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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Forty-Three: Morning After

          Dean just stared at his brother after the comments Sam had made regarding John, Bobby and the law.  He shook his head, ruffled his brother’s hair, and went to get some breakfast.  He put on a pot of coffee for John.  Sometimes it helped. 

          John walked out of his bedroom, holding his arm against his chest.  Sam stared at him, but remained quiet. 

          “Morning, Sammy,” the man said softly.

          “Morning, Dad,” the younger boy replied.

          Dean almost dropped his bowl of cereal as he turned quickly to make sure his Dad did nothing to hurt his brother.

          Turning towards the kitchen and facing his oldest son, John stopped and stared at the bruise on the boy’s face.  He winced, knowing people would ask about him. 

          “It’s okay, Dad.  I got into a fight with a couple of boys in town.  There won’t be any problems.”

          “Damn it, Dean!” Sam yelled.

          The boys’ Dad turned on his youngest, “You be quiet and stay out of this, Sammy!”

          “I’m not stupid, Dad!  You can’t keep treating Dean like this!  He’s a kid, Dad!  You don’t beat your kids!”

          John turned towards his youngest and began to push him.  He was stopped by his oldest. Dean grabbed his Father and yelled at his brother to go to their room and stay there.

          The older Winchester faced the teen, “You keep your damned hands off me, boy!    Don’t interfere with Sam and me.!”

          “Dad,” Dean spoke softly.  “You have a bad hand right now.  How are you gonna take me on?  Let me fix the hand for you.”

          “You think I can’t take you on, boy?  I can kick your damn teeth down your throat,” the man roared.

          “Something attacked you last night.  It wasn’t me.  I don’t know what’s going on, but maybe you ought to calm down.  You’re still drunk from yesterday.”

          Castiel stood up and walked over to stand behind the boy. ‘Father, I am sorry, but I will not let him do it again.’  There was no sound from Heaven.

          John Winchester stared into his son’s eyes and turned towards his room.  Dean watched the door close behind him and released the breath he was holding.  He shook and sat down on the couch.

          Sam came back out and fixed his brother some of the cereal.

          “You need to eat,” the younger boy told his big brother.

          Both boys sat on the couch and watched a movie on the television.

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