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Monday, October 17, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 150

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Blackout and Pranks

 Watari nodded, looking things over.  "Matt, Mello, Near, go into our wing and retrieve all the blankets and pillows.  Dean, Sam, and Bobby,  I suggest you do the same in yours.  We can set up pallets in here and the heat from the bodies will help keep it warmer.  Lisa, Sarah, you two and I will set up a mini kitchen with the propane stove and do that in here in a corner.  We can keep the groceries in the kitchen so that it stays cold."

"Everyone will need warm clothes to do all this.  The cabin will get cold fast.  There 's also blankets and quilts stored in the attic or loft above the storage building.  There should be some boxes in there.  We ought to put snacks, canned soups, and extra crackers and things in them and bring them in," Dean added as he headed towards the patio to grab his coat.  "I suggest we bring our coats in here so we don't have to go the patio to get them when there's no heat,'' his raised voice suggested from the kitchen as he passed through on his way to the coat closet.

 "Let's get the food and things out of the attic first," he said, handing jackets to Matt and Mello.  "Near, you and Ryuuzaki start in our wing while the others do that as well.  Divide and conquer, we'll get this done fast so no one gets sick."

Dean followed Bobby and helped get his items and warmer clothes together.  As soon as they were hauled into the main room, he headed to Sam's wing and up the stairs.  "Hey, Sammy.  What do you want me to take down stairs?"

"I piled the quilts on the chair; I'm just getting clothes and pillows together now," he told his brother.  "If you can snag some of those, that'd help."

 Watari, Matt, and Mello were out in the supply area, putting the stuff they needed into boxes so they could be carried out.  The older man was efficient, getting things arranged quickly so that no one would feel the effects of the cold.

Dean grabbed an armful of quilts and headed down the stairs.  As he entered the big room, he saw Sarah and Lisa setting up.  "Where do you want these, Sarah?"

 "In the corner for now," she told him, getting the pallets set up.

Dean set the quilts where Sarah had said, when he saw Lisa battling the propane stove.  He walked over, put his arms around her waist, and whispered her ear.  "Why don't you and Ben put on your coats and go get what you need as far as clothes go.  I'll get the quilts after I finish helping Sam.  First I'll get this set up for you."

"Thanks, love," she said, kissing him before going to get her coat and gesturing for her son to do the same.

Dean smiled, "I'd scale a mountain in this storm for one of yours kisses, Lis.  Don't stay up there too long."  Dean took the propane tank that was on the floor and pushed it under the dining table that had been brought in from the patio.  He moved the table out and crawled under, pushing the hose up over the back of the table.  He climbed out and stood up and reached for the hose, pulling it to the stove and screwing it into the back.  Turning on the tank, he tested each burner, priming the ones that needed it.  Pushing the table back, he made sure it was not up against wall so the hose was not crushed.  Dean headed back across the main room to Sam and Sarah's wing. 

"The stove is ready to use," he told the young woman who was making pallets.

Sarah smiled at him.  "Thanks for your help, Dean.  That thing is a bugger-bear to get set up.  I love the size but dang, it takes a bit to get it going.  I was about to ask Bobby for help."

Dean returned the smile, "It's not a problem, Sarah.  Lis was having a difficult time with it.  I figure the two of you would have managed after a while.  Getting Bobby would have worked, but I was right here, and there is so much to get done.  This way, Lisa and Ben are getting warm clothes, Bobby is sorting his stuff over there, you can finish what you're doing, and I can keep bringing quilts downstairs.

"Sounds good," she said with a grin.  "I think Near might need help with hauling quilts as the others are bringing supplies in if you're interested in helping out more."

"Yeah, I'll be glad to, Sarah, as soon as I get the next stack of quilts  I promised Sam I'd bring down.,"  Dean headed back to Sam's wing, and paused at the door.  "I just thought of something.  Where's Ryu?  He's supposed to be helping Near."

 "He's bringing more wood in with Watari," she answered.  "Ben got the weather radio working and the report says it may last for a few days longer than expected."

"So, they're saying we can't repair the electrical right away,,"  Dean wasn't questioning the report.  He was mulling over the facts.  "Let Sam know that Near needed me."  Dean headed quickly to the hallway that been added on to go to Ryu's wing  

Bpbby stood up from making his pallet.  "Dean, I'll help Sam."  

Dean kept moving, but responded with a "Thanks, Bobby" as he disappeared through the door.

The family kept working, battening down the hatches for what would be a rather nasty ice storm according to the weather reports.  The group worked hard, focusing on ensuring that they would be kept warm and fed for the duration of the storm.

Dean kept going from Ryu's to the main room, hauling massive amounts of quilts, blankets, pillows, and warm clothing.  He had Near stack what was needed outside of each room and he made the hauls.  He was on his eighth one when everyone was starting to return to the big room.  

Near had clothing out as well, knowing it would be needed.  Matt came up to help, hauling the stuff out as well.   The temperature was dropping fast.

Dean set the eighth load down and turned towards Mello.  "Can you help Matt and Near with the clothing?"  Dean looked over to where Lisa and Ben were setting their clothing.  "I need to get our quilts and pillows down."

The blond hurried up to do that and Ryuuzaki offered to help bring down the bedding.  

"Thanks, Ryu,"  Dean said as the detective followed him into his wing and up the stairs.  Dean entered Ben's bedroom and placed the quilts and pillows in the hall.  He entered the master bedroom and grabbed every quilt and pillow he could find.  He opened closets and found a few more.   Going into the hallway, he walked down to the end of the hall and opened a large door.  There was more bedding on  some of the shelves.  Dean grabbed a large pile and turned to see Sam and Bobby helping Ryu grab what was by the bedroom doors.  He smiled and headed back down the hall towards the stairs.  "I think this is all of it."

"I think so," Bobby said, watching as the women and boys finished creating pallets for the family.  "This is going to be mighty uncomfortable for cold weather."

"It could be worse, Bobby.  We could be hunting somewhere.  The pallets are thick. We got plenty of quilts. There's body heat.  We all share pallets. No one sleeps alone."

"That's why I made them as I did,"Sarah told him.  "Snuggle room."

"That works.  I know that some of you prefer bare feet, but not in this.  It's too blasted cold.  You at least wear warm socks.  Keep the feet warm.  There's wool stocking caps.  Wear them.  I read somewhere that body heat leaves faster through the head and feet.  I don't know how true that is, but it makes sense in a crazy kind of way, so we wear them."

The group nodded as the clothing was sorted through.  The girls went to change in the bathroom into warmer night clothing while the men dressed in the main room.

Dean held up some pajamas that he knew he and Lisa did not buy.  "Okay, who the hell put these in my case?"  Dean held up a pair of pajamas that showed a man in a kilt and it said "Scots do it with no underwear."

Sam gave a sheepish grin.  "Sorry, saw them and had to do it as a joke.  Wasn't going to spring it tonight though."

Dean grinned, "Well, it's not exactly the reminder I wanted  to have after the party last night, but it seems to be the only pajamas that Lisa packed.  Were she and Sarah in on it?  I mean how did she get them?"  Dean started taking off his shirts and putting on the the pajama top, he sat down on the pallet and removed his boots.  He inched out of his jeans on the floor, and  put on a pair of flannel boxers, pajama bottoms, and woolen socks.  He grabbed the heavy robe and put it on along with his slippers.  "Hell, it's funny, Sammy.  It actually is."

 He laughed.  "No, they didn't know about it.  I saw it and thought 'perfect for a prank' and got them."

Dean was fastening his robe when Sam mentioned pranks.  "Those are fighting words, Sammy.  You trying to alleviate the boredom of being snowbound in one room?"

He squeaked.  "No, not a good idea."

Dean stared up into his brother's face.  The hazel eyes were wide, and the shaggy hair looked as uncontrollable as  it was when they were on  a major hunt.  The shorter man noted the movements of his brother's hands and thought, "You're nervous."  Dean smiled a sweet smile and went to the stove and put on a pot of coffee.  He lifted the lid on the large pot.  There was  a leftover soup being reheated.  It was on very low because it had a lot of ice in it.  Dean stirred it and closed the lid.  Walking over to the pallet Lisa had fixed for them, he stretched out and smiled, thinking he'd have to come up with something.

"I'd be crazy not to be," he called out, making most of them laugh.  It was funny seeing Sam acting like a cat on a hot tin roof.

The women had changed and come back into the room.  Lisa looked around and put her hands on her waist.  "Okay, crazy not to be what?  What are you two up to?"

Dean raised his head from the pillow, "Why do you automatically assume it's us?  It's Sam, Lis.  He could be crazy  not to be just about anything."  Dean rolled quickly to avoid the couch cushion Sam tossed at him.

He stood up, clutching the cushion.  "Pillow fight?  Okay."  Before anyone realized what was happening, Sam and Dean were throwing pillows from every pallet they could reach.  Dean held onto the couch cushion and was slowly maneuvering his brother into a corner.

Matt and Mello smirked, moving quietly before bombarding the two with pillows with evil cackles.  The two worked like clockwork, trying to get the brothers.

"Sam, you got my back?  Cause I'm going in!"  Dean turned towards the two teens, swinging the couch cushion.  He caught Mello upside the head and watched him dive to a pallet to avoid another hit.  He grinned at Matt, his hand going up and the point finger doing a come here motion.

The red head gave him a snicker, ducking for cover when Ben threw a cushion at his dad.  Mello grinned, encouraging the boy to play with them.  He knew he needed more time with him like this, and a pillow fight was just what was 

Dean stopped and stared at Ben.  "You think you're big enough to take on your old man?  Come on."   Dean was still swinging the couch cushion.  "Sammy, what the hell are you doing?  I'm up against three. "

Sam snickered.  "Having fun...remember?  No rules in pillow fights."

Dean turned towards his brother, "You going dark side on  me, Sammy?  They attacked us!  Why the hell would you take their side?"  About that time three pillows caught Dean on the head from three different directions.  "Damn it, Sam. I got three of them.  You really gonna make it four?"

A small cushion went flying, catching Sam on the head.  All eyes turned to where Near was crouched, watching them.  "Did he just do that," Matt asked.

Dean was so surprised he dropped his guard.  "Near?"  About that time four people hit him with pillows.  He could not find a way out of the trap they had him in.  They had come in close and he had no room to maneuver.  "I swear, Sammy, I'm gonna get you."

The women and Watari were chuckling as the fight continued; Near chose random targets, his small frame keeping him hidden rather well.

Dean was not one to give up if there was a chance.  He dropped to his knees and managed to crawl quickly between Sam's long legs, but he lost his couch cushion in the process.

The younger brother, "acked," falling forward and landing on Mello.  The blond went down as well, laughing hard.

Dean crawled a short distance, and looked up trying to find pillows while Sam and Mello were down.  It evened things a little.  He spotted a long rolled pillow that lay across the back of the couch.  Lisa had said it aided in easing stiff necks.  Dean snickered at that and grabbed the five and a half foot cushion and went barreling back into the fray.

"Cheater," Matt crowed, smacking Dean as best as he could.  That pillow was not a good one for his opponent.

Dean went in with full force, at war.  He grinned at his brother, as he was knocking each one of them off their feet.  Ben tried running but got hit from behind.  Lisa moved over to Sarah.  "You remember the water gun fight?  He nearly won.  By himself, he took us all on.  They're going to have a hard time stopping him.  He's found a good weapon."

 "He's got Near helping, which doesn't help the other's chances," she laughed, having fun at the sight of the group enjoying themselves.

"You're right, it doesn't.  Do you think he'll win, or will Sam pull something on him?  If Dean had been in perfect health during that water fight, I think we would have lost.  Sometimes I forget just how dangerous he can be.  Not with us but others.  Right now, though, he's a big kid."

"It's how it should be," Watari answered, sitting beside the ladies.  "It's good to see Near playing a bit too. It's rare when he does with others.  Most of the time, it's individual play."

The older Winchester grabbed Mello's right leg and pulled him over by Sam who had not gotten up yet.  He looked at them and pointed, "Stay there."  He looked around for the teen in white.  "Near?  can you keep them down while Iround up the other two?"

"Near can try," he said, lobbing the smaller pillows to do just that.  Matt ducked, trying to get out of the way.  The computer genius was not going to be thwarted if he could help it.

Dean went after Matt with a vengeance.  He lobbed small pillows he found, forcing the red head towards the center of the room.  Running, swiftly he swung the long pillow.  Matt threw himself to the floor and Dean grabbed a leg and began to drag the teen to where the other two were piled.  He raised his voice, "Ben, they're all captured.  Surrender now, Son."

"Never," came the spirited cry.  The boy was in a safe position with a lot of ammo at his disposal

Dean went looking for his boy.

Ben was in a good spot, lobbing pillows when he could.  He was going to last this one out.

 Ben had hidden under the far end of the dining table, away from the propane stove.  He had piled sofa cushions around him for protection and could lean out over cushions to lob pillows.  He had a supply of them.  Dodging pillows, Dean dropped to his hands and knees and crawled towards the mini fortress set up by his son.  He kept the long cushion with him.

"How in the hell did you manage to do that with everyone playing?

 "No one sees what the littlest one is doing," he chimed, smacking his dad straight in the face with a well aimed throw.

"Ow! Dammit, Ben!  That's it.  I would've played nice, but this...this ... is too smart for your own good.  I"m coming after you big time now."

The boy snickered, throwing pillows at him and noticing Matt and Mello were doing the same.

"Since it's four to two, there's no one to free you guys.  Get back in your pile.  That's the rules of the game."  Dean stood up and and walked to the table.  Reaching down, he started grabbing cushions and throwing at the two teens who were breaking the rules. He looked down at his son, who grabbed a cushion and hit him hard in the head.  Dean reached up and touched his nose and top lip.  They were both bleeding.  The zipper on the cushion caught him.  He frowned, leaned down and grabbed a slippered foot.  "That's it. I win."  He picked his son up and carried him like a tow sack, holding him with one arm while using the long cushion to force the two teens back to were Sam was.

"No you don't," Ben squawked and smacked with a hidden pillow.  "I win!"

At this point, Ben heard his dad laughing.  "You're hanging over my shoulder and I'm carrying you and you're hitting on my ass with a pillow and expect me to surrender?"

At this point, Sam jumped him from behind and Dean went down on his knees trying to set Ben down before he hurt him.  "Damn it, Sammy.  That's cheating!"  Ben scrambled out of the way and Mello and Matt went for Dean also.  Before the long the, the older hunter was flat on his stomach, with Sam on top of him holding his head to the ground.  "Do you surrender?"  

Dean mumbled a "Hell no!"

Ben, Matt,and Mello did a surprise attack, tickling Dean as they snickered happily.

They could all hear muffled cursing  where Dean's face was buried against the floor.  "You surrendering, Dean?"  Dean tried to shake his head, no.

The tickling came out more and Ben got his father's feet.

Dean tried to shake Sam off.  Pushing, with his hands, he almost managed to do it.

 The fingers kept at his feet, tickling rather well.  Mello snickered, pinning Dean's legs so Ben could keep it going.

"All right!" Dean shouted.  Sam did not move and waved to the others to keep tickling.

"All right, what, Dean?"  Sam leaned over and began tickle Dean's rib cage.

"Dammit, Sammy.  I surrender."

"Yay," Ben crowed.  "We won we won!"

"Get off me, Sam."  Dean was gasping for air, his face blood red and  marked by the floor.

 He did so, tickling Ben along the way to keep the light hearted laughter going.

Dean pushed himself up and rolled over and lay on his back, breathing heavily. "You do realize," he gasped between breaths, "that by breaking all the rules so that you win, you've opened yourselves to a declaration of war?"

 Ben stuck his tongue out at him.  "Not really."

Dean turned his head and stared in bewilderment at his son.  "What does that mean?"

 He grinned, pointing at the mess they'd made.  "I think Mom's gonna make us clean this up," he snickered.  "We sorta made a big mess."

Dean looked around for Near who had been keeping the others in the pile.  Near had been outnumbered.  They both had been.  "Near, where ever  you are, are you okay?"

 A white head popped up from behind a shelter.  "Near is well," he said to his teammate.

"Lis, Sarah, do  you want us to remake the pallets or just restore the pillow s and cushions."  I need to get the blood off the floor too."

"Dean, clean up the blood and take care of the injuries.  Sam, Matt, Mello, you three put everything back.  Near you will help remake the pallets, and Ben and Dean can help you when they get back," Lisa said firmly

Dean went to the dining table and grabbed some paper towels and a sprayer cleaner, he leaned down cleaning the blood up.  He went to the trash bin, lifted the lid, and placed the paper towels inside it.

He went to the larger of the two duffels he had brought down.  Sam recognized it immediately.  Everyone was working as Dean unzipped the duffel and found the medical supplies that he and Sam kept up to date.  Since they were doing hunts for L once in a while, Dean kept the duffel intact.  He had no mirror in this room and the bathroom would be too dark to see.  He felt his upper lip.  It had swollen and was still bleeding.  He checked his nose.  It wasn't broken but it was bleeding.  He could imagine what he looked like.  He shook his head, placed a small cotton pad that he cut up inside the nostrils to staunch the bleeding.  He got up and walked to the kitchen, opening the door and disappearing inside the frozen room.

When Dean disappeared into the unheated kitchen, a pin drop could have been heard in the main room.

Near broke the silence by working to remake the pallets while Watari went to check on Dean.  The Englishman looked at the other.  "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, Watari.  I got cotton pad cut and in my nose.  My upper lip is swollen and still bleeding.  I need ice.  Not gonna find any in the main room.  It's freakin cold in here.  I just want to get a couple of cubes, wrap them in something and put them on my lip.  Applied pressure and the ice should bring the swelling down and stop the bleeding.  I'll be right out.  Yes, I know I don't have a coat on."

The older man made a small ice pack for him and handed it to him.  "It looks as if you and the boys had a good time.  I'm glad Near felt comfortable enough to join."

"Yeah," Dean said softly.  "It's the first time he's played with all of us.  It's a day to remember."

"Exactly," he chuckled.  "So it's all fine.  Everyone's relaxing, and that's what I like to see."

"I'd laugh with you, but I think it would hurt, so I'll just agree with you and leave it at that.  Let's get out of here.  It's freezing."

 "Works for me," he said, walking out with him to find the kids and Sam getting the room put to rights.

 Dean stood behind the couch which had had its cushions returned.  He watched his brother interact with the four boys.  He started to smile, hissed softly, and place the wrapped ice back against his mouth, sighing.
Occasionally, Matt, Mello, or Ben would walk by him and playfully poke him each time.  It was turning into a game to see how many times they could do it.

 Dean's eyebrows rose as Matt made the last poke.  "Is this a new project you guys have?"

The red head gave him an innocent look.  "What?"

"Well, you guys are either planning to turn me into a punching bag or you've gone cannibal are deciding if I'm big enough to cook yet."

 Ben looked at him, eyes wide.  "Didn't you know?  We decided to eat you first if we run out of food."  He ducked, giggling hard when the other boys, outside of Near, began cracking up.

"Well, you know, I'm a little too big to cook inside this room.  You'd have to roast me and that's an outside job.  Now, someone your size just might be  made to fit in the fireplace."

 He squawked at that, going to hide behind Sam, who was snickering.

"Now, Ben, I think that since human meat tastes like pork, you'd have to be cooked a long while to make sure you're done."

 "Not enough of me to go around!  You're big enough!  Ohh, we could make sweet and sour pork!  Yum..Chinese food Dad style!"

 That tore it, Bobby was on the floor, laughing so hard he was crying.  Sam wasn't much better either, and both Ryuuzaki and Watari were chuckling.

Dean walked around the couch, robe open from all the activity and the girls saw his pajamas.  The reminder had Sam laughing, "We could have sweetbreads too," he commented.   Dean's eyes grew wide as he turned back and looked at the man sitting on the floor.  "Are you nuts?"  A peal of laughter from the girls made him realized what he'd said, and Dean turned bright red again.

The group, except for Near, broke into laughter.  The white haired teen tilted his head.  "Near must be behind on vernacular again."

"I'm grateful somebody doesn't know."  Dean walked over to the pallet where Lisa was sitting and laid back down, using her lap for a pillow.  

She poked his head.  "Still work to be done..a few more pallets need fixing."

Sighing, Dean got up.  He kept the ice to his lips and started helping with the pallet, one-handed.

Near helped, making the work go by faster.  Once the room was finished, Matt sighed.  "Ok, quiet again."

Dean pulled the cloth covered plastic with two melted ice cubes all but gone in it.  The cloth had a lot of blood on it.  He touched his upper lip with a clean edge and it came back clean.  He put the cloth in his duffel to be taken care of later.

 "Dean's wound is better?"  Near looked at the other.

"Well, it's not bleeding, so that's better."  Dean removed the cotton pads from his nose and tossed them in the trash

The white haired one nodded, then went to sit on his own pallet.  It was quiet but not in a bad way, which he didn''t mind.

Dean walked over to Lisa and laid back down with his head in her lap.  Lisa looked down at the red nose and the busted, swollen upper lip.  He had to be hurting, but was not showing any signs of it, other then the slight wince he'd given earlier when they were all laughing and smiling.

She ran fingers through his hair as she watched the others settle down and get relaxed.  She noticed Near was stacking what looked like dice, which was something she hadn't seen anyone do before.

Dean relaxed, feeling her fingers in his hair, finding it soothing for some reason he didn't understand.  Lisa felt his body slowly losing the tension it had had.  His eyes started to close and he'd jerk awake.

 "Sleep, Dean.  It's okay."

"It's early, Lis.  I only nap when I'm sick.  Not sick," he mumbled softly, eyes closing again.

"You've been busy," she said softly

'Yeah. I am tired,"  Dean yawned and winced.  The woman fingering through his hair heard a soft, muttered, "Damn it."  He moved a little trying to get more comfortable.  Slowly his eyes clothes.  In about two minutes his breathing slowed to a steady rhythm.  His body totally relaxed.

After a while, she covered him up and just let him rest with his head in her lap.

Dean slept through the reminder of the evening and through the night.  Soon it was quiet in the big room.  Sam settled the fire so the room would be warm all evening.  He laid down with Sarah and soon they were asleep also.

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