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Friday, September 13, 2013

Chapter 147: Dean Has a Plan

August wasn’t far away, and Sam’s Senior year was coming fast.  Dean never finished high school, but he knew his brother had an almost perfect grade.  He thought he was either a 3.9 or a 4.0.  In their business, it was hard to keep up with things like grade point averages.

Dean spent a long time on the phone with Bobby, Jim, and Caleb, asking for help.  The first week of August, he found a house in town.  Dean spent time hunting for it while their Dad was tracking the thing that killed their Mom.  The oldest boy figured it would be another dead end.  

School would start in two weeks and Sam was frantic.  He wanted to stay in one place and John was saying, “No.”

They were at home one evening when there was a knock on the motel room door.  Sam answered it and found their three closest friends.

John rose to his feet and welcomed them inside and asked why they were there.  Pastor Jim told him they had come to help get the family situated in the house Dean had found.

“What house?” John snapped

“The house we have to have for Sam to finish school.  It’s his last year and we talked about it, Dad.  You said it would be a good idea for us to stay here while you hunted.  We can do salt and burns on weekends together, but it will let him finish.  I was gonna get a job so he can have the things he needs for school.”


“Yeah, Dad.  You even told Uncle Bobby,” Dean lied smoothly.

John turned red and asked to see the house.  Grinning, Dean grabbed his jacket and told everyone to come on.

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