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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Supernatural Christmas Carol Chapter 15

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language and violence. Spoilers: Season Five - so if you’ve not seen it, be warned a few things are a bit weird.Disclaimer - We do not own Supernatural nor A Christmas Carol. The show is owned by Eric Kripke and the book is by Charles Dickens. Neither of us has rights to this nor have we earned anything by doing this. We’re just doing this for fun. Oh..we also don’t own Christmas at Ground Zero or any other carols that might be mentioned. This is a story of healing, family, humor, and horror. Sounds like a typical Thursday night on the CW. (Of course, the CW has gone bonkers and moved them to Friday nights. We will see.)

Isn't This Supposed to be Texas?

The clock slowly ticked, the wind picked up. Slowly the sounds seemed to deafen as snow fell. An artic front that hit Texas earlier finally made it to the Gulf coast.

The younger Winchester had fallen asleep on the couch, the soft crackles of the fire and the ticking of the clock having lulled him.

Dean woke up and looked at the clock. 10:30?? He jumped out of bed, not sure how he could have slept that late. He grabbed some clean clothes and headed to the shower. He turned the hot water on, adding enough cold to leave the shower steamy. Taking off his clothes, he looked down at himself. Pajamas? Why was he in his clothes? He knew he'd been tired but he didn't remember going to bed. Shrugging, he entered the shower and let the heat work out tired and strained muscles. The last two nights had been tense and stressful. He was glad it was over. He washed his hair. The shampoo smelled good. He had not paid any attention to what Sam had bought when they picked up basics, but he liked it.

Drying off, he shaved, used some of the aftershave and cologne he preferred. He brushed his teeth and got dressed. He quietly took his clothes to the bedroom. They would need to do laundry soon. He didn't have that many clothes.

Walking into the living area, he saw his brother curled up on the couch, the fire in embers. He smiled, picked up an afghan off a chair and laid it on him. For some reason, it was cold, not chilly. He went to the thermostat and saw the temperature. 45? He turned the heat up, grabbed his jacket and went outside. The world was white. He stopped and looked around him. He thought he'd gone to sleep on the Texas Gulf coast. What happened? He cleaned the snow off the Impala. Starting the car, he turned on the heater and listened to the radio. An arctic front from Canada had settled on them. He grinned, sang Jingle Bell Rock with the radio as he headed to Starbucks. He stood in line and ordered eight hot chocolates. He stopped at a donut shop and bought one dozen sausage and cheese kolaches and one dozen mixed filled donuts. He pulled into the drive. Grabbing the large bag of food and the chocolates, he entered the suite. Dean leaned over and placed a hot chocolate under Sam's nose. He waited.

"Mmmm chocolate." He was dreaming still and a huge thing of hot chocolate had appeared in his dream.

"If you really want to realize the chocolate, open those eyes, sleepyhead," Sam heard Dean say softly. "There's two of them for you, kolaches, and filled donuts. Good ones."

Sam opened his eyes. "Hot chocolate? For real?"

"Yeah, and you won't believe what's going on outside."

"What's going on?"

"I'd say about 4 or 5 inches of snow, dude."

He sat up, shocked. "What?!"

"Yeah, we've been kind of busy, man. None of us knew that an arctic front hit Texas two days ago. Finally hit this area and stalled. It started about 3 and has been coming down. They said it's slowed a little but will pick back up this afternoon. Could be without lights. I hope not, Ben may have generator but how long can one last? We may need to buy some serious groceries. We may be stuck here for a few days. After the movie, we need to head to the store and let Bobby and Cas head on home. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve, so we need meals for at least a couple of days. Seems Texas doesn't have the equipment to deal with snow."

"Tell you what, let Bobby and Cas sleep. I'll make a grocery list and you see about getting wood stacked in here for us. I'll check with Ben and see if anything is needed. Chances are good he's
working on making the other guests comfortable. If it's snowing, I doubt the theater will be open. Give them a real quick call. If they're closed, I'll see about a rain check for the ones we got."

Dean made a call. "Yeah, it's closed. They said that it's not likely to reopen until after Christmas." Dean headed back outside and got three bins and started filling them. Ben had a lot of wood. The hunter started hauling the bins to the door. He saw a large empty rack. Picking it up, he entered the building. and gently kicked on the door.

Sam put together a list and a menu, then opened the door for his brother. He propped it open. "Damn, it's cold."

"Yeah. We need to get the fireplace tools from the room we used last night. And the bullets. I'm gonna set this rack on the hearth. Put the logs there. And then refill the bins and bring them in."

He placed the large rack on the hearth and headed back outside. He slowly brought in one bin after another and put the wood on the rack. He put all the tinder and kindling in one of the bins and set it next to the rack.

"I'll bring three more bins and some more tinder and kindling. Ben's got about 30 of these out there. Watch for me if you would."

Castiel, who had heard the ruckus, went to help Dean while Sam got things set up.

Ben came through with extra blankets for the group and a weather report. "They're saying the roads won't be clear until almost New Year. So these rooms will be yours until it's safe to go."

Dean smiled. "Thanks Ben. We're going to the store and will be stocking up. You need to go, you're welcome to come with us. Or, we can pick up yours."

I have some staff members shopping for the guests now. I'm battening things down around the house with Jacob's help. Fortunately, the ovens here work on gas and not electric."

Dean nodded. Yeah, ours is gas. What about the fridges? Can we get meats and stuff?
"It'll probably remain cold enough to keep them all right but I doubt we'll have power much longer. I have a favor to ask. I have two guests here, senior citizens. Would you mind helping me getting their rooms set up with wood so they can keep warm? I've got Jacob on another task."

"Sure, you have another rack like the one I borrowed. You want me to set them up with it and some bins like I did? I can keep their fires going if they need the help."

"Please. I'm bringing extra blankets to them now. This is so rare for Galveston."

"Dean, I can wake Bobby and go shopping. You and Cas see about getting people set up for this. I checked online, there's a wave of fronts coming so this may last a while."

Dean nodded. "Be careful. They're putting sand down but it's a lot of streets. Get a all the candles you can. If they're sold out, hit that candle shop we saw. They may be expensive but we got to see. If you can find some lanterns and oil, it would be fantastic. We'd need about 8 and a lot of oil. If Bobby's going it will be good, you'll need the truck for this load."

Ben shook his head. "It'll be all right. I keep plenty stocked up. Jacob is refilling those now and bringing them to the occupied areas of the house."

"Okay, Ben. I'll start hauling the wood. Do the rest of your guests have enough?"

When Ben said they did, Dean headed outside. He leaned in and yelled at Sam, "Don't forget, batteries for the flashlights, lanterns, oil, matches, and candles. Anything else you think we'll need. Oh and find a battery operated cd player would you?"

Sam yelled back an okay and woke Bobby, who quickly bundled up and insisted on taking his vehicle. The older man knew snow and could drive in it safely.

Castiel was hauling wood to the senior citizens, ensuring they would remain warm. The angel made sure that they knew where to go to ask for help if the logs were too heavy to put on the fire.

Dean brought a huge rack to the seniors' room. He rearranged the logs and kept one bin for tinder and kindling. He helped Cas bring in three more bins. Opening the screen, Dean knelt down and started building the fire. It took him a little while. He checked the flue and saw that it was clear. After the fire started burning good, he put the screen back in front of the flames.

"If you two need anything, I believe Cas told you what suite we're in? Please don't worry about bothering us. It's no bother at all. Okay? Good."

Dean started making up the beds in their suite, adding blankets to them. He went back outside and started chipping ice off the steps and the wheel chair ramps. He went to the Impala and got the rock salt. He poured it on the steps and the ramp. He went looking for a shovel. Finding one in the tool shed, he laughed. A garden shovel for snow? Well, it needed to be done so people who are out can get to the shed, the garage and from the parking area to the porch. For the next few hours he shoveled hard. When he was done, he took a deep breath and set the shovel inside the screened porch. It was going to be needed again. He knew. He was grateful that Sam's new computer could run on batteries and he had bought some.

Jacob and Castiel had teamed together to distribute the hurricane lamps to the occupied suites, moving quickly. The lights were flickering, which was a good indication that power loss was due to happen soon.

Dean had put the cocoas in the fridge, figuring he could find some way to salvage them. No microwave would be the pits, but he could scrape the whipped cream and chocolate syrup off and reheat on the stove and divvy up the topping. He was hungry but would wait on the others. He felt tired. Shoveling was not something he enjoyed, but it was nice to dig snow for a change.

Sam and Bobby came back a short time later, arms laden with stuff.

Dean ran out and started to help unload.

"Lights are about to go out. I filled a bunch of water jugs. Got to thinking we might not have water if the lights go out. No pump to pump it into the house. You didn't think to get paper plates, napkins and stuff, did you? We are not going to have enough water for baths or doing dishes."

Castiel answered quietly. "Actually, Ben's home is set for that kind of thing. Jacob said there was a special pump that could be used to keep water flowing. If we had chosen a modern hotel, we would have been in trouble." He picked up bags as well.

Dean sighed. "That's good then. We can heat water to bathe. Dishes can be washed."

Dean went back out to grab another load. He brought the last load in, and started putting things away. Once that was done, he started a fire.

The older Winchester went into the kitchen and heated the chocolate. He then scraped the whipped cream on top. He had found some large mugs and was able to divide the chocolate evenly. He heated the kolaches in the oven. He brought the food on trays into the living room..

Bobby, Cas, and Sam were sitting in the living room. Sam was going through the bags. "We picked up more games and snacks that could be heated over the stove."

"Great. What kind of food did you get? I guess I will be chief cook. Unless you learned to cook while in college? I divided the chocolate and did a reheat. There's sausage and cheese kolaches and a mix of filled donuts....dozen of each. Damn, I'm tired."

"Clean up while there's hot water, Dean. I'll keep yours in the oven to stay warm. And I'm a whiz at mac n cheese."

Bobby snickered at that.

Dean grinned. "I'll do the cooking. Bobby, please tell me you guys got real food? I don't mind cooking."

"We did, I made sure of it. Even something for Christmas dinner."

"Great! You know. I already had one shower but I think I will get another before the water gets cold. Shoveling snow works up a sweat."

Bobby's nose wrinkled as he playfully shooed his son out of the living room. "We know."

Dean grinned, "You know if you keep making fun of me, I'll hide the presents." he left the room, laughing as he went, to find some more clean clothes.

He stuck his head out, "Sammy, Ben got a washer and dryer? We can get one load done before the lights go out."

"I’ll check."

"Great, I'm running out, man."

Sam hurried out and then grabbed clothes from each of them to do some laundry, taking his breakfast with him to eat while he waited.

Dean came out, grabbed some food and went looking for his brother

The younger Winchester had finished his food and was kicking his heels as he sat on a table to wait. Dean joined him, handing him another hot chocolate while he drank coffee. Doing laundry earns you this.

"Yum, thanks Dean."

Dean smiled, and started to eat the kolaches he brought with him. He only had one donut.

"You usually eat more donuts than that," Sam replied, cradling the warm cup in his hands.

"After that run in with that gambling witch, and being so old with all its problems, I kind of cut back on the bad stuff. I limited my cheese burgers. I realized what I eat can kill me."

"I'm glad you're paying more attention to it," he said.

"Really?" Dean drank his coffee and ate another kolache. He'd only brought three with him.

"Yeah, I sorta want you around until we're older than Bobby and driving grandkids insane."

Dean laughed. "Now there's a thought."

Sam grinned. "Oh yeah."

"You want kids, Sam? We never talked about that. Never figured there'd be an end, you know? Now I think we might just do it. Anyway, kids?"

"It'd be nice sometime in the future. Bobby's not getting younger and I know he'd love a bunch of noise and chaos in his life."

"Yeah, I been thinking. I'd like some kids. Problem is I can't think of a woman who'd want me. I can be an ass, Sammy."

"I can think of one off hand, Dean. Your friend with the kid. She seemed to like you."

"Lisa? Man, she don't want me. She told me he wasn't mine and she wanted me out of his life. I'm not stable, you know?"

You will be once we get the Apocalypse sorted out," he pointed out to his brother. "And besides, if the kid isn't yours genetically, it doesn't mean he can't be yours through love."

Dean stared at Sam and thought about what he said. "You think she'd give me a chance once I'm working with Bobby?"

"I think so."

"Really?" Dean sounded surprised.

"I mean, you're reasonably good looking, got plans for the future...I don't see why she shouldn't." He hopped up to change the clothes to the dryer.

Hold a minute, Sammy. I know I'm good looking. That's why I can always get a one nighter. It's not looks. Takes a lot more then that to make it permanent."

"Your personality isn't bad either...jerk." He was teasing his brother now.

I've only come close to a real relationship once. Cassie. She broke it off twice, man. Twice. I don't know a thing about a real relationship. What it takes to make a go of it. I want a wife who loves me and wants to be with me. I want kids. Lots of kids."

"You'll find her, Dean. Cassie was an ass to let you go. Seriously."

"She wrote me last year. She found someone and wanted to make sure I didn't come back into her life. Told me he was nothing like me." Dean laughed.

"Her loss, seriously." He climbed back onto the table.

"Well, he sure as hell won't equal me in the bedroom. Once this stuff is over, I will be able to settle down. I want to build a house on Bobby's made out of those rocks on Bobby's land... four or five bedroom. I will go see Lisa then and see if there is something between us or not."

"Bobby mentioned earlier that the house is actually bigger than we thought. There's rooms closed up that he's willing to open to us."

"You know, Sammy, I'd love that, but will a wife love that?"

"She might. Bobby is one of a kind."

"Yeah. How about you? Would Sarh go for that?"

"I'm going to have her meet Bobby when I start dating her. See what she thinks."

Yeah, I will do the same thing and see how it goes. It would be great."

"It would," Sam answered.

Dean slowly bit into the one donut he brought with him. "Chocolate."

He chuckled at that. "Best kind."

"Oh, yeah!"

The time passed and they got lucky, the power went out right as the dryer was ready to stop.

Dean helped bag up the clothes. "We'll fold when we get upstairs."

"Yeah." He hurried up to the suite, finding Bobby and Cas reading by the fire.

"What are you guys reading?" Dean was curious. He knew he had gotten a couple of books on Christmas legends.

"Christmas books," Bobby answered.

"Anything interesting?"

"Candy canes are fascinating," Castiel answered, turning a page. "Although I do not understand the whole attraction to that kind of food."

Dean went to the candy bowl and got a candy cane. He unwrapped it and put it in Cas' mouth.

The angel sputtered, taken by surprise.

Dean started folding clothes. He watched Cas as he did.

"It's delicious...but why a cane?"

Read the legend, Cas."

I am," he answered around a mouthful of candy.

Dean, got a root beer barrel candy and popped it in his mouth. He started laying clothes on each person's bed.

Sam got up to put his clothing away, thanking Dean for putting them out like this.

Dean, smiled, "No problem, Sammy." Dean reached down and got his boots off. I guess the floor is gonna be cold. He sighed and went and got the reindeer slippers that Cas had picked out.

"Cas and Bobby have theirs on already," Sam said with a laugh.

Dean looked down at their feet. He started laughing. "They may look weird, but they're nice and warm and soft. You're next, Sammy."

He playfully grumbled, slipping the slippers onto his feet. "I swear Cas's sense of humor keeps getting worse."

Dean laughed. "He surpassed me with those. But they are comfortable. Just don't look at them."

"Hard not to."

Dean laughed, got up and went into the kitchen. He started digging in the cabinets. They heard him shout, "Yes!" He started digging again. "All right!"

Soon they heard a strange bubbling sound. Bobby sniffed the air. "He's found a percolator. Houston, Coffee has Landed."

Castiel's nose wrinkled at that. He was not a fan of coffee at all.

Soon a tea pot started whistling.

Tea kettle? Oh, perhaps there would be a hot beverage for the angel after all.

Dean brought an antique tea pot, honey, and cream out for the angel. "There's something called Darjeeling in the pot. I couldn't believe that I remembered how my mom use to make it for herself on a cold day when she was pregnant with Sammy. I turned four in January and Sammy was born in May. Things you don't think you would remember. Wow."

Dean brought a coffee urn and cream, and sugar. Sam liked his sweet and creamy. Dean preferred black and strong.

Castiel sweetened his tea, adding a bit of cream. "Thank you, Dean."

Sam was quick to pour himself some coffee. "Dang, I didn't think anyone had those old style coffee things anymore."

"Well, it's an old place that deals with hurricanes at times. I was hoping and I found the percolator. Surprised I remembered how to use it or that they had the right coffee in there for it. Drip coffee would have been bad in it."

"No kidding," Bobby answered, drinking his own coffee. He put his cup down and rolled into the kitchen. He came back a few moments later with a small plate of cake. "Figured we might enjoy this."

Dean's eyes lit up. "What kind of cake, Bobby?"

"Apple cake. They had some on sale at the store."

"Apple cake? I haven't had apple cake in years. That sounds good. Here, let me help you. Sammy, did you guys find a portable cd player and batteries?"

"That I did." He pointed to the shelf of the entertainment unit.

Dean took the player out of the box and found the batteries. "If you guys are tired of the flute music, I can put something else in."

"Your choice, Dean." Bobby picked up another book, the one he'd been reading from at night with the family gathered.

Dean put the flute music in. "It's soft. I was hoping you'd tell us more about Christmas customs, Bobby."

"That's why I grabbed the book. Take a seat and we'll keep reading."

Dean got comfortable on his chair. The others figured Dean was going to miss the chair once they were gone."

Bobby began to read, occasionally taking bites of his cake or a sip of his coffee. Castiel and Sam listened intently, nibbling on their own snacks.

Dean had eaten one small piece, and was sipping his coffee, eyes closed. He was taking in the combination of the music and Bobby's voice reading a Christmas custom to them. Dean wanted to know what others knew about Christmas.

The reading session went on for a while and only Castiel moved, heading to check on the two elderly people in the house. He returned a few moments later to listen to more.

Dean looked at the clock. "It sure is dark for just four."

"The storm will keep it dark regardless of the hour."

"Yeah, I know. It's just, this is Galveston. I had hoped to walk on the beach again." He laughed.

Bobby laughed. "I know. We're on an island and it's snowing. Talk about unreal."

Exactly. Anyone want supper? I can cook something."

"Maybe in a bit?" Sam looked at his brother. "It's early yet and we had a late breakfast."

Dean laughed. "The way it ended up, that was the weirdest breakfast I've ever eaten. I guess the darkness made me ask. Seems later."

"It does. Why don't we play a game or something?"

Dean froze. "What kind of game?"

"We bought Clue, scrabble, and a few others."

"Okay, one of you choose. I'm game for just about anything, except poker and monopoly. You want to use the coffee table of the dining table?

"Dean, put a cushion on the floor and help me please." Bobby was going to sit near the table and the chair wouldn't work.

Castiel went to get the area set up, setting cushions for all of them to sit on.

Dean helped Bobby get seated. He sat next to him, setting Bobby's coffee and another slice of cake for him. Dean set another cup of coffee for himself and Sam. He gave Cas another cup of tea.

The group settled on the cushions and Clue was set up.

Each got of them got 4 cards and two got 1 more. Dean started working on his. He chose Mr. Green. After that, each chose their characters and marked their cards down, Bobby telling Castiel the rules of the game.

“Anyone playing Scarlet?”

None of them was playing the red lady.

"Okay, Colonel Mustard?"

Castiel nodded.

“Your roll.”

Castiel rolled the dice and moved his character.


Sam grabbed the dice and rolled as well.

Dean rolled. Handing the dice to Bobby, "Your roll, Dad."

Bobby smiled at that, rolling the dice. "That sounds good. Your brother found his word for me too."

Dean looked up at Bobby. He turned to Sam. An eyebrow raised.

"I called him Pop," he answered with a grin.

Dean grinned. "Okay. Cas? You got one for him, yet?"

The angel shook his head. "Not yet."

Dean nodded. "You're turn, Cas."

The game went on, all of them laughing at times when people got yanked across the board from where they wanted to be.

Sam finally got the right guess. Everyone clapped, laughing.

"That was enjoyable," Castiel commented.

"Yeah, it was." Dean stood up and stretched. "You want up, Bobby?"

"Yeah, please."

Dean leaned down and lifted Bobby up. Sam grabbed hold of the chair and held it still while Dean helped the man get situated.

Once the older male was comfortable, he thanked his two boys with a smile. Dean leaned over and hugged the older man, laying a soft kiss on top of his head. He quickly started picking up dishes and taking them into the kitchen, a slight flush of embarrassment on his face. Bobby, Sam, and Cas watched Dean carry dirty dishes into the kitchen, surprise on their faces.

Sam went after him to help him clean up. "You ok?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Just making sure."

Dean looked at Sam. "Is something wrong?"

"I was worried. You went all red after that."

Dean flushed again. "It was nothing, Sam"

"Okay. Any ideas on what to do for dinner?"

"I looked in the fridge. I think I'll make major nachos. There's everything we need. Cheese, beans, ground meat, taco mix, onion, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, and some avocadoes. Saw a bag of tortilla chips. If that sounds okay"

"Sounds good to me. Need help?"

"If you want."

He smiled. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't. What do you want me to do?"

"Just do some chopping, if you wouldn't mind. Onion and tomatoes."

I can do that." He grabbed the vegetables in question and began getting them ready.

Dean put the meat on to brown. He started pealing and mashing avocadoes, with garlic powder, lime juice and mayonnaise in them. He set the guacamole aside. and opened a container of sour cream. he added water and taco seasoning to the ground meat. He had talked Ben out of some leftover pinto beans and was mashing and seasoning them. He fried the beans.

The hunter took out a large platter and covered it with tortilla chips. He put the beans and the meat on the chips. He had cheese and milk with a little paprika and some chopped peppers in them heating. He poured the queso over the chips. He put the guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, on the nachos. He set a bowl of peppers beside it.

He took out some soft drinks and handed them to Sam, He picked up the platter and headed to the living room.

Sam followed his brother in, feeling kind of good that he'd been able to help out, even a little.

"Hey, guys. Dinner's ready!"

Bobby perked up. "Something smells good."

"Nachos!" Got cold sodas too!"

Castiel looked at them. "What are nachos?"

You'll like them, Cas. Just don't put extra peppers on them. okay?"

"Ah, understood." He settled at the coffee table, taking the root beer with thanks from Sam.

They all settled to eat. Dean relaxing a little as he took a mouthful of meat, beans and toppings.

Castiel was quick to compliment Dean on the meal after his first bite. The angel rather liked what the other had done.

Dean grinned and took another bite.

The meal passed quickly with Sam playing a joke on his brother and throwing in a Chipmunk's Christmas cd into the player.

Dean looked up in surprise that Sam would even play the Chipmunks. He laughed with everyone else. When dinner was over, Dean headed into the kitchen and boiled some water. He started carrying dishes in for cleanup.

Castiel brought in the dishes as well, helping Dean with the cleanup.

Dean smiled and thanked him. He was humming to the Chipmunks music. Sam and Bobby could hear him singing, "Me, I want a hula-hoop.'

Sam chuckled. "I wasn't sure how he'd take that one."

"Idjit, we're talking about Dean. He's a complete nutcase over childish things. Probably because he never had a childhood. Besides, he played it and the Disney one the other night before he turned fanatic over the flute one."

“Guess it's a good thing he got the Disney ones too, huh?"

Bobby laughed. "Yeah, let him be a kid these next few days. Do him good. Actually, it'd do you both good. Cas , too."

"I think so," Sam said with a grin.

"Me, too," Bobby said, wincing when Dean a really sour note.

"Well, I never said he could carry a tune."

"No, you never did, damn you. " Bobby chuckled.

He snickered.

Dean came out of the kitchen, whistling. Behind, slowly, Cas followed, a pained expression on his face.

Sam had to hide his face, laughing hard.

Bobby bit his lower lip. Dean crossed the room and sat on his chair. "Shame it's bad outside. We could maybe round up Ben and Jacob, go caroling. Bet we could do better then we did for that Santa, Sam."

The younger brother went to the bathroom to hide the fact that he couldn't control his laughter.

Cas got an intense look of panic in his eyes. Bobby lost it and started laughing uncontrollably. Dean's eyes widened. He stared at Bobby. Bobby could see he was working it out in his brain, trying to figure out what was so funny.

"Son, the idea is a good one but damn, you can't carry a tune in a bucket."

Dean grinned, “Gosh, Bobby, I know that. Sam's worse then me, though.”

Castiel's eyes widened. "I truly have no wish to hear it then."

Dean's eyes got a devilish look in them. "But, Cas, we expected you to sing the lead. Angels are supposed to have heavenly voices...sing in choirs and all."

"Even I could not support two tone deaf singers...if I sang."

"Cas, angelic voices can make people forget about those who are singing with them. You'll make us look good."

"Not happening, Dean."

"Hey, Sam! Get out here. You think I don't know what you're doing? Tell Cas his angelic voice would make ours sound good! Come on, coward. Get out here."

The brother called back. "Four words for you, Dean. Cruel and unusual punishment!"

Dean doubled over laughing at this point, tears rolling down his face. He shook his head and started laughing harder. “Well, at least come play with the train with me."

Sam crawled onto the floor, feeling silly to be excited about the train.

Dean was barefooted at this time, crawling on the floor, setting up signals and looked at Sam, "We're gonna have to push it unless you got batteries for the engine. I don't mind us pushing it but if you did happen to have batteries to fit it, it'd be more fun"

"I think we've got batteries for it. Check the bag by the radio."

Dean didn't bother getting up, he crawled to the bag and found the right size batteries. "Hey, we are in luck!"


Dean handed Sam the batteries, as he set up the scenery that came with the set. Bobby sat and watched them, a look of satisfaction on his face. He looked at Cas. "You know, Castiel, you could play too."

Dean heard Bobby's comment. "C'mon, Cas."

"I am not certain I understand the exercise."

Bobby grinned, "It's called playing, Cas. Kids do it all the time. These two never really got too. Don't imagine you did either. Have some fun with them."

The angel got down onto the floor, waiting for instructions.

Dean handed him some of the scenery. “We're making the area look good for the train once Sammy has it ready.”

He nodded, setting up the scenery.

Dean grabbed the other batteries and placed them in the control panel for the train. He handed it to Sam. "Your train, Sammy. You're the engineer."

Sam grinned. "Choo-choo!"

Dean matched the grin and lay flat on his stomach, watching the train move around the track. Cas watched, trying to figure out what it was that made these two, very serious hunters, act this way.

Bobby laughed to himself, watching the two brothers play.

Dean went to the kindling bin. He looked for tinder. Soon, he had a handful of small twigs. He laid them on the flat bed car for the train to haul.

"Now that's a cool touch," Sam commented.

"Yeah, thought it would look good. I've been trying to figure out some other stuff that could look like the real thing in miniature. Not having much luck though."

Castiel got up and came back a short time later with green and white towels. "Hills and snow?"

"Wow! Now that is awesome, Cas! Whatcha think, Sammy?"

"I think it's great. You two get it set up."

Dean set the white towels under the tree and up it's base. "Looks more like a mountain built up like that. Mountains would have snow. We can use the green for lower meadows. You okay with that, Cas?"

Castiel nodded, setting up the towels to represent hills. It wasn't the greatest representation but it worked.

Dean took the small coal tender over to the hearth. Some black ash had managed to sift out when he'd added some logs. it was cool. He scooped it up, getting his hand filthy with black coal dust.

Sam got a silly grin and got his finger into the soot before putting stripes on Dean's face. "Now you're the Indian trying to capture the train."

Dean whooped and used some kindling for a tiny bow and arrows. He began shooting them at Sam and Cas.

"Hmm..we need a role for Cas since I'm engineer."

"He can be the conductor and try to fight me off."

Sam laughed and showed Castiel how to make a gun with his hand to shoot at Dean.

Dean caught Cas on the shoulder with an arrow. It bounced off and hit the train as it went by. Bobby was struggling not to laugh too hard.

Castiel pointed his finger at Dean and shot at him. "Bang bang." The words were given in a flat tone, which made Sam snicker even harder.

Dean stopped and stared for a minute. "Damn, it, Cas! It wasn't supposed to hurt." Sam and Bobby started laughing so hard that it became contagious. Dean started to smile and then laugh with them.

The angel blinked. "How did that harm you?"

"It stung like a bb, Cas." Dean found it funny now.

"I did not put power into it so it should not have. And what is a bb?"

That did it. Dean lay back on his back laughing hard. Sam checked Dean's chest. There were two small red welts. Bobby, seeing the welts, grinned. "You don't know your own power when playing, Cas. A bb is a small pellet used in an air gun."

He was completely confused. Nothing was supposed to have happened!

Dean sat up. "It really wasn't supposed to happen? That's weird. Anyway, it was a just a sting. Not bad."

“I apologize for that.”

"Nah, it was all in play. I'm fine."

He nodded at that, a little at a loss as to what to do next. Sam managed to save the game by shooting at Dean too.

Dean fell down playing dead.

"Woot! We won!"

Dean rolled onto his side facing the tree.

He got quiet. "You know, I'd forgotten how beautiful a real tree can be," he whispered. Even without its lights."

"This is my first real one," Sam said. "Thought that goofy one we got when we decided to try Christmas was pretty special in it's own way."

"You mean the newspaper wrapped porn, eggnog and a football game?"


"Yeah, it wasn't bad, Sam. Not bad at all. But this is magical. Not occult magical either. Kind of like fairy dust or something." Everyone turned to look at him. Dean talking about fairy dust? Sam wasn't sure 'til then that Dean even knew what it was. Not the magical kind.

Bobby understood though and smiled. "It's what Christmas should be, Dean. Even as adults, it's supposed to be magical because of the love of the people celebrating together."

"Yeah, I guess it is. But, it's more then that, Bobby. It's not having to worry every second about just living. I don't know how to explain it. It’s just that I don't have to worry about nothing right now. Real rest for a change."

Castiel offered a piece of information. "Did you know that when the Church took the 25th of December to celebrate, a tradition was adapted from the ancient civilizations? Christmas was a time of peace. Wars stopped on that one day alone."

Dean turned over and stared at Cas. His eyes dark in the shadow of the tree. "That long? Is that what it is then? Some spirit thing that makes you feel peace inside for just a small time?"

"That part is unknown."

"Well, it's something. I don't care if it has a name. I'm grateful for it tonight."

"As are we all, Dean. As are we all."

Sam leaned over and put the a Disney cd in the player.

Bobby nearly choked on his drink at the sound of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Dean sat up, staring. "What the ....?" As the song went on, his eyes grew wider. He crawled to the couch, grabbed a pillow and threw it at Sam, catching him in the head.

Bobby, seeing damage coming, yelled that pillow fights were only for the bedrooms.

Castiel grabbed a pillow and thumped both over the head, agilely dodging pillows that came too close to him.

Bedrooms! NOW!!, " Bobby yelled. All three ran for Sam and Cas's room, throwing and trying to collect pillows as they dodged.

Sam was ducking. Castiel was damned lethal with a pillow.

Dean jumped on a bed and grabbed a sham. He swung it hard and caught Cas dead center, right in the face.

The angel went with it, swiping at Dean's legs with his own pillow while Sam hit the unprotected middle, double teaming the other.

Dean went down hard. The air left his body with a loud whumph. He tried rolling into a fetal position while he tried to find air, finding no escape from pillows.

In unison, both pounced on him, tickling. Castiel had followed Sam's lead on it, finding himself enjoying this.

Dean was trying to push and kick them off, laughing hysterically. Sam had no idea his brother was this ticklish. Bobby could hear the hysterical noises coming out of the bedroom. The sounds had Dean's voice but were nothing like he'd ever heard before. "What the hell are you doing to him?" He grinned.

"I believe it's called tickling," Cas called back.

Bobby broke out laughing. He rolled towards the door with his cell phone, wondering if Sam still had the other pics he'd told him about. He had to get the boys in action.

Cas and Sam continued to tickle him, enjoying the hysterical laughing mess that was Dean.

Dean was trying to crawl out from under them, but he kept having to double up to protect himself. He was laughing so hard it hurt. "Bobby, Bobby, make them stop!"

Both of them followed him, happy to keep him laughing like that.

Bobby shook his head, not stopping them or listening to Dean's pleas for help. He'd never really heard Dean giggle and he swore Dean had done just that when Sam got his feet a minute ago.

Castiel heard it too. "Sam, his feet."

"NO!!!!" Dean tried kicking but Sam was too quick and too big. He was on his legs and Cas was holding the ankles down.

The giggles filled the cold room, making everyone chuckle.

Bobby got really tickled and started chuckling. He could hear Dean struggling to get away. "Aw come on, guys. Please!" He tried again to sit up and grab Sam from behind but Sam ducked and went forward on his legs, grabbing his feet harder. Bobby, shouted, "Cas, under the arms!" "Like hell he will," Dean panted, struggling all the harder.

Castiel went right for it, going for the spot Bobby had called out.

Dean started bucking, trying to knock both men off him. Sam was just to heavy on his legs. Cas had straddled his stomach. Dean finally had to quit fighting. He couldn't get enough air to breath deep and fight.

"Okay boys, let him breathe. I think he's a mess now," Bobby said, laughing to himself.

Sam and Cas slowly stopped and climbed off of Dean. Dean lay there for a minute gasping in air, trembling. Bobby loved it. Dean almost demoralized by tickling. Still chuckling, Bobby waited to see what would happen next.

Castiel was the smart one, beating a hasty retreat to the warmer room.

Dean stumbled to his feet, holding his hands out in defense in front of him. Still taking in deep draughts of air. He kept his eye on his brother as he inched his way to the warmer room.

Sam chuckled, having enjoyed torturing his big brother like that.

The older Winchester brother managed to make it to his favorite chair. He huddled into it to protect himself from further attack. His face was blood red, blotting out the freckles that usually were there. Bobby got concerned for a few minutes. He was very red.

Castiel went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. "Here, Dean."

Dean reached for the glass, he took a deep drink, and his voice rasped, "Thanks, Cas." Bobby shook his head. This was so funny.

"You are welcome," was the response as the angel went to sit down.

Dean still rasped in air. Slowly his color returned. He lay back quietly. "Damned If I do that again," he whispered. Only Sam heard it.

Sam laughed. "You know it was fun though, Dean."

"Yeah, it was," he choked out.

The family laughed softly, then Bobby picked up another book and began reading Christmas stories out loud to give them a chance to calm down.

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