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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 100

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Classic Cars

Dean pulled off the main highway and through a set a of iron gates. His brows raised as he looked at what lay before them.

It was a large property, obviously owned by wealthy people. Bobby shook his head. "I knew the kid's father...he loved to tinker with cars when he could."

"Why's he selling everything when they live like this? You said cars?"

"Yup..and you'll see why when you meet Jake," he answered. When the car stopped, Bobby went to the front door and knocked. Moments later, the door was opened by a young man with a golden retriever at his side. The dog was a service dog for the blind.

Bobby introduced Sam and Dean. Dean held his hand out and gently touched the young man's hand.

"Thanks for giving me a chance to look at the cars you have that need rebuilding."

"You're welcome, Mr. Winchester. I've known Uncle Bobby all my life. He and my dad hunted together at times. If you'll follow me, I'll show you where he kept them. Dad loved to tinker when he had the time," he said with a smile.

"Thank you. I used to hunt with Bobby, myself. What's your dad's name?"

"Thomas Finnegan," he answered as he led them outside to a large building at the back of the house.

"I don't guess I knew him.: Dean stared at Bobby, a question in his eyes. He stopped when they reached a large building."Son of a...." There were several finished cars but also a half dozen classics in some semblance of disrepair. Dean's eyes were wide as he looked at them. Nothing was older then a '65. All were in bad shape except the '57.

Dean looked at Sam, "If the shop can't afford these, I'm gonna make an offer from my pay from L. These can be rebuilt, Sam. These are classics."

Jake smiled. "This was my dad's hobby when I was home from school. He refused to hunt when I was home because I was at boarding school during the year. I know there's some that're finished, and I'd like for you to sell them for me..with a generous commission of course. The rest, I'm willing to part with directly to you. I have titles to all of them. No legal issues at all."

"I have money put back for chances like this. I can give you $7500 for the six that need rebuilding. I can definitely get you good prices on the ones that are finished, that's if they run as sweet as they look. I'd take them to car shows where the collectors go."

Sam piped up then. "Hells, I could build a website to pull in collectors too."

Jake nodded. "In truth, we'll have a contract drawn up for the finished ones. The quote for the metal was at that amount for the ones that need work so I know you're being fair. I also have to ask if you'd be interested in something else." He headed carefully through the 'show room' area and guided them to mechanics area where all the up to date equipment was kept.

Dean stood and stared around him.

"I won't use these, no way to. I'd rather see it go to someone who could use it," he told them. Bobby's eyes were huge as he took in the equipment.

Dean's voice was low and awestricken, when he asked, "How much?"

He quoted a price that was on the low side but the older hunter knew that Jake was just wanting to get rid of them.

Dean began contemplating his savings. He knew he had more than enough but he'd have to build and sell a lot of cars to make up for it, but damn! He looked at Jake.

"I'll buy it."

Sam nodded at his brother. The shop had enough squirreled away to cover for it, and this could be written off as a business expense. Jake smiled. "I'm glad. If you three will step into the house, I can have my attorney draw up the contracts and bill of sale."

"Sam, the shop can reimburse me as we sell cars, but that's stuff I look at online and dream about for the shop. The stuff we can do with it. You wouldn't even begin to imagine."

He pulled his brother to the side, whispering to him softly and telling him the shop had enough to pay for it. Business had been incredibly good lately.

"Sam, we agreed to keep a buffer in case of hard times. Remember?"

He handed him a slip of paper with the full balance in it.

Dean looked at the balance and then at his brother. "Sammy? How?"

"Making careful investments," he told him. "I'm not playing the market but watching the companies over the years. I spotted the stable ones and went in for that. I've also managed to put a portion away in IRAs as well for all of us."

"Okay." Dean sounded stunned. "Let's talk to the attorney. We'll need a certified check."

"I had one prepared, remember?" Bobby shook his head, amazed at Sam's business sense. Between his acuity with numbers and their talent with machines, they'd do well.

"I thought it was for the one car, Sam? You knew about this?"

"No but we weren't sure if there would be anything else, so I had a special draft note pulled up for us. Works as well as a certified check, just as safe."

Dean looked pale. It was a large sum of money to him, coming out of the shop. He looked at his brother, "Okay, Sam. You know this part better then me. You're the boss over this part. We'll need to rent a big truck to haul all of it. I'm gonna need a new building."

"I'll handle it, Dean, just drool over the new toys you and Bobby get to play with," he teased him.

"I am, Sam. Damn, Bobby. We got a complete shop for rebuilding cars. Everything we need, man!"

The older man grinned as Sam followed Jake out to get the legalities out of the way. "I know. This is better than Christmas," he laughed.

"Hell, Bobby, it's a hundred times better. I've never had a good Christmas since Mom died. This is paradise."

"We're going to have fun, that's for sure. Man..computers for diagnostics for the more modern cars. This is going to be great."

"They've been telling me in the diesel class that you got to have those now. They are worth a small fortune, Bobby. You gotta update them every couple of years once the new cars go out of warranty."

He nodded. "I know but updates are cheaper than buying all this from the factory."

"It'd take years and a lot of going in debt to buy this stuff new."

"I know," he chuckled. "And to think, we're getting it at a very very incredible rate."

"Bobby, was he talking our kind of hunter? Or going after deer or duck?"

"Our kind," he answered. "Thomas was aware of the supernatural world as psychics and the like run through their family. When Jake was almost two, the family was attacked by a coven of witches. Jake's abilities are what kept him alive until Thomas got home..though he lost his ability to see."

"So, you hunted down the coven? Jake still have those abilities? I mean how'd he know we were hunters, or used to be."

Bobby nodded. "He recognized me as I used to babysit him at times if Thomas got called off for an emergency and no other hunter could handle the job. Jake still has them and spent a lot of time learning to control the gifts."

"Wow, Bobby. Is living here now? He might need some friends who would understand. We wouldn't mind, you know. Sam might appreciate it more then either of us."

"He moved back here a few weeks ago. Knowing him, he probably had a vision that we needed this stuff and let the info drift to me that he was willing to offload it."

"Yeah, I know all about visions. Sam doesn't seem to have them any more, or if he does, he says nothing about them. Maybe he can control them or the blood addiction messed that up. I don't know for sure, Bobby. I just know he says nothing about it, but there's not really been any mention of visions since he died and I did what I did to bring him back."

Bobby looked at him. "I have a feeling that the visions stopped because there may very well be no more kids like him. He connected to them through that blood."

"Damn, Bobby. I never thought of that."

"Sam and I talked about it earlier. He brought it up to me with that theory. He wanted my input before he asked you what you thought on it."

"How long ago did you guys talk about that, Bobby? It's been almost two years since they stopped."

"Earlier today. It'd occurred to him they hadn't happened in a long time and he was wondering about it."

"Kind of odd, isn't it? Both of us thinking the same thing?

"It happens."

"You know, that's in the past. Was he scared to approach me about it?"

"No, he'd wanted to bounce the theory with me before talking to you. Said something about getting it straight in his head first."

"Okay, just so it's not going back to no talking again."

"No, not that at all. Just was using me as a sounding board mostly," he said.

"No, that's okay, Bobby. I do the same thing. I was concerned that it might have been a while since he talked with you and might have felt he couldn't bring it up to me because of the past. I don't want that at all."
"Sam wouldn't do that to you, Dean. You were busy, thought hit him, and he wanted a sounding board so he wouldn't sound like an empty headed moron," he said with a chuckle. "His words, not mine."

"The only time he's been an empty headed moron was when he was so drunk."

Bobby snickered at that. "You're not not better when you're looped either."

"He told me I was short. Only time I can remember doing something like that was when I had yellow fever."

"I can think of a few times. You two are very entertaining when you're drunk," he said with a grin.

“When was I ever that drunk, Bobby?”

"First time, you were what..just legal to drink..and got so bombed out of your tiny gourd, I spent more time laughing at you than drinking myself," he said with a laugh.

“That was after Sam left for college? Where the hell was Dad? Oh. That was after he dumped me and went his own way? I did stop to see you for a while. I’ve had drinks before, Bobby, but I don’t remember going drinking with you.”

"I bought you your first beer when you became legal," he said.

“On my birthday? I remember you showing up, because Sam and Dad were at it pretty bad I know we went to the bar, but I don’t remember getting drunk or anything. I just remember one beer. Course, it was a pretty bad day, with them fighting. Why did you come all that way, Bobby? I thought you were there to put a stop to the fighting, but it continued til Sam left.”

"I knew they were fighting and wanted you to enjoy yourself at least," he said softly. "God knows you deserved one happy day."

“You came for me, Bobby? You never told me that.” Dean was quiet for a moment. “Thanks, Bobby.”

He slapped his back. "Anytime, kid, you know that."

Dean’s voice cracked, “I’ve learned that this past year. I never recognized it for what it was. I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it before this.”

"Better late than never," was the sage advice.

th The older Winchester pulled the older man into his arms and held him tight. Sam found them there and wondered what had happened.

Bobby hugged him back, then looked at Sam. "Everything squared away?"

Sam looked questioningly at the older man, met his brother’s gaze, smiled and said, “Yeah. We can rent a truck and have it deliver the equipment after we get back from town. We can get the cars a little at a time. Jake is in no hurry. He’s a great guy.”

Dean grinned. “Let’s go get that chicken and plot out the weekend. I already rented rooms in town for tomorrow night.”

"The question is getting those cars back to the shop," Bobby said. "We may have to call in some favors to get them there."

“Sam just said that Jake wasn’t in a hurry, Bobby. We got the wrecker which will flat bed one and haul a second, and your truck will haul one. We can do it.”

"Two trips," he mused. "Yeah, we can do that."

“We’re hiring a truck to bring the tools and electronics back. Right, Sam?”

Sam nodded. "Yeah and gotta take pictures of the ones that're completely restored too."

“Get Sarah to do the photos. She’s the artist, Sam. I want to have an album for each one we restore, showing the work as it goes. We promised one to Mr. Hemings, but I want one for us too. Keep an album growing with each car from start to finish in it.”

"I know...and we get a nice slice for the commission. I saw the papers, Dean. He's generous."

“On the finished ones? How much of a commission, Sam? I know he said a generous commission, but I never expected a huge chunk, just a chance to get the word out about us.”

Sam handed Dean a piece of paper with the commission percentage written on it. The number was very generous. Dean looked at the commission percentage and raised his head to stare at his two partners.

“Why? He doesn’t know us, Bobby. Why the price on the tools, and now this? Who is he to us, and why is he doing this? Nobody just gives this kind of money away? Don’t throw L at me. He’s eccentric on a major scale.”

Bobby looked at him. "The kid doesn't need the money, Dean, and it's a reminder of the loss of a beloved family member."

“You know, Bobby. My past catches up with me sometimes. I still have a big problem with trust. Wanting to help someone he knows, like you, Bobby, is something I can understand. But he doesn’t know Sam and me. It just took me by surprise.”

"He knows a bit about you due to contact with me. You remember me calling occasionally to offer a warning on a case you're on?"

“Those were him? He had visions about us? Hell, Bobby, why didn’t you tell us?”

The older man ran a hand through his hair. "He asked me not to. He trusted me and his dad..that was pretty much it in regards to the world of the supernatural. And considering what that world cost him, it was a small price for him to ask."
“I understand the cost, Bobby. Hell, you know I do.. Anyway, I’m grateful. I don’t understand why he’d do this when the only thing he knows about us is from visions, but I’m grateful. Sam, let’s all go get that chicken. I’m tired.”

"Because you two matter to me..and I'm like an uncle to him," he said, walking with Sam towards the car.

Dean walked around the Impala and got behind the wheel, he turned and looked at the older man in the back seat. Smiling softly, he winked and asked, “Does that make hunting cousins of some sort?”

"He knows a bit about you due to contact with me. You remember me calling occasionally to offer a warning on a case you're on?"

“Those were him? He had visions about us? Hell, Bobby, why didn’t you tell us?”

The older man ran a hand through his hair. "He asked me not to. He trusted me and his dad..that was pretty much it in regards to the world of the supernatural. And considering what that world cost him, it was a small price for him to ask."
“I understand the cost, Bobby. Hell, you know I do. Anyway, I’m grateful. I don’t understand why he’d do this when the only thing he knows about us is from visions, but I’m grateful. Sam, let’s all go get that chicken. I’m tired.”

"Because you two matter to me..and I'm like an uncle to him," he said, walking with Sam towards the car.

Dean walked around the Impala and got behind the wheel, he turned and looked at the older man in the back seat. Smiling softly, he winked and asked, “Does that make us hunting cousins of some sort?”

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 99

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Working at the Shop

iDean hit the alarm as it went off, sliding out of bed as he did so. He got cleaned up, found some clean work clothes that he wore...jeans, white t-shirt, and an automotive long sleeve shirt, with Dean on the pocket. He headed into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. He was drinking coffee again, but in moderation. The doctor was adamant about it and Lisa rode roughshod over it. He filled his mug, grabbed a breakfast sandwich out of the freezer and slipped outside. He filled the large water bowl for the Jack Russells, and poured three bowls of dog food for them. He walked over to the cabin and put out cat food for the growing population that kept the rest of the wildlife at bay. He headed to the Impala, knowing that Bobby and Sam would be there before eight to open up.

The two were waiting on him, Sam reading over something for his class load. He was finishing his law degree and working on a business one as well.

"Hey! You guys are early. I figured you'd still be in bed." Dean popped his breakfast sandwich in the microwave. He saw that the coffee pot was ready for everyone and the customers. "I have to get the Caddy finished this morning. Mrs. Heming will be by this afternoon. I got the last of the paint on Wednesday. Can't even tell there'd been a dent. I had to mix to match the paint. The car has faded a little. I need to do the tune-up and she'll be ready."

Bobby nodded. "I'll help with that then. Sam said he had to handle some book keeping."

Dean nodded, getting his sandwich out of the microwave. Bobby checked the refrigerator, shook his head, walked into the office and left a note for Sam to call Lisa and let her know there were no snacks or a lunch for the mechanic anywhere in the building.

Sam looked up and read the note. "How did this happen?"

Upon hearing Sam's question, Dean walked into the office with a half-eaten sandwich in his hand. "How did what happen?"

"No snacks or lunch. We're usually good at keeping things stocked."

"There was still some stuff in there Wednesday before I left for the evening. I stayed late to get the paint job done. I didn't eat lunch or afternoon snack...." Dean saw two stern faces in front of him.

"Dean," his brother scolded softly.

"I had to get it finished, Sam. She was coming for it today. I was at school all day yesterday, not counting the long ride there and back."

"You have to make sure to eat, Dean. It's not healthy for you."

"I know that, Sam. It took two days to get that dent lined out. She did a major number on it. That meant one blasted day to paint it. I grabbed some peanut butter crackers off the counter with a bottle of water when I came in to get some cleaner. I was out of it in the shop."

The dark, shaggy head nodded. "All right." Sam would have to remember to keep an eye on him when the time ran over.

Dean nodded, saying, "I'll call Lis in a while and let her know we need food supplies."

Bobby snorted, "Like hell you will. Sam, give her a call. It's almost eight and she's up by now. Let her know what our boy here is doing."

"Aw, come on, Bobby. I have stuff to do and she'll be up here reading me the riot act and giving a date to see the doc. Sam?"

"Sam, tell her."

Sam picked up the phone, calling Sarah and letting her know they were out of food. This was a compromise since he was going to keep a sharper watch over his brother.

"Thanks, Sam." Dean took a bite of his sandwich, and headed into the kitchen area and grabbed a juice and some water. Taking the last bite of his sandwich, he headed towards the shop to do the tune up. Bobby stared at Sam, shaking his head, turned and followed Dean out to the shop.

"Bobby!" When the older man turned, Sam explained his thought process on this.

"Sam, that's all fine and good, if you can keep up with him along with your own load, but we don't know what he's doing in the city those two days a week he's at diesel school. He gets so caught up he forgets. You know how Dean is. He doesn't mean it and he regrets it when he's reminded. Damn it! We don't know."

"We also have to trust him," Sam pointed out. "We coddle him, he will feel too restricted."

"How do you plan on keeping an eye on him and reminding him without making him feel that way?"

"Text message?"

"Text message? Can you see him through that damn phone?"

"Bobby, we have to trust him sometime."

"All right, Sam. He skipped lunch and a snack on Wednesday. We have no idea what he did yesterday while away. It's your job. You took it on, but I'm keeping an eye on him while he's working and I'm around."

He nodded, then winced when he heard Sarah come in and approach Dean. "I have a feeling she'll handle it."

Dean saw his brother's fiancee drive up. Smiling, he waved at her, and leaned back over the engine as he was replacing the plugs and wires. He heard the car door. Expecting her to bring the food into the front, he was surprised to look up and see her standing there.

Frowning, he said, "Hey, Sarah. Something wrong?"

"I'm worried about you," she told her future brother in law. "Sam called me instead of Lisa since he didn't want you to feel overly pressured. Dean, I know you're busy but you can't let the food run out here and skip meals."

Dean exhaled, and leaned against the Cadillac. He bit his bottom lip and stared at her. "Sarah, I thought there was food in there. I can't keep that on my mind all the time. I have this job, two different schools, and finding time for the family. Food is the last thing on my mind. It used to be one of the first things and screwed my life up. I'm sorry, but I have deadlines in everything. I have a home to decorate. I wanna get married, Sarah. Hell. I've got so much on my mind all the time, it's hard to sleep until I just drop. I'll try, but I can't guarantee anything."

"Then you need to devise a system for maintaining your diet, Dean, that won't interfere with everything."

Dean's eyes closed in frustration. "What would you recommend? If it's in there when I come through, I eat. If I don't get in there, I don't think about it. My mind is on the job."

"Sam is worried about you feeling too coddled. Do you eat when you're in classes?" She knew Lisa sent food with him.

"I have an hour for lunch, and I will try to eat a snack on the way home."

"If Sam comes in or Bobby with food, will it feel like pressure or what?"

"Of course not. I'd be grateful. I just have a lot to do out here, Sarah. I know you're borrowing one of the worker's vehicles to get out here today. Besides paying jobs, I have three vehicles to build for everyone. There's the diesel classes. They're important, Sarah. I didn't ask because Sam and Bobby have things to do too."

She leaned against the wall. "Sam and Bobby want to, but Sam is worried about you feeling as if they don't trust you to take care of yourself."

Dean shrunk a little as he sighed again. "Sarah, I don't trust myself to take care of me sometimes. It's hard to explain. I don't do it intentionally. I do care about it. My mind is working on so many things that unless I feel hungry, I don't realize I haven't eaten."

"I'll let him know then, Dean. I know he's been worried about you but didn't want to smother you either. It's why he called me and not Lisa."

"I appreciate it. I really do. If Lis finds out this happened today and she wasn't called, there's gonna be hell to pay. You guys know that? I'm the one who's gonna be fileted."

"As far as she knows, Sam ate the last of the food and I'm up here to replace it," she grinned.

Dean smiled, "I don't remember eating the last of the food, Sara. I wish I knew if I did. That worries me."

"I can put up a sign sheet, who got what and when."

"That's a good idea. Thanks."

"Welcome, I'll go tell them and then head to work myself." She'd been working on Near's room, having left that one for last.

"How much more you got to do on Near's room? We could help some if it's needed. I hadn't told anyone yet, but they'll be here sometime on Sunday, and we're all going to the city tomorrow to shop for our wings."

"I'm putting the finishing touches on it today. The trees took longer to get the right effect and not overpower the room."

"When his eyes lit up when I suggested the room, that was the closet thing to emotion I've ever seen in him."

"That's why I'm trying to do my best for it," she said.

"I want you to know that I'm grateful that you took on all of the rooms like you did. I am excited about seeing them. It was hard staying away from them."

"I'm glad you did."

"Yeah, me too. Well, I need to get this car finished. Thanks again, Sarah. I'd hug you but I'm already greasy." Dean grinned, a streak of black across his left cheek.

She laughed. "Let me get those two filled in and head back to work."

Both men met Sarah at the car, helping to carry the groceries inside. Bobby set them on the counter and began to put them in the refrigerator and on the shelves. He turned to the woman, "Well?"

You two can bring him snacks, drinks, and meals if he's too busy and nearly forgets. He'll respect that and won't feel that you're coddling him. Keep a signed list of what is eaten and by who. You know how I bring him snacks or a small meal sometimes and leave them in reach?"

Both men nodded.

"We have a deal. Now I need to get to work. Have fun guys!"

At lunch time, Dean backed the wrecker out of its garage, and leaned out, asking Sam to remain in case Mrs. Heming arrived before he was done. He looked at Bobby, asking him if he was gonna come look at the vehicles.

Bobby nodded, following him out to see what was going on. They drove about twenty miles and met the man who had the three vehicles in his field. The two cars had some body damage, but Dean was good at repairing that kind of thing. The truck needed a new interior and a windshield. The truck and one car had no engines, and the other engine needed work. Dean hopped out of the wrecker and went over each vehicle again, this time with Bobby.

"Whaddya think, Bobby?"

He looked under the hood, examining what was under. "We'll have to scrounge for parts, think I know where to get some for these. Looks good, pretty solid "

"Yeah, I thought so. Owner says he has clear titles to all three. $750 for the lot is my offer. I'm fixing to talk to him." Bobby waited by the wrecker while Dean haggled with the man. He could heard Dean telling him that he was going to have to spend quite a lot to get the vehicles running. $750 in there condition was fair. The man finally agreed and the titles were signed over. Dean gave the man a bank check to guarantee a sale. Sam had the copy of the check. Dean backed the wrecker and pulled one car up on it, and hooked the truck to the rear. Bobby told him he had the set up on his to haul the other car. Theytook all three back to the shop.
Sam was waiting for them. "Looks like it went well then."

Dean grinned and pulled to the back where he did body work. Mrs. Heming and her son pulled in at that moment. Sam watched his brother hurry to meet them. He took them both to the Cadillac. They both seemed pleased. Sam went inside as the three headed to the office.

"Hey, Sam! You got the bill for the Hemings? It should be for $1275. Mrs. Heming, my brother, Sam will take care of you. There's a warranty on the work. It's with the bill." Dean thanked them for bringing him the job. Sam watched him leave the office and head to the back of the building.

Sam grinned and turned to the client. "My brother spent a great deal of time on this ensuring you were given quality work." He handed her the slip so she could read over it.

"Yes, I imagine he did. He's done work for others in town. My son is an attorney and he had him investigated. I don't take my car to just anyone. We are highly pleased with the work. I have several automobiles and you will be the only place they will be taken to. Thank you. Jeffrey, will you pay him for me?"

"I will, Mother. Mr Winchester, I work for a major law firm and I will be letting everyone know of the quality of work and the reasonable prices you give your clients. I noticed the Impala. Did your brother restore it? I am interested in finding a '57 Chevy. Would he be interested in helping me?"

The grin grew on Sam's face. "Dean loves to work with the older models. He and Bobby both. I'm certain they'd help. Write down your contact information, sir, and I'll have him call you when he has a few moments." He looked at the older lady. "We'll take care of your needs, ma'am. My family definitely appreciates the business of yourself and your family."

Mr Heming gave Sam his business card and took two of the shop's. He kept one and gave the other to his mother. He paid Sam with a certified check and the two left the shop. Sam walked into the back kitchen and saw Bobby eating a sandwich. Dean's head was on the table, and he was asleep.

"What time did he go to bed, do you know, Sam? He needs to eat, but he's exhausted. I think we ought to shut down for the rest of the day and let him sleep. The extra trip to the city will be hard enough tomorrow. What do you think? Give Lisa a call and see if she knows how much sleep he had."

"Let him take a quick nap and see how he does. We have a cot in the back office," he told him. "We also have repeat business in the Hemings."

"Let's get him back there. We can feed him when he wakes up."

"I'm not waking him like that." Sam went over and pulled his brother into his arms and lifted him. Bobby opened the door to the back office and they laid the mechanic on the cot. Bobby turned on the fan, and they both went to the kitchen, where Sam fixed himself a sandwich and a soft drink.

Bobby looked at him. "So repeat business hmm?"

"Yeah, and the son is an attorney. He plans on letting others know about our place. Oh, and he wants a '57 Chevy."

He grinned at that. "That one would be fun to restore."

"I think you and Dean would have a blast with that. He asked if Dean restored the Impala. I didn't say no because Dean did do that after the wreck."

"He's maintained it and rebuilt it when it needed it," Bobby pointed out. "The two of us would have a great time restoring a classic like the '57."

"Yeah, I think you would. I have no idea if the man plans on finding one or if he wants Dean to do that. I told him that Dean would call him."

45 minutes later, Dean stepped into the office, looking sheepish, yawning slightly.

"I'm sorry, guys. Got to bed late last night. How long was I out?"

"Not too long," Bobby answered with a smile."Hungry? you slept through lunch."

"Yeah, actually. Let me fix something and I'll be back.'

"No, I'll fix you something. Sam wants to talk to you about the Hemings."

Sam grinned at that. "Oh yeah, I've got some stuff to tell you."

Dean sat down in front of Sam's desk. "Okay, Sammy. Shoot."

"The Hemings were incredibly impressed with the work you and Bobby did as well as the honesty and prices. She's bringing more of her vehicles to us and will only use us for fixing cars. Her son wants to talk to you about finding a '57 Chevy," he said.

"Repeat business is the best kind, Sam. That's great news. Does Mr. Heming understand that finding a rebuilt '57 for sale will take time, and he'd better have a major pocketbook because they aren't cheap?"

"He's a lawyer, Dean," he told him.

"Yeah, Sam, but people who rebuild '57s don't usually sell them. It's gonna cost a small fortune to find someone who will sell a rebuilt one."

"Unless he wants you to rebuild it," he said, then handed his brother the business card.

Dean stared at the card, then at his brother. "The joke isn't funny, Sammy. The guy couldn't possibly know I can rebuild a car. This would be a dream job."

"I wouldn't pull a joke like that, Dean. He saw the Impala."

"My baby is not fancy, Sam. I kept a lot of the faults in her because of the memories. She still rattles because of my legos and our initials are still on the floorboard. Hell, your army man is still in the ashtray."

He smiled at that. "I know but you've done incredible work on her, Dean. The 57 isn't fancy either. The Impala is a calling card for this shop."

Bobby came in with a sandwich with all the trimmings and a tall glass of milk. Dean stared at the milk, and up at Bobby. Grinning, he said, "Oh god, Bobby, a '57!"

Bobby's grin was just as huge. "I know. Call him after you eat and we'll start looking. I know a few people."

Sam leaned over and put a hand on Dean's wrist. Dean looked at him, a question in his eyes. "Don't you dare wolf that down."

Dean smiled and took a normal bite.

The older man laughed at that. They both knew that Dean would've wolfed it down in order to get this project going.

After he had finished his sandwich, and drunk the glass of milk, Dean took the card and called the attorney.

"Heming speaking," came the professional response.

"Mr. Heming, this is Dean Winchester. My brother said you wanted to speak to me about a '57 Chevy?"

"I did," was the response. "I'm not mechanically inclined but love that model. I was hoping you could help me find and then rebuild the car?"

"I would love to, sir, but I have to be very honest here. I have no idea what it will cost..even after getting the car. Body work can be priced, but you can find a flaw in the metal when you start working it. If the engine is intact, finding parts can still be difficult. The prices change all the time. It would still be cheaper then buying a rebuilt one, most of the time. I can go that route if you prefer. If it needs any chrome, well.. you can see how that goes. My labor will depend on all of that, but I won't overcharge you. I'll charge you what it costs me for the parts. Since I don't add to that, I do add the shipping costs to it. If I have to go get a part, I'll charge my time. If that's fair, and you still want to do it, I'm more then willing."

"I understand that, Mr. Winchester, but would rather see one rebuilt by your hands so I know the work is quality."

Dean's eyes grew large and he flushed. "Thank you, sir. I would love to do it. I'll look around and see what I can find. We'll want one with a good body if we can get it. I'll try to find the best price I can for the quality. I'd like you to come by one day after the car is here, to look her over and look at paints and interiors. We can go a number of routes with that. I'll know what direction we're taking that way."

"Understood. I'll be leaving a camera as well; I want pictures of the progress to show off."

"My future sister-in-law is an artist. I could ask her to put an album together for you."

"That sounds good,"he answered. "I'll expect to hear updates on potential cars."

"I'll spend some time looking and finding what I think will work. I'll ask you to come by and look at what has been found We'll make contact and offer a bid."

"That sounds good, Mr. Winchester."

"Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Heming. You won't be disappointed. I guarantee it."

"I know I won't. Have a good day, Mr. Winchester. I hope to hear from you soon."

"You will, sir. You have a good day, too." Dean still held the phone after the attorney had hung up. Finally, he looked at the two men sitting in the office with him.

"He doesn't want a rebuilt or anything. He wants it all done by me so he can guarantee the quality of the work." Dean's voice was barely a whisper of awe and surprise.

Bobby grins. "Shall I make some calls?"

"Yeah, Bobby. Sam, can you see what is available on the internet? Bobby, if you find one, I need to be able to see pictures of it, and a good description. I'll need to go see it, if necessary. This is a major expense for this man. I want to him to have the best we can find for him."

"Not a problem," Bobby said as he headed to the phone while Sam went to check the internet.

Dean disappeared within seconds of both men doing the searches. Soon they both heard the clang of the wrecker. Dean was unloading the vehicles being rebuilt near the body shop. Bobby's truck was there and he released the one that had been towed by the older man. Dean pushed one of the Tauruses into the body shop and began to go over the vehicle carefully checking for any damage in body. He was making a list of what would be needed for the car. This would be Lisa's car. He'd take the paint and interior lists to her tonight and let her pick the colors she'd like.

Bobby came out an hour later with a grin. "I have a bite."

Dean's grease covered upper body and face appeared from the under the hood of the Taurus, a look of surprise showing through the grease. The whites of his eyes and teeth looked hysterical to Bobby, who was now wondering what the hell Dean had gotten into under the the hood of the one vehicle with an engine.
"That's great. You got a site on the computer where we can see her? How far away is she? What shape is she in?

"Hour and a half away. Said the body is solid, no rust damage but we're going to have to look for parts. Part of the engine isn't there anymore," he said. "I was more concerned about the body health than anything else."

"Let me clean up. We'll go take a look? What is he asking for her?"

"Young man, doesn't really know what he has. It was his father's and he's clearing the estate. He said he'd take our best offer."

"Okay. Let me clean up." Dean headed for the cold shower in the back. Bobby worried about him doing that in November. He went to talk to Sam about a hot water heating system for the garage. Dean refused to bring the grease home to Lisa.

Sam heard the shower and looked at Bobby. "I have a plumber coming in next week so the showers for us will be hot. I hate cold water."

"I have no problem taking the grease home. Do you? I don't think he's mentioned it to Lisa, and I'm positive she doesn't know it's only cold water up here. That boy has had too much happening to him already without him catching pneumonia on top of it."

"That's why the plumber is coming. And when I am greasy, I clean up here 'cause it's not fair for Sarah to clean up after me."

"Does Sarah know? Dean does it daily, and sometimes more then once a day. You remember how cold it was last night? He came in from the diesel class, tired, but clean? His hair is longer now and it was still damp."

"No, she doesn't. Moot point now since it's getting fixed," he typed into the laptop. "Make the deposit on the way out?"

"Yeah, if you got it made out. We may be buying a car. If we do, we'll go to the bank and get a certified check for the amount. Dean prefers those for some reason."

"Less of a chance to bounce," he said and handed Bobby the locked bag and a deposit slip.

"You really concerned about bouncing a check, or of someone messing with it to get more money from us?"

Sam looked up. "Both. Watari recommended certified checks for safety's sake and after researching it, I realized it's a sound business practice for purchases like this.""Sounds good to me. How's Dean feel about it? Or does he even care? He trusts you, you know?"

"He asked about it, and I was up front on the answers. That's why he insists on it too."

"Dean can run a shop and he's one of the best damned mechanics I've ever met. His body work is fantastic. He's better then his old man. He thinks he's nothing like John, and he's not. You are. But, he can fix a car like new. Just don't give him the checkbook or the books. He does not have a head for business. He'll bring in the take care of it. I think you have the harder job, Sam. Dean absolutely loves what he's doing."

He gave a small smile. "I don't mind watching the books. I'm shit at working on cars so I'll leave that to the pair of you."

"I'm wondering if Dean is going to make his name around here as a mechanic or a restorer. It will be interesting to find out. He's going to be buying cars, Sam. Be prepared for it The three he bought today were for us. He wants some to sell. If that kid has more then one car that could sell, don't be surprised if he calls you up and asks. By the way, you want the Taurus or the truck?"

"Not sure, haven't really seen them yet," he admitted. "I was fielding calls today."

"They all need work. He's looking at the Taurus with engine with Lisa in mind, I'm sure. We all borrow each other's cars for right now, but Lisa, with Ben, needs one. I can understand him starting on the first for her. Since I've got my old truck with the towing ability, he's looking at keeping it here, so I will get one, but you'll be second. Neither of the other two has an engine, but he'll work them in around the '57. I can guarantee that. He'll put in some extra time to get them done. I know your brother."

"And it's not like you won't be under the hood either, huh?"

"Of course not." Bobby winked.

"With a wife, and maybe kids, the Taurus might be better for you. Or take the truck, because she's been talking about extending the art decorating business. Get a van or something later, when kids are in the picture. Dean will fix you up better then buying a new one."

"The truck would be good for her artwork if she decides to expand it out. I'm not sure what she's planning. I'll have to talk to her and see."

"I don't think there's a major hurry. Dean will have his diesel classes, online schooling, regular mechanic work, rebuilding a '57 and a Taurus. We're gonna be busy trying to slow him down some. He's got to rest, have down time, and eat right."

"Well, you'll be helping him too, so that's a plus. He doesn't have to do it on his own. And Sarah said Ben's been itching to help down here."

I imagine Dean is gonna let him learn on the Taurus. He's not gonna let the boy lay hands on something he's being paid to do, but he may let him run errands for him on that Chevy."

Dean, came in. clean but wearing his long sleeve work shirt and dirty jeans. The t-shirt was out of site. "Hey, Sam, if I find some other good deals, I may be calling. The chance to rebuild and sell some cars is important. You'll know what we can and can't h handle, so I'll call you. You ready, Bobby? Sam, you wanna come along and take a peek. It's an estate sale. We might find something that might look good in our wings."

"Yeah, might as well. Let me call Sarah so she won't worry and set up the answering machine," he said as he powered down the computer.

Dean went outside and started the Impala, turning on the heater. It had gotten colder during the afternoon. He felt chilled. He called Lisa to let her know where they were going. He told her that if he found anything he thought they might want, he'd send her a photo. If she agreed, he'd buy it.

Bobby and Sam came out moments later. "We ready," Sam asked.

"Yeah. You know our balance, Sammy? In case there's more then one car we can use."

"I've got the total in my head, plus we're going to make a quick deposit too," he pointed out.

"Sounds good. I'm gonna look at his sale stuff too. Told Lis I would." Dean put the Impala in gear and pulled out of the lot. He put the car in park and got out and locked the gate. Getting back into the car, he sighed. "Damn! I'm cold. Tired today too."

"You've been working too hard," Sam answered.

"I know, Sam, but I got a lot on my plate It's gotta be done."

"You're taking some time off soon," he told his brother. Holidays were coming up and he would make sure of it.

"You know, Sam, when I told you I needed you to take charge for a while when I couldn't keep up, I thought it was for hunting. You took it very seriously. You know what else? I'm glad you did."

"Someone's got to. Lisa is stubborn but not quite stubborn enough," he teased, making Bobby laugh.

Dean grew serious. "She's stubborn enough, Sammy. She doesn't see me as much as you two do. Like today. She won't know about the eating. I honestly don't feel it's fair to bring work home and act like there's problems. She and Ben deserve to see a good side of me when I have to be gone so much, with classes and work."

Bobby spoke up. "She'll want to know about some of the problems, Dean, so she'll feel connected to you about work. She might be able to provide an insight the three of us hadn't thought of too."

Dean sighed, "Like how to make enough hours in a day? One of my professors changed the due date on a paper. I was supposed to have another week on it. He's having a kid and they decided to take the little fellow next week. He doesn't want to spend time grading our work. So I was up til one last night. I'm tired to be honest."

"Ask her, she might be able to help you. And honestly, Dean, if you need to cut out a few hours during the times you have finals, I'll man the shop."

"I know that, Sam, but Bobby can't do all the work we have lined up by himself."

"An hour or two extra a day won't kill me, idjit," he told his son.

"Why don't we pick up something to go for supper tonight. Y'all come over and we can talk...include the girls. I can't keep this up."

"Bucket of fried chicken works for me," Bobby grinned.

"Man, I'd love that. We'll have to get some baked for me, I guess."

"You've been doing well so splurging a bit won't hurt," Sam pointed out. "Bank," he pointed at the building.

Dean pulled into the drive through. He handed the deposit slip and the bag to the teller at the business window.

"I think we will get chicken and the fixin's"

"Sounds good to me. Call the girls and let them know," Sam said.

Dean dialed home while waiting on the teller. "Hey, hon. We're thinking fried chicken with all the fixin's for supper tonight. You got a problem with me having it tonight?"

"Not at all, Dean. Sarah's arms and head deep in paint. Ben's been running errands for her after his work was done, so take out would be appreciated."

"Thanks, hon. It's been a long time since I've had fried chicken. If you'll let Sarah know, I'd appreciate it. I love you."

"I love you too and will get Ben to tell her. She's been grouchy with everyone other than him," she laughed.

"I hope the touch up crew doesn't quit on us." Dean laughed too. He hung up the phone, got the receipt and the bag from the teller and handed them to Sam. "Your fiancee's grouchy. Only one who can be around her is Ben."

"She's been working on Near's room. Since that was the most complicated one, she put that off till last."

"Yeah, she told me. L and them are coming Sunday. I offered our help. No idea if she'll take it. She said she only had a little left."

" offering help. Sarah will go from sweet to bitch in under a second if someone even goes near her art stuff," he shuddered.

"Well, I guess it's my fault. I asked L and them to come and stay til after New Year's. I offered help."

"It isn't your fault. She's very much a demanding artist..very hard on herself. I can't wait to see the room."

"Me either. She won't let us see our rooms either. The mountain storm, Ben's beach scene, and bringing the desert into the dining room are forbidden."

"She's really been incredibly secretive over it," Sam answered.

"You know...that kind of scares me."