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Monday, August 29, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 146

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


Dean looked surprised,  but Sam had a look of relief on his face.  “Good.  Maybe he’ll listen to you better then the rest of us.”

Dean’s head jerked as he stared at his brother.  “I thought we had this lined out, Sammy.  I agreed to everything.  Why the hell do you think I let myself be pushed, prodded, and all but....  forget it.  I know what I’m supposed to do.  Just give me a break.  It’s holidays, Sammy.  I haven’t had this kind of Thanksgiving since I was little...before you were born.  It was nothing like what’s going on downstairs.”

Castiel's voice was sharp.  "Stop it..both of you.  Sam, I appreciate your concern but the constant reminders can come across as insulting nagging.  We will watch him; he has accepted it.  Enough."

Sam nodded, “Well are you guys ready. There must be hundreds of cookies down there. Watari put a lamb stew on earlier today. Sarah told me. He’s cooking it in their own kitchen to leave the big kitchen for the baking. Sarah made bread today. One kind is made with cornmeal. She said it was for the stew, so we got a good supper for tonight.”

The angel's voice softened.  "It sounds good.  I believe we have to assist the ladies now?"

“Yeah, I’d like too,” came a soft voice still near the bathroom. Dean had not moved.

Castiel looked at him.  "Dean...please do not feel upset.  He was showing his care in a method that was too aggressive and will not do so again.  It is time to have enjoyable family time."

“No, Cas. Sammy’s okay. He defended me from the others actually. Sammy, I know I’ve been a pain in the ass a lot lately. I’m sorry.” Dean slipped into a pair of slippers. “I’m not going any where tonight with all that snow. Let’s go see if there’s still some baking to do. If not, I’m raiding the cookies.”

"Raiding cookies?  What did the cookies do to you," the angel asked, confused.  Raiding for him was a warfare term.

Dean got a mischievous look on his face. “They haven't done anything, Cas. We’re going to free them.”

He blinked, confusion getting worse.  "Are they captured?"

“Yeah, Cas. The jail is a set of cookie jars.” Dean grinned, heading past both his brother and the angel and out the bedroom door.

Castiel followed, giving Sam a bewildered look as he followed his grinning friend.  Apparently, he was missing something and wasn't quite suire what it was.  Hopefully, he'd figure it out soon.

Dean reached the stairs and slowed down. Reaching out to the rail, he grabbed hold of it and took his first step. Suddenly, all three of them were in the main living area of the cabin. The fire was burning brightly.

Sam caught Dean as he stumbled, not finding the step. “Damn it, Cas! Warn a man before you do that.”

Cas turned and stared at him. “You are tired, Dean. I saved you some steps.”

Dean just stood there looking at his friend, a look of confusion on his face. “Okay, Cas.”
Sam, still holding on to his brother, grinned.

Castiel simply shrugged and followedf his nose to where the women and Watari were working.  A stack of cookies were waiting on the table as well as a LOT of ingredients.

Lisa looked up as Cas entered the kitchen, followed by Sam and Dean.  Mello and Matt grinned at the angel.  They could Sam and Dean’s faces and knew that Cas had intervened in some way.  Dean looked over at the table and the ingredients and grinned.

“What do you want us to do?”
    Lisa smiled.  "You guys get to decorate the sugar cookies as well as help measure out the ingredients so we can mix and spoon out to get them baked."
Dean smiled softly at this remark.   “Are we all mixing or just one?  I don’t mind sitting that part out and just decorating.  What was it I heard Missouri say once?  Oh, yeah,’Too many cooks spoil the broth.’  I guess they could, you know.  Cas has never done anything in the kitchen  Why don’t show him, and Sam and I will watch and learn.”

  "You're going to do this in rotation," she said, taking Cas  aside and showing everyone how to measure dry and wet goods.  One person would read it off, get the dry good set and then wet, passing that off to Watari and I, who will mix and get them onto the cookie sheets to put into the oven.  The rest will decorate the cookies."

Cas did the reading and measuring, while Sam and Dean put the cookie sheets in the ovens and removed them when the timer went off.  After twenty minutes, Dean was placed at the measuring of ingredients.  Castiel joined Sam.

 As the cookies baked, Lisa showed them how to decorate the cookies once they were cool, encouraging them to be creative.

Sam took a Santa, wreath, bell, and angel and began decorating.  Castiel took the same four and began working on his.  Dean stared at the cookies.  He finally reached down and took a candy cane, a bell,  and a wreath.  He grabbed nothing that was too difficult.    Santa faces, angels, and snowmen scared him.  He eyed the Christmas tree with misgiving and decided to stay with the one he selected.  They would easy enough and the mistakes would not show as bad.  He did want to decorate cookies.  He vaguely remembered watching his mother when he was three.

 Near padded into the room, peeking over Dean's shoulder.  "What is Dean doing?"

Dean looked over to where Mello and Matt had selected reindeer, a Rudolph head, and a Santa head and grimaced.  He was glad they could do it.  “I am decorating cookies.  You want to try?”
The smaller teenager climbed into a chair, tucking a leg against his chest in his usual crouch and pulled what looked like a bell shaped cookie to him.  He watched the others for a moment, figuring out what was needed to do the art and began decorating.

Dean worked slowly on his, taking a lot of time, being very careful with each frosting he added.  He took longer then the others but it didn’t seem to bother him.  Sam looked at what he was doing with surprise on his face at seeing the art.  His brother may have picked the easier cookies to decorate, but the work was beautiful.  Everything was smooth, and the decorations on the wreath were well done.

 Near's bell turned out rather lovely too.  He'd used white and blue frosting with silver sprinkles to give it a gorgeous iced frosted look.  Watari smiled at the cookies being produced.  "These are almost too lovely to eat."  The angel's had turned out beautifully as well.

Dean reached for more of the simpler cookies, not noticing  Sam’s face wrinkling in frustration.   Sam could tell that Dean was quite good at this, so why was he picking the simple cookies?  He began to realize that his brother didn’t think he could.  This was the guy who could do wood working?

Watari simply smiled and shook his head, telling Sam silently to leave him be.  Once Dean's confidence built, possibly he'd move to more complicated ones.  He handed Near a few more cookies, then went to pull a pan out to let it cool and put another batch in.

Everyone stopped and watched when Near, realizing he’d been given two Christmas trees, handed one to Dean.  The older Winchester froze and looked at the cookie in the young teen’s hand.  Hazel eyes stared into gray.  Dean took a deep breath and reached for the cookie.  He smiled softly and thanked Near.

Near only gave that soft partial smile that was so rare before focusing on his work.  Watari could only hide his pride at how his ward had managed to encourage without being pushy.

Dean worked extra hard on the Christmas because of Near.  It took him a while to do it, but he wasn’t  dissatisfied with the look, so he set it with the others.

 The white haired one saw it and nodded.  "This is pleasant to look upon," he told him.

Dean stared, eyes wider then Near’s.  “Seriously?”  A pin dropping could have been heard in the kitchen  Neither the ex-hunter nor the  young teen noticed that everyone was listening to them and all activity had stopped.

 He nodded again.  "It shines like a Christmas tree back at the House," he answered.  "The balance of ornaments is very pleasing to the eye."

The older brother’s eyes were changing colors faster then usual.  At this moment they had turned green as he smiled softly, and a husky whispered, “Thank you.”  was heard.  Dean reached for another Christmas tree, a slight smile curving his lips, and a gleam in his eyes.
    Near nodded, reaching for one that was shaped like an ornamnet.  As he worked on it, Mello and Matt were pulled to measure out more ingredients
Dean finished the second tree and looked for another one.  There were only the more difficult ones left.  His mouth formed a slight ‘O’ and his brows raised.  He began to pull his bottom lip into his mouth, between his teeth, trying to make a decision.   Santa heads, snowmen, reindeer, and Rudolph heads were all that was left.  He had a frown of frustration on his face as he looked from cookie to another.

Matt, who had walked by to hand more of the dry ingredients to Watari, made it easy by putting a snowman on Dean's plate before heading deeper into the kitchen.  He bit back a laugh at Castiel's attempt at Santa.  The angel had done the beard colors all wrong, making it look all psychedelic.

Dean looked up in surprise at Matt as he went past them.  He reached for the white frosting and set to work on the snowman.  Looking over at Castiel’s Santa, Dean grinned.  “Hey, Cas, that is one colorful cookie.  I like it.”

"I have no idea who this character is supposed to be," the angel admitted.

“Well, Cas, the only version of him I’ve met wasn’t a good one.  If I saw before Mom died, I don’t remember him.   That’s Santa Claus.”

Sam spoke up and told Castiel about Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and how the legend grew.
Dean decorated his snowman and listened to the conversation, learning a few things he didn’t know.  He felt contented for the first time that day.  They were all together and Thanksgiving was coming, and after it two weddings and Christmas.   He would not let himself think of everything that needed to be done.  Not today.  He grinned and  got one of the tiny candy carrots for the snowman’s nose.  His grin got bigger as he strategically placed a second carrot on the snowman, got up and took it to Lisa.

Lisa burst into a peel of laughter, giggling at the second snowman.  "Oh my god, Dean, that's too funny."  She leaned in, teasing him.  "Rascal you."

Dean grinned, leaned in and inhaled the fragrance of the cookies in her hair, he nuzzled her and nipped an earlobe.  Whispering he responded to her comment, “If we can find a snow girl for him, I bet there’d be a big batch of snowball cookies by morning.”  Dean ducked knowing that Lisa had a damp dish towel in in her hand.

 She smacked him with said towel, giggling harder.  "You'd better eat that one before one of the kids see it," the woman said in between peals of giggles.
Dean’s eyes widened.  “I don’t think so, Lis.  That kind of situation is your department.  I don’t, ummm.  Just eat the cookie, Lis.”  Dean turned red and handed the cookie back to her. She munched on it, giggling as she did so.  "New cookies on table to decorate.  Get back to work."

“Yes, ma’am,”  there was a little bit of the old Dean in his swagger as he walked back towards the table and saw the that new ones were poinsettia flowers and some pumpkins and turkeys. “All right!”  Dean grabbed a pumpkin and sat down.
 Near blinked, looking at him.  He was working on a turkey at the moment.  "Dean is enthusiastic."

Dean grinned and winked at Near. “ I was finding new appendages for the snowman.  Lisa liked ithem so it made me more enthusiastic about decorating cookies.  Now there’s a pumpkin.  I don’t guess I can Halloween decorate it, can I?”

"It is November so Halloween would be out in regards to decoration," Near answered, wondering why Dean would ask such a thing.

Dean stared at Near for a minute, wondering how to explain him just being himself for the first time in a long time.  He chewed on his bottom lip, thinking for a minute.  “Near, I was being an ass okay.  I wasn’t intending to make the Thanksgiving pumpkin cookies into jack-o-lanterns.”  Dean’s voice trailed off and he got a strange look on his face.  Sam recognized and thought ,”Oh lord.”
    How is doing that being an ass?"  He tilted his head in confusion.

   For a moment, Dean had a trapped look on his face.  “When someone does or says something stupid, it’s called making an ass of yourself.  I knew I couldn’t do jack-o-lanterns, but I said it as a stupid joke.  I made an ass of myself.”

   "How does that make Dean a beast of burden though?"  Matt had his head down when Near's question was heard.

"It doesn't, Near.  Jackasses  are stubborn and kind of stupid at times.  Sometimes when a person is doing something silly or corny they are called an ass for the same reason."  Dean turned back to the pumpkin and began to put orange frosting on it.  Only Sam, leaning over to give his brother and Near a drink, heard Dean mumbling under his breath, "How in the Hell do I get out this one?"  Sam realized that Matt and Mello were not going to let his brother live this one down.  He handed drinks to the others, his grin getting bigger at the thought of what Dean had so innocently let himself in for.

 White slightly curly hair moved as the genius tilted his head, trying to determine what asses had to do with being silly.  Mello and Matt both knew that look and didn't bother with hiding the laughter.  "Is this another instance of sarcasm?"

Soda sprayed from Sam's mouth at the look of shock on his brother's face.  Dean stared at the young teen.  "What?"  He looked across at the tall Winchester holding his sides and the splattered spray on the table.  He gave the man a 'WTF?' look and Sam laid his head on the table and the laughs had gone almost to giggles

Matt was pretty much on the floor by this time, laughing so hard that he was crying.  Mello was trying so hard to keep his snickers under control but couldn't.  He knew Near was trying to understand but couldn't find it in him to really explain.

Dean stared at the three, trying to cope with all of it.  He looked at the white haired young man next him.  "Wh..what exactly do you mean by sarcasm, because that was sarcasm.  When I use sarcasm, I'm at the top of my game and it won't necessarily be pretty."

 "Near is confused," he said, shaking his head.  "Near does not understand how silliness can be compared to a beast of burden at all."

"Near, I'm not sure how to explain it any better.  I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said anything.  I had no idea it would confuse you like this."  The older brother look around the table.  Except for Cas, everyone was laughing.  He was pretty sure Cas didn't understand either.  He wasn't going to get any help from this group.  "I'll be right back, everyone."  Dean got up and left the kitchen.

 Sarah emerged from one of the stairwells, coated in paint.  "Dean, you ok?" She could hear the laughter in the kitchen and wondered why the older Winchester looked so out of it.

Near looked at Lisa and Watari.  "Did Near do something wrong?"

Dean was moving faster then he had all day.   He  turned when he heard Sarah's voice.  "Sarah, I have to find a book on why people will call themselves or someone else an ass, poking fun, and why it is not sarcasm."

She frowned at that, then shook her head.  "I think I might have something that will help explain slang," she told him.  "Let me guess, a really cute pixy type boy didn't understand something?"

"That's one way to put it.  When I tried to explain he asked if it was it was another instance of sarcasm.  The table is covered with spit out soda from Sam.  Matt's on the floor, and Mello is trying to be nice.  I don't think Cas knows what the Hell we're talking about.  I thought about asking Watari, but he and Lis were there.  They said nothing.  I don't think I have a book like that.  I can't imagine Sam even buying me one."  Dean sounded  like he was hanging on by a thread.  He did not want Near to think badly of him.  Somehow he'd put his foot in it big time.

 "That's because I have one," she said to him, gesturing for him to follow her.  "Dean, you didn't do anything wrong.  The fact is, Near is a bit isolated due to his issues and common slang doesn't always make sense to people like him.  The best thing you can do is simply find a good source of information for him to help him learn."

Dean looked hopeful, "Does it have jackass or ass in it?"

 "It does," she answered, letting him open doors since she was covered in paint.

Dean took the book the paint splattered woman pointed to.  He looked down at it and back up at Sam's future bride. a look relief on his face.  He leaned and kissed her forehead.  "You are a god send, Sarah.  Dean started for the door to the wing shared by his brother and future sister-in-law, when something came to mind.  He turned.  "I didn't mean that God, Sarah.  That word can mean any god.  Whatever god you want to be sent from is fine with me."  Dean cracked a beautiful smile and headed back out the door.

"I know what you meant, goof," she teased, heading to the kitchen to ask for a snack.  She'd been focusing on her work and had forgotten about lunch until now.

Dean entered the kitchen and sat back down.  He held the book out to Near.  "Sarah loaned me this.  I'd like for you read it in your spare time.  Maybe it will help you understand the meanings of certain terms of slang."  Dean reached for the pumpkin cookie and some black  frosting and some red frosting.    He took several other colors and worked on the pumpkin for a while.

 "Ah, Near thanks Sarah and Dean," he said, setting the book carefully out of the way of the food before focusing on the decoration.  Watari gave the older Winchester a grin, silently telling him that he'd handled it well before handing Sarah her food and shooing the artist out of the kitchen.

Dean smiled and kept working on his pumpkin. He had been decorating the cookie for over 30 minutes, when Sam got curious.  He motioned to Matt  to see if the teen could get a look at the cookie.  Dean had so many different colors of frosting.  Matt got up and walked over to the stove to check on the timer.  When he walked back, he looked over Dean's shoulder a the pumpkin and didn't move.

Dean's pumpkin had a Thanksgiving turkey scene but not the normal kind.  He had a turkey laid out n the ground, it's head chopped off.  He had spent time on the feathers.  There was an ax nearby.  He had added a small puddle of red near the neck and the severed head.  To him, someone had to kill that bird.  The hunter drew the picture.

Green eyes went huge behind the tinted goggles.  "Holy hells, Dean, that's morbidly awesome!  Like something out of my video game!"  He cheered.  "I should've thought of this!"

Dean grinned.  "Thanks.  I knew I couldn't do Halloween, but this is Thanksgiving.  Somebody, somewhere is going to kill the damn bird.  This is my salute to the dinner."

Blue eyes went wide and Mello checked to see what Matt was liking so much.  "Bloody hell, that's just awesome.  Morbid but awesome," he complimented him.

"Thanks, Mello."  Dean set the cookie with the others.  "If you guys don't mind, I'm going to take a nap so I can be ready for everything this evening.  I'm tired."

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