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Monday, August 29, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 145

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Back at the Cabin

 "We will," they chimed as Sam got ready to leave as well.

As they opened the door, the wind gusts almost took their breaths away.  The snow was coming down hard.  “Doc, you better leave now, if you’re thinking about it, or you’re gonna get stuck here.  You might oughta call and check on road conditions before you leave.”

"Doing so now," Nancy said, having picked up the phone before Dean had opened the door.

Dean shut the door and waited. 

"Passable if we go now," she said, picking up the samples to send out.  "We're going now; I'll give a call when I get home," she promised and the doctor agreed, fastening his coat.

They all left the clinic, the two heading towards their cars, and the Winchesters walking towards their cabin, faces down to keep the wind and biting snow out of their eyes.  Dean forced himself to keep up with his longer legged brother.  It was cold, he hurt, and he was tired, but was not going to complain.  The mild sedative was wearing off and he felt numb inside over the events of the day.  He wasn’t sure he felt anything.  He wasn’t panicking and  that was good.  He wanted to talk but to who?  He needed something but what.  He shook his head.  Just get inside.  Get warm.  Get home.

They got to the backdoor and Sam opened it, shivering as the two stepped into the warm air.  "Thank goodness for heating," he grumbled.

“Why’d we come this way, anyway?  We could’ve cut across like we did this morning instead of through the trees and rocks.  That’s what we get for keeping our heads down to avoid the wind and the snow.”

 "Because you led us this direction?  I don't know."

“I was fighting to keep up with you so how the hell was I leading?”

 "Oh screw it, we're home at least," he said, tramping down the hallways and following what smelled like fresh baked cookies.

Dean followed his brother and the smell.  Lisa was just pulling out a sheet of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.  There were racks of cookies all over the counters and jars of cookies on the table.  Dean’s eyes widened.  He’d never seen so many home made cookies in his life. 

"Something smells good," he chimed, watching as Matt and Mello helped put another sheet of cookies into the ovens.

Dean stared from rack to rack and at all the jars.  “How many different kinds of cookies are there?”

 "About six or so," Lisa said.  "I'm going to start with sugar cookies for everyone to decorate later."

“Are these for Thanksgiving or for Christmas too?  Why so many?”

 "Thanksgiving, and sweets rarely last long around this time," she said with a smile.

“I don’t remember Thanksgiving very much.  I was four the last time I had one.  Sam probably had some with Jessica’s family, but I wasn’t that lucky.  When do you actually start celebrating all these holidays?   When do you decorate and things?  Thanksgiving’s not until next week and you’re making all these sweets.  They’ll be gone before next Thursday.  You’re gonna be cooking all that time?”

 "Pretty much," she laughed.  "And it's all fun.  I enjoy baking."

“It’s smells good.”

 "Wash up and you can help," she said with a grin.

Dean grinned and headed slowly towards their wing.

 Sam went to clean up as well, going to check to see what Sarah had gotten herself into.

Dean finally reached  his wing and opened the door.  He entered heading towards the stairwell.  He looked towards the stairs with  a sigh a grabbed the railing.  Closing his eyes for a second , he placed a foot on the first step only to find it on the top one and himself looking into a pair of piercing blue eyes. 
“Hello, Dean.”  The startled hunter reeled backwards, trying to catch himself on the stair rail.  “Cas!”
The angel moved quickly, keeping him from falling over.  "You are looking much improved."

“Thank you.  How are you doing?  Where have you been?”  Dean started walking towards the master bedroom, expecting his friend to follow

"I have been busy with various tasks assigned to me; I have been watching over you though," he said, following his human friend.

You mean God’s back? I thought you were fallen, Cas? I thought you were on the run? I’ve been worried about you. Afraid to contact you. Why didn’t you let us know? What happened?”

"Things came to a head, everyone fighting against each other before God arrived...He has been cleaning things up," he told his friend.

“God’s really back? I guess that means you're back on duty? He’s taken you back?You’re roaming free.”

The angel nodded, looking more relaxed than he had in a very long time.  "He has.  Apparently, I was fulfilling parts of the plan that no one knew of and he is pleased.  I've been commended for it and because we are friends, I am allowed to visit."  That was part of the angel's reward.

Dean entered the master suite and walked slowly towards the bed and sat down on it with a sigh, closing his eyes, he shrugged out of is jacket, and leaned down to remove his boots, looking up at his friend , he licked his lips and smiled softly. “How long can you stay,” was the soft response.

"For a while, I may have to disappear for a bit to check on another charge but I will return," he answered.

“Great! Let me get cleaned up. I had thought about soaking, but I think I’ll take a quick shower. Lisa’s baking cookies and kinda needs help and I promised Sarah I’d cut ornaments for her. There’s so much to be done and just not enough time to do it all in.. I’m not sure just how well I am, Cas. That’s the problem. Let me get that shower. I’m getting tired already and it’s barely in the afternoon. Geez!”

The angel frowned at him. "You do realize they don't expect you to take on the weight of everything?"

“Yeah,I know, Cas. It’s our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family. Hell it’s our first Thanksgiving and Christmas period...a real one, any way. I want to bake those cookies, Cas. I’m excited about it. I was .only using it as an excuse, man. I can do the woodwork. I want to do it. Hell, it will be fun to do it. I owe Sarah. I hurt her. “

"Knowing Sarah, a simple apology would suffice. However, if I am welcome, I will aid in this endeavor of cookies and...woodwork?"

"That would be great. Let me grab my shower and I’ll be ready”. Dean grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom

:Castiel nodded, settling to wait for the other to finish with cleaning himself.  It would be nice to spend time with the Winchesters.  Dean was a good friend of his and to see him so happy was a blessing.

Dean stripped, placing the dirty clothes in the hamper. He leaned in and turned on the water, and reaching for a thick towel, he stepped into the large, glass enclosed shower, shutting the door behind him. He hung the towel over the top of the glass wall and adjusted the the temperature of the spray. He stepped into the steaming spray and stood under it, letting the wet heat pound down on him. He placed hands on the wall of the shower and leaned into the water, allowing it to pour down his back He kept his eyes closed as the large rivulets poured over his head and back, washing down his face. He took deep breaths and let pounding heat massage him. It felt good and Dean lost track of time.

Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock at the bedroom door and Sam’s voice was heard calling his brother’s name. The door opened slowly, and a dark slightly damp, shaggy heard peered in. “Dean?”

"He is in the shower, Sam," came the deep voice.  Sam was looking better too, and Castiel was very pleased about it.

“Cas! How are you doing? I was wondering where you were and  was going to try to contact you.  I know he’s been worried, but he doesn't  mention it. You know how he is? “ Sam walked up and held out his hand to the angel.

"I do, I do," he said, shaking Sam's hand.  "You are looking well and for that, I am very pleased."

"Thanks, Cas. You too. I’m glad you’re here. Can you stay awhile? Dean needs his friends right now. Ellen and Jo are coming. There’s going to be a couple of weddings between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’d love for you to be here. To be honest, I need someone to help me keep an eye on him. He’s never gotten completely well. He still over does things, Cas. I worry about him. He might not notice if you’re watching. He’s wary of the rest of us. The doctor ran him through the ringer today.  I’m hoping he won’t over do today, but will take it easy.”

"I will be here for a while, though I will have to go and check on my charges at times," he said softly.  "He did tell me a little about having overwork issues."

“He pushes too hard, Cas. We’re all worried, but it’s been hard on him. There’s been some strife with the girls. Hell, Cas, with all of us at some point. We finally took his life over; pretty much. That’s why he was at the doctor’s. I hadn’t thought of it before but could there be some residual from that blade Lilith stabbed him with.?”

At that moment, another voice spoke. “Let’s hope not, Sammy,” came softly from the bathroom door, where the older Winchester stood listening to the two of them.

The angel looked at Sam and promised him.  "Dean is one of my charges and a friend.  I will not let him fall."

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