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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Supernatural Christmas Carol Chapter 3

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman
Warnings: Bad language and violence
Spoilers: Season Five - so if you’ve not seen it, be warned a few things are a bit weird.
Disclaimer - We do not own Supernatural nor A Christmas Carol. The show is owned by Eric Kripke and the book is by Charles Dickens. Neither of us has rights to this nor have we earned anything by doing this. We’re just doing this for fun. Oh..we also don’t own Christmas at Ground Zero or any other carols that might be mentioned. This story is a time of healing.

Shopping with the Winchesters

Dean pulled into the liquor store. He stared for a minute and turned to Sam.

"Imported Liquors? Wow! We can get some good stuff here, Sam. Thanks."

Sam grinned. "No problem. Let's get something to spike eggnog with while we're here. I wonder if we can actually get Cas drunk or not."

“I imagine we could. You want brandy or rum?”

He frowned at that. "What's better for that? I've never really paid attention."

“Brandy would taste better, but it's expensive. We have the money though.”

The older hunter pulled the door of the liquor store open and let his brother go in first while he continued speaking.

"We ought to get beer, whiskey, and maybe some wine. Good stuff. Bobby likes the whiskey but I want to get him a good Scotch

The younger man nodded at that, slipping into the warm store. "Sounds good to me. Something smooth and enjoyable."

Dean looked around the store, eyes widening. The walls and shelves were lined with glass bottles of different shapes and sizes. He nudged Sam, and whispered, "Did you know there were so many different kinds of booze?

"Somewhat," he laughed. "I didn't go to too many, but college parties always seemed to come up with weird variations."

Hazel eyes stared in widened awed and he nodded when Sam spoke. "Okay. I don't want to look stupid, Sammy. Talk to the clerk and put us at his mercy, would ya?"

He drew in a deep breath and headed towards the clerk. "Hi, I'm hoping you can help us?"

Dean stood behind Sam, picking up bottles from a display, reading the labels, face showing no expression at all. The taller man knew this meant that Dean was either in over his head or staking out the place.

The clerk looked at both boys and asked Sam how he could help him.

"We're looking to buy a gift for our father, and we want something special. My brother and I were thinking a really good Scotch but not sure what to look for."

"Scotches range in quality. Some can cost in the hundreds of dollars," pausing when he heard the shorter man sound as if he were strangling. Dean looked up, face red and eyes watering. He nodded at the clerk to continue.

"We'd really like to give him something of a higher quality. Something to show him that we appreciate him."

"I would recommend Glenfyddich. It is from Scotland. High quality, of course." The clerk told Sam the price. His brother choked a little but nodded yes.

"We'll take a bottle of that please." He nudged Dean to get the alcohol he wanted to relax in the rooms with.

Dean found a good German beer and white wine. He found some large bottles of Jack Daniels and picked some up. JD was smooth enough for relaxing. They seldom had alcohol of this quality. Dean was used to picking up store brands.

Sam paid for the purchases, including a gift box to put the scotch in to protect it when wrapped.

As they left the store, he watched his brother as they hurried towards the Impala. Dean felt his gaze and returned his stare. Sam asked him where he wanted to go next.

"I can't shop for you while you're around. I did want to find a book store get a book on Christmas legends and facts. Bobby promised to tell us some things about it in the evenings. Maybe some cards or a game of some kind. Don't really know what everyone would like."

"We're swapping out later. You get Cas to help him finish his shopping and can shop for me while I do the same with Bobby for you." He set the purchases in the back of the Impala. "There's a store I need to get something for Cas at. We might find some fun things for Bobby too. It's a military type store called Colonel Bubby's."

“A military place?" Dean got excited. "You find Colonel Bubby's on the computer?"

He laughed. "I did at that. I figured a military backpack would last Cas a while. God knows what else we'll find."

"I like the sound of that. Might find an aviator's jacket or something. Never know.?"

"Maybe a leather type trench coat for Cas too." The possibilities were endless. He pulled up the address and directions. "Ready, Captain Dean?"

"Ready, Commander Sam. You're the navigator." Dean pulled to the exit and waited on Sam to tell him the way.

He grinned and guided his brother through the winter traffic. Dean followed Sam's directions until they found blocked streets

"What the hell? Now what?"

"Oh crap. That's the event Bobby wants us to go to. We'll have to go around."

"Well, let me see if I can turn around or back up. Damn, these streets would be wide enough if people weren't parallel parking." Dean finally found an alley and turned into it and backed out and turned the other direction.

"Okay. Commander Sam, see if you get can us there without all of this. I got a gut feeling though that it's in there where we're supposed to go tomorrow night. We got a week of messing around in there. Ain't Bobby a sweetheart. I sure hope it's worth it. Dickens wasn't bad though."

"Dickens was actually a great writer, ahead of his time in a lot of ways. It's rare to see a festival for him, even considering that the Christmas Carol is probably one of the most well known and loved stories for this holiday." He guided them through back streets to the large building.

His brother looked at the piers, large boats, and restaurants as they came around the back way towards the Strand.

"You know, I bet it's blocked off here tonight. I read a couple of Dickens. Used to get bored when I was hurt and Dad would be gone. I liked him better then some I read. I never told anyone, Sammy, but I actually liked reading. Dad would've been pissed and said I was following you instead of him. Never told him and I never had any of my own. He didn't mind me reading paperbacks like Clancy or King, but not the high end stuff."

Sam slipped out of the car. "What other authors did you like?" This was another reason he had issues with John Winchester. He loved the man but had major problems liking him as a person.

"I liked Hemingway and Steinbeck. They were harsh in their writing sometimes, but it was more real. I tried to read Dumas, but he was difficult. There were words I didn't understand. I'd like to try again sometime. Maybe when you're around to ask. If I don't bother you with me asking you every five minutes."

Ideas were crunching in his brain. "I wouldn't mind that at all. Did you try any of the stuff before that time period? Shakespeare and stuff prior?"

"Sammy, I couldn't make any sense out of Shakespeare. I heard two women talking about one play and said his writing was filthy. I thought 'Whoa!' I tried it. It's worse then the King James Bible, dude. Made no sense at all. Those words can't be real."

"They are. English went through quite a few evolutions before it became the version we speak now. Old English, Middle English, which was the language Canterbury Tales was written in, King James English, and then modern English. It's confusing, I'll give you that. Did you try reading Shakespeare quietly or aloud?"

"Aloud? Hell no, man. I never knew when Dad would show up."

"It's meant to be spoken, not read. That's part of the problem. If you're good at reading poetry, then it falls into place but for those who don't, reading it out loud helps the flow better. If you want, I can help you and show you what's great about them."

"You're serious?" Dean thought about it. He looked at Sam. "You're really serious? This ain't no joke. You won't tell anyone I'm reading this stuff with your help?"

He looked at his brother. "When have I ever made fun of you for trying to expand your education? You of all people should know that I value learning as well as spending time with you. It'll be something just for us."

Looking at his brother eye to eye, Dean spoke, "I never told anyone before today, Sammy. There's a lot I never told anyone. Got too used to hiding things inside, I guess. When we have the time, I'd like to try it again. Don't know how many free evenings we'll have, but it would get our minds off other things. At least, once in a while."

"Even half an hour of reading before falling asleep is something, you know." He grinned. "Come on, we have shopping to do."

They headed to the store, and Dean's eyes were drawn to the stairwell.

"It's in the basement? Okay." Dean headed down the stairs and opened the door. He suddenly stopped. Sam bumped into him.


Sam's eyes widened as he entered the store behind Dean. "Holy shit," he breathed softly. "This is like the mother lode."

Dean took off towards the jackets. He looked back at Sam. The younger man was staring at the crowded aisles filled with every military item a man could think of. There was barely room to get through some of the rows.

"Hey, they got long leather coats. The kind the Nazis wore. They're nice."

"What do you think for Cas? Keep the weather out for him."

"If you can get him out of tax collector mode, go for it."

Dean walked into another aisle.

"Damn, Sammy! These leather jackets are nice."

He picked one up in Sam's size and carefully placed it under some army blankets he was buying.

"Too many nights in a cold car, Sam. We can use these. Price isn't bad either. Think I will go pay for these, if you want to still look around. You want me to get the coat for Cas?"

"I think it'd be more durable than what he has. I'll burn the damned thing if I have to," he said with a grin. "I'll grab it and the backpack."

Dean grinned back. His brother's grin could be contagious.

"I'm gonna pay for these and put them in the trunk and meet you at the car. I could spend hours and a lot of money in here. No time though."

Dean waited to see if Sam agreed. Another new addition to their relationship.

"Sounds good." He picked up a jacket that was Cas's size and went to find the backpacks. "Hey Dean, did you want to sign the gifts to Bobby and Cas from both of us?"

"Sounds good to me. Got no problem with that at all. As long as we have plenty for them because they will be buying for us separately."

"All right. Meet you back at the car!" Sam made a note to himself to get gift wrapping supplies when they got the decorations.

Purchasing the blankets and the leather jacket, he asked to have the jacket packaged separately and double bagged. He kept watching to make sure Sam did not see. His brother always wore light jackets but winter can be damned cold and he needed something warmer. The leather jacket was lined.

The taller man picked up a large backpack that would be comfortable for their new brother to use and had outer pockets in case he needed something right away. Sam toured through the shop, grinning at some of the items. Damn, he'd have to make sure to come back after Christmas to browse with the whole family.

Dean placed the blankets in the trunk. The wrapped and taped package with the jacket was in the backseat. He turned on the engine and got the heater started. It was getting colder and the humidity did wonders for forcing the cold into a man's bones. Dean started singing 'Jingle Bells" with someone on the radio and was keeping time on the steering wheel.

Sam came out a short time later, grinning as he entered the car. "Damn, the guy who runs this place is awesome. We seriously have to bring Bobby back here."

His brother grinned back. "Yeah, man. Bobby would love this place. He has a ramp but we'll have to work with Bobby, some of those aisles are hard to get down. Where to? We need a book store and a Hallmark for sure."

"Yup. Let me take a look." He did some research and then laughed. "Great. There's some stores next to each other. Take a right at the light."

Dean turned right and found a large book store with a coffee shop inside, and his eyes lit up. The Hallmark was next to it. He found a parking place in front of the book store. He turned off the engine and opened his door.

"Come on, Commander. Let's get this done. I'll buy you one of those mixed coffees you drink. the one with a ton of sugar and cream in it. Or, a latte."

Dean held up is pinkie finger like he was fixing to take a drink.

Sam snickered. "Screw that. Let's see if they can do hot chocolate the right way!"

The smaller man's mouth dropped open but nothing came out. He pushed the bookstore door open, pushed Sam inside and all but dragged him to the coffee shop. It was a small Starbucks, which made the younger Winchester cackle in glee. "Trust me?"

Dean nodded. The idea of real hot chocolate sounded fantastic. How long had it been? He couldn't remember. He followed the taller man to the counter and watched him as he placed his order. Two large hot chocolates with a splash of peppermint in the beverage, whipped cream and a bit of chocolate syrup to on top.

“This is the best hot chocolate in the world," Sam commented with a grin as he handed one to his brother and watched him as he looked at the beverage and sniffed.

"Peppermint?" Dean watched his brother nod. He tentatively took a sip. His eyes closed. It was wonderful.

"Damn, Sammy. This is better then what Mom made. Think that might have been the last time I had hot chocolate. Dad was always cokes, water, coffee, or beer." Dean laughed at the memory. "Thanks, Sammy."

"Jessica was the one who got me hooked on it this way. Anytime I'm near a Starbucks, I get it this way. I'm glad you like it," he grinned at him.

"Well, I do. May not drink as much coffee. Just don't want too much. Might slow me down." Dean grinned at Sam

He snickered at that. "All we need now is some gingerbread."

"Never had gingerbread," his brother said, as they walked into the bookstore. "Now, pie is another matter."

That brought a soft laugh from him. "Jess used to make it. Stuff is damned good."

"Really? What's so damned good about it, Sammy? Besides the fact that a beautiful woman made it. "

Dean started looking for Christmas books. "We want Dickens, I guess. Cas won't have read it. I'd like to find one on the why we do the things we do at Christmas....trees, wreaths, Santa, and candy canes. Lots of lore there. Be interesting to hear."

There was a Christmas section set up and he meandered to it. "A lot of what you're talking about is here." He texted Bobby, asking him to pick up gingerbread for tonight's little get together.

Hazel eyes glowing, he started digging through the books. He started laughing

"We really got to get this one for Cas," he said, handing Sam a children's book called, 'The Littlest Angel.'

Sam nearly doubled over at that one. "Oh hell yes, we have to get that one!"

Dean placed the book on the floor. He found Dickens and added it to the other. "You see any legends or stories behind Christmas traditions?"

"Yup," he held a book up. "Legends behind Christmas traditions. It covers how each item became a Christmas tradition.”

"That'll work. Hey! This one gives the stories behind the Christmas carols. We are going to have Bobby getting hoarse."

Sam chuckled. "And he'll love every moment of it."

"You think Bobby will keep these at his house? We can't carry them all around in the Impala."

"More than likely. He knows how we are on space. Besides, once he hears of our idea, he'll be more than happy to put up with us 'idjits.'"

"I sure hope so, Sammy. I like the idea of finally having a home. Being called 'idjit' sounds good."

He grinned at him. "Sounds pretty damned good actually."

Dean wondered around the store, savoring the hot chocolate and looking at books.

"One thing I want to do is have a library that has stuff beside hunter information in it. We need to keep what Bobby's got for others when they need info, I want a real library, Sam. Is that crazy?"

"Not at all. I would love a library, just a place to sit and read to relax and enjoy after a hard day working." He chose a few books with Bobby and Cas in mind.

Dean spotted a book by Chaucer. He looked at his brother. Quietly, he slipped it into the Christmas books.

"Hey, Dean, mind if I check on something?"

"No, go ahead. I'll pay for these. I can go put them in the car and wait at the coffee shop or head over to Hallmark. Either way. Up to you."

"Wait at the coffee shop. This way we can explore the Hallmark store together. I've never been in one," he shrugged.

"Me neither. Sounds good to me. I will pay for these and put them in the car and wait at the coffee shop. You want another hot chocolate? Forget it. The Hallmark probably won't let us bring it in." Dean sounded a little disappointed as he headed towards the checkout.

"They might. If not, I don't mind sitting and enjoying another."

Dean looked back when Sam spoke and his face lit up. "I'll order two more." Dean was grinning again and there was a bounce in his step.

Damn, it was good to see that smile on his brother's face again. He hurried to the classics section and chose some books that he knew would go well for his brother for Christmas. Something the two of them could share in later.

The older hunter put the Christmas books in the trunk, but the Chaucer was placed with the jacket in the back seat. He was determined that his nosy brother not accidentally pick them up.

Sam paid for his books and had the cashier double bag them to keep Dean from seeing what he'd picked out. Afterwards, he went to join his brother.

Dean was sitting in the coffee shop with two hot chocolates. He smiled when his brother entered the area. It had a been a long time since they had really had fun together. It was hard to really remember many times. He was grateful for Bobby's idea...even more grateful that Sam had finally agreed.

He sank onto the chair with a soft sigh. "A little bit more and then you get to hang with Cas. Ready to brave shopping with him?"

Dean smirked. "Shopping, I can deal with. You get to sleep with him."

"He doesn't snore, remember?"

"No, he doesn't, but once I'm gone, I won't care that Bobby snores. Does Cas even sleep?"

"No idea but I figure if he doesn't, we can get him something to entertain himself with."

"Sam, just don't give him anything to make him ask questions. Sleep. Real sleep."

He grinned. "I know, I know. Someone may want to warn him I'm a grouch when I don't sleep."

"Hell, I'm worse. We can have Bobby explain that we need sleep. I have already told him I need at least four hours, but that's on the run. This is a holiday. I want at least six hours. Hallmark?"

He took a final sip of his hot chocolate. "Hallmark it is."

The brothers left the bookstore and headed towards Hallmark. Dean look into the windows and thought, "This place is going to be fun."

Christmas decorations were everywhere. Specialty gifts stood on glass shelving. To the brothers, the store appeared to be a Santa's workshop for gifts and ornaments, with an appearance of being brighter then any where they'd been.

Sam blinked at the amount of Christmas decor the shop had. "Holy shit..."

Dean laughed. "Yeah, gotta agree with you there, Sammy. We need some real special ornaments. Gotta find one with Texas or Galveston on it, doncha think?”

"Yeah, something special to commemorate this Christmas."

“ I want to add to these every year; something special to commemorate each year. We need one to represent us too, as well as Bobby and Cas,” Dean murmured as his eyes searched the store.

Sam strolled through the store with Dean at his side. His eyes widened. "Hey Dean, look at that!" Strings of bubble kind of lights, just how Dean had said he wanted, were available.

His brother rushed over to the lights. "Sam, we gotta have these." His pleading look tickled his younger brother.

"Grab some," he said with a grin, going to get a cart.

Dean picked up five packages of the lights. He put them in the cart when Sammy returned. "If Bobby gets a small tree, we can save the rest of these for next year, when we'll cut a tree."

"That or string them in the room too." He found some garland, rather pretty with blue and silver in it. "What do you think of this?"

His brother nodded. "That looks good. Hey, look at those." Dean pointed to some large balls filled with lights. "What the heck are those. They're pretty but what do you do with them. They're too big for a tree. He turned on a switch and the ball started turning and carols played. Dean had a wicked grin that time.

"We got to get one of these, Sammy. Cas would love it. Hell, I love it. Do they hang them or something? It says it's a kissing ball. I don't see any mistletoe on it. Are you really supposed to kiss under it? "

"I'll have to research it. Think it's a newer tradition than mistletoe. I guess you just hang them in doorways or something."

"Okay. You want one? Or do we just string bubble lights? They aren't as noisy. Come to think of it, it would be a Cas thing to keep us up with."

He snickered. "No kidding. We can pass on that." His eyes lit up at the sight of a small electric train that was running under a tree. It was a child like look that was rarely seen. "Dean, look at that!"

Dean looked at his brother and smiled. Walking over, he found the boxes of trains. He motioned to the clerk, who came over. "How many sets of these did it take to do that under the tree?"

The clerk smiled, "It only needs one, sir."

Dean said, "Thank you." He picked up the box and put it in the cart.

"Every kid ought to have a train, Sammy. This one's ours."

The smile was wide and honest. He and Dean had loved trains as kids but hadn't ever been able to get one. "Thanks Dean."

Dean smiled softly. "You're welcome, Sammy. It's past due, you know." Dean saw the specialty ornaments and grinned. He headed in the direction and started looking at rows of items to hang on a tree. He spotted the dolphin and picked it up.


"Perfect," was Sam's comment. He was almost bouncing now, eager to get the shopping done so they could put the train together.

Dean laughed and picked up another ornament. It was a small dog with a large head and massive puppy dog eyes. Holding the ornament up, he said, "Sammy?"

The younger brother stared at it, then back at his brother. "I'm not a dog!"
"No, you're not. It's the eyes, Sammy. You get the most pitiful puppy dog look sometimes. “


"Oh, yeah. The chicks love it too, Sammy."

He snickered. "Okay, we'll get it." He looked amongst the choices, trying to find one that was uniquely Dean.

Dean found a cherub. Snickering, he showed the fat, naked angel to his brother.

Dean sighed and put the angel back on the rack. "What do you suggest for Cas."

"Anything but a fat cherub. That's just so not Cas," he said with a laugh.

Dean kept looking. Suddenly, he stopped. He fingered the ornament for a few moments, muttering, “I wish it was a black one."

Sam looked over his shoulder. "Is that the Impala?"

Dean stared at the ornament. "Yeah, they got old car ornaments but it's red."

He looked at it, grabbed it, and headed to the front to talk to a worker. A short while later, the now smirking Sam handed Dean a box. "There you go."

"They had black ones?" Dean reached out and took the ornament and stared at it in awe. The words came softly, "Thanks, Sammy. I love you, man." Dean kept his head down.

He gave his brother a one armed hug. "I love you too, big brother. We don't say it much, but it's the truth. Now come on, we gotta find one for Cas and one for Bobby."

"Why don't we get Bobby a first Christmas with all our names on it."

"I like that; it's a great idea!"

Dean started looking for one that was suitable. He found it in a small section of engraveable ornaments. It was an open book with places for names instead of regular words.

"What do you think? Bobby reads all the time. Studying."

"It's perfect." Something caught his attention and he drew in a soft breath. "I just found Cas's." He pointed to a gorgeously worked angel that had been done in glass. It wasn't the usual cherub or angel with a trumpet. This one was a definite warrior and seemed to match their angel brother's temper.

Dean slowly picked it up. "Yeah. It is perfect. It's Cas alright." Dean carefully placed the angel in the baby seat of the cart. "What else do we need? Gift wrap?"

"We'll need scissors and tape too."

"Okay. They gonna have that here?"

"They might. If not we can find a dollar store."

“Gift wrap would be just as nice from that. You and Bobby could get it. We need to meet them and swap people. Let's pay for this and go make our exchanges."

Dean pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store and looked for Bobby's truck. It had turned dark quickly near the water.

"Did Bobby say where they were? Was he okay? Cas not too much for him?"

"He was too busy laughing, honestly. It makes me wonder what was going on." Sam spotted the truck and nudged his brother.

Dean turned off the engine to the Impala, and both boys walked towards the truck; Dean a little apprehensive.

"You think everything is okay? Bobby's not one to just get all crazy with laughter. I hope Cas has been behaving, man. He can be hard to explain at times."

They walked up to the truck, and Dean opened the passenger side and motioned to Cas to come with him.

"You're riding shotgun with me, Cas. Sam wants to spend some time with Bobby, since I get him at bedtime."

Dean looked across the seat to the older man. He smiled and winked.

"Everything okay, Bobby?"

The older man grinned. "Oh yeah. Seems Mr. Fluffy Wings has a unique sense of humor. Takes some getting used to, but damn. He's pretty interesting, too, considering the knowledge he's got in that head of his."

Sam went back to the Impala and picked up his bag and headed to Bobby's truck while Castiel headed to the Impala. "Glad you had a good time, Bobby," Sam told him.

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