painful memories. The name Campbell raises those memories that I’d rather just forget. Go ahead, but if Ben asks, I’ll tell him the truth. If you and Sarah plan to raise the memories than I’m free to talk too. Right?”

"As long as you don't prejudice him against his history," she told him. "I'm not judging the men of hundreds of years ago against the stupidity of your mother's family."

“All right, Lis. You and Sarah do whatever you want about it. Don’t expect me to be a part of it. don’t mind Scottish stuff. I draw the line at Campbells Let’s not hurt Sarah’s feelings, right? I’ll apologize, but I won’t be a part of it. I’m sorry, but I can’t."

She nodded. "By the way...she's mixing Elvish with medieval/renaissance style. So no worries."

“What the hell are we guys supposed to wear with that? Pointed ears? I love Lord of the Rings, but Legolas has pointed ears.

"No, no fake ears. Just let her plan it and see. I think you'll be amazed," she pointed out.”

“Well, I hope so. I’ve trusted her with murals, Near’s room, and our entire Christmas decorations. It’s her wedding, right? Just no skirts in the dead of winter. That’s all I ask.” Dean grinned when he said skirts.

She gave him a smirk. "Count yourself lucky she didn't go with the older traditions."

“What? Her and Sam going naked?”

"Back then, everyone went skyclad," she told him.

Dean stared at her, eyes wide, and he grinned. “I’ve had my moments, Lis. The car wash for one example, but I’m not in the habit of doing that around family.”

Lisa giggled. "Like I said, you should count yourself lucky then."

“I’m not stupid, Lis. I would have gone to L. Sam and Sarah would have been hijacked and put on a private jet to some place fabulous...maybe Ireland. They can have a wonderful elopement and do what they want to their heart’s desire over there...not around family.”

"And I would have been incredibly disappointed if you had," she told him. "Eloping is always looked back on with regret. Granted, Ben wouldn't have been able to go but I would like to think the rest of the adults are mature enough to handle that type of situation. All that would have mattered is that Sarah would have the ceremony of her dreams."

“Okay, Lis. You’ve seen Sam and Sarah has seen me. That was uncomfortably embarrassing. Do you really want me to see her in the nude, knowing me? Come to think of it, would Sam want me to see her?”

She gave him a soft smile. "If it made her happy, I know Sam would walk through fire for her. So yes, I think he'd have done it for howeverlong the ceremony lasts because a girl's wedding is the day a girl is treated like a princess and given as much as her heart desires."

“Okay, LIs, you win. Tell her to do what she wants. I’ll even wear a damn skirt, just please, no family tartans. Okay? That’s just for me.”

"You don't have to worry about it, Dean. While I was trying on dresses, she was sketching out designs for a friend who is a seamstress. What she's put together so far, it's amazing. o be honest, we could wear them for renaissance fairs and blend in well."

“You were serious about faeries? Wings, and sparkly stuff Faeries? If it is, that will certainly be interesting in the middle of a west Texas winter.”

"I think it's going to be gorgeous. We're going candlelight on ours; she's going to use really small white lights to create the affect of Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings movies. I'm excited for her," she said with a grin.

There’s not a lot of trees in the area to do that except behind the cabin. I don’t know when those were planted but they took root real good. Mainly there’s mesquite and cactus around here. There’s a few others but I don’t know what they are. The ones behind the cabin formed a woods on all three sides,“ Dean replied, remembering Mello in those woods and being stabbed in his neck by a nail from the hand of one of the creatures they were hunting. He didn’t mention it.

Smiling, Dean looked at the woman sitting next to him. "would work there. The mountain is in the background. The trees are beautiful and the lights would look good in them. It’s close enough for electricity to run them.”

"I think that's where she was thinking of having it. I'm not sure."

“Well, it’s really time we all headed home, but I don’t think she’s coming this way. I said I’d apologize, Lis, but I do hope she’ll back off.” Dean leaned over, kissed her and headed for the door.

"Let's just see how it goes," she said, starting to pack up their things.

“How what goes, Lis?” His hand on the doorknob, the older Winchester stopped and stared at her.

"The apologizing thing," she told him. "Sarah was really hurt by it."

“Look, Lis, I am apologizing because she got hurt because I have no interest in my heritage and really have a dislike for it. It’s my right, but I’m apologizing. Am I the only one that thinks this is odd?”

"You're apologizing because you hurt her feelings by the flippant attitude you took towards all of this. You know she takes her heritage seriously, and you also know the term for the stuff worn by the Scottish people. By calling them skirts as well and trying to be funny about going naked, you pretty much just told her you didn't care at all about her traditions and heritage. I know you didn't mean it that way but it's how she took it," Lisa told him softly.

“Lis, wearing ‘kilt’s and appearing nude in front of my family is embarrassing to me. I joked to keep from offending her by telling her what I really thought about it. If you think that’s wrong, she’s done a hell of a lot of it about things that bothered me. I said nothing and I did not make everyone feel uncomfortable or that they had to apologize for joking about it. I’m gonna apologize, and I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on. No more joking around Sarah. Honestly, I’ll need a rule book on what I can and can’t say.”

Dean started to open the door and stopped, “You know what would have been nice? The thought that I even bothered to look over Sam’s shoulders and see what this stuff was about. Did it even click in her head that I took some interest in it to do that? Hell no. It didn’t. I won’t again.”

"No, Dean, you just went on and kept insulting her by your stubbornness and willingness to blame your mother and her immediate family for the misery you and Sam went through. Generations and generations are carrying that blame now, and she knows it. You took it out on her. Your jokes can be taken as insults because you don't hide what you think. It was just as bad as telling her flat out you think she's a freak and a fool for believing as she does," she said. "Sarah is a sweet person and despite the inner strength, she's very insecure at times and you nailed right on it."

"Fine, Lis. It’s funny cause the conversation with Sarah didn’t go that long. It honestly didn’t. It did with you, though. That’s all right. I’ll go eat crow right now, but it’s for Sam. I won’t have this crap between my brother and me. I don’t want it brought up again. Understand? I told her I’d look it up when I had the time. Considering how my life is right now, there’s not a hell of a lot of time to do that. I did look it up once. I didn’t like what I saw about them. It’s my right to feel what I need to feel about some things in my life. What may surprise you is other people can be insecure at times and some things in their life hurt and they don’t want to be reminded.”

Dean walked out the door and headed down the hall to Sam and Sarah’s room.

Lisa shook her head and resumed packing. For all his big heart, there were a lot of times when Dean didn't see that his actions could and did hurt others even when he thought he was being silly and playful. Especially if the topic he was joking about was one he hated.

Sarah was filing the last of the receipts away for the orders she had made for decorating the house. She was keeping track so that when the deliveries were made, she could verify everything was there.

There was a soft knock at her door. Sam was still in the shower removing paint.

She headed to the door, opening it a crack to see who it was before allowing Dean in. "Sam's in the shower."

“I didn’t come to see Sam. I came to see you. Sarah, I’m sorry for being an ass. I know I am one. To be honest, I joke to cover up for other things. Okay? It doesn’t make it right, and I didn’t mean to hurt you. The truth is I would have worn a ‘kilt’ if that was the plan. I just did not want anything Campbell for me. Sam could wear it all he wanted. Ben too. I just can’t. I respect your ideas about your heritage. It must be great to have someone teach you those things and the love for them. Thing is, Sarah, I didn’t have that. No one ever taught me that Campbell’s were family. I met my grandpa and grandma when I was grown and they were dead already. The whole thing was just to show me thatI couldn’t change anything. They’re right. I couldn’t. They died. My mom set us all up for a life of hell, and my Campbell family...well...they failed too. I did read some stuff about the Campbells. What I had the time to read told me that my family was just like the older ones. I wrote them off my list. I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t. They wrote me off theirs. The difference was I was four years old. Okay. Now, i am sorry. I will wear whatever you think is right to make your handfasting the most beautiful and memorable night of your life. The best place for the lights is behind the cabin. I’ve been all over the area. It’s perfect for what you are thinking. I’ll do whatever you need to make it right. Just, please, can we leave my heritage out as far as I’m concerned? If not, give me warning now. I’ll work on dealing with it.”

"I respect the fact that your immediate family is nothing but a group of inconsiderate assholes. However, you can't judge an entire clan and clan history by what a handful of people have done. Yes, the Campbell clan did some bad things but there's good mixed in there too." She sighed, taking a seat. "I'm not going to push this but you need to promise me something."

Dean still stood looking at her, “What, Sarah?”

"I know it's how you were raised but promise me that you'll stop judging people by the immediate history and try to dig deeper, to see underneath the underneath. Before you two got to know me, had you known I was Wiccan at the time we met, you probably wouldn't have treated me as well as you did."

“Sarah, I have never met a Wiccan before. I have read about them. I have no problems with them. I joked about the ‘kilt’s and the nudity because the thought of having to do that embarrassed me. Okay? I told Lisa and I told you that I did read some ancient history on my clan. What I read was no better than the modern Campbells. They were dishonorable and they were butchers. I didn’t just leave it to the modern ones. I actually attended a couple of clan gatherings and asked people about them. They’re not liked much. I would not have had a problem about you being a Wiccan. Now, a witch or a pagan, yeah. I’ve had hands on experience with them. I draw the line at religions that still have living gods that tried to eat me. I told you that at the time and said you’d have to show me different, but not once did I put down your beliefs, Sarah. I do joke about stuff, but I never joked about your beliefs or your mama teaching them to you. Are you kidding? You had a mama to teach you. Again, what I said earlier, I meant. I’m sorry. I’ll wear whatever you need worn. If it’s gonna be Campbell, give me warning. I’ll wear it. I was trying to offer help.’

“Anyway, tell Sam to get a move on. Watari and them are coming sometime today.”

"I wouldn't make you wear it," she said softly. "Besides, I think you'll like what I've chosen for the men." She was quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry I was so defensive. Your jokes can come off as really harsh sometimes."

“That’s all right, Sarah. I’m not gonna do it any more. It was never intended to hurt anyone. Better that I don’t. Got to finish packing. We do need to hit the road.” Dean leaned over, kissed her softly on the cheek and went out the door.

He walked halfway down the hall and stopped,leaned against the wall, closing his eyes, thinking a talk with Watari would be nice.

Sarah sighed, finishing up the packing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 115

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Sunday Adventures

She cuddled into his arms. "Perfect. I love you, Sam."

The following morning found everyone meeting for breakfast. Dean and Lisa were the last to arrive. They had found a huge round table and the other four were waiting for them. Bobby kept trying to get a look at Lisa’s left hand to see if his guess was right, but it was in Dean’s hand. Dean’s eyes widened when he saw the necklace on Sarah. His gaze turned to Sam, a question in his eyes.

Sam just gave him a wide grin, cuddling Sarah in his arms as they found their seats. It was obvious that he was very happy with the events of last night given his relaxed easy smile.

Everyone ordered breakfast, and Dean had hot tea. “Too much of the wrong stuff this weekend.”

Bobby was not about to give up. “Does anyone here have any announcements to make? Dean?” Ben looked at his father and mother at his grandpa’s question.

The younger Winchester looked at his brother, wondering if he was going to tease Bobby or just come straight out with the announcement.

Dean added cream and Splenda to his tea, stirring slowly. “Just how much of an announcement do you want?” he asked, not looking up.

"Cut the crap, Dean," he said to him, fingers tapping on the table.

“Okay, Bobby. Ben, you need to hear this too. Okay?” Dean pulled Lisa’s left hand into his and stared at the two who didn’t know what had happened. “In a round about way, the dessert at the restaurant beat me to the punch last night and asked Lisa to marry me. Thank God she did not accept the dessert, although she did eat it.”

Ben started giggling at that, and Bobby cracked up. "Dessert asked her before you did huh? Winchester luck," he teased.

“Seriously, Bobby. The dessert came out on two plates with silvers lids. They removed the lids and it was cheesecake with chocolate sauce. The sauce on hers had been done in the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ I had to talk fast. She said, ‘Yes.’ Ben, I’m going to be your Dad by marriage too.”

The boy pounced him, hugging him tightly. "Good!"

Dean wrapped his arms around his son and held him tight, eyes closed.

Sam and Bobby just smiled, serving themselves breakfast while the two had their little cuddle. It was definitely good news.

“Ben, it means sharing your Mama full time. She’ll be mine as much as you are. At the same time, I’ll be yours as much as she is.”

"I don't mind sharing with you," he told him.

“Okay, just so that’s straight between us. I love your Mama, Ben. I love you as my son. To me, this gives me a little more right to be your Dad. I just want you to know that this is a lifetime proposition. I don’t intend to walk away from this.”

"I know," he said. "As long as it's you,I don't mind sharing at all. 'Cause it means I get you too," he grinned.

“Ben, you already had me, son. This only makes it a little more legal with your Mama.”

He stared at him. "This mean my last name is gonna match yours now?"

“I’d like it to be, but only if you want it to be. We’ll have to go to court, I think. I am not sure, but we’ll talk to an attorney to have it changed. That’s your choice, son. I’d like it with all my heart.”

"Well, if Mama is going to be a Winchester, it means we have to match and I wanna match with her and you," he said.

Dean nodded, “We can make it so you match. If your Mama is a Winchester, than you sure need to match.”

Ben gave him a sage nod. "Exactly."

Dean reached for a bowl and placed some oatmeal in it. He poured honey and milk over it, and started to eat. He reached fora biscuit, looked at Lisa and Sam. “One okay?”

Both nodded, knowing that one would not hurt him.

“I miss the wheat ones and the turkey bacon and sausage. Okay, dresses and suits? I guess you’re possibly shopping for more than one today, Sam?” Dean asked, nodding towards the necklace. “You aren’t robbing from Lisa and me if that’s what you think.”

Sam grinned. "Sarah accepted when I asked her to marry me last night."

Everyone congratulated them. Dean grinned, “I knew you weren’t going rings and bought the necklace, so that was no surprise. We set our date for Christmas Eve, everyone. I guess we’ll honeymoon some times after Christmas. You guys picking something close to that? We've been waiting a long time, Sam, so I wouldn’t blame you any.”

"Since Sarah is very much in touch with her Celtic roots, we're going to get married on Winter Solstice," he said. It was a pagan holiday but meant a lot to his fiancee.

“Outside? Reason I’m asking, is we got to dress right for that. I guess that means that Sarah’s Dad will be here. You inviting him for Thanksgiving and have him staying? That’s only four or five days before Christmas. We need to get things going here.”

Sarah shook her head. "For the wedding, if he'll come. His girlfriend doesn't like me much and tends to keep him separated from me when she can."

“Well, there’s plenty of men here. We’d love to give you to Sam. Outdoors? It is a solstice.”

Sarah gave a soft smile. "I'd like to call in an old friend of my mother's but not sure how you guys would take to that."

“Take to what?”

She leaned into Sam. "Being hunters, you guys have issues with witches..but what's your stance on wiccans and pagans?"

“I hate witches, okay? I’ve never had a good experience with one. We've killed several pagan gods so far. They like to sacrifice people or have them sacrificed to them. That’s something I prefer to have my family avoid. Wiccans? I learned about them when I studied online. When dealing with pagans and witches, you have to rule some things out. I’ve never met one. Are you telling me that you are?”

"My mother was and I learned at her knee," she said softly. "One thing about pagans and wiccans most people overlook is the Rede they follow. 'Do as you will an' it harm none.'The things you faced were in it for power and glory. That's not how it's supposed to be." She gave him a soft smile. "I'd love a handfasting ceremony, which is why I asked. The friend of my mother's is licensed for weddings."

“Wiccan, I can deal with, Sarah. Pagan, I’m gonna have to be convinced. I had one god that appeared as a scarecrow. This girl and I were supposed to be killed by it. The blood kept the apple orchards and other growth healthy. The other two gods killed around Christmas time. We thought it was a black Santa. They caught Sam and me. It was painful experience. Convincing me may not be too easy. I got no problem with Wiccans, and as long as you are dressed, a handfast is fine. I really don’t want to see Sam in the nude in the dead of winter.”

She started laughing. "I promise, no skyclad ceremonies."

Dean grinned. “Outdoors? We need to know what we have to wear.”

"It'll be outdoors."

“ guys having people stand with you? I’ve never been to one of these. I’m assuming you dress special for it. What do we have to have, or do we? We can kill two birds with one stone. You and Lis can hit the bride shops. We guys can hit the tux shops.”

"I know where to find mine," she smiled. "We'll hit the wedding shops after breakfast."

“Okay.” Dean looked confused.

The girls finished their breakfasts and hurried out after kissing their loved ones goodbye.

Dean watched them leave and turned towards his brother. “Okay, Sammy. I’m gonna assume that you know what the hell your half of the handfast requires? Do we have any part in this, or is is just you two? No one is answering a damn question I ask.”

Sam shook his head. "I'm going to have to research it and find out because I don't know anything about Wiccans honestly."

“Sam! We’re supposed to get all of this done this morning, man. Handfasting is ancient. Other than no nudity, what else has changed in it?”

“I have four tuxes to order. I wanted to get everything for yours done, too. Hell,this is the most confusing mess I’ve ever had to deal with and it’s not even a hunt.”

Sam smiled. "Knowing her, she'll have it all planned out."

“I don’t guess it would cross her mind to call you and tell us what we need to know? Dean asked as he looked over his brother’s shoulder at the handfasting site he’d found.

“Sam,” Dean’s worried voice pierced his brother’s thoughts. “Does she know we have Campbell blood in us?”

"Actually, yes, she knows Mom was a Campbell," he said to him.

“They’re all wearing skirts, man. Even the men!”

Bobby started cracking up. "That's if she goes with the Scottish one, Dean. She told me once her Mom was Irish."

“The Irish wear them too, Sam. If she follows this tradition, she’ll expect it from a Scot. I’m not wearing a skirt outside in the middle of a west Texas winter. You gonna bear your legs and balls to that? I don’t think they make underwear warm enough for a skirt!”

"She could go Renaissance or anything, Dean," Sam said softly. "Don't worry about it until we know. And watch the language, Ben's with us."

Dean buried his forehead in his hands, rememberinga a morning months ago where he and Ben dealt with language. He’d done it again.

Ben gave him an innocent smile. "Want some soap?"

Dean stiffened, turned towards his son in surprise. “Well, aren’t you a smart ass this morning.”

Bobby snickered. "You know, Ben,I think your dad does need the soap."

Dean’s eyes widened. “Oh shit, does temporary insanity over wearing a skirt in the dead of winter count in court?”

"Not where Lisa is concerned," he said, snickering as Dean continued to bury himself in bad language.

Dean took a deep breath and looked at his son, “You say one word and you will be wearing one of those skirts outdoors at your Uncle Sammy’s wedding. I guarantee it. Let’s go order tuxes, guys.” Dean left a large tip, grabbed the tab and walked stiffly towards the cashier.

Bobby and Sam broke down laughing. Ben was giggling too as he ran to catch up to his dad.

Dean felt his coat pocket for the keys to the Impala. They were not there. He began slapping every pocket he had. He remember Lisa slipping her hand into his pocket. He’d thought thatit was rather romantic that she had done that.

“Bobby, can you fit all four of us in your truck? I’ve been robbed and Lisa shanghaied my baby.”

"Yeah, I can but you'll have to get in the backseat with Ben. Sam won't fit back there. Good thing we fixed up an extended cab for me," he chuckled.

“Hell, Bobby, I’m not short legged. Sam’s just a sasquatch. Come on, Ben. You’re Mama and I have to talk cars.”

Bobby laughed softly, opening the truck for them. "Get in, boys."

Bobby’s seat had to go all the way back for Sam. Dean literally had his knees in his face. His eyes were closed, and Bobby, watching him in the rearview mirror, thought the young man was doing everything he could at the moment to keep his temper under control.

"Hey Dad, am I going to wear a tuxedo thing too?"

“Yeah, son, you are,” was mumbled through gritted teeth.

He grinned. "Cool,I can pretend to be James Bond!"

“Yeah, Ben, you can. I’ll even get you a water gun that looks real, and a hit list.”

"Sweet," he cheered. "Will you, Uncle Sammy, and Grampa play with me?"

“Well, we can’t wear the tuxes and play with water guns, but I see no reason why we can’t have suits for that. Do you, Bobby, Sam?”

Sam grinned. "Sounds like a fun game to me." Bobby laughed and nodded. "We can get various types of water guns and use balloons for 'grenades' since Bond has a veritable arsenal to use."

“Yeah, he does. Where do we play this game?”

"Probably should wait until it gets warmer," Bobby said with a frown while Sam typed on his phone, then passed it back to Dean to read so Ben wouldn't see it. -Find a paintball arena and have fun after we get fitted?-

Dean grinned and nodded and showed the phone to Bobby when he stopped at a red light.

Bobby nodded his agreement. That would be a great place to play "James Bond" and not have to worry about courting pneumonia. The truck started up again.

They pulled into a men’s dress store.

The men climbed out, stretching for a moment before heading into the store. As they opened the door and head inside, Dean was overheard muttering about a cab.

Bobby poked him. "Don't diss the truck."

“I’m not dissing the truck, Bobby. It’s too long legs, and too short a back seat.”

"Take it up with your girl then, Dean. Cabs are too expensive when you've got a running vehicle. I can throw you into the back next time."

If you got blankets,I’m hopping into the back.”

"I think I might," he said, looking at the various tuxedos.

“Other than the ones covered with the grapes. The clothes were hanging in the bedroom last night. I’ll get yours to you, Sam. She wants burgundy and silver, guys. I was thinking either a white tux with silver vest or a black tux with burgundy vest.”

Ben wrinkled his nose. "White is icky on tuxedos," he said, pointing at one of them.

“Yeah, the only one of us who could carry that off is Sam. I’d look like a ghost in one.”

Sam shook his head. "Not really for me either. How about black tuxes, burgundy vests with silver cufflinks?"

“Yeah. That would work. I don’t want formal. It’s not a big wedding. Suit style tux. The idea of a tails really bothers me.”

"Penguins," Ben chimed, making Bobby laugh.

“You expect some little guy to wear that and walk around strutting his stuff like a banty rooster.”

Sam and Ben nearly fell over when Bobby called out "Da plane, da plane!"

Dean stared for a minute and started laughing.

The group cracked up for a few moments, sobering when a salesman approached them, asking if he could help them.

We need matching tuxes, black, burgundy vests, and we’ll look at your cufflinks. They need to be dressy. I want nice...very nice.”

"Wedding, formal dance, or another type? This will give me an idea which selection to pull out for your approval," he said to him.


"Do you have a time picked out for it, sir? Morning, afternoon, or evening?"

“Christmas Eve at sunset. It will be a candlelight service.”

He nodded, then went to pull some thick binders out, marking places. "Come and take a look at these, sirs. This will help narrow down the choices and then I can pull out samples for you to make your final choice from."

Dean remembered back to having to buy used suits that never fit right. He nodded and they started looking over the pictures.

Ben knelt on a chair between the men, peeking at the pictures.

“This one reminds me of the one Bela had us wear. That’s way too fancy. I like this one, Dean pointed at a tuxedo that looked like a very richly made suit. “If it fits right, that would be perfect.”

Bobby nodded. "I think that's a good one too. Nice but not too fancy."

“Sir?” Dean flagged the salesman down. “This is the one.”

The salesman took a look and smiled. "Excellent choice. Let me pull one out so you can take a look at it before committing to it. Some people like what they see on paper and then when they get their hands on it, find it's not to their tastes. I'll be right back."

“I’ve never done this before, guys. It makes me nervous. Do they get the measurements right? I mean what if you go in and it doesn’t fit right?”

Bobby shook his head. "They'll measure it correctly. These guys are professionals."

Dean nodded and waited on the salesman.

The salesman returned, carrying the tuxedo. "Why don't you take a look at it and make sure this is the one you want, sir."

“Oh man. I love this. Sam, we may need something like this for car stuff? If we do, let’s buy ours. Bobby you want to keep yours? Some of the shows have these parties and things. We get heavily involved and we'll need something like this. Ben will outgrow his. If he needs another later, we can get it for him.”

Sam was thoughtful for a moment. "Owning is probably a good idea."

Dean looked at Bobby, who nodded in agreement. “We can order a couple of extra vests beside the burgundy. That way we aren’t stuck with just htat color. Maybe a dark blue and a charcoal gray?”

"Good idea," Bobby answered. "No bow tie things but good solid ties that'll go with it."

“Thanks, Bobby. We’ll need a tie for each vest color. Nice long ones. I’m not wearing a bow tie.”

The salesman nodded. "As you wish, sir. Which would like to go first for measuring?"

Dean paled, swallowed hard, and nodded. Sam was grinning, knowing this was an unknown for his brother.

The measuring was done with respect and tact, ensuring that Dean's suit would fit him well. After the first measurements, a tailor came in to start fitting the vests first while the salesman measured Sam.

Dean, relieved that the ‘poking and prodding’ of the salesman was through, had less discomfort being fitted for the three vests they’d selected. Another salesman brought a selection of ties to be gone through. Dean knew the ones for the wedding had to match, but there were choices for the other two. Sam came out and Bobby went in to be measured.

The men worked together to claim the ties and vests for the outfit that weren't used for the wedding. Ben was measured after Bobby and came out with a grin.

Dean smiled at his son. The salesman who had brought the ties had gone into the back to find longer ones for Sam. He had brought long ones for Dean but was not in the main room when Sam had been in there. Sam's tastes were different than Dean's.

“We’re going to need tie tacks for the different ties and matching ones for the wedding, as well as cuff links” He turned when their regular salesman, who had measured them, reentered the room. Dean asked about the jewelry and when they could expect to try on the tuxedos.

"How long will you be in town, sir?"

“Look, I imagine you will have to special order my brother’s and possibly my son’s. We can come back. We will be leaving once the women are done since they gave us no orders on the needs for my brother’s wedding. Yeah, there’s two in one week.”

"I can have all of them ready in a week, sir," he told him. "We keep our tailors on hand. There will be a final fitting for hemming and the like, and they could be ready an hour or so after."

“Next Saturday?”

"I'll make a note of it and have them ready to go,"he promised him.

Dean was surprised and stuttered slightly at a thought that had come to mind, “That..w..would be wonderful. That okay w..with the rest of you?”

Bobby nodded. "Yup, works for me." Sam agreed as well and Ben just grinned. "I'm good."

Dean smiled and turned back to the salesman. “That would be good. W..what time should we be here.”

"Shall we say eleven a.m. sir?"

Dean nodded, a big smile on his fact at this point, “Yeah. Th..thank you.”

Bobby poked him. "You don't have a reason to stutter, so stop it," he groused softly. "We'll see him on Saturday. Now let's find something else to do."

Dean turned and looked at the man who was a father to him. “I’m terrified, Bobby. I want this so damn bad. You know my luck with women. What are the odds of getting through this whole...with a wife and family? Every step I take brings me closer to a possible failure. “

Ben answered before Bobby could. "You're being silly, Dad. We chose you, remember? So stop being goofy and have fun!"

Dean stopped and turned towards his son, not realizing the boy had overheard the conversation. “You and your Mama chose me?” Dean knelt down where he was eye to eye with his son. “When did you do that, Ben?”

"When Mom told me you were my dad. I asked if we were gonna be together, and she said if I wanted it. I said yeah and she said yes we chose you."

Dean had tears on his face. His brother came up and placed a hand on his shoulder, knowing the older Winchester would be embarrassed he was emotional in front of strangers. He stood up and looked at his brother. “They chose me, Sam?” The question held a tone of awe in it.

"Ben's pretty honest, Dean. If he says he did, then they did." Sam was grinning at that.

“Yeah. They chose me.” Dean grabbed his jacket. “Let’s go play for a while. Did you find a place where could do what we talked about, Sam?”

"Yeah..three miles west," he said, picking up Ben and tickling him.

Three hours later, Lisa called Dean, telling him they were at the hotel and wanting to know where they were. Dean, with splotches of pain on his face, neck, and hair, had been running from his brother. He was out of paint balls. How Sam still had any, he did not know. Bobby and Ben were out of the game. Dean knew he’d be any second.

“Now is not a good time to talk, Lis. I’ll call you back.” He was hit in the chest four times with red paint,the sting of four in row made him wince. He could hear Lis asking if he was all right, when a white ball hit his cheek, the paint going over his lips and dripping into his mouth as he tried to tell her he had to go. He hung up and raised his arms in surrender.

All three of them were howling with laughter at that; everyone covered in paint. It had been fun, and Ben had held his own against the seasoned professionals. It was obvious he had played himself out but was enjoying himself still.

They turned in the coveralls and wiped as much paint off as they could. Dean looked in a mirror and wondered if they’d be allowed in the lobby looking like this. He grinned. They were heading out anyway, so who cared.

They drove back to the Holiday Inn. The stares they received were making it hard for them to keep a straight face. They went to Dean’s suite, knowing both women were there.

Sarah and Lisa both started giggling at the sight of them. "Oh there any paint left at the place?"

“I doubt it, but you’ll have to ask Sam how he won and still had balls left? You and I are gonna shower together one time only and that’s now, Son. You’ll never see the paint on your head otherwise.” Dean put his hand on his son’s head and steered him towards the restroom.

Lisa doubled over at that, giggling harder. It was obvious the guys had fun, and she was glad for that. Bobby and Sam went to clean up while she and Sarah giggled over the sight of them.

Sam turned before he left, “Lisa, I thought you ought to know that Dean is afraid of losing you guys, but Ben told him that you two chose him, not the other way around.” Sam nodded at the women and headed to shower.

She grinned at that. Good for Ben!

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Supernatural Death Note Chapter 114

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Talking with Sam and Sarah

Dean pulled into the parking garage and found a spot for the Impala on the second level. He got out and went around and opened Lisa’s door. Shutting the door behind her, he turned her around, kissing her deeply.

“Shall we go see if Sam and Sarah are up?”

"Sounds good," she said with a smile. "I think they might be waiting since you said Sam was involved in the shopping."

“Yeah, they might be. We could put on a pot of coffee or something. I have no idea what they did tonight. They had the night for themselves, you know?”

"Which is good for them. I have to wonder, who wore out who in regards to Bobby and Ben," she said with a soft giggle.

Dean grinned at the thought. “You know...I’m not sure. Bobby’s a hunter. He can still go for long times, but Ben’s a hunter’s son and it’s in the bloodline too. I really don’t know.”

"Bobby wore him out last time but honestly, I think the poor guy was just about as exhausted."

“It’s late but not that late. I’d love to call them and have them come over, but I hoped Ben would stay the night with Bobby. I kind of wanted it to just be us tonight.”

"Let's not bother them tonight. We'll catch up with Sarah and Sam, then head on to bed. We can tell Ben in the morning," Lisa suggested.

“Yeah, Ben and Bobby...maybe at breakfast. I hope Ben is going to be happy about this. I know he’s been so glad that I’m here, but marriage makes it more permanent. He should be all right, shouldn’t he? Lis, once we’re in the room, I have another major question for you while we’re waiting on Sam and Sarah.”

"Okay, love, and he'll be fine. He asked me before if we were ever going to get married."

“He did? What’d you tell him?” They got off the elevator and walked to their suite, and Dean carded the door and opened it for the woman beside him. Lisa entered and headed to their bedroom to change. Dean went to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. He found a bottled water for himself. A lot of dietary rules were broken today and the water was needed.

"That if you asked me, I would say yes so that we'd be a full family," she said, changing into a comfortable set of pajamas and robe.

Dean walked into the bedroom, reaching for a his sweat bottoms and a t-shirt. He put his suit back into it’s carrier, placed the shoes into their box, and he sat on the bed and picked up his cell. He looked up at the woman he loved, smiled, and dialed Sam’s cell.

“Hey, unless you two are having a fun time in bed, you want to come over? I got coffee on. If you’re hungry, I can order something.”

"We'll be there in a few moments. We were just watching a movie..well, I was. Sarah's been in sketch mode for a while," he laughed, then yelped when he was poked.

Dean started laughing. “You tell her I’ll start counting bruises on you. See you in a few.” Dean set the cell on the table by the bed, and looked at Lisa.


"Yes, Dean?"

“I don’t know how you and Ben would feel about this, but after we are married, I want to make Ben mine. I know I don’t have the right to ask. I’ve never been here for him. It’s just, he’s my son.”

"I know what you're saying, love, and I agree. Your name is on the birth certificate, Dean, but I gave him my last name to protect him. It wouldn't take much to get his name changed, but you need to talk to him first before we take any action," she said, brushing her hair.

“I’m on the birth certificate? All this time? I never thought I would be. Thank you, Lis. When I should talk to him about it?”

"Tomorrow afternoon unless he brings it up first. Give him time to adjust to the news. He's well rounded for his age but it's never good to bring too many changes on a child all at once."

“Okay.” Dean’s voice broke and Lisa could hear hhim sniff. No tears were released but his eyes glistened with them. His head jerked up at the knock at the door.

“I got the coffee on. I’m drinking water. Too much wrong food today,” he told her as he went to answer the door.

"That works," she said, tossing him a box of tissues. Dean grabbed the box, stared at her, took a tissue, and tossed it back to her. He left the room and headed towards the door.

Sam and Sarah were waiting outside, both dressed in pajamas and robes.

“Come on in. Coffee’s on the bar. There’s beer in the fridge, just in case somebody wanted some. I’ve had my alcohol limit for the millenium, I think. There’s some chips and dip in there. I didn’t get it out. You didn’t say if you were hungry. I’m still stuffed, man.”

Sarah grinned. "We gorged on Japanese food earlier so we're good for now," she said, walking in and plopping into a chair.

Dean stretched out on the sofa, and watched his future wife walk into the room. He smiled and pointed at Sarah and Sam.

“I don’t know if Sam told you what I had planned for tonight, Sarah, but it’s Lisa’s night, so she’s gonna tell ya’ll what happened. I might put my two cents worth in though. Go ahead and show her, hon.”

Lisa held her hand up and Sarah squealed. "Congrats!"

Dean smiled as he watched them. He looked at Sam and mouthed ‘Thank you.’”

Sam grinned at him and nodded.

Sarah was excited and asked to be told the whole story. Dean licked his bottom lip, took a drink of water.

Lisa shared it with Sarah, who giggled after the story came to a close. "Wow! That's so sweet. Mushy but sweet."

“Yeah, there were a few freaky things for me. That guy parking my baby. The dessert proposed before I got to.”

Sam laughed. "I imagine that was a bit unusual. You did good though."

The older man’s eyes were wide with excitement, but Sam noted the look of contentment.

"Ok, so any decisions on plans?" The younger brother leaned back in his seat.

Dean pulled Lisa into his lap where she leaned against his chest her legs between his as they stretched out on the sofa.

“Yeah. Christmas Eve. Candlelight service. Not sure how to do it where it doesn’t inconvenience anyone. Gonna hire people to do it all, I think, but there will be a few guests. We do still have the trailers after we move out. Can keep them up and use them for guest housing when family comes. That kind of thing. Lis made notes.”

Sarah frowned as she thought on it. "It can be kept simple but elegant so that it doesn't take too much time for planning and execution."

“Yeah, but how. There’s Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas. Decorating our homes when the stuff comes next week. Than there’s Christmas with all of the food and stuff for it. We’ll have guests.I want to call Ellen and invite her and Jo for Thanksgiving. They can stay in one of the Trailers for the remainder and be here for Christmas and the wedding. Lis has family and friends.”

Which would provide a security headache for Watari, Sam thought to himself.

Sarah shook her head. "I have the decorating for Christmas plotted out. All that's mainly left is furniture for every wing. Painting of the walls are all done."

“Well, the furniture for each wing is being delivered except for Ryu’s wing. I mentioned to Watari that we would moving in next week. He said he would have it taken care of for them. Now, Watari has had Ellen and Jo checked out, I’m pretty sure. The problem will be housing Lis’ and friends. Watari and Ryu have to understand that these are family and friends and we live here. I can house them in town, but I can’t tell them they can’t come out here. They don’t like me as it is. “

Dean looked at Sarah. “I’m trying to not tire you out. What are you thinking?”

"Thinking you need to hire a wedding planner, tell her what you want, and let her rip," she said. "I'm going to have my hands full with Christmas decorations since we're starting from scratch."

"Tell me about it. Bobby said she nearly bought out most of two lumber yards and the hardware store," Sam ducked when she aimed a good natured swat at his head.

“If there’s that much coming, where’s it going? I bought the saw you wanted and a Dremel set. I kind of did the same thing with our attic. There’s heat, air, and electrical. I thought about playing around and doing some stuff on my own for a hobby.....teaching Ben. I’m taking off the next two weeks to get things done and for Thanksgiving. We’ll have an emergency number set up and that’s the only work I’ll be doing besides school work and my diesel class. You have a big Christmas gift coming when the sewing machine arrives. It’s going to be professionally set up in your attic. They built a huge wooden crate to put over it and I will decorate it for a Christmas present. No peeking. Now where do we have a wedding?”

"We've set up a place to keep the wood safe, and Bobby said he'd arrange for a woodshop to be set up not too far from the cabin," Sarah said. I'll be busy out there for a while.”

“You’re still going to need me to do the cutting? If it’s a wedding planner, I’m gonna back out on this. I will let you know what I’d like and than it’s yours.”

Lisa nodded. "That might be a good idea."

Sarah grinned at him. "Just long enough for you to teach me how to use the tools," she said. "Power tools look fun!"

Dean stared, contemplating for a moment. “Lis, if you are going burgundy and silver, I want burgundy vests for the tuxes. I would like one groomsman and Sam as my best man. I heard somewhere that the groom’s family has to do a rehearsal dinner. If that’s true, let me know.”

“Sarah, I thought this was supposed to be a family thing? Can you do all of this alone? If you are, I see no reason why I can’t open the shop and stick with the schedule you guys made for me.”

Sarah tilted her head. "You're pouting cause you wanna play with the big power tools too," she teased.

“I didn’t buy big ones. Did you? I’m not pouting about anything. I can run the business if I’m not needed.”

"Well, I can sketch on the wood if you want to cut. Probably would go by faster that way," she said with a smile.

“Okay, I can do that.” Dean looked at those in his living room. “It’s a conspiracy to keep me out of there for a while, anyway. I’m not stupid, guys. Thanksgiving, then we reopen until two weeks before Christmas.”

There was a round of applause on that, the girls giggling.

“Why do I get the feeling this is exactly what you were planning? Anyway, I want to show the girls the wedding bands for the engagement ring.” Dean smiled at the look on the girls’ faces at the word, ‘bands.’ He left the room.

Sarah moved to sit beside Lisa, waiting for Dean to come back to show them what he'd bought. Both were excited about this.

Dean came out with another purple velvet box, this one larger than the one that had held the engagement ring. He knelt on the floor between the two woman and handed the box to Lisa. He was excited about the two bands of rubies and diamonds that would form the rose petals. The dewdrop was the main diamond in the engagement ring. Its band matched the two wedding bands.

Lisa's eyes were huge. "Dean...oh my god. This is incredible." Her voice was soft, full of awe. Sarah was also speechless as she peeked over Lisa's shoulder.

Dean’s voice was just as soft. “It will look like a rose and the diamonds are dewdrops. The main diamond is a large drop. The others are tiny sprinkles on the rose. The bands go on either side. If you think it’s too much, we can get something different. It’s just I think of you as my rose. It was what I was looking for.” Dean knew she was overwhelmed, but he really wanted and hoped it was because she liked it and was not overpowered by the amount of stones and the size of the set.

"It's perfect," she whispered. She loved flowers, especially roses, and to know that Dean had remembered that made her feel incredibly loved and special. Lisa kissed him lovingly. "Thank you," she told him.

Dean laid his head in her lap in contentment. At this scene, Sam motioned to Sarah and they nodded to Lisa and headed to the door. Sam mentioned an early shopping trip to look for wedding clothes before they headed back home. Lisa nodded, her fingers running through Dean’s hair.

Sarah giggled as they got into the hallway. "That ring was so perfect for her," she told him. "You and Dean did good."

Sam smiled, “Yeah, we did.” He had decided he was going to pull a Dean in his own style. There was a Celtic necklace that needed to grace Sarah’s neck.

She slid her hand in his. "I'm happy for them."

Sam opened the door to their room and let Sarah precede him. He locked the door.

“Sarah, I have something for you.” Sam walked into the bedroom and came back a few minutes later with an emerald green box. He sat down on the couch next to her and handed her the box.

She looked at him, before opening the box to find the beautiful locket. "Oh Sam..."

“I have no problem waiting until after Dean and Lisa, Sarah, but it’s time we were engaged. I love you and I want to be married just as badly as Dean does. I know you are not traditional as far as rings go, so this is my engagement ring to you. You can hang your wedding ring on it when you are working and it will blend beautifully. Will you marry me, Sarah? For real?”

She pounced him, kissing him deeply. "Yes, I love you!"

Sam grabbed her hair and pulled her even closer, kissing her and running his hands over her. His voice sounded almost hoarse as he whispered, “You set the date, I want so much more for us than we have now. Sarah, I want a family. I want kids to play with like I do Ben. Our kids.”

"Well, how soon did you want to get married, love?"

“How would you feel about being Lisa’s matron of honor instead of maid of honor? We could have a small outdoor wedding on Winter Solstice. That’s pretty Celtic. You could have a white fur trimmed full length white and silver dress. Just a thought.”

Her eyes lit up at him. "Oh, that sounds beautiful," Sarah said with bright eyes. "I'd love it!"

“I don’t think it would be a problem with Dean and Lisa. They are more interested in a traditional wedding on Christmas Eve. Ours won’t be. We’ll talk with them tomorrow.”

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 113

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dean's Proposal

The night passed uneventfully. Dean slept on his back and did not move all night. His head hurt too badly.

The family met for breakfast the next morning, than went out shopping for things for their homes. Towards evening, they were all back at the hotel. Dean was getting dressed in a nice suit he had brought with him. Ben and Bobby had gone to the store to get movies and snacks for the evening. Sam and Sarah were planning their own evening.

Looking at the large bruise over his left eye, Dean frowned, hoping the evening went well. He’d pulled the engagement ring in it’s velvet case out of the back pack from under his side of the bed. He entered the living room and sat, waiting on Lisa.

Lisa came out, dressed in a burgundy dress. Her hair was pulled up in an elegant twist. She did a small twirl. "Well?"

Dean flushed a little. “You look beautiful,” he whispered. He got her coat and helped her put it on. Opening the door for her, he followed her out and they walked to the elevator.

She smiled up at him. "And you look very handsome."

Dean smiled, and pushed the button on the elevator. They entered and he pushed the down button. He gently moved her close to the wall and cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. The elevator stopped and he moved back.

She kissed him back, then slipped her hand into his. He looked down at her hand, thinking back over his life. This had to be his first real date where he was taking a beautiful woman out for a wonderful meal and wasn’t expecting anything in return. He hoped for a ring on her finger, but that was so beyond anything he’d ever done before.

Lisa was all smiles, enjoying the chance to dress up and go out with him.

Dean did not play any music in the Impala. He talked about the large oak bed they had bought for the bedroom, and the recliners and sofa they had found. They pulled into the restaurant and a valet met them. Dean’s eyes widened and he stared at the man as he asked for the keys.

She waited with bated breath, wondering what Dean would do.

“Is this normal for this restaurant to let a stranger drive off in your car?”

"Valet parking, love. He'll park the car and when we're done eating, he'll bring it to you right here," she soothed him.

“He’s gonna drive my baby?”

"He won't hurt the car," she said to him.

His hands shook a little as he handed the keys to the man. “She’s special,” he whispered to him.

He gave him a soft smile. "I understand, sir. She's a beauty. I promise to put her someplace safe in the lot so she won't be near anything that could scratch her."

“Thank you. I rebuilt her and it’s important. She’s a family car, handed down.”

"You've treated her well. I'll make sure that she is kept safe," he said before getting into the car. It was obvious the valet knew his stuff the way he handled the Impala.

Dean stood and watched until the car disappeared around the building. He didn’t realize he’d been holding his breath. He released it and looked down at the woman next to him.

“I’m sorry, Lis. You’ve no idea what that car means...good and bad.” He took her hand and they walked towards the entrance. A man in a tux opened the door for them. They walked to a desk where another man in a tux looked up at them.

"Reservations, sir?"

“Dean Winchester for two.” The maitr’d saw the engagement request on the reservation and looked intently at the couple.

"Of course, sir. If you'll follow me, please?" He stepped out from behind the podium.

Dean stepped back and let Lisa precede him. He stayed close to her left a hand gently touching her back.

They were led to a beautiful table that overlooked a gorgeous garden that was maintained by the restaurant. The maitre' d pulled a chair out for Lisa. "Your server will be with you momentarily. Please enjoy your meal."

Dean looked at the menu. “Would you like a bottle of wine, Lis? We can order a good wine that goes with what we choose.”

"That would be nice, something to relax but accompany the meal," she said with a smile.

“We’ll do that, than.” Dean looked nervous. The music started playing some soft music. The waiter appeared.

They placed their order, then settled in to enjoy each other's company.

“Would you like to dance?”

Lisa beamed at him. "I'd love to."

Dean pulled her chair out and led her out onto the dance floor. He proceeded to prove that Sam Winchester wasn’t the only brother who could dance. He just never let anyone know.

She melted into his arms, moving with him along in time with the music.

They danced until the salads were brought to their table. Dean notice the waiter watching them and pulled Lisa close and finished the dance with her. He led her off the floor to their table.

She smiled at him warmly, sitting down and picking up her silverware. "This is perfect."

Dean returned her smile, replying, “It is.” The meal took a long time to eat. After the salad, a soup was served. The entrees were superb. Dean broke down and had a steak, but he did not order the potato. They had a wonderful wine with the meal. Conversation between them covered a large variety of things. Dean actually knew more than Lisa gave him credit for. She was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Dessert was coming up and she was close to protesting as her stomach was very full, though she didn't deny that she adored cheesecake.

The table had been cleared and looked as if they had just sat down. A man from the small orchestra came towards their table with his violin. Dean’s eyes widened as the man began to play the theme from Love Story. He had not asked for this. Had Sam?

The staff was watching, hidden, as the mood was set. The woman at the table didn't seem to suspect anything. When the call had been made that a proposal was happening tonight, they had put together the extra effort to ensure the mood would be set for the one doing the proposing. This had garnered their reputation as the most romantic restaurant in the city, if not the state.

Dean watched Lisa as she gazed at the violinist, enjoying the music. He slipped his hand into his suit pocket and removed the purple velvet box. He kept it in his lap.


As she looked at him, a server placed hte desserts in front of them. Both were covered with a silvered dome and were lifted. The cheesecake was centered with chocolate drizzles over it as well as the plate. Beautifully written on the plate was 'Will you marry me?' She read it, then looked up at Dean, startled.

Dean’s eyes grew wide again. He appreciated the help but had not expected the dessert to make his proposal for him.

“Lis, I...that wasn’t supposed to happen like that. I...I love you..more than anyone in the whole world. Will you marry me?”

Lisa beamed at him. "Yes..," she said, tears in her eyes. "I love you too and would be happy to marry you."

Dean grinned and reached down and got the velvet box. He placed it in her hand.

She opened the box with shaking fingers. "Dean," she breathed out, eyes fastened on the stunning piece.

Dean reached over and took the ring out of the box and placed it on her finger, saying, “The set is beautiful, Lis, but it will never be as beautiful as the one who wears it and has my heart.”

Tears filled her eyes and she leaned in, kissing him. The crowd, including the restaurant patrons, began clapping at the sight. Dean stood up and walked around the table and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply. After he came up for air, he looked at the waiter, “We’d like a glass of your best champagne to go with the dessert.”

"Of course, sir, and congratulations from all of us," he said with a wide grin, disappearing to fill that order. The waiter came back out with the desired bottle.

Dean took Lisa back out onto the dance floor and danced one final dance with her. No one else stepped out on the floor, allowing the newly engaged couple to have the floor to themselves.

For Lisa, it felt as if it was something out of a fairy tale and she was so incredibly happy. Dean leaned his head on top of hers, feeling her warmth against him, his eyes closed.

The two stayed like that for a while, simply enjoying the chance to be together and share their happiness.

The dance soon ended and they headed back to their table to enjoy the dessert and champagne, smiling happily at each other.

Dean lifted a glass of champagne, looking into Lisa’s eyes, “I’ve found happiness with you I’ve never known before. Thank you.”

"Thank you, love," she said. "Tonight has been perfect."

“When we get to the hotel, I’ll show you the matching rings for this one. I would like to plan a winter wedding, Lis. Maybe in December? I just don’t want to wait any more. I want you to be mine and for me to be yours, and wife.”

"I'd like that. I don't want a big one though," she answered. "Something small and meaningful."

“My family is very small, Lis. I’d only want Ellen, Jo, and Cas. Ryuzaki, Watari, and the boys will be here. I imagine you would want your family. I know your dad is gone, but your mom and family and friends. We can rent that chapel up near the mountain range on the other side of town? That’s if you want a church wedding? If not, we can do it in the big room at the cabin before a massive fire in that stone fireplace. It will be decorated for Christmas though. The garden for Near is big. We do have that huge glassed in patio in the back also. It can be opened in the summer and closed and heated in the winter. What would you like?”

"I like the idea of Near's garden, if he's willing to share it. I know that's his private space when he's there and that's going to be a lot of movement in there. I don't know how well he'd adapt to that or having that many strangers in the cabin, even if he is in his wing most of the time."

“We can rent everything, have it set up, taken down. There are large glass buildings that are used for special occasions. We set it up, have nice cushioned chairs, and I can ask the local preacher. We could decorate with white flowers and maybe poinsettias. It depends on what colors you want. I just thought red and white or red and gold would be pretty. We can move the decorations for the wedding aside and clear a dance floor and have it catered. Whatever you would like. I want to keep the work down for us.”

"Again, we'll have to be careful of Near's needs. Unlike the others, he's not able to be outside as long so if we do this, it could cut into his personal area. I'll have to think on this because I know he's not comfortable with things at the best of time," she said.

“It’s a glassed in building, Lis, with generators to keep the power running. It has a roof that is not glass or see through. He’d be all right in there. If he does not feel he can be with the crowd we can talk to Ryu and Watari and see what would work. They will be here tomorrow.”

She sipped her drink. "I know it's glassed in. We had it built that way for Near so he could be in a garden and not worry about burning. That's his space or so I've called it that, and I've actually helped Sarah with that room for him too. I'd rather wait until they're here so we can bring them in to discuss." She was showing sensitivity for the boy that had Dean's love like this.

“Lisa, I love you, but I’m not wanting to use his space. I’m talking about having a portable one brought in and used, and taken away. No use of the house or Near’s space. There’ s a company that does that for this area because of snow and desert.”

She blinked, then blushed. "Oh my, I misunderstood. That may be an option if we want it outdoors. It might be lovely but cold even with the heating, wouldn't it?"

“I may not have explained what I was thinking in the right way, Lis. It might be cold at that. I don’t know. We don’t have a lot of choices. Church or cabin, then”

"Let's think on it and get the others involved," she said, finishing her dessert. "We have a bit of time anyway. I should shop for a nice dress while in town," Lisa said with a smile. "Drag Sarah and go."

“Well, you can do that tomorrow, I guess. I don’t know what’s open on Sunday, or you can drive back here one day next week.”

"You'd be surprised with Christmas coming," she said with a laugh.

“But Thanksgiving isn’t here yet. Ah hell, they had Halloween in August didn’t they?”

Lisa giggled. "Wonderful world of commercialism. Get them in as early as they can," she said. "We'll be fine. It's rare stores close for Sunday these days."

“I guess we need tuxes. Is Ben gonna walk you? What colors? How many ladies going down that aisle with you?”

"I don't know yet, love. I need time to plot before I let you know," she smiled. "I don't really want a big one so we'll figure it out."

“With it being at Christmas time, we need to let people know fairly fast so they can plan.”

"And I will," she told him. "I may plot with Sarah to see what can be done in the fastest amount of time. I have to be careful because she's got a lot on her hands for getting the house ready for Christmas."

“I know. I don’t want to add more on her shoulders. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll order it. That way someone else sets up, decorates, cooks, serves, does the music, and cleans up. I just pay.”

"Catering for the time the family is down, at least for the time before and during the wedding would be a good help since everyone will be so busy. What day do we want to do this?"

“I had thought maybe Christmas week?”

"Call me crazy but I'd love a Christmas eve one," she said wistfully.

“Really? It’s what I’d really like to do, Lis. I said Christmas week because I didn’t think anyone would go for it. Can we?”

"I think we should..either early morning or sunset...candlelight," she said.

“I’d like the candlelight.”

She frowned for a moment. "Can you ask the waiter for a pen and some paper?"

Dean nodded, motioned for the waiter, asked for two cups of coffee and a pen and paper.

The items were brought to them and Lisa began taking notes. "We'll need candles, the special ones that people can hold if they wish as well as no-drip kind to light the area we'll be in. Backlights that are soft enough not to disrupt the candles but allow for photography."

“Okay. We will want music. I don’t know what you want to walk down the aisle to or come back up the aisle to. There is usually special music of some kind.”

"I can work on that..have to find someone to do the music," she said with a frown, making lists.

“Lis, we could hire somebody to do this. Just tell them what we want and let them do it? I don’t want you exhausting yourself.”

"I'm making the lists so we know what we want, and then hire people to do it," she grinned. "This way we know what we want before we have people translating what we're doing."

Dean sat back, drinking his coffee, and watching the woman in front of him make lists.

"I wonder if we should go Christmas colors and decor for this?"

“I had thought red and gold, or maybe green and gold? You can even do blue and silver. People use those too. Poinsettias, miniature Christmas trees, and other Christmas plants. We could hang mistletoe over where we’re standing. Be fun to kiss my wife under it.”

"What do you think of burgundy and silver?" She looked at him questioningly.

“I love the burgundy. It’s what you’re wearing, hon. I never thought of silver with it. It might work. If that’s what you want, okay with me.”

"It's what I'd like," she said softly.

Dean smiled, “Well,we men need tuxes fitted. Maybe we can get burgundy vests. Flowers will have to wait until we know who is doing what and how many people are in the wedding. Those lapel flowers, whatever they hell they call them, could still be white, but if there’s a burgundy flower, it would be awesome.”

"A Christmas rose maybe?"

“If they come in that color. I know that mums come in that color, but I always think of funerals when I see mums.”

"I don't care for mums," she answered. "We'll have to find a florist locally."

“Christmas roses are beautiful. Do they dye roses? Maybe we could get burgundy that way?”

"They breed them for special colors. We can check on that," she told him.

“That sounds fine. Why don’t we head home and see if Sam and Sarah are in?”

"That works for me," she smiled. "I'm sure Sam's waiting to hear the news."

“Yeah, he helped with all of this. I am so grateful for him, Lis. You know you got both Ben and Bobby who can walk you down that aisle. Whichever you use, the other is my groomsman. Sam is my best man.”

"We'll figure it out. To be honest, Sarah really is the only female friend I have," she said softly.

“What about your friends back home? Those...”Dean swallowed hard, “Those friends who acted like I was a boy toy of yours?”

"They were more acquaintances that had to be cut off when I went into hiding with Ben," she answered.

“I know you haven’t met them yet, but Ellen and Jo are like my family. Ellen’s been pretty much mother for us. Jo is a sister. I bet Jo would be a bridesmaid for you. Sarah can be your maid of honor. If you want to, hon.”

"Are they coming to Thanksgiving? If so, I can get to know Jo and see if it'll work."

“I can call and invite them. They’re good people, Lis. Ellen’s husband was a hunter. Jo has done some....once with us. That pissed Ellen off.”

The waiter brought the tab. Dean looked at it, put a card in the velvet folder, and marked that the tip be figured at the going rate and add 5% more.

"I imagine so if she's the only child. That's a rough thing to let your child do," she said, kissing him in thanks for a wonderful dinner before folding her notes. "Will Ryuuzaki's group be okay with them coming?"

“I hope so. They have dealt with Ellen. She was involved it helping keep Lilith out of the church. She worked with Bobby and some other hunters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jo had been part of that.” Dean signed the credit receipt, picked up his copy. He guided Lisa to the door, and the doorman held Lisa’s coat for her to slip into. Dean handed his valet slip to the valet as they stepped outside.

The car was soon brought up to them, pristine condition and the valet opened the door for Lisa after exiting. "Not a scratch sir," he said with a grin.

Dean shook his hand, leaving a ten dollar bill in it. “Thank you.”

"Thank you sir and have a good night," he said, moving away to allow them to drive off.