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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Five: Shopping for School and Eating Out

Bobby took Dean and Sam to town the last week of August.  Sam was in a stroller and kept trying to climb out of it.  Dean would walk to the stroller and tell his brother to behave.

Both boys had grown a good deal.  Bobby bought Dean new clothes and shoes for school.  He bought clothes and shoes for Sam.  School supplies were next on the list.  The store had lists for each grade.  He was pretty sure the Kindergarten teachers were not going to be happy.  Dean knew how to read, write his name, count to twenty and could recite the alphabet.

Bobby took the boys out for lunch.  Dean asked for a cheeseburger and pie.

“You know that’s not really good for you.  If you eat a regular meal, I’ll get you the pie.”

The hazel eyes stared up at the older man and weighed his options.  Bobby always loved to watch this.  The young boy was smart and was contemplating whether or not he could manage keeping the pie if he pushed for a cheeseburger.  He finally nodded.

Castiel, watching this, was betting on Dean.  He was trying to figure out how the boy would get what he wanted.

The waitress asked them what they wanted.  Bobby ordered a dinner, some finger foods for Sam, and turned to Dean.

“What will you have, Son?”

The boy had listened carefully to how Bobby ordered his meal. 

“Hamburger steak with fried potatoes.  Can I have a salad with lettuce, cheese, and tomato?  I don’t want rolls.  Can I just have some bread please?  And pie.”

The waitress walked off, Castiel was laughing, and the hunter stared at the boy in front of him who had found a new way to order a cheeseburger and still have a full meal. The hazel eyes stared at him and Bobby swore there was a twinkle of laughter in them.

“God help us,” he murmured.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Four: Sammy's Birthday

On May 2, 1984, a package arrived at the salvage yard.  It was addressed to Samuel Winchester.  Bobby brought it into the house and noticed there was no return address on the package.  He began checking for sulphur and other residue.  The phone rang as Dean ran into the house and up the stairs to check on his brother.

Castiel was following Dean when he saw the package.  His eyebrows rose as he saw Sam’s name on it.  He heard Bobby in the kitchen.

“Birthday?  Today?  Okay, John, I’ll see to it.  When is Dean’s?  He’s older.  He’ll notice a delay.  When?”

The angel jumped when Bobby slammed the receiver down. With everything that had been going on, he had forgotten the boy’s birthday.  The child had to have realized it was missed.  Of course, they were not at Bobby’s, but John should have made sure there was something.  He did for Sam.

Bobby called a friend in town and asked for a delivery.  After he was done, he went digging in a storeroom in the house.  He found some childhood games and decorations. 

Dean came down the stairs carrying his brother.  The older hunter looked up.

“Can we have ice cream, Unca Bobby?  It’s Sammy’s birthday and he’s not old enough to eat cake.”

“I ordered some ice cream, Son.”

Dean smiled and saw the package.  He walked over to it and turned to Bobby.  “For Sammy?”

“Yes, Dean.”

“From Daddy?”

The older man nodded.  Dean walked over to his brother who had been placed in a high chair.

“Daddy sent you a present, Sammy.”

“Did you get one on your birthday, Dean? “

The boy shook his head no, and went outside to play.  He did not return for several hours.  A woman friend of Bobby’s stopped by with packages and received a handful of cash.

An hour later, Bobby went to the door and called out Dean’s name.  When the child and his guardian angel entered the house, it was quiet.  Dean called Bobby’s name.  He heard a noise in the kitchen and walked in.  Sam was in a high chair and wearing a party hat on his head. His brother’s eyes grew large.  A hat was placed on Dean’s head. 

He was taken over to the table and saw a cake.  On it was written Happy 5th Birthday, Dean - January 24, 1984.  Below it was Happy 1st Birthday, Sammy - May 2, 1984.   One tear slipped down the child’s face.  He wiped it away and smiled.

Bobby had presents for both children.  He served up cake and ice cream for Dean and ice cream for Sammy. 

“Well, Son?””

Hazel eyes stared up at him and the boy smiled, "Thank you Unca Bobby. It was good. Wish it was pie stead a cake.”

Castiel burst out laughing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Three: Fishing

The boys had been with Bobby for six weeks.  John had called and said he would be stopping by that afternoon.  Bobby frowned.  Dean had started opening up; being a kid a little.  His father would ruin it for the child.

The angel went upstairs and watched the child.  Dean was sitting in the rocking chair, a book in his lap.  Castiel looked over his charge’s shoulder and read the title.  The boy had a book on phonics.  Every word had a picture.

‘Teaching yourself to read, Dean?  You can not wait until next fall and school?’



‘Do everything you can possibly do to encourage him.  Other then Bobby, no one will.  Sam will be considered the intelligent one.  Dean is smarter then they will realize.  Help him where you can.’

‘Yes, Father.’

The angel watched the young boy as he struggled over words.  He would put the sound in the child’s mind.  It was just a touch.  He wished Dean and not closed himself off  from him.  There was much Castiel could do if the boy still listened to him.

Both the angel and the boy heard the Impala. Dean ran down the stairs and out the door.  Bobby and Cas followed him.

John walked towards the house.  He nodded at Bobby, asking how Sam was.  Bobby frowned. 

“He’s just fine, John.  Dean is doing well.”

“I can see that.  The hunt I’m on will be taking me towards the Texas/Mexico border.  I hope Dean is behaving.”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“Dean, I will be gone for a long time.  You obey Bobby like you would me.  He’s your commanding officer while I’m gone.  You take damn good care of your brother.”

Dean stared at his father in confusion.  John ran up the stairs and held his youngest son.  He was followed by Dean, Bobby, and Castiel.  Dean frowned and Bobby felt him start shaking. The boy ran outside and disappeared.


“Yeah, Bobby?”

“You’re an ass.  You have two sons, damn you.”  Bobby walked away.

A few minutes later, John drove out of the salvage yard.

Castiel found the boy sitting by a stream on the property.  He was throwing acorns into the water.  Bobby spotted the child and headed off to a storage shed he had nearby.  Dean heard the man’s footsteps a while later.  He did not move.

Bobby sat down with two fishing rods and bait. 

“I figured you would like fishing.  You look like you would find it to be something that would help you relax.  Want to give it a try?”

Dean stared at the fishing tackle.  The sad hazel eyes looked into the older man’s.  Bobby could see the tears the boy was holding back, wondering how a child that age could acquire such strength.

Bobby put bait on a hook and tossed the line out.  He felt the intense stare and the little boy reached for the other rod.  The small hand tried to put the bait on the hook.  The man showed him how and watched the child cast the line out.

Castiel leaned against a tree in contentment, enjoying the peace and the quiet until Dean spoke.

“Daddy loves Sammy."

Bobby turned towards the boy, "Yeah, he does."

“Daddy doesn’t like me.”

Bobby wracked his brain for a  response.  The sad hazel eyes stared at him, expecting no answer.   The older man cursed John Winchester and an angry angel disappeared.

The long silence had been broken and John Winchester was stuck on a deserted road with four flat tires.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Two: Late Evening

Rufus was fascinated with Dean Winchester.  He stayed the night at Bobby’s with the idea of watching the young boy the next day.  The two men played cards and drank beer until they heard the baby cry.

The sound of feet moving caused two pairs of eyebrows to rise.  Dean came running down the stairs and threw open the refrigerator.  He had an empty bottle in his hand and a look of panic on his young face.  Bobby realized that the young boy did not know he had taken the bottles and put them in the refrigerator.  He heard a soft sigh and a bottle was removed. 
They watched the child push a chair to the counter and microwave the formula.  He had it down to a science, checking the liquid ever ten seconds.  When the formula was warm enough he ran back up the stairs, followed by an angel who had followed him down.  Both men looked at each other.

Rufus enquired, “How does he get him out of the crib?”

“Hell if I know,” Bobby snorted as he jumped out his chair and headed towards the stairs.

 Both men entered the room and saw that Dean had released the railing and pulled it down.  He climbed up into the crib and was holding his brother and had the bottle in the infant’s mouth.

When the little one had finished eating, Dean burped him.  He laid his brother on his back and climbed out of the crib.  Going through the duffel, he had another look of panic.  He went through drawers and the closet before he found the diaper hanger on one side and clothing on the other.
Bobby walked over and picked up the young boy.  Dean struggled to get to his brother when Rufus took the diaper.

“Sam will be fine, Dean.  Let us help you while you are here.  I want you to just be you; a kid.”

“Hell, I can change a diaper.  I’m sure I’ve done it at some time or another.”

Bobby took the young boy downstairs.  He placed some milk and cookies at the table and smiled at the intense stare in the young child’s eyes.

“They’re yours.  Your brother is changed and fed, so relax a while.”

Dean ate the cookies as if he had never tasted anything sweet before.  The hunter figured it had been a while. Castiel nudged Bobby to encourage a fatherly attitude in the man.  His charge needed a father’s love more then anything at this time.  John would not offer that. He wanted a soldier. 

Bobby made another pot of coffee.  Rufus had come down and was looking up information on the computer for a hunter who had called.  Castiel watched the boy fall asleep at the table.

Bobby Singer picked up young Dean Winchester, wiping cookie crumbs and a milk mustache off his face.  He carried him back to the bedroom and laid the young boy on the bed and covered him with a quilt.  He watched one arm moving around the bed until the stuffed dog was found.  A slight smile appeared as the child sunk deeper in his sleep.

He sat in the rocking chair for a long time, watching the moonlight kiss the face of the older Winchester boy.  He could just see a spattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks.  The older man smiled, thinking that maybe he was going to be a daddy after all.

The angel, sitting on the bed, running his hand through the blond hair, knew the man  would be the best father in the world.  After all, he would be what this one Winchester needed more then anything.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Snippets Thirty-One: Rufus Turner

Castiel watched a large truck pull into the salvage yard and a large man jumped out and headed towards the door.  He raised his hand to bang loudly, but Bobby opened it wide and went, “Shhhh.  They’re still sleeping.  The older boy needs the rest badly.”

“What older boy, Bobby?  I kinda overdid whatcha told me to do.  The kids have nothing?”

“You were here when John Winchester showed up.”

“Yeah.  He’s gonna make a good hunter.”

“Yeah, well, he’s a lousy father.  When you hunt and have a family, you got to balance both.”

“He’s not?”

“No.  Let me help you bring the stuff in.”

The two men carried in several large bags fill with clothing, books, and toys.  Bobby led Rufus upstairs to the boys’ room, followed by Castiel.

“Dean won’t accept a separate room.  He’s gonna watch the baby.  I’ve never seen that kind of intensity in a young child, Rufus.  He was starving and exhausted by the time he got here.  He ate a whole sandwich, and large bowl of soup, and a glass of milk.  The boy was asleep as soon as he laid down.  He’s a cute little fellow, too.”

The two men and the angel quietly entered the room.  Rufus stared at the baby.  There were several infant’s toys in the crib.  The older boy had hand-me-downs. 

Bobby murmured, “They didn’t fit him right either.”

The larger man cursed, “I’ll be damned.  I got just the thing for a tired, frightened little boy.”

Bobby and Castiel waited.  Rufus brought all of the bags into the room and the two men put clothes in drawers and hung them in the closet.  Books and games were placed on a book shelf.  Some toys were placed on a table near Dean’s bed.  Rufus placed a large, stuffed, tan dog on the bed with the boy. 
The child opened his eyes at the movement.  He checked on Sam and then noticed the stuffed dog.  As he turned he saw the two men standing by the  foot of his bed.  Rufus made a hugging motion then whispered, "for sleeping with."  Bobby and his friend experienced a rarity.  Dean smiled a big smile, hugged the dog and pulled it under his blanket.  Soon he was back asleep.  
Castiel sniffed and smiled. 

Rufus turned towards Bobby as they walked downstairs, “Can I shoot him?”

“Hell no, Rufus.  That little boy needs his Dad.  His Mom is dead.”

“That’s why you are fixing to pay me for all of that stuff?”

“Yeah, I’m not gonna lie to the boy.  This stuff is from us.  But I’m not gonna let him think he don’t have a dad either."


Castiel watched the two men make plans to help the eldest Winchester boy.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snippets Thirty: Bobby's House

John laid Sam on a pillow on the floor and walked past Bobby and Dean as he headed towards the Impala and the few meager things he had bought the boys since the fire.

Bobby set Dean down and went into his room and came back with a blanket and more pillows.  He made a pallet for Sam and went to check on John.  When he saw the small amount of items he stared at the man.

“This it?”

“Yeah. I need to get going.”

“I know you had a fire, John, but you worked for a while.  Why didn’t you take care of those boys?”

“I did. This is all they need.”

“Which of these small duffels belongs to which kid?”

“The bigger one is Sam’s.  Babies need diapers, formula, and more clothes.  They grow fast.”

“And Dean?”

“There’s enough there for him.  He doesn’t start school until the Fall.  I’ll be back when I come through this way.”

“You gonna say goodbye to Dean?”

John sighed and walked towards the house.  Bobby and Castiel followed behind him.  Dean was sitting on the blanket near his brother; reminiscent of his time at Mary’s family’s home. 

“Dean, I’m going to be gone for a while.  You and Sam are going to stay here with Bobby.”

The child looked horrified.  He ran to his father and held onto his leg.  John pushed him off.

“You’ve got to learn to be a good soldier, Son.  Good soldiers do not question their commanding officers.  Take care of your brother. He is your priority.”

Bobby watched the man walk to his car and leave. Dean stood at the door and watched his father leave him again. He ran back over to his brother and held onto him.

Bobby left them there and went looking for the crib. He took it upstairs to a large room and set the crib up.  He put fresh linens on the single bed and brought the boys things up to the room.  He noticed a number of items of clothing for the baby.  More than likely the family bought them.  He doubted it was John.  Dean had two pair of jeans, underwear, t-shirts and two shirts.  There was a pair of blue flannel pajamas. There was no toothbrush or anything for the boy.

Walking downstairs, he noticed that the older child had not moved. The angel had followed him.  He was just as upset as Bobby. The man walked into the kitchen and dialed a number.

“Hey, Rufus.  Are you still in the area?  Good, I need you to go the store for me.  I’ll pay you when you get here.”

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches wafted their scent into the living room.  The young boy sniffed and recognized the soup smell.  Sammy was asleep and the man seemed nice.  He was so hungry. 

Bobby was at the refrigerator pouring a glass of milk when he realized he wasn’t alone.  He turned and saw those expressive eyes staring up at him from the doorway. 

“Are you hungry?  I have tomato soup. A sandwich cut in half and the crust removed.  I seem remember people telling me kids don’t like crust.  I just set down a glass of milk.  I’ll eat with you.  We can hear Sam just fine in here.”

Dean climbed up on the chair and slowly started to eat.  He finished the entire sandwich, soup, and milk. 

“Why don’t we put Sam to bed and you take a nap?  Good idea?”

The blond head nodded. The man and boy went to get the baby.  Dean watched Bobby lay His brother in the crib.  He helped Dean take off his shoes, shirt, and jeans.  He tucked him under the covers.  The child was asleep within seconds of laying his head on the pillow.

“I’ll keep you two as long as he’ll let me, Boy,” the older man whispered.  

 Castiel also whispered, “And I will not leave you, Dean.  No matter what your family does, I will be here.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

Snippets Twenty-Nine: Bobby Singer

By the time John Winchester pulled into Bobby Singer’s Salvage Yard, Castiel was ready to strangle him.  Dean was exhausted, frightened, and becoming overly protective of his brother.  To Castiel this was not good. 

A man stepped out on the porch and the angel thought he could smell the alcohol from inside the car.  ‘Father wants me to influence this man to help Dean?’

The older Winchester stepped out of the car, leaving the children inside. The angel followed him. Bobby looked at the man walking towards him.

“You can’t go hunting with two little ones, John; especially as new at it as you are.  How old are they?”

“Dean will be five in January.  Sam is six months old.”

“Tell me again why your wife’s family won’t keep them?”

“Dean won’t talk.”

Castiel pushed at Bobby.  The man walked over to the car and looked into the back seat. 


The boys’ father walked over to the car, and the older man motioned to the infant.  John reached in and got the Sam out of the car seat and headed towards the house. Bobby just stared at him.  The hunter leaned into the back seat and stared and the blond haired child.  The hazel eyes showed fear and determination.  Bobby liked him immediately

The older man’s voice softened, “Well, hello, Dean.  Why don’t I bring you inside and give you something to eat and find you a bed to sleep in? “

The child froze.  ‘Sammy!’ Bobby could read the thought in the Dean's eyes.

“I think I have a crib somewhere.  I can put it in your room.  I have the place set up where bad things can’t get in unless I let them in.  You can watch over your brother and I’ll watch over both of you.”

Bobby thought he heard a sob escape the little boy but he wasn’t sure.  Dean crawled over the car seat and stumbled as he exited the car.  Bobby caught him and picked him up.  The little boy froze for a second.  With a sigh, he laid his head on the man’s shoulder and relaxed for the first time since his mother died.

Castiel watched and told Father he was grateful for this man.  The angel followed Bobby and Dean into the house.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snippet's Twenty-Eight: The Road to Bobby's

John drove at a fast speed from Kansas to South Dakota. There were no motel rooms.  He stopped only for restroom breaks and food.  Dean began what would be a lifetime responsibility.  At almost age five, he was feeding and tending to diaper duty for his six-month–old brother. Taking care of Sam would become the most important thing in his life.

Castiel, watching the older boy, frowned and wondered if this was his lot in life.  He sighed.

“Father, is this what Dean Winchester was born to do?”

“The boy’s love for brother is all encompassing.  He will do anything for Sam.  Remember that, Castiel.  You need to bring others into his life to give him hope and self-respect.  There will be a lot of pain.  Some of it will be from loss.  Most of it is because his family does not always realize what they have in him.  Start with Bobby Singer.  He can and will be a great influence for Dean. Dean will need him for some semblance of normalcy.”

“Yes, Father.”

The Impala was soon a few miles from Bobby’s place.  Dean had fallen asleep from exhaustion.  Sam started crying.  John, hearing the baby, looked into the rearview mirror.

“Dean, take care of your brother.”

The older boy did not respond.


Cas watched the young child jump.  He hugged him, knowing the boy wouldn’t feel it.  The angel did it anyway.

“Take care of your brother.  You need to start talking, Son.  I have to be able to communicate with you.”

Dean fed his brother and stared at his father, saying nothing.

Snippets Twenty-Seven: The Aftermath for Dean

John and the boys stayed with some relatives of Mary’s.  An uncle bought a cemetery plot and a stone, but the grave was empty.  The fire had been incredibly hot.

John knew her death had not been normal.  He tried researching and could find nothing.  He went to Missouri Mosely.  Most of the time, he took the boys with him.  From Missouri, he learned about the evil that was out there. 
John would bump into hunters because he was looking for them.  They knew how raw and unlearned he was.  He was given a name:  Bobby Singer.

While John was searching, Dean was having his own problems.  He was afraid; horribly afraid.  All memories of Castiel and his protection were gone.  His mind, in pain and anger, blocked all of it; too much pain and horror for a four-year-old. Mary’s family didn’t want him. He refused to talk, and they could not separate him from Sam.

John had changed drastically. When he got the name of Bobby Singer, he called the man.  Leaving the boys with Mary’s family, he drove to South Dakota.  After several weeks, he received a call to come get Dean. The Campbells told him they would gladly take care of Sam,  but Dean was not normal and had to go.

John talked with Bobby and left for Lawrence, Kansas.  There was a loud 
argument.  Dean climbed back into Sam’s crib and refused to get out.  John entered the room and packed the boys’ things.  He reached into the crib for his oldest son.  The boy froze and stiffened and held on to his baby brother.

“Dean, I am taking both of you away from here.  I don’t know how you know, but you do.  Where you are going, you’ll both be safe.  Now let me get both of you in the car.  We’re leaving here and I won’t bring you back.”

Hazel eyes looked into the older Winchester’s.  The blond head nodded, but he still didn’t talk.

John put both of his sons into the back seat of the Impala and drove to South Dakota and Bobby Singer. In the back seat with the boys was a very sad guardian angel.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snippets 26: November 2, 1983

John had carried Dean to his room after saying good night to Sammy.  Mary followed behind and tucked the boy in. 

She whispered, “Angels are watching over you.”  The sleepy eyes looked over at his guardian angel and smiled.

Later in the evening, Dean heard his mother get up and check on Sam.  He heard her go downstairs.  A few minutes later, her running feet could be heard in the hallway.  Dean got up. Castiel followed him out of the room.   Dean stepped into Sam’s nursery and stood in a dark corner near the door.  He heard his Mommy scream as she went up the wall to the ceiling.  He saw her belly rip open.  Cas pulled him out of the room and sent him to his own room as they heard John scream, “Mary” and saw him run towards the nursery. 

Dean sat on the floor rocking back and forth.  Cas could tell the boy was almost in shock. 

“Dean, your Daddy and Sammy need you.  I think it is safe for you to go back to the nursery.”

Hazel eyes looked into the brilliant blue.

“Why didn’t you watch over Mommy?  Why did God take her away?”

Cas stood there, his heart breaking, as Dean heard his father screaming.  The little boy ran to the nursery.  As he entered, his father placed his brother in his arms and told him to run and protect his brother. 

Castiel appeared as Dean ran down the stairs.  Mary Winchester was on fire.  John covered his face and finally ran.

The angel found Dean and his brother on the front lawn.  The older boy looked lost.  John ran out and grabbed both boys.  They sat on the back of a car and watched the fire.  John held Sammy.  Dean stared off into space.

Castiel knew there something terribly wrong.  He tried talking to the boy but Dean did not respond.

The angel cried out to his Father, “Why did Dean have to see this?  He’s not talking!  He’s staring off into space, Father!  Why couldn’t I stop Azazel?  I could have.  He was alone!”

“Azazel is powerful.  It is not your destiny to kill him, but he will be killed.  Watch over the boy.  He will no longer hear you.  You will need to find allies for him; people who will care.  He will need them to survive, Castiel.  This will change his father completely.  If there were problems before, Dean has yet to face real ones.  Help him where you can.  He will not believe in you.  This has blocked the memories.”

The angel sat on the ground, staring up at the little boy, and he cried.

Snippets 25: Sam, Dean, and Castiel

Castiel stood by the living room window staring out as the rain came down.  The leaves had been turning into wonderous shades of color for some time.  Halloween was around the corner and Dean hadn’t even thought about the holiday or the free candy.

Mary had placed a deep blue quilt on the floor and Sam was laying his back and kicking.  Dean lay on his stomach next to his brother, taking a nap.  Cas turned and looked at his charge and the infant lying next to him.  The older boy had his arm around his brother’s waist. Whenever Sam kicked, Dean moaned slightly.  The angel walked over and checked on both boys.  Sam did not see him and this surprised the angel, who thought he would be able to.

“Father?  Why does one young one see me and the other does not?”

“You are not Sam’s guardian angel, my Son.  Dean is your charge.”

“Where is the baby’s guardian?”

“He does not have one.  His mother made a deal with Azazel and the child is not ours at this time.  He will be, but not yet.”

“Father, this will hurt Dean.”

“Yes, my Son.  I know. We cannot interfere.  Man is given free will.  It is not something you can understand.”

Castiel heard the hesitation in Father’s voice.

“But I will?”
“At a much later date, Dean will teach you about Free will.  One day all three of you will be mine again.”

Castiel looked upwards, consternation on his face.

“Again?  Father?”

“Yes, my Son.  Again.”

Dean woke up, crying out.  Castiel leaned down and touched his head.

“It is all right, Dean.”

Hazel eyes looked up at the angel and then down at his brother.

“Bad dream, Cas.”

“Yes, but it was just a dream.  Tell me about it.”

“The house was dark and I couldn’t find Sammy.”

Castiel was quiet.

“You will find him, Dean.  You may not find me for a while, but I will always be here; even if you cannot see me.  I promise."

The older Winchester boy put both arms around his guardian angel and hugged tightly to him. 

“I don’ want to not find you, Cas.”

“It is all right, Dean.  You will not remember.”

Snippets Twenty-Four: Dean Calls Him Sammy

After a week of hearing the baby being called ‘Sammy,’ John informed his oldest son that the boy’s name was Sam.  Dean, standing by his brother’s crib said, “Naaah, Daddy.  He’s Sammy.”

John shook his head and walked out of the room looking for Mary.  He found her out in the garden.

“Mary!  We have to do something about Dean.  Sam won’t know what he’s supposed to be called.”

Mary laughed and answered her husband, “He will probably spend more time with Dean then any of us, John.  What do you think he’s going to be called?”

In frustration, John Winchester shook his head again.  He bowed his head and then looked up sheepishly. 


“Yes, John.  Sammy.”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Snippets Twenty-Three: Dean Meets Sam

Three days later, John brought Mary and Samuel home.  John was calling the baby, Sam.  Mary just smiled.  Dean stood at the front door jumping up and down, trying to see his brother.

They took him to the nursery.  Mary told Dean to sit in the rocking chair.  She placed Sam in his arms.  Dean stiffened for a moment, trying hard to be careful.  He looked down into his brother’s face with awe.

“I’ll take good care of ya, Sammy.  I’ll teach ya everythin you need ta know. I love ya, Sammy,” Dean whispered as his kissed his brother’s forehead.

Mary reached down and picked her youngest son and kissed Dean.  She laid Sam in his crib, whispering, “Angels are watching over you.”

Dean smiled when he heard the words, automatically expecting his brother would have a Castiel.

The angel watched and listened.  In his innocence, Dean Winchester had no idea how prophetic his promises would be.

Snippets Twenty - Two: May 2, 1983

Mary awoke in the middle of the night and told John they needed to go the hospital. The sounds of them getting ready to leave woke their son. Dean came out of his room, rubbing his eyes, followed by an angel.

John looked at his son, "We're going to the hospital, Dean. I'm going to call Mrs. George."

"I wanna go too. My baby brother is coming."

"We don't know whether you are getting a brother or a sister, Dean. You are too young to be there."

"He's my brother, Daddy. I gotta show him things."

Castiel's eyebrows rose at the young one's comments. Dean seemed quite adamant about a boy. The angel knew the child was a boy. Azazel had said as much when he looked in on Dean.

"It's a baby, Son. You can't show a baby anything. You'll have to wait til your brother or sister is older."

John went downstairs and called Mrs. George. He went outside and put Mary's things in the Impala.
Dean went to his mother who was slowly getting dressed.

"I wanna be there, Mommy. Daddy says I can't."

Mary ran her fingers through the blond hair, "You can't come, Honey. You're not old enough."

Dean went to his room and sat on his bad, frustration showing on his face. Castiel looked out the window and watched the Winchesters drive away. He noticed Mrs. George walking across the yards.
The elderly woman came upstairs and tucked Dean back into bed.

She softly said, "Good night, Dean."

Dean muttered, "It's a brother."

The angel smiled, and thought, 'If you are as adamant about taking care of your brother as you are about his sex and showing him things, your brother will be very blessed indeed.'

The young Winchester tossed and turned most of the night. He beat Mrs. George to the telephone when it rang at 5:30 in the morning. He grabbed the phone.


"Dean? This is your Dad. You were right, Son. You have a baby brother. His name is Samuel. Sam is big baby. Your Mama is sleeping. He is screaming his head off. I think he may have a temper, Son."

"Thanks for calling, Daddy."

"You're welcome, Son."

Dean ran upstairs. Castiel followed. The angel sat and watched Dean make a welcome card for his brother.

"His name is Samuel, Dean."

"Naaah. His name is Sammy."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Snippet's Twenty-One: Mother's Day

Dean woke up early on Sunday morning.  He tiptoed down to the kitchen with a curious angel right behind him.  He opened the refrigerator and took out butter and milk.   He went to the pantry and got cereal and bread.

He looked at the coffee maker and frowned.  He didn’t know how to make coffee.  Dean poured the Captain Crunch cereal into a bowl and popped bread into the toaster.  He went back to the refrigerator and got out the apple juice.  The toast popped up and he buttered it.  Placing the toast on a plate, he poured milk on the cereal.  The young man put the drink, cereal, and toast on a tray.  It was not an easy walk up the stairs with everything sliding on the tray. 

When he reached his parents’ room, he put the tray on the floor and opened the bedroom door.  His daddy was asleep on his left side.  He could see his mommy’s large tummy.  Dean picked up the tray and walked to her side of the bed.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy.”

John Winchester sat up quickly and looked at his son.  He grinned and watched the look on Mary’s face.  There was spilt milk and cereal on the tray.  The apple juice had spilt onto the toast.  The cereal was Dean’s favorite; not Mary’s. 

Dean’s mom looked at the food and smiled at her son.

“Thank you, Dean.  This is beautiful.”

The young Winchester bounced up and down as his mommy took the tray and ate the meal.  He went back to his room and played with his Legos.  Castiel smiled at him.  Dean was good son.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snippets Twenty: Fourth Birthday

Dean woke up early on January 24, remembering that it was his birthday.  He knew his dad would be at work.  Castiel was sitting at the foot of his bed.

“Happy birthday, Dean.”

The young boy smiled at the angel and reached to hug him.  He heard his mom call his name.  Jumping out of bed, the child ran out of the room and down the stairs. 

His mother walked out of the kitchen. 

“Dean, put some clothes and shoes on.  It’s cold.”

Running back upstairs, the child bumped into the angel who was carrying clothing and shoes for him.  Grinning, Dean hurried to don the clothing.  He sat on the floor and put socks and shoes on his feet.

Back downstairs, he entered the kitchen.  His mother had bacon and French toast made for him.  There was a cup of hot chocolate and a glass of apple juice.  His eyes widened.

“Happy birthday, Dean,” his mother spoke softly as she hugged him and kissed him on his fore head.

Mary watched as he enjoyed his food.  After the dishes were done, she read to her son for a couple of hours.  Dean took a nap.  At 2:00, John came home.  They took their son upstairs and walked down the hallway past his room.   John opened the door on the right and let their son enter. 

The room was a typical little boy’s room.  It was done in shades of blue.  There was new furniture and a nice little bookcase with all of Dean’s favorite stories on the shelves. 

“This is your new bedroom, Son.  It is time you had a big boy’s room”

Dean hugged his parents and they took him downstairs.  There was cake and ice cream.  Dean was given a T-ball set and a cowboy hat, boots, and toy pistols for his gifts. 

The family had cheeseburgers and French fries for the boy’s birthday meal.   Later that evening, Mary and John tucked Dean under the covers of his new bed.

Mary softly said, “Angels are watching over you.”

They turned off the lights and shut the bedroom door.  Castiel heard a soft sigh and asked his young charge what was wrong.

I got cake for my birthday.”

“That is the usual dessert for birthdays, Dean.”

“I wanted pie.”