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Friday, June 25, 2010

Supernatural Christmas Carol Chapter 2

qAuthors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman
Warnings: Bad language and violence
Spoilers: Season Five - so if you’ve not seen it, be warned a few things are a bit weird.
Disclaimer - We do not own Supernatural nor A Christmas Carol. The show is owned by Eric Kripke and the book is by Charles Dickens. Neither of us has rights to this nor have we earned anything by doing this. We’re just doing this for fun. Oh..we also don’t own Christmas at Ground Zero or any other carols that might be mentioned. This story is a time of healing.


Dean drove with the windows of the Impala rolled down. Sam had his up as he pulled up page after page of bed and breakfasts, making one call after another. Glancing at his little brother, Dean shook his head.

"What?" He'd noticed the head shake, which meant his brother was thinking about something.

"Hell, Sammy, it's not too long ‘til Christmas. They got this thing going on. You're gonna need to look a little further into the island. Don't think we'll find anything close to the water. Do you?"

"I have no idea. Probably not but I'm trying everything on the list," he answered loud enough to be heard over the wind.

"Why the hell are you yelling? Is the window open bothering you? The sea air feels good, and I thought we could enjoy it; but if it's bothering ya, I can roll the window up."

Before Sam could answer him, Dean looked into the distance, eyes growing wide.

"Would you look at the size of that bridge?"

"Damn, things are bigger in Texas," Sam said with wide eyes. "I had thought that was just a myth."

Dean swallowed as the Impala followed Bobby's truck.

"You know, never cared much for big bridges. Not as bad as flying but bad enough. I don't mind the flat ones, but the ones that go sky high worry me. You wonder just how well they're built."

Sam nodded. "No kidding. I think I'd rather be on a plane."

"I didn't say I hated bridges that bad," Dean muttered. "Shit! This thing is steep. Bobby's slowing down a bit. I guess that old truck needs a little tender loving care. Pretty impressive how he got the gas and brakes into the steering column. You find anything yet?"

The younger brother’s voice was distracted sounding as he answered the question, eyes focused on the laptop’s screen.

"Yeah, think I do. It's not too far from where the event is, but away from the water though. It seems the guy rents certain rooms only at this time of year. I'm trying to call him now."

"Okay. Odd. Why only certain rooms? Tell him we'll take those other rooms if they're all he's got. I think I really am starting to get excited about this."

Sam laughed softly. "Yeah, oddly enough I am too. And yes, the line is finally ringing."

Dean turned and grinned at his brother. A real Christmas. Family. It was nice change for them.

The younger one spoke quietly to the man who picked up, requesting rooms. After a short bit, he wrote down instructions and then hung up.

"We have rooms! He had two open for us, a suite oddly enough."

Dean's eyes widened, and he turned again and his smile was larger.

"A suite? Seriously? Wow! Give Bobby a call and let him know how to get there; or tell him to follow us."

Sam was already reaching for his cell when Dean gave the request to call their adoptive father.
"Already on it."

"Great!" Dean turned on the tape of Christmas music and was beating his hands on the steering wheel and bouncing just a little in his seat as he sang with the tape.

Bobby was pleased with what Sam had told him and after the young man ended the call, he leaned back in his seat and addressed his angelic companion.

"You know what this means though, right?"

Castiel looked at Bobby.

"No. I have no idea."

The older man chuckled, having a feeling the other was going to love his answer.

"We get to introduce you to the joys of Christmas shopping."

Bobby thought he saw a look of panic in the angel's eyes. Castiel swallowed hard, trying to keep his voice at its usual calm pace.

"I heard about Christmas shopping. It is not a safe thing to do, Bobby."

The chuckle turned into laughter when Bobby heard his response.

"It's not bad, Cas, just an adventure. Tell you what, you and I can go shop for the boys and then they can take you to shop for me." Which reminded him, they needed stockings and a small tree for this.

Castiel swallowed hard.

"If the shopping is not bad, why do they call the day after Thanksgiving 'Black Friday?' Black stands for evil. White for good. 'Black Friday', Bobby?"

Bobby explained the concept of it, trying so hard not to laugh at the confused angel.

Meanwhile, back in the Impala the same thought had occurred to one of the brothers. Sam sighed.

"Damn, this means we get to brave the crowds and go shopping."

Dean turned his head and looked at Sam again, unhappy with what he‘d just heard.

"Shopping? You mean crowds of women knocking each other over while trying to get to the last of an item while their kids throw screaming tantrums on the floor?"

He grinned at Dean. "Yup!"

Dean looked at Sam. "I'm not that brave, Sammy."

"Two words, Dean. Bobby and Cas."

Sam watched his brother frown. One small whisper was heard. "Damn."

Oh revenge was sweet! He knew Dean wouldn't want to disappoint the others and to be honest, teaching Castiel to shop might be interesting.

"Damn, the bridge just becomes a road... no end of the bridge or anything. This is kind of weird. I mean all bridges become roads, but they usually do it different then this. About this shopping, Sammy. Can we stay away from Walmart?"

"Hell yes! We are not going into that hell hole."

Sam could be mean at times, but he wasn't heartless.

Dean sighed in relief. He had not realized that he was holding his breath. His hands were trembling. Damn! He hated shopping. Walmart at Christmas was more dangerous then a room full of demons with no rock salt.

Sam went through a few sites and grinned, feeling a bit relieved about the news he was about to share with his older brother.

"There's places we can shop without worrying about Walmart. There's shops we can hit, plus a few special ones that might be fun."

"Sounds good. I'd really rather die then go to Walmart this time of year." Dean thought a moment. "You got any ideas on what to get Cas and Bobby?"

"Well, there's one shop that might have some things of interest. Since Cas travels lightly, I figured we could get him a good backpack to keep with him to keep his presents in as well as things he needs."

Dean nodded, watching the traffic carefully.

"Are we shopping for them together or separately? They have to buy for us separately. Don't seem fair to them."

"I figured we could do it separately but shop together. This way no one has to brave the crowds alone."

“Sounds good. I know what I'm getting Bobby. He likes a good drink in the evenings. He can't afford anything real good. I thought I'd find a nice liquor store and buy him a good Scottish whiskey - a big bottle.”

Sam grinned, leave it to Dean to find something their mentor would enjoy.

"He'd love that. I'm trying to think of something good for Cas, honestly."

"Well, I thought I'd buy him a pay card for his cell phone. He keeps running out of minutes. He has one of those ones where you have to buy minutes. Thought maybe several months worth would help him."

"That or just put him on our plan," Sam commented wryly. "That way he won't have to worry and have you seen the phone he uses?! It's horrible!" Yes, he was a technophile but still.

"Yeah, we could do that. I'll find a local store and get him a good phone and put him on ours."

Sam nodded, thinking of various ideas for gifts.

"This will be interesting to say the least. I hope Cas can deal with all of this."

Dean was thinking the same thing. He was concerned about overload for Cas's mental and emotional state. The angel had been blown to bits and resurrected. Now he was being hunted by his own kind.

“We need to keep it simple for him. Sammy, we're gonna have to like and use whatever he buys us. Do you realize that?"

"You're talking to the kid who found uses for the baton and a Barbie doll."

Sam had done that to make Dean feel better, although Barbie had been turned into the oddest looking G.I. Joe ever.

Dean laughed. "Yeah, I am so sorry about that. I honestly thought the house had a boy living there." He looked at his brother. "You didn't do too bad a job on it."

"I sorta had help from the world's coolest older brother," he said with a smile.

Dean reached to his neck and shuddered when he felt nothing there. "I have the best little brother in the world, Sammy."

That gave Sam an idea. It was something that might hold off that habit until Cas had finished with the pendent he'd given Dean that Christmas.

"Thanks, Dean. Oh, turn right up at the light."

Dean pulled into the right lane and turned on his signal.

Bobby did as well, following Dean as Sam guided them them through traffic and into a very quiet neighborhood. "Damn, kid, where the hell is this place?"

Dean looked at the houses. He slowed down and stared out the side window. Finally, he stuck his head out and looked up, giving a long whistle.

"You got us in the wrong neighborhood, Sammy. These are mansions. Can't possible be a bed and breakfast in one of these."

"Turn left here," he instructed, his own eyes wide. He hadn't expected this at all!

"Hell, Sammy. We're gonna get arrested for trespassing just for being in this neighborhood."

He double checked his directions and shook his head.

"This is what he told me, Dean."

"Man. The guy must've lost a bunch of money somewhere. You don't turn places like this into B & B's. Is it on this street?"

"Yeah, take a left and we're there. These houses must be over a century old at least."

Dean took a left into a massive driveway. The drive pulled around to the back of the mansion. He looked warily at the building. He could find no sign out front that said Bed and Breakfast.

"Are you sure about this, Sammy?" Dean's voice had turned to a whisper.

As he pulled into the back, they found a parking lot near a large garage. The B &B sign was in the back.

Sam nodded, his eyes wide. A man was standing on the back porch, where the B&B entrance was.

"You must be the Winchester family. I'm Ben, welcome and Merry Christmas," came a soft Texas drawl. Ben was about Dean's height but more slender. His hair was dark, and he had blue eyes that held a look of fatigue.

Dean jumped out of the car and walked towards the man who greeted them.

"I'm Dean. This is my brother, Sam. The two guys in the truck are Bobby Singer, and.." Dean looked at Sam, smiling. "And our brother, Cas."

The older Winchester brother shook hands with the man and went to help get the luggage. He really did not want the man looking into the trunk of the Impala.

"You're welcome to my home." Ben went to help Bobby and Cas with their luggage. "I run things a little differently than most B&Bs. I offer breakfast from 7:30 to 11. Dinner is also offered, but I usually ask for a heads up if you're going to eat so I know how much to prepare."

Dean had pulled Sam's and his duffels, looking at the guns and then up at Sam who was standing behind him. He is eyebrow raised in a questioning look.

"Just enough to protect but not enough to shock the staff," he murmured, noticing Ben was waiting on them.

Dean pulled out Sam's pistol and slid it into the duffel. He did the same with his gun. Shutting the trunk, he stood up and gazed up at the mansion. He'd never been inside anything quite like the building in front of him.

Ben led the four of them into a wing of the house. "I open up a wing of my home for Christmas because housing is so tight. Outside of Christmas, it's usually just me here."

Dean's eyes checked every nook and cranny. A hunter's habit. Once he took everything in, he began to relax.

Bobby was impressed with the security of the old home. It blended in with the antique architecture but protected the contents of the home. He was also grateful to see the suite they were led to was set up for people with his disability. Apparently, Sam had remembered to make sure that his needs would be met.

Dean stared in awe at the room. The furniture was antiques. The room had a large sitting room. He noted a television in a cabinet and there was a large selection of dvds and a satellite box . His eyebrows raised in surprise again. There was a small bar in the corner with a refrigerator behind it.

He turned and looked at Ben.

"Which room is for Bobby?"

"Both rooms are set up for people with limited mobility, so he can choose the one he wants. Two beds in each room. In a closet in both rooms are extra blankets. My family has tried to keep the heating and cooling as up to date as possible, but this old house can get drafty at night. With the hard wood floors, I'd suggest socks or slippers if you have them."

Dean nodded. He opened the doors to both rooms and looked inside them, inspecting them and finding them to be beautifully decorated.

"Well, Bobby, which room you want?"

Bobby chose a room and grinned back at the others, knowing he was about to cause an interesting argument.

"I'll leave you three idjits to choose who wants to bunk with me."

Dean grinned as Bobby entered his room. He looked at the other two in a silent question.

Castiel looked blandly at Dean. "He snores," was the flatly spoken comment.

The hazel eyed man looked at the angel, trying not to laugh.

"Okay, I'll sleep with Bobby. Don't get to close to Sammy at night, Cas. He carries a wicked knife and will stab first, ask questions later. "

Dean whistled as he headed to the room he would share with Bobby.

Bobby had unpacked his bags and was laughing, having heard the retort from Dean.

"Mean, that was just mean. I'm so damned proud of you."

The angel looked at Sam questioningly. He watched the younger Winchester, trying to gauge where the weapon was hidden on his person. Cas walked into the bedroom behind Sam, sat on a bed and watched the younger brother go through his duffel. The ancient being watched every item that was removed from the duffel.

Sam was ready to kill Dean for this. Oh yes...his brother was going to pay dearly!

Dean put Bobby's suitcase on his bed. He turned and looked at the older hunter. Bobby saw a serious expression on the younger man's face. Suddenly, Dean smirked.

I learned from the best, Bobby. You taught me well."

The older hunter snickered. "Go rescue them. We've got shopping to do and I want to decorate the living room a bit. And Dean, remember stuff for stockings. We're doing this right this year."

Dean's eyes grew wide, trying to remember this Christmas tradition.

"I need to do laundry Bobby. I don't think I got any socks that would work for that."

"I'll take care of it. You boys deserve a Christmas stocking." And he'd find special ones for them. After this year, the older man hoped they could do this again. It was lonely in that big old house of his.

"What the heck do you put in stockings, Bobby? I haven't had one since I was three. I imagine I should get something for them."

His eyes softened towards his adoptive son. Sam and Dean had missed out on so much, and it made his heart ache.

"Little things like candy, small books and small gifts. Some people will put gift cards in them, or cds and games."

Dean nodded, thinking on what he could do for his family.

"People actually buy stuff like that for stockings?"

"That they do." He told him the tradition of the Christmas stockings while he finished unpacking.

Dean sat on his bed and listened to the story, his attention fully on the older man.

"Bobby, you think we could have a fire in the fireplace tonight? Maybe you could tell us some of those stories?"

Dean's voice sounded wistful, and Bobby was quick to respond to that tone.

"Damn well believe it, kid. In fact, I'll stop by the bookstore and get a few books. We can do it every night until Christmas if you like." Damn John Winchester for screwing these boys over as he had. He'd offered time and time again to take them so they'd have a normal childhood while their father went off on his crusade.

Dean smiled. "That sounds good, Bobby. I'd like to have some eggnog too. Sammy and I had that one Christmas two years ago. Liked it. We could get some rum or brandy to put in it."

"Tell you what, get the two in here, we'll make a list of supplies to buy while we're out doing the Christmas shopping. We get it done today and can spend the rest of the time enjoying each others company and hitting the festival."

Dean jumped off the bed and went to find Sam and Cas sitting on opposite sides of the living room. He watched them carefully for a minute, then acted nonchalantly.

"Problems? If not, Bobby would like us to meet in OUR bedroom and make a list of supplies."

Dean turned and headed back to the bedroom he was sharing with the older hunter.

Sam shook his head, following his brother into the bedroom. He knew that look and had a feeling Dean was up to something.

"What's up?"

Bobby had a pen and paper and was sitting at a table in the corner. There was a thoughtful look on his face as he looked at his boys.

"We need to make a list of supplies. I want to get all of our shopping done so we can just have fun."

Sam plopped onto a chair, Cas leaning against the wall. "Okay, what were you thinking?"

"Well, Dean wants a fire. Seems like a good idea. I thought a popcorn popper for the fireplace, some popcorn. Maybe the makings for s'mores. Eggnog, which means liquor. Snacks. Wouldn't hurt to buy a couple of board games. I want to get some books. Dean wants Christmas stories and legends. Thought some coffee would be good. I saw a coffee maker when we came in. I will get a small tree, stockings, gift wrap, tape, etc. If there's no Christmas movies in that stack, we'll pick some up somewhere. Any other ideas?

Both Sam and the angel shook their heads. Neither were familiar with Christmas traditions and would follow Bobby's lead on this.

"Then I suggest, we make a list and go in twos. I'll get all the supplies. I know what would be good for Christmas. Now stocking stuffers... I'll have Cas for a while, ‘til he needs to shop for me. Dean can fill you in on the stockings."

The younger Winchester nodded. "It sounds good. We can meet up at a specific time to trade out on who goes where."

"That will work. How about the seawall? We might find a small cafe or something. Get some coffee and pie and exchange passengers."

Castiel looked at Dean, obviously confused about something.

"What is with this obsession over pie? It does not seem that a pastry should be so addictive."

"You ain't had a good slice of pie, Cas." Dean smiled wistfully. "I hope they have apple. Come on, Sammy."

Sam found an address and gave it to Bobby, then wished them luck as he followed his brother out to the car.

Dean headed to the Impala, obviously anxious to get started.

"Where you wanna head first? I've no idea how long the phone place will be open."

"Let's do that first then since there might be a time constraint.”

As Sam took a seat and got comfortable, his brother cranked the engine and addressed his companion.

“Sounds good. What time do liquor stores close in Texas?”

Sam cracked open his trusty laptop, checking the laws around alcohol purchasing.

"We're still good. We'll hit that next and then do the other shopping."

Dean nodded. "Okay, navigate."

As they drove to the nearest cell phone store, Sam was thinking on what to do for the others and why they were bothering with this whole Christmas thing. Part of him wasn't happy with it but seeing Dean's childlike happiness and Castiel's curiosity made it worth it.

Dean was singing a Christmas carol, and Sam realized that the tape of crazy Christmas songs was not in the player. His brother had the radio turned to a station that played nonstop carols and was singing Silent Night as they drove through the streets of Galveston.

"Is there where we turn, Sam?"

Sam started to say yeah when he realized that his brother had not called him Sammy.

In a way, he liked being called the normal nickname but a part of him missed the childish Sammy he was used to his brother using.

"Yeah, and Dean, you know..." Well damn, this was hard to get out.

Dean turned onto the side street and drove half a block and pulled into the cell phone parking lot. He turned the engine off and turned towards his brother.

"What's wrong, Sam?"

"I know I fuss about it a lot, but I kinda miss you calling me Sammy."

His eyes were focused out the window, trying to minimize just how embarrassed he was. It was quiet inside of the car as Dean mulled over what Sam had told him.

"Well, we talked a while back about getting away from the past and how you needed to grow up. I just realized that Sammy was a kid name and figured you might not like me calling you that any more. I know I slip sometimes and still call you that. I like calling you Sammy, but I wouldn't want to upset you."

"I know, but it didn't hit ’til now just how much I miss you teasing and calling me Sammy."

Dean stared at his brother for a few minutes, considering what Sam had just told him. A smile creased his face, and the laugh lines around his eyes crinkled.

"All right, Sammy, then we keep the nicknames and the jokes. If it gets to be too much, you tell me? Promise?"

"I promise," he said with a sincere smile. He really had missed that honest smile and the nickname.

All right. Let's go find that phone for Cas. You got any idea what you're gonna get him and Bobby?"

Dean opened the car door and stepped outside as he talked. He looked at his brother, towering over the car as he got out. Dean's smile would blind someone as he headed around the car and walked beside Sam towards the phone store.

"I know I want to get him a backpack of sorts to keep his stuff in since he's pretty much earth bound for now. Beyond that, no idea. Plus these stocking stuffers. For Bobby, I want to do something nice. God knows he's been there for us since we were kids."

"I know. That rare scotch if I can find it is a nice gift. He likes to read. Be nice to get him something kind of rare in the book places. You know this may seem kind of silly, but I'd like us to do something personal for him. We don't have any pictures, but what if we put down our memories of times with him?"

Sam beamed. "I think we can do that. I can get a journal, really nice one, and you and I can put our memories and thoughts in it. I may get him some books too, same for Cas. I was thinking Cas might appreciate some different types of literature. Something to do when he's in a downtime, you know?"

"That's a good idea, Sammy. Well, then all we gotta worry about is each other. That's gonna take some doing. Do you realize that we know so much about each other. At times, it's almost like a marriage. Not good. I think I know what I'm gonna get you."

Dean grinned and whistled as he opened the door to the phone store.

He snickered. "Yeah, yeah. Jerk." He slipped into the store, eyes focusing on the phones. "We'll want something simple since he's not the most tech friendly out there."

"He just needs something that can hold up in any circumstances and be simple to use and we put him on our account."

Dean walked over to some decorated phones and started laughing.

"What did you find?"

Dean pointed to a phone that had cherubs on it. "An angel phone?" he snickered.

"No, he'd kill us." He had to admit that it was rather humorous. Sam's eye fell on one, and he couldn't stop the laughter. He pointed at a Barbie pink phone that had a very famous cat on it.

"Is that the Pink Panther? Damn, Cas wouldn't even know what the Pink Panther was. He'd just want to know who dipped that poor cat in pink paint. And he'd want to know why. Without even cracking a smile." Dean started laughing hard.

"At least it's not Hello Kitty," he quipped.

The statement did Dean in. He leaned against a wall, holding his sides, tears streaming down his face, and laughing hard.

Oh yes, he was proud of that one. Sam grinned, laughing himself. Damn, it was good to see Dean so relaxed!

Dean finally straightened up and, still chuckling, left the decorated phones and walked across the store to an employee.

The man turned and frowned as the two brothers walked towards him. Dean figured he didn't like the noise. He smirked and stopped where they were face to face. Dean knew he was in the man's personal space. Hell, it was Christmas. He should be glad to have a customer laughing instead of a Scrooge.

The younger Winchester explained what they were looking for. They needed something durable and with a good battery life, explaining their brother wasn't very comfortable with technology but loved to travel.

Dean added that the phone had to look nice. "Our brother is such a nice guy, he's an angel. He needs something very nice." He winked at Sam and waited on the employee to show him what was available.

Sam grinned, nodding in agreement with Dean. They were led to a wall where the phones were. Some where kind of gaudy, which he quickly dismissed.

Dean spotted one that was a beautiful gun barrel gray. Small enough to fit into the inside of Cas' overcoat and not be bulky. Dean looked at Sam, and his eyebrow went up in question. He knew that Sam was the techy one and would accept his advice on the phone.

He picked up the phone and looked it over, reading the specs. Very good battery life, sturdy. This would do really well.

"You picked a good one, Dean."

Dean grinned at Sam. Praise from his little brother was not something he was used to. It felt nice. He turned to the employee.

"I will take this one. I need it put on the family account."

The salesman nodded, obviously pleased to make the sale.

"Of course, sir. I'll have his new number for you in just a few moments, as well as activate his phone. While I do so, you can take a look at the extra items we offer in case you want to buy cases and whatnot."

A case probably would be a good idea, a clip of some sort to make sure it didn't fall out of the 'tax accountant' trench coat. Sam picked up the charger that went for the phone.

"Dean, while I'm thinking about it, should we get him a new coat or something? That trench is looking ratty."

Dean thought about it for a moment, seeing what Sam was worried about.

"I don't think he'll go along with it, Sammy. He likes that old coat. I mentioned it once and he said there was nothing wrong with the coat. He thought it suited him. Kind of does. Unless we could find him a new one."

"That's what I was thinking. It wouldn't hurt to get him a change of clothing or two, you know. Save wear and tear on what he has. I think he tends to forget things like this."

"Yeah, he does. I guess being human kind of permanently would do that to someone who never has been."

Sam nodded. "We can add that to gift ideas for him, I think."

The employee returned with the phone, and the other items Dean and Sam had added to the purchase. Dean paid for it with the card he had gotten from the bank.

As they left the store and headed for the car, Dean looked at Sam seriously.

"You know, Sammy, it's nice to be able to buy the people you love nice things and spend time together and not worry for a change. I like this."

Dean quickly turned and hurried towards the car, not waiting for a response. He still found opening up difficult at times.

Being a bit taller made it easy for Sam to catch up with his brother, his fingers adding Castiel's number to his phone and his, Dean's, and Bobby's numbers to Cas' phone. As he did this, he answered his brother.

"You know, you're right. We've never had this opportunity. I may not like Christmas, but I'm glad we're able to relax like this. Just be a family for once."

"I barely remember Christmas when Mom was alive. I just remember the smell of a tree, the music and lights, and mom tying my stocking at the foot of my bed," Dean said quietly.

After climbing into the Impala, Sam looked at Dean.

"Those are good memories. Some I wish I had. But I do have some of my goofy wonderful older brother stealing Christmas for me and then helping me turn a Malibu Barbie into a GI Joe."

Grinning, Dean reached across and touched his brother's arm and quickly turned and started the Impala.

"Where's a nice liquor store. One of those ones people buy the good stuff at. We might as well pick up stuff for this week while we buy Bobby's gift."

Sam checked his laptop. "We also need to get some of the decoration stuff too huh? OK, liquor store. It’s about four blocks east of here."

Dean pulled out and headed east.

"I know Bobby said he'd take care of it, but we ought to do some. What do you think we ought to get?

"Maybe something to decorate our 'living room' in. I know he's getting a small tree and stockings but maybe some lights and stuff?"

"I want some of those lights that bubble. I saw one in a window one time. They are awesome, dude. I wonder if we can find ornaments that are really us? Like something techy for you. Maybe a book ornament for Bobby. Angel wings or something for Cas. Tools of some kind for me. Be kinda cool.”

He knew where to look for that idea then.

"Hallmark store, I think. It'd be a good place to check for decorations too. We could send them home with Bobby to keep safe for next year."

"You think we could do this again next year? It would be fantastic. We'll look for a Hallmark store."

Sam nodded. "I think it'd be good for all of us."

Dean grinned. "That's a great idea, Sammy. I know Bobby will like it. Bobby's house has always been home, you know?"

"I can't argue with you there. I remember him playing hide and seek with us in that house of his when Dad dropped us off sometimes during his trips. I love that place."

"Yeah, since Mom died, it was the only home I ever knew."

"Only one I know," he answered back. "Speaking of do you want to throw our idea at Bobby in regards to what we're going to do after we kick Lucifer's ass?"

“Thought we'd see how things go the next couple of days, and I will feel him out. I can't see how he'd not like the idea. He still works on cars in his wheelchair, but he needs someone to do the bodywork and the heavy stuff...engines and such."

"Head mechanic, means he can boss you and your apprentices around. Though I'll be doing bookwork, I may take some accounting classes while we get things put together. This way I can take that concern off of Bobby's shoulders."

The older brother nodded, agreeing with Sam’s idea.

"That's a good idea. Hell, of course Bobby's the head mechanic. It's Singer Yard. I'll work for him. When we reach the place where we need them, we can get apprentices. I want to be careful about that.”

Dean’s voice trailed off for a moment before picking back up.

“Sammy, after Lucifer is dead, there will be others to kill. I don't want to. Not any more. I really am tired. Been at this almost my whole life. There are younger hunters out there. I'd rather let them take it over. You ought to go see Sarah when it's over. You two were good for each other, you know?"

"Maybe, we'll see. Right now, I think we have a lot to focus on as a family. Lot of baggage before I can think about any kind of relationship, you know?"

"I know, Sammy. Just don't let her wait too long. You'll lose her. Hell, she knows what we do. She didn't care. You could do a hell of a lot worse. She could help you with things too. And, Sam, it's gonna take a long time to deal with our baggage. Why sleep alone and not have love with a good woman, while we deal with it. I hope I find someone one of these days. I'd jump at it too."

Sam nodded. "I do email her from time to time since she knows what we do. Once we're settled, I'll ask if she's open to dating or something. How about you? Gumby girl?"

Dean smiled. "You weren't around Lisa and Ben very much. Man, I swear that kid's mine. He even likes mullet rock, man. He chases after girls. If he's not, I want to know who his father is. Can't be two of me going around."

"Maybe we can get a discrete DNA test done. Either way, it sounds like you really like the kid."

"I do. Lisa knew I never had the time so she turned me away, but if I was free of this? I would like to see her again."

"Then make plans to call her, Dean. You deserve to be happy too, and I'm sure Bobby would love to have kids to spoil rotten. And if Cas is still with us, I think he'll be a good uncle. We just have to work on getting that stick out of his ass a bit more." He grinned, then pointed. "There's the store."

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