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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Supernatural Christmas Carol Chapter 4

Title: A Supernatural Christmas Carol
Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman
Warnings: Bad language and violence
Spoilers: Season Five - so if you’ve not seen it, be warned a few things are a bit weird.
Disclaimer - We do not own Supernatural nor A Christmas Carol. The show is owned by Eric Kripke and the book is by Charles Dickens. Neither of us has rights to this nor have we earned anything by doing this. We’re just doing this for fun. Oh..we also don’t own Christmas at Ground Zero or any other carols that might be mentioned. This story is a time of healing.

An Angel's First Winchester Shopping Trip

Dean looked at Castiel and back at the truck, wondering just what kind of sense of humor his new brother had. Knowledge was something the hunter understood about the angel. A person doesn't live since the beginning of time without gaining a lot of knowledge in some areas.

They got into the Impala, and Dean turned towards his new shopping companion .

“Okay, Cas, you have had a taste of shopping. Any ideas on what you want to get Bobby? I want to go to a movie store somewhere for something I want to get Sammy and pick up some Christmas movies too. I forgot to do that when I was with Sam. Where you want to go?"

"I am unsure as to what to get Bobby. He have just about everything or so he made it sound."

Dean sighed. That was a problem he’d run into trying to figure things out for Bobby as well. Shopping could be difficult.

"Yeah, in some ways, he does, Cas. In others, he doesn't. I really wish we could just go buy him one of those electric scooters so he doesn't have to deal with that chair. If he can't get on one, they do have electric chairs, you know."

The angel tilted his head.

"We saw one while making our purchases. He was not pleased when I asked him if one would be more convenient for him. He responded with something about 'making him a damned lazy fool.' I am unsure as to what that means but I suppose it must be one of those quirks that makes Bobby so...interesting."

Dean nodded, squashing that idea.

"Okay. That's out then. hmmm He does like old movies. Real old ones. 40's and 50's stuff. War movies, westerns...that kind of thing. We could get him some of those for when we aren't around. Give him something to do besides research. When's he's tired. You know?"

Castiel thought on that, trying to come up with some sort of idea.

"Does he have one of those televisions for his room? And he also made mention of something, and I thought I would ask you what it was. Something in regards to an addition to the bathtub to help with soreness? A whirlpool?”

"That's a good idea, Cas. There's a lumber yard here. I saw it. They would carry them. Then the movies could be a stocking stuffer if you want. Come to think of it, I ain't bought any stockin' stuffers."

"I believe we should go to Bobby's home afterwards so it can be installed. They carry bathing supplies in a place for lumber?

Dean turned onto a main thoroughfare.

"The major chains carry all kinds of things. I have three places I want to go to....the movie store, back to the bookstore, and a big grocery store. I want to buy Sam a gift certificate for Starbucks. I remember kids talking at school about getting stuff in their stockings. I want to get some oranges, apples, nuts and candy canes."

"Candy canes...the name is familiar although I do not understand why they would make canes out of candy. That could not be very useful." He was quiet for a moment. "Would some sort of bath oils also make it easier for Bobby to relax?"

The hunter saw the lumber yard on the right and turned on his signal.

"Yeah, Cas, they would. There was a health store near the bookstore. They'd probably carry the type of oils he'd need. Candy canes are a different kind of cane. They are not very big and taste like peppermint."

"I have never had peppermint although the smell is quite delightful." He looked at the store they were going to go into. "I had no idea lumber stores were this large."

“The big ones carry gardening stuff, appliances, plumbing name it. We need to find the plumbing, I would think.”

Dean walked down the aisle, reading signs. He turned and saw that Cas had stopped. The other man was rather intrigued by a very odd looking decoration...a nutcracker. The hunter walked back to the area filled with Christmas decorations. Trees were filled with ornaments and lights. Music was playing loud. He could hear "Jingle Bell Rock." The shelves near the trees had a large number of animated items and the nutcrackers. He walked up to Cas.

"I understand the basic concept behind these things. However, with the grasp I have of modern slang...why would these not be renamed?"

Dean turned and looked at the angel.


Then it registered, Dean's eyes widening as his mouth dropped a little. He turned red and grabbed Cas by the arm.

"Let's go, man," the hunter said, a Japanese show in the back of his mind.

Castiel stared at him with that fathomless stare, not giving Dean any indication if he'd brought that up on purpose or not. The older Winchester remembered Bobby's comment about Cas's sense of humor and began to worry. There were still a lot of stores to go to. He shook his head and pointed towards the plumbing area.

"That should be the area we need, man."

The other followed him, watching the items for sale with interest.

"If you see something you want, Cas, holler."

Dean turned down an aisle that had whirlpools and other appliances for the tub.

“Holler?” Cas asked.

"Yeah, know...give me a yell."

"Ah," was the answer as he followed the other down the aisle. So far, everything was tools and that didn't quite catch his interest at all. They found the whirlpools. Dean began to inspect the packages closely.

"We want one that can be mounted from outside the tub and give the whirlpool action from near the faucet so Bobby can lay back and enjoy it without losing a bunch of space. It needs a good warranty on it too."

Castiel nodded, examining the devices in the question to try to find one that Dean had spoken of.

"There are quite a few to choose from," he murmured.

"Yeah, these two are the best. They are both well made and have good warranties. I think you should get this one, Cas. It has a few more speeds for the water."

"If you think that this is the best choice, then I will."

Dean saw a buggy not being used and put the whirlpool inside it. He turned out of the plumbing area, going past the furniture area as they headed to the registers.

"Is there anything needed for us to install this for him?"

"Yeah, probably. It does not say on the outside. We can always get the items in the town he lives near."

Castiel nodded. "All right."

They pulled into a line when Dean saw the wreath. It was hanging on the end of the aisle behind them. It had red berries and small pinecones and plaid ribbon. He gazed at it and felt a lump in his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind a memory awoke. His dad hanging one on the wall at home when he was little. Red berries, pine cones, and red ribbons. This one had plaid but it was close enough. He noted that it had a price tag so he left Cas with the cart and walked towards the wreath and took it down. Smiling, he placed it in the cart.

"Good memories?"

"Yeah, Cas. I don't have many, but this was a real good one."

He gave that odd little half smile of his.

"Then it is a good purchase."

"Yeah. It's one thing I can share with Sam. He won't remember. Mom died before he ever was around for Christmas. It's one tradition we can start once this damn apocalypse is over. Traditions are important, Cas. We need some.”

"I do not quite understand the importance of traditions. We...the angels never really had any."

"I hope to change that for you, Cas. You're family now....a Winchester. We are gonna start those traditions this Christmas. I know you miss Heaven and your brothers and sisters up there, but Cas, I hope you don't ever go back. I'd like you to stay."

Again, that small smile. "I enjoy being with you, Sam, and Bobby as well, Dean. I'm unsure if I'll be allowed to return after all this is over."

"Well, you got a home with us, Cas. We want you."

The two men reached the register. Dean took out his card and paid for the items. He also paid for an extra added warranty for the whirlpool. They left the store and headed towards the Impala.

"Let's backtrack to the bookstore and the health store and pick up the items we need there. There's a big Suncoast near the the grocery store. We can find the movies and stuff there and the grocery is a super center so I can find my stocking stuffers."

Castiel nodded, helping him load the items into the car. "This should prove interesting."

"Yeah, it's gonna be fun, Cas. I saw a computer store there too. That card I gave you. You can't use it cause you have no license. Did Bobby use it any? If not, let me have it. There's something I really want to get Sammy." I'll finish paying for whatever you want to get."

"It hasn't been used because of lack of identification."

He fished the card out of his pocket and handed it to Dean, who slipped it into his wallet.

"That's fine. The money is all of ours, so it doesn't matter, Cas. I think it's time, Sam had a new computer. He's been carrying that one around since right after college. That's a long time for a laptop. Mine's not fancy, but Sammy needs all those bells and whistles. I want to really surprise him with this."

"That would be a useful gift for him and something he would enjoy."

"Yeah, it would. Probably shock him, too." Dean laughed as he turned onto the street where the stores were situated.

"Which you enjoy doing," he commented dryly.

Dean was quiet a minute, not sure how to take that statement. He decided to not push it. Cas may have meant nothing by it; but the way he said it? They pulled into the parking lot. Dean parked the car in front of the computer store. They got out of the car and headed towards the door. Both men entered the store and a salesman met them halfway in.

"Can I help you.?"

Dean look around and said, "Yeah. I need to buy a computer."

Castiel wandered the store, looking at various items. Most of this didn't seem to make the much sense to him at all. However, he spotted something that might make Dean's purchase a bit easier for Sam. He picked up a weather poof messenger bag style carrier for the laptop and brought it to Dean. The hunter turned and saw the bag. He grinned at Cas.

"Thanks, man. That's a great idea." Dean set the bag on the counter and looked at the salesman.

"I need a laptop. These things are needed on it. I want it to be real fast, have a ton of memory. It needs to be able to play blue ray and see games and pictures real good. I don't want your top Windows. Sam says it new and not good enough yet, so the one before it. I don't want viruses of any kind to get in it. It needs one of those things that let's you get on the internet anywhere without plugging it in. Tell me what kind of programs are needed for it. He researches a lot."

The salesperson nodded. "We do have some high quality gaming laptops which require a great deal amount of RAM and video card. As far as the internet is concerned, does your phone provider offer an air card?"

"A what?"

"It's a device that allows the computer to go online as long as you're in the cell phone provider's coverage area."

Castiel frowned. "I believe Sam has one of those as he's online a lot and not in those hot spot areas."

"Yeah we use a pretty big provider because we travel a lot. Yeah, I would think so. I also want a major warranty on it for everything."

"Of course, also a top of the line wireless access." He led Dean to a row. "These are the best computers I have within the specifications you've given me."

Sam's brother stared at the row. There were an awful lot of computers to look at.
"Which one is the best made?"

He pointed at one. "Highest durability and life is this one. Battery specs are good and the warranty is one of the best."

"It has everything else I need?"

The sales person nodded. "It does."

"Okay the programs on it, am I gonna get the disks? If there's a problem, he needs to be able to put them back on."

"Of course. We don't send any computer out of here without the factory discs, which includes all the software and drivers needed."

"Great! I'll take it."

"We have several colors to choose from. Red, blue, black, and silver."


"The outer case."


He headed out, walking towards a shelf and came back a few moments later with a box.

"Will this be all, sir?"

"Ummm, a mouse without cables, and whatever kind of disks it needs to save stuff on. I think a scanner and a good printer would come in handy. Do you have one that will do it all> Maybe, one that will fax too?

"Wireless it is. Yes, we have a printer that will scan, fax, and print photo quality. You'll need paper and photo paper?" A few more boxes were added.

"And the speakers are good on it, or does it need better?"

"It's a gaming pc. The speakers are good."

He frowned for a moment, thinking on what else Sam would need on this machine.

"He might play some games on it, but he needs it for research. It will be good for that, right?"

"Of course. The wireless adapter will allow him to log on at any wireless areas, plus if he has the air card, it'll be fine as well."

"Okay, ring her up and tell me about extended warranty."

The sales rep did just that as Castiel continued to browse. Information was shared to Dean about what the warranties were. Dean paid for the equipment and the extended warranty. He turned to see what Cas was doing, as salesman boxed the items together in a large box. The messenger bag and the disks were put in a bag.

The angel approached him. "Are we ready to go?"

"Yeah, let's put this in the car and go to the other stores. The health store is next." He headed for the door with the large box and the bag. He pushed the door open with his back and waited on Cas.

He held the door open for him, reaching for the keys. "I will open the car for you."

"Thanks, Cas, back seat. This won't fit in the trunk, you know."

The door was unlocked and back door opened for him. Dean slid the box onto the back seat and set the bag in the floorboard.

"I don't think I have ever been so excited about anything, Cas. I can hardly wait." He shut and locked the door and walked with Cas to the health store.

Cas followed him in. "I can tell. I have to admit to feeling rather interested in all of this."

Dean smiled at the angel. "It's a supposed to be a time of family, giving, joy, togetherness, and helping each other. Cas, that's special. This is the only time of the year it happens all over. Oh, there are those who care and help people all year round. It's just that there's not many."

Dean opened the door to the health store and let Cas enter first. They walked to the counter. Hazel eyes looked at the pretty girl behind the register and the young man smiled.

"My friend here needs oil. Tell her what you need, Cas."

"Hmmm. Sandlewood...others also in a masculine fragrance but designed for relaxation." He listed the incenses he needed as well as the fragrances for the oils.

The girl led the men to the back of the store where the shelves holding oils and incenses were kept.

"We also have burners if you need them right down on the lower shelves."

"I will require that. Also some lotions in the same fragrances."

The girl went to another shelf and returned with the lotions Cas had asked for. Dean looked at the burners. His eyes taking in all the exotic designs.

"Cas, this is weirdest stuff I've ever seen. Don't they have something normal? Do they have any idea how much of this stuff really exists?"

"But each has a purpose. Bobby spends much of the time with muscles too tense. Incense will help relax when reading. Oils for bath time. Lotions for times when bathing isn't appealing." He chose a simple burner, something that wouldn't require much fuss.

"Where the hell did you find that one? I was talking about the burners. Over half are in spell books on Bobby's shelves. Some look like demons. Too much spirit world in them. I think your gift will help Bobby, Cas. I'm glad you found that burner. Let's get out of here."

"It was in the back. Obviously the store is trying to get rid of the more…unusual ones." Unusual being a nice term for butt ugly.

Dean paid for the assortment and hurried out of the store. He looked at his watch and at the bookstore. It was still open. Dean touched Cas' arm and pointed to the store. They headed down the sidewalk and entered into the Starbuck's inside the bookstore. Walking to the register, he looked at the young man standing behind it.

"I need gift certificates for $10.00 each. Let me have 20 of them, if you got them."

The certificates were given to Dean. Castiel looked at him. "You bought paper?"

"Each paper is worth $10.00, Cas. They are only useable at a Starbucks. Sammy loves their hot chocolate. I just want to make sure he can have it for a while."

"Ahh...I see."

"That way, he can't spend the money on something for someone else. It's for him...for what he likes. Let's go to the last shopping center and hit the Sun Coast and grocery super center and then give the others a call. I'm getting kind of hungry. How about you?"

"I suppose I could eat. Something that won't burn my mouth this time preferably."

"All right. We'll see what Sam and Bobby have in mind and go from there."

They walked down the sidewalk towards the computer store and the Impala. Dean paused before putting hs key in the lock. He closed his eyes, listening to a churchbell in the distance playing Silent Night. He took a deep breath and smiled.

"It's perfect, Cas. The stars, the music, and smell that air? It's saltwater. I would love to walk a beach right now and just listen to the waves."

"Then why don't we before you call Samuel and Bobby?"

"I'd like to but we have places to go. But they can wait a bit, maybe. You think it's be okay?

He gave that small half smile again. "I wouldn't have suggested it if it wasn't, Dean."

They got into the car, and Dean turned towards the seawall. He drove down a way towards the west until they left the heavier business district. He found a place to turn around. He began looking for a parking spot. Finally, spotting one, he pulled in and parked the car.

"Looks like we'll have to find some stairs down to the beach, Cas."

The two men walked along the seawall until Dean spotted some stairs going down. They began their descent on the slippery stairs; going slowly so as not to fall. Stepping out onto the sand, they stopped and listened. The sound of the waves crashing and the seagulls was almost a symphony of nature's sounds.

Dean began to slowly walk and just listen. The smells were almost overwhelming. The saltwater was pleasant, but every so often, the smell of a dead fish would make them wrinkle their noses. The hunter looked in the distance over the water. He could see the lights from oilrigs and ships that had anchored for the night. The ships were probably waiting their turn to enter the Houston ship channel. They walked for a long time in silence. The angel respecting the need of his companion to just experience a part of life he seldom knew. The taller male, feeling a thrill at just having such an opportunity, was afraid it would disappear if he broke the spell with a sound.

Castiel's eyes were fixed on the sky as he walked, enjoying the beauty of nature. He couldn't understand why his brothers were so keen on this battle. It would destroy this beautiful gem.

They walked until Dean's cell rang. He jumped, sighed, and reached for the phone. His voice was a whisper as he spoke.

"Hey, Sammy. No, we have two places to go yet. We got sidetracked. Yeah, less then an hour, I think. You guys be thinking about where you'd like to eat. I'll call as soon as we're done."

The angel nodded, moving to turn and head back to the car. Dean stood still for one more moment and then hurried to catch with Cas. He kept pace until they reached the stairs. He reached out and touched Cas' shoulder. The angel stopped and looked at him.

"Thanks, Cas."

"You are most welcome, Dean. I enjoyed myself as well."

Fifteen minutes later, the two men were in the Sun Coast video store. Dean had found the six disk special edition “Star Wars” movies in blue ray. He was hunting for stocking stuffers for Bobby. He finally decided on “War Wagon” with John Wayne and “Ben Hur.” Bobby had mentioned the chariot races once. Dean looked up and saw a section set aside for Christmas movies. A grin formed and he headed towards the movies. He got “It's a Wonderful Life,“ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”” Charlie Brown Christmas,”” Polar Express,” and “White Christmas.” The selection pleased him. He turned, looking for Cas.

"Find anything you want, Cas?"

Castiel had found some cds that would work for Bobby and added them to the pile.

Dean paid for the movies. They left the store, stopping by the Impala to drop off the bag of movies. As they entered the grocery store, Dean got a basket. He headed to the grocery aisle, grabbing bags of nuts, apples, and oranges, In the candy section, he picked up large candy canes and showed them to Cas, explaining that they were candy. He bought a gallon of eggnog. He knew Bobby and Sam would get the rest of the items. It was cold enough outside that the eggnog would be alright in the car.

The younger man led the way to the toy section. He bought Monopoly and Mousetrap. He picked up pick-up sticks for Cas, a GI Joe for Sam, and headed to the electronics section for an mp3 player for Cas. He saw the pajama bottoms and t shirts as they headed toward the register. He bought four pajama bottoms that were green with Rudolph on them. The red nose was vibrant. Dean grinned as he picked up four red t shirts. They would all probably kill him, but he bet they'd wear them.

Castiel dropped four pairs of the ugliest reindeer slippers known to man in the basket as well, as if daring Dean to comment.

He looked at the slippers, bit his bottom lip, but did not say a word. When everything was paid for and bagged, they headed for the car. After, they got in the car, Dean called Sam to find out where they wanted to meet for dinner.

Sam grinned and simply gave him an address, telling him that they'd gotten a table already and were waiting on them. Dean started the engine and leaned over to Cas.

"I'm not taking the heat for those slippers. You are."

He backed the car out of the parking space, watching three cars vie for the spot, with a grin on his face. He'd smiled more this day then he had in years. They turned onto the street and headed for the address Sam had given him.

Castiel simply shrugged. "We shall see." They ended up pulling into a busy restaurant by the name of Joe's Crab Shack.

"I guess we're having crab, Cas." Dean parked the car and both of them headed for the door. The hunter opened the door and saw a waiter dancing on a table. He stopped so fast that Cas bumped into him.

"What the hell? Everyone seems to have gotten a head start on me. He's gotta be drunk? Right, Cas? Drunk? Do people eat off those tables?"

The hostess came up and asked how many. Dean told her they had friends here waiting for them.

"You must be Dean and Cas? Your party is over here." They followed the young woman to a table that seemed to be in the midst of the uproar in the restaurant. Dean was turning one way and another watching the craziness. He turned and his eyes met Sam's.

Castiel stared at Bobby and Sam. "Is this place sanitary?"

His companion turned to him. "Hell, no, it's not sanitary. We don't know where those shoes have been. But I've eaten in worse places, Cas."

Sam snickered. "Trust me, that's a rare thing. Someone's birthday or so I'm told. Bobby asked the waitress when it happened."

"Seriously, Dude, this is the noisiest place I've ever been in. They gave that woman a stick horse and a cowboy hat after they danced on the table. She's actually riding it around the restaurant. I know my birthday is in January, Sam, but don't you ever tell anyone anywhere that it is."

Again, he snickered. "No problem. However, we heard this place has the best seafood so we figured why not have some fun."

Dean thought what the hell and sat down. "Guess I'm tired. I usually like this kind of thing. What's supposed to be good. Cas doesn't want anything that will burn his mouth."

A waiter came to their table to take drink orders. Dean noticed that Sam and Bobby were nursing beers, and ordered one. The waiter looked at Cas.

"Root beer."

Dean looked at the menu. "I've never had Cajun. Wonder if it's any good? How the hell do you pronounce that. Etoooofeee?"

"Idjit. Et two fey," Bobby said, shaking his head.

"Is it any good, Bobby? And what kind of fish is crawfish?"

With a grin, he told them what a crawfish was. Castiel shook his head and went back to perusing the menu. Sam wrinkled his nose. That didn't sound appealing to him.

"You tell me they are like tiny lobsters? Real tiny? Are they any good? And this dish they're in. What does it taste like?"

"I like it. Some don't but I do. It's got a rich flavor that's really good."

"Well, I think I'll try it. Was gonna have a burger, but remembered I was cutting back on them. Not often I get seafood anyway. I think I want some of that stuffed crab for an appetizer. Never had crab."

"You'll love it. In fact, let's order the mix appetizer. We'll get two of them that way you three can experience what there is. Castiel, I'd go with broiled or fried fish or shrimp. Stay away from blackened. That's spicy." Bobby placed the appetizer order and asked the waitress to come back for the entree order.

"I thought a waiter took the drink order? They must share the tables here. Keeps you happy that way. Okay. What's on that mixed appetizer, Bobby?"

"Fried oysters and clams, calamari, stuffed crab," he listed a few other things.

“Clams are good. Had them once in a chowder. What's calamari?"

"Fried squid."

Hazel eyes stared wide-open for a minute, while Dean thought about squid. He shrugged.


Bobby grinned while Castiel looked up. "I shall have the fried fish and chips."

Sam watched as his brother looked up as the waitress brought the appetizers.

She set them out, along with small plates. "So what can I get for you tonight?"

Dean smiled at the waitress, and said, "Cas will have fish and chips, fried. I will have the crawfish etoufee, and the stuffed crab, Sammy, Bobby, what do you guys want?

Both Sam and Bobby placed their orders, stomachs growling in hunger.

Dean looked at the appetizers. He stared at Bobby. "You want to divvy them and explain what they are?"

The older man did just that, telling them to eat the calamari before it got cold.

The older Winchester picked one up and dipped it in the sauce the waitress had provided and tried to bite into it. Finally, he placed the whole ring in his mouth and began to chew, and chew. After swallowing the squid, Dean looked at Bobby.

"It's pretty good. Just a little chewy. Does it get worse if it's cold?"

Bobby swallowed his mouthful. "Like chewin' rubber bands."

Dean turned to Cas who was poking at his. "You need to eat it pretty fast, Cas. Didn't anyone up there ever teach you not to play your food?" He laughed and ate his other calamari. Sam noticed how his brother looked at the oysters. " Now those are a waste on this trip," the older boy said, looking across the restaurant at their waitress. He winked at Sam and dipped an oyster in the sauce and chewed it.

Sam coughed. "Hound dog," he muttered in between coughs.

Castiel looked at the oysters, then at Sam and Dean. "Why is a dog mentioned in reference to oysters?"

Dean had turned red and looked at the other oyster. He looked defiantly at Sam and bit down hard on the second oyster and cut it in two. As he chewed he looked Sam and then Bobby, "Well, someone answer him."

The younger Winchester took a bite. "You started it, jerk."

Bobby grinned. "And now you get to finish it."

His brother swallowed. "Go on, Sammy."

"Uh uh."

"Well, I ain't doing it. You brought it up, now answer the damn question." Dean was getting really embarrassed.

"I didn't bring it up, you did. Besides, you're the big's your responsibility."

"What do you mean, I brought it up? How did I bring it up?"


"Oh, Damn." Dean turned blood red and headed for the door.

Bobby grabbed his belt before he could run. "Explain it, idjit."

"Damn it, Bobby. Cas wouldn't have thought anything if Sam hadn't said what he said."

"Just do it." The glare was one that the boys had had used on them often growing up.

"Can I take him into the restroom or outside and explain it? Not in here where someone might hear it."


Dean stood up and asked Cas to come with him. The angel followed him, wondering what had caused the mini argument. They stepped outside and Dean turned to Cas and almost whined.

"Okay, Cas. Dogs and oysters. Well, oysters are ummmm....well kind of like ...well...they ahhh...enhance a sexual experience. Kind of help you perform better. Okay. The dog thing is just...well, I explained the oysters. You ask Sam about the dog. This is as far as I go. Come on."

He had an almost adorable confused expression when he came back in. Sam was hiding his laughter behind his beer.

Dean sat down. "I explained my comment about the oysters. Okay? Sammy, the dog is yours. You said it, you explain it."

"It's what we call men who chase after women all the time. Hound dogs in the hen house," he commented. Castiel nodded, shaking his head. Humans were so strange.

"You know, I heard men who chased women were called hound dogs, Sammy, but I thought it was a fox who went after the hens." Dean smirked.

Bobby snickered. "No, they went into the hen houses too. A lot of them loved the meat or the eggs."

Dean stared at him. "Really? "


"Thought they were supposed to protect the hen house, Bobby? Who protected the hens?"

"Don't really know. I hate farming," was the dry answer.

"Yeah, give me a car to work on. Wouldn't know what to do with hens if I had ‘em."

Bobby grinned at him and Sam shook his head.

The waitress brought their meals. Dean looked at the etouffee. He frowned.

"Uhhh, Bobby? Someone get sick back there?"

"It does look like someone regurgitated something," Castiel commented. Bobby was trying hard not to start guffawing, while Sam was looking at the bowl with a disgusted look.

"You know, Bobby, I will eat almost anything, but Cas is right. You sure this is edible?" Dean pushed the food around in the dish with his fork.

"Try a bite before you push it away, okay?"

Dean winced but put a bite in his mouth and slow chewed. His eyes widened in surprise. He nodded, took a sip of his beer, and took another bite. After he swallowed, he nodded to Bobby. "It's not bad."

"Told ya. And just for that, I'll spring for dessert."

Dean grinned. "Hope they got apple pie."

Bobby grinned back. "They have something better I want you boys to try."

"Bobby, there ain't nothing’ better then pie. Apple is the best."

He pulled the dessert menu out and opened it, pointing at the banana's foster.

"What's in it?"

The menu was handed to Dean so he could read about the dessert while he continued to eat.

"They can do that to monkey food?" Dean looked across at Bobby. He shrugged. "Okay, I'll give it a try."

Castiel nearly choked on his bite of fish, caught off guard by Dean's comment.

The older Winchester reached over and hit Cas on the back. "You okay? What happened?"

"You do realize what you just said and what a lot of the angels refer to humans as?"

"You know, Cas, angels aren't perfect either, or there wouldn't be so many fallen ones or those out to destroy everything. Their names for humans don't mean shit, and you know it."

"It just struck me as…ironic. That's all."

"Okay. Well, humans aren't monkeys and never were. Whether they came out of the dust like Genesis, I don't know. But it wasn't mud, slime, or anything else. Evolution makes about as much sense as creationism. Me, I haven't decided if God exists yet. You do have me thinking about it though."

Castiel shrugged. "I haven't seen Him either. I hope to."

"Just don't lose my pendant."

"I have it in a safe place, I know how much it means to you." He sounded almost offended that Dean would think he'd lose something like that.

Sam gave a soft smile at the mention of it. That had been something that had made that Christmas wonderful. Dean's reaction to that pendent.

His brother looked over at Sam, and Sam could see that his eyes were glistening. Tears?

He gave him a smile and a nod, telling him that he understood.

Dean looked down for a minute, embarrassed by the emotions he felt. He wasn't used to reacting this way. Sometimes he thought he would fall apart. He had to be strong...desperately so. But, right now, this wasn't the case. They weren't fighting. No fighting gave him too much time to think. He looked up at Sam again. He nodded back and mouthed 'thank you.' He changed the subject.

Sam saluted him with his beer, rolling with the subject change.

The meal was over. The waiter asked about dessert. Dean leaned back and stared at Bobby. "Your call."

He ordered two of the banana's foster to share, knowing how rich the dessert was. However, he really wanted to share this with his boys. Dean leaned back further while their dinner plates were removed. The waiter asked if they wanted another beer. Dean looked at him for a moment.

"I got a feeling this banana thing won't go with beer. You got white wine? A nice one? We will all have a glass?

The waitress grinned and came back a short time later with the wineglasses, the requested wine, and the dessert. They watched the banana liqueur added to a pan with other ingredients. Bananas were cooked in it. Rum was added and the bananas were softened in it; then it was ignited The flames died down and the dessert was served.

“Sammy, I imagine, you've been to parties in college where they had wine. You probably know how to do this right. I don't." Dean handed the wine to his brother.

Sam did the usual smell and taste, approving the wine and allowing it to be poured. "I don't do this often. More for Jess and her family."

"Hey, more then I have. Thanks, Sammy." Dean lifted his glass.
"A family. All four of us."

All of them lifted their glasses as well, very pleased with the toast.

Dean took a sip. His lips pursed as if he was going to whistle. He smiled softly and took another sip. He pushed the dessert between Cas and him. "First bite is yours, Cas."

Castiel tried a bite of the dessert and his eyes widened. "This is delicious."

Dean stared. "Really?" He took a bite. Froze. He didn't chew. Nothing.

Sam and Bobby stared at him. "You okay, Dean?"

He slowly started to chew. Not his usual way of eating. He swallowed.

"Yeah. I'm okay. I didn't want to let it move. Just let it sit there a minute. Sammy, you got to try this. I think it's as good as apple pie. I don't say that easily."

That was the highest compliment Dean could ever pay to any type of food. Bobby grinned and began to slowly enjoy the dessert he was sharing with Sam.

Dean slowly ate the dessert, almost as if he didn't want to believe bananas could taste like that. He would swallow, take a sip of the wine. Wait a second, take another bite. So unlike the older Winchester to eat like that, everyone thought.

Another high compliment as the older brother was one to gobble his food down faster than a rabid chipmunk on speed. Sam sighed as he finished his portion. "Damn, that was incredible."

Dean said nothing else. He was quiet. Just a small smile. He nodded though.

Bobby stretched in his chair. "All right, idjits, lets head back. Got a lot to do tonight and I figure we can have some fun doing it too."

Dean grabbed the tab and motioned for the waiter, He placed a large tip with the tab. Once everything was taken care of, they headed to their vehicles to drive back to the B&B where they were staying.

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