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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Supernatural Christmas Carol Chapter 14

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language and violence. Spoilers: Season Five - so if you’ve not seen it, be warned a few things are a bit weird.Disclaimer - We do not own Supernatural nor A Christmas Carol. The show is owned by Eric Kripke and the book is by Charles Dickens. Neither of us has rights to this nor have we earned anything by doing this. We’re just doing this for fun. Oh..we also don’t own Christmas at Ground Zero or any other carols that might be mentioned. This is a story of healing, family, humor, and horror. Sounds like a typical Thursday night on the CW. (Of course, the CW has gone bonkers and moved them to Fridays, now. We shall see.)


Bobby asked Cas what had happened, trying to see what was going on. He looked at the empty room and turned to see Ben and Sam watching the angel. Bobby wheeled over to Sam.

"You okay, Sam? Dean asked you and you didn't answer him. That's gonna worry him."

"Trying to hold onto my temper, honestly."

"Well, deal with, Sam. If you're mad at him, tell him. It will take the necromancer a little time to get here. Deal with him. Do it now."

Dean was sitting in his chair listening to the flute music and waiting on the necromancer. The door flew open and Sam stormed in. Dean looked at him curiously, wondering what the hell had happened.

"You told me that you would work on the heroic big brother complex you had."

Dean sat up. "What?"

Angry, Sam repeated what he'd said.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, Sammy."

"Putting me to bed and going to face the last ghost on your own..without me."


"Is that all you have to say? Oh?"

"Sammy, you were exhausted from what you went through emotionally. I gave you a shot of whiskey to calm you down. You and alcohol don't get along very well and you know it. You went into a deep sleep. There was no way in hell you could have had my back at that time. I put you to bed."

It was hard to hold onto his anger when faced with that. "You could've tried. I wanted to be with you for the last one."

"Sammy, I wanted you there. Putting you to bed was not an easy choice. I thought I'd be going it alone. Bobby went with Ben. Cas came with me. Not what I wanted, but it was necessary. Sammy most of this crap was aimed at Ben and me. The necromancer wanted you out of the way. You were blindsided. I'm sorry."

He gave a soft sigh. "I am too. I shouldn't have lost my cool. I just...I wanted to be there for all of it."

"I know you did. More of this affected you then you know. Our childhood may have been harder on me because I was older and had the responsibilities, but it hurt you too. Being reminded isn't easy. Dad was hell. But you knew deep down that most of it was at me. You thought you were having my back. When he came at you, you weren't ready. I wasn't when we went into the past the first time. I never expected that. You didn't either. If it hadn't been for Pam, I would never have made it through that night. Her just talking and doing nothing gave me time to get my wits back under control. You didn't have that, man. I just thought about what you would say to this guy. I said it, plus a little of my own. Never was much of a talker, serious talk. Cas releasing him for a short while, let him think clearly. I was able to talk to him. It worked, Sammy. In a way, you were there."

Sam gave him a gentle smile. "I'm proud of you."

Dean looked confused. "Why?"

"You didn't take the easy way remembered that even in the darkness, it's possible to save a life."

"To be honest, Sammy, I wanted to. But, I thought about what you said. I looked at the guy. Damn it, he reminded me of me. He was hurting, couldn't talk to anyone, and he needed somebody...anybody. You were there, Sammy. It was you talking. Not me. I did nothing to be proud of."

The taller one gave into the urge and had a chick flick moment by hugging Dean tightly. His brother froze for a second, then reached out and grabbed his brother in a bear hug.

"I'm glad...really glad."

Dean sniffed. "Me too, Sammy. Me too."

He pressed a tissue into Dean's hand. "Let's make something to drink for everyone. I think we'll need it once the guy gets here and Cas does his ritual."

"Yeah, and food too. The guy looked hungry. We'll feed him once it's over And Sammy?"


"Thanks, dude."

He laughed. "No problem. Let's get to scrounging and see. The guy should be here soon."

"Yeah, I want you to meet him cause you were heavily involved."

"I'd like that."

I think he would too. You might just make a friend outside the hunting community with this one. I know I'd like to, and he will need them."

"No kidding. I mean, can you imagine having a curse before you were born to damage your thoughts like that?"

"No, I can't, but you kinda came close, Sammy. You can help him. You've sorta been there."

True, Sam hadn't thought of that at all. "I can try."

"Well, he needs a friend who can understand. I can to a point, but it wasn't me, Sam. It was you. I never thought of it as a curse before, but it was."

He nodded quietly. " was."

“And, like it or not, it was generational. Mom caused it by her deal to save Dad. Damn, we're bad about that....making deals to raise people from the dead or dying."

"They did say we Winchesters had a nasty habit of it."

"Yeah, well, no more of it."

A knock on the door, brought the conversation to a halt. Dean went to the door and let the young man in.

Dean held out his hand, "Hi, I'm Dean Winchester, in the flesh this time. This is my brother, Sam. I never did get your name?"

The blond had taken off the robes and was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a light blue sweater. His hair was longer than what had been seen prior, down to mid-back and tied back with a leather thong. "I'm Jacob Davidson. It's nice to meet you both, finally." He shook both of their hands.

"Well, they are ready for you. Then I thought you might need some food and drink afterwards. We'll have it ready. But, first, let's take you the room, Cas has ready to help you."

Dean nodded at Sam as he had not been to the room. Jacob and Dean followed.

Thank you," Jacob murmured as they headed to the room.

"Hey, you're welcome. You're hanging with a strange group of people, I'll warn you." Dean laughed as he touched Jacob's arm softly. "But we're easy to know and be friends with."

"I grew up with ghosts and the like; I don't think it can get stranger than that," he answered with a slight smile.

Castiel definitely had things ready, judging from the bemused looks on Bobby and Ben's faces.

"Hey, guys, this is Jacob. This is Cas and Bobby. Ben, you know."

The three greeted him and Jacob acknowledged them, giving a soft smile and greeting.

"Well, Cas, what do you need from us?"

Jacob's eyes looked over what the angel had set up, recognizing the symbols. Castiel had created a circle of salt and written ancient symbols inside of the circle with chalk. At each 'corner' sat a piece of iron and silver. "Very old magicks you've set up."

The angel nodded. "Indeed. Dean, I will need you, Sam, Bobby, and Ben to stand outside the circle where each of the items are. You're going to represent the 'corners.'"

The men each went to a spot where the iron and silver lay. Dean watched Jacob and Cas, then stared at each one making up a corner. Bobby and Sam both showed curiosity at the setup. Ben was watching Jacob.

He met Ben's eyes and bowed his head. "I'm sorry."

Ben reached out but did not touch, not knowing if it was allowed. "I am sorry too. It would seem I had a rotten ancestor. When this is over, I'd like to talk to you, if you wouldn't mind?"

"I would like that very much..but before that, there is something I will have to do. Castiel, are we ready?"

The angel nodded. "Stand in the center and do not move. This will be painful, I'm sorry."

Jacob nodded as well. "I understand. A curse of this magnitude will be hard to remove."

"What can we expect, Cas? I don't want any of us unprepared."

"For the four of you, nothing. You are the grounders. Just lend your thoughts and hopes towards the removal of the evil in his blood."

Dean nodded and watched Jacob stand in the middle of the circle of salt. It was a heavy salt. Dean looked at the symbols. Very few were familiar. He wondered if Sam or Bobby knew them. Collecting his thoughts, he began to concentrate on the man in the circle and on Cas.

Castiel began chanting in a language that was definitely ancient, even Sam couldn't recognize it. It had to be a precursor to another language. He'd have to ask him later.

A light mist arose. The room was dry. There was no humidity in it, which surprised Dean. They were in Galveston still, weren't they? The mist should not arise in such a dry room. It caressed Jacob's face and reached out to the four men who made the corners. Dean felt a dry tendril caress his face. It had no temperature to it, but Dean still felt himself tremble.

The sigils drawn on the floor began to glow with power as the mist grew thicker, the ritual and spell beginning to grow in power with it.

Dean focused to keep his mind on Jacob and the removal of the blood curse. He didn't realize that it would be difficult. It felt as if voices were calling to him. He struggled but kept his mind focused. Cas did not mention this.

Jacob gave a cry of pain as the mist began to surround him, almost as if he was enshrouded in a cocoon of it.

Dean bit his bottom lip and kept his mind focused on Jacob.

Time passed as Castiel continued chanting, the sigils glowing in odd patterns as the mist continued to surround the blond.

It felt like hours. Dean wanted to look at the others. Were they struggling against the voices? He didn't look. He kept focused on Jacob, but it was getting harder.

Finally, there was an explosion of light and a harsh cry from Jacob before everything settled. The necromancer was on his hands and knees, shaking hard.

Dean wanted to go to him but he did not cross the barrier.

"It's safe to move now," the angel commented hoarsely, looking for something to lean against.
Sam jumped the salt circle and went to Jacob. Dean was about to follow when he looked at the angel. He went to Cas. "Here, lean on me." The older Winchester stood next to him and held him up.

"He okay, Sammy?"

"Yeah, looks exhausted. Nothing some food won't help with." He helped Jacob off of the floor, allowing him to lean against him.

Well, there's leftover Chinese and barbecue in the dining area. I got plenty to drink and some of that gingerbread, Bobby bought Sammy.

"Jacob, you shouldn't be going home right now. We'll fix you up."

The blond nodded, watching as Castiel leaned against Dean.

Ben slowly walked over to Jacob. "I'd like you to come home with me, this evening. My nephews are visiting relatives. I'd like to offer you a home here. I'd train you to be assistant manager. If you like the place, I'll work something so you can own it. Someday, I want to move back home to England and let the boys meet family there. That's if you like Galveston and would like to own a B&B one day? No need to answer right now, but your home is here. Tomorrow, we'll get your things."

"I hadn't thought. I had thought of leaving Galveston all together. Too many bad memories."

"I understand that. It's why I want to rid myself of the place when I am ready.

Dean looked at Sam and Bobby, a question in his eyes.

Bobby nodded. The boy needed help and Bobby could do that until he'd healed enough to go on his own.

"Jacob, I know you are probably going to stay with Ben through Christmas, but we'd like you to come to Bobby's place, 'til you are healed and ready to go out on your own."

Ben reached for Jacob. "Come, I will fix you up for the night. We can discuss things more after Christmas, which I hope you will spend with me. The Winchesters have been very kind in doing this for us. Bobby, you guys are welcome to stay longer if you'd like. No point in leaving the day after Christmas. I have plenty of room."

Bobby smiled. "Thanks. Feed the kid before he passes out, ok? Dean, let's get Cas fed and see if he can't recharge."

Ben smiled. "I know you have food ready, but tomorrow's Christmas Eve. I will feed Jacob and after he's rested, he and I may go shopping to get him some things for colder weather. I believe you said you lived in the Dakotas?"

"Yep, I do. It does get cold up there, that's for sure."

Jacob's voice was quiet. "I'll need to clear up my apartment too."

"We can help if you want."

"I'd appreciate that. I have more books than anything else." Most inherited.

Bobby's and Sam's eyes lit up. Dean, looking them, knew exactly what they were thinking, and smirked.

Castiel gave a tired chuckle as well. Jacob, who spotted the looks, smiled. "Some will have to be locked away. Given their age, I can't just destroy them."

"Oh Bobby has a lot of space to lock them away and protect them. I know he and Sam would read them too."

He nodded. "All right."

"Why don't we get these two fed and rested up. They both look exhausted."

Ben thanked everyone and helped Jacob to his feet, and walked him towards his own apartments in the B&B.

Dean helped Cas to their suite. They all sat down to eat the leftovers. Dean gave Cas a shot of whiskey. "Don't argue, Cas. You've drunk before. This will help you sleep."

The angel really was too tired to argue. He downed the shot of whisky and nibbled a bit at the left overs.

Dean looked over at Sam. "I'm gonna help him get to bed. "You guys want to plan today? I'll be back in a bit."

Bobby and Sam nodded. "Sounds good, Dean. Cas, sleep well."

"Thank you, Bobby, Sam." The angel sounded hoarse and exhausted.

"Thank you."

Castiel went with Dean into the bedroom, wearily changing into the obnoxious pajamas Dean had bought for all of them.

Dean helped Cas get into bed. "Now you sleep in and get the rest you need, okay?"

"I will. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Cas."

Dean walked back into the dining area and sat down. He took a long swig of the beer by his plate, and ate a little of the potato salad.

"You'd think I'd be more hungry, but I'm not. Well, what are doing today? I'm assuming we're still doing?"

Bobby smiled. "Once Cas wakes, we're going to the movies. He's never been, and I think it'd be a great relaxing time."

"Man, that would be awesome! I haven't been to a movie since..well, since before hell. Sam has though. What's out right now and would be good to see?"

Sam dragged out his trusty laptop with a grin.

Dean grinned back. He started picking up the plates and heading to the kitchen to wash them.

"Dean, leave those a minute and come and choose."

Dean walked back into the diningroom,wiping his hands with a towel.

He angled his computer so Dean could take a look at what was showing.

"I don't know what any of these are, Sammy, Haven't had much time to read up on movies."

"The only Christmas one is one I definitely don't want to see," he said with a grimace.

"Which one is that?"

"A Christmas Carol."

Dean started laughing hard. He sat down in his chair, his head on the table, holding his sides. It was almost an hysterical laugh but he couldn't stop.

The other two joined in moments later, letting the stress of everything blow away.

Dean finally leaned back in his chair, tears on his face. He was still chuckling but had calmed down. "There any good sci-fi or a western or war movie for Bobby?"

Bobby grinned, looking over Sam's shoulder. "Let's see the Sherlock Holmes one."

"Sherlock Holmes? They still make movies about him?" Sam at first thought Dean had no interest but he looked up and saw that Dean's expression was more like a kid's. He actually wanted to see Sherlock Holmes? Then he remembered their conversations from the last few days, and Dean's comments over the years. "Hey, I read." Sam smiled.

"Let's do it." Sam purchased tickets online. "We'll have time to rest a bit, have brunch and go for some fun."

Dean grinned and headed back to the kitchen. Bobby started wheeling things to him. Sam could hear the other Winchester softly singing Silent Night along with the flute music he had put on again.

His brother still couldn't sing but Sam never complained, enjoying the sound of a happy Dean.

The kitchen cleaned, Dean started a big fire. He took his boots off and stretched out on his chair, within minutes, he was gone. Bobby sat watching him when Sam came into the room. Bobby looked up at Sam.

"I don't have the heart to wake him but he won't get a good rest there."

Sam lifted him, grunting slightly as he shifted the weight and carried him to the room Dean shared with Bobby. He had his brother on his bed and covered, the other never waking.

Bobby was sitting in the living area staring at the fire, when Sam came back out. He smiled. "I swear, Sam, that boy can fall asleep faster then anyone I've ever seen. He can sleep anywhere. Does he ever get enough sleep? Do you?"

"We try but motel beds aren't always comfortable."

"Don't try to fool me, Sam. How many hours a night do you guys get? Three? Four, maybe? I know after a case, you might. But how many nights a week do you get at least six?"

Sam settled on the couch. "Not many."

"That can lead to mistakes, Sam. Sooner or later, one or both of you is going to be too tired. Someone's gonna get killed. You need to get at least six hours. You need more but you can live on six."

"It's not for the lack of trying, Bobby. This's murder on us due to stress. Michael after him, Lucifer after me. It's insane."

"I know, boy. I want this over as bad you two do. I want my family home where I can take of you. You need a wife and kids, Sam. Come to think of it, I think Dean would love that, but he won't admit to it. That's not very macho for him. I've seen him with kids. He needs at least a half dozen of them. I don't know if you could handle that many (laughing softly), but he could. What you need is a beautiful, loving wife and 2.5 kids. You know there's room in the house for families. That place is a lot bigger then you think. I got rooms that aren't even open. If not, there's room to build houses there. I just want you guys home, married, and a bunch a kids. Book keeping may work for you, but I think you might look back into school. If you don't want prelaw, think about business. We'll need someone to run the shop the correct way and bring in the business. You could do that. Dean just needs to use those hands. He's gifted. You got the ability to do things with your mind. Dean's hands can do a lot of things. I'm not knocking his mind either. We know there’s more in there then we think. He don't show it though. Think on it. I think there's maybe at least one woman in his past who's still alive and he thinks about. We need to arrange something. I know about one in yours. Don't get mad. Dean talked about her."

Sam gave a soft flush. "She's perfect in a lot of ways. I'm still in contact with her. She's not found anyone either." He leaned his head back against the pillows. "I told Dean I'd take some business and accounting courses online to help with the office work of the business while you, Dean, and probably Cas kept your hands dirty. That's if Cas hasn't found his niche yet." That's if he survived this.

"What is she like, Sam?"

"She's an artist, loves to read, is willing to sit back with a bottle of beer and just chat despite being from such a ritzy background. You know, she wanted to come with us when we left. I just..I'd lost Jess and was afraid of putting her in danger too."

"Dean was right then."


"He told me you should have married her. She was perfect for you."

Sam gave a soft laugh. "He definitely thought so. She was pretty incredible, I have to admit. Our first date, she tossed out the wine list and ordered a beer.”

"He told me this today."

"I want you to meet her. If I survive this, I'll definitely have her come and visit."

"I don't know how this is gonna end, Sam, but I got a gut feeling that when it's all said and done, you three are coming home. I do want to meet her. Very much."

"I hope so, Bobby, because I'm scare shitless this time."

"I'll tell you something, son. If the time comes when you aren't afraid, get out right then. It's normal to be terrified when facing something like this. I can guarantee you that Dean's scared spitless. He won't say it, but he is. When he went into the future, he saw things he intends to prevent. I believe the four of us will survive it."

His eyes closed. "The colt didn't work."

"I know. You know what? Cas may be right. It may take God. I know Dean laughs and mocks the idea, but I don't think he is as much a doubter as he used to be. It's just easier to talk then to trust and let go. He can't do that very well."

"It's strange..he's the one believing more and I'm the one who keeps pulling away on that."

"You boys have been through hell and back. You still believe, Sam. You never let go. You got mixed up in things you thought were right, but addiction is addiction. It messes with the mind. Loyalties, thought processes, your feelings,...Sam, they all get screwed to hell when that happens. You are a hundred percent better than you were the night you killed Lilith. When did Dean tell you he broke the first seal? Cas told me Dean mentioned it."

"After we settled things and started hunting again."

"Were you okay with it? I'm not sure Dean is totally okay with it. He's taken to heart that he has to stop what he started. Cas told him he would do it."

"Seems kinda karmic that the Winchester brothers were the ones to start it." He leaned back. "And as far as God is concerned, Bobby, I'll believe it when I see it. I spent all that time praying..and for what..a shit load of stress and responsibility that should never have been ours to deal with."

"But you did deal with it, Sam. You've both done a good job with it. You are right, it shouldn't have had to be you two. There should not have been all the loss, the pain, the heartache, but it was and you can't change that. Don't let it change who you are and who you were You're good boys, both of you. Get through this, Sam. Marry Sarah. Have those kids . Live a normal life. You'll find you haven't lost that faith. You misplaced it for a while."

Changing the subject, and trying to put a smile back n Sam's face, Bobby asked him, "Who is Lisa Braeden?"

Sam burst out into laughter. "Oh man, she's got a kid and I swear he's Dean's. Mullet rock, hairstyle, everything."

Bobby's mouth dropped and his eyes widened.

Sam told him everything he knew about the woman and her son.

Bobby sighed. "I was straightening up the room yesterday. Don't remember where you guys were. Dean's duffel fell over. A large envelope fell out and some stuff in it scattered on the floor. There was a photo of a dark haired woman and a young boy. There was a journal in it. I probably shouldn't have but I looked at it. He's keeping track of her and the boy. Everything they do. Now, I know you thought Dean might have loved Jo. Maybe he did, but he is really deep into this. Just thought you might want to know. If it were just the boy, I'd understand. But he knows a lot about her too. He's got some detective hired to keep an eye on them."

"I had no idea Dean had done that."

"Yeah, now could he have feelings for a one weekend stand?"

"Dean usually doesn't remember flings as much as he did her."

"Hmmmm. Maybe we need to keep an on her and the boy. Protect them. If the enemy finds out he has an interest. You and I both know that the demons want him dead and they will use anything to get him. The angels would use them to force him to give in to Michael."

Sam looked thoughtful for a moment, then mentioned the idea that had sprung to mind.

"I could ask Sarah to check in on them. Maybe even send her some of Dean's hair to see if Ben is his or not."

"You know, I believe the woman knows whether he his or not. She is not gonna tell him because she doesn't want Ben getting involved with a father who can't or won't be there for him or for her. Dean knows that. It would be nice if Sarah can find some way to get to know them. Keep an eye on them."

"I wanted to email her anyway, so I'll bring it up when I do and include her address in it."

"That would be good. Dean should have the right to know his son, but he's right in not pursuing it. I know he wants to. If you can find a way, read that journal. I had no idea he wrote anything down like John did. From what John told me, Dean seems to write more like his mother. She kept journals. There is other stuff in the journal, but a lot of it is about them. A lot about us too. He never wanted you two to separate by the way."

"I wasn't ready back then, and Sarah understood. She's been a strong support...damn, did she read me a riot act about Ruby and my fuck up." He rubbed his forehead, remembering the heated lecture he‘d been given when he‘d come clean to her about his actions.

"If she stayed by you after that, you got a good woman. You are blessed in that, Sam. Don't toss her away. Don't wait too long. "

"I get the damned devil off of my back, I won't."

"Good. Loneliness is hell, boy. I know."

Sam nodded.

"The older you get, you'll find you need the companionship of a good woman. I know there's been a couple in Dean's life that he's loved. Not many, I would imagine, but when he was younger. This Lisa would have been one of them. He mentions a Cassie in passing. I gather there was something there but she backed down. He says he doesn't blame her anymore."

"The one that seemed to understand him the wouldn't have worked out." Which was a pity cause he really liked her.

"What was she like?"

"No..not Cassie. I was thinking of Anna."

"Who the hell is Anna? He never mentioned her. If she was the one, why leave her out?"

Sam quietly explained about the red head. "She understood him, helped reach him where I couldn't."

Bobby looked dumbfounded. "An angel? Better yet, a fallen angel? They ever intimate? Hell he wouldn't have told you that if they were. Damn, boy, that would bring the hosts of heaven after him."

He snickered. "I think they were. Found some interesting hand smudge prints on the window."

"In the Impala? Dean? He worships that car! He'd never have sex in it. Would he? What kind of prints on the window? Wait a minute. Which window?"

"Back seat."


He laughed quietly at that.

"That boy has got to learn to keep his pants zipped up. I am guessing Cas doesn't know this. Let's keep it that way. Dean can't marry an angel. At least, I don't imagine God would allow it."

"Probably not. I don't know if Cas knows or not."

"Well, his main interest in the journal is Lisa and Ben Braeden. Anna is interesting by her being inconspicuously absent in the journal. Jo is mentioned. I think, for a long time, he thought of her as a sister. He mentions hitting on her the night before she died. He tell you that? I guess he either got over his fear of Ellen, or he his interest had changed."

"Or Dean had a feeling that someone wasn't going to make it."

"That's more than likely. Dean wanting one last fling before the possibility of death. Sam, Dean thinks you will kill him if Lucifer gets you. He's not gonna let you, boy, but you ought to know that."

Sam looked sadly into the fire. "I'd kill myself first before that happened."

"Dean is determined to keep that from happening to you. He loves you, Son."

"I know he does, and I love him. I'd rather die before hurting him again."

"Well, I think the feeling is mutual between you two and that's how it should be. Just don't fall back into the old ways. That's what messed both of you up. You are both on the road to normalcy. Keep it that way, Son. I am gonna head to bed if we want to have any day at all, today."

"Get some rest Bobby."

"You too, Sam. Bank the fire and get some rest. I love you, Son."

"Love you too, Pop."
Bobby smiled as he wheeled to the bedroom where Dean was sound asleep.

Sam stayed on the couch for a while, watching the fire as he thought about the conversation he'd had with Bobby.

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