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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 1

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Between Hunts

Dean put a key into the lock of the motel room door and opened it, carrying several bags.

Sam looked up from his laptop and stared at his brother for a few minutes. "You were gone a long time. You stop at a bar again?"

"No, Sam, I got food, and a few other things. This is the first time in months that we actually don't have a hunt. I thought we could relax a couple of days before we take another one.”

Sam looked unhappy at the thought. "Not if I can get a line on Lilith, Dean."

Dean placed the bags on the table. "We sure as hell can, Sammy. We've been going steady for months. You keep disappearing, and you don't want to tell me what's going on. That's fine if that's what you want, but we are taking a few days off. There's no argument. That means no angels, no demons. Got that."

Before a comment could be made, Sam's laptop screen shifted before going white. A gothic L was imposed on the empty screen.

“What the hell is that, Sammy? You been hacked? Tell me you aren't hacked? You're too good at protecting that thing."

Sam stared at the L wondering what had just screwed up his life even more.

A computerized voice filled the air. "Dean and Sam Winchester, purported hunters of the supernatural, I am L."

Sam leaned back in disgust, staring at his laptop. Dean was leaning over the table, a look of shock on his face. “What the hell is an L?”

“He a detective, Dean. He is known world wide as one of the best. He's also very reclusive, and don't ask me, because I have no idea what he's doing in my computer.”

“He said we were purported hunters of the supernatural, Sammy. Who the hell does think he is?”

“The guy who hacked my computer, Dean.”

"There is a case where I have been summoned, but there are..issues where your expertise will be useful."

“Well, you think you know about us? Exactly what expertise are you talking about?
What issues, buddy?"

“Calm down, Dean, before he destroys my computer.”

"Both of you were raised to be hunters by a father who had issues with revenge. Said father disappeared about the time Dean was hospitalized after a car accident. Hospital records indicate that the recovery was astounding considering the staff had commented that the survival rate was incredibly low. Government records also show skills that are unusual considering you two have no military background. Need I continue or should I email the files I have on you two to your brother's computer?"

“There's no need to send the files. I don't know if the email program can hold it all. I know my laptop memory can't. Not on both of us.”

“What the hell are you doing, Sam? What do you want with us, 'L'?”

"I will send you the address of where the case is taking place. My subordinates will meet you there and give you the rest of the information required."

“No! I don't give a damn that you're some famous recluse. You want our help, we don't meet with your subordinates. We meet with you and talk to you. It don't work the other way, 'L'.”


“There's nothing in this world that's impossible. I've seen it all. You meet us face to face, or no go.”

"The address has been sent. It would be best if the two of you took advantage of this opportunity. Your rooms have been reserved already."

“Turn the computer off, Sam. I'm not being ordered anywhere by someone who won't meet me face to face. I sure as hell am not taking orders from someone I don't know. Turn it off.”

“Dean, maybe it wouldn't hurt to see what he wants."

“He ain't gonna tell us, Sammy. I'm not going anywhere without knowing. I don't take orders from him. He's not Dad, Bobby, and when I have to, Cas.”

The voice responded back drolly. "I would hate to have to notify the authorities of your location. You two have accumulated quite a bit of a history that I'm certain that specific agencies would be interested in."

“That's cute. If I thought you had the clout, I might actually worry a little, but you see, the FBI told them we're dead. I think they'll believe the FBI, don't you.”

"I would recommend your brother checking his email. He will find a zip file. You see, Dean, I have a lot of clout with international agencies..including the FBI. The knowledge is yours to deal with. My subordinates will be waiting." The screen cut out, returning back to the normal desktop.

Sam went to email and found a message with no return address. His eyebrows raised a little. He looked at Dean who was frowning. He clicked on the email and found the zip file. Pulling up the winzip, he opened the file.

In the file was a very detailed dossier of the illegal activities the brothers had participated in, even going back to before Dean had picked him up at school. It was obvious that whoever had put this together knew how to research..and research well.

“Dean, over half of this is listed after our deaths.”

Sam could hear Dean swearing, he threw things for a minute, grabbed his jacket and left the motel. Sam heard the Impala back out of the parking lot, and shook his head. Dean must be heading for the bar again.

There was a soft ding from the email. This one would include the address that the two would need to get to the destination.

Several hours later, Sam heard the Impala. He waited to see if Dean needed help. The key entered the lock and Dean came in. Sam found no smell of alcohol, and he was angry.

“Where the hell did you go, Dean? We got the address in the email. It's a hell of a drive, too.”

“I went for a drive. Sam, we got problems. This guy has stuff on us that can get me the death sentence, and you can end up in prison for life, man. Maybe death too. There's pictures in there of us ganking monsters, man. They look human. He can hold this over us and use it against us for the rest of our lives.”

The address was for a city in Texas, large but not a well known one. It would be a long drive for the brothers.

Dean looked at the name as Sam pulled it up on map search. Dean sat down in a chair as he took in the Texas map.

“Sam, the last time we were in Texas, it was not real far from north central. Texas is massive, man. That's west Texas. That's desert, cactus, mountains, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and nothing for hundreds of miles." Dean sighed. "He give us a time limit?”

There was an expected destination time which would give them time to get there..following traffic laws.

“Traffic laws? Aw, come on, Sam! The back roads in some areas want you to go 40. I can take some roads that will let us go a little faster then that.”

Sam nodded. "I know. Getting there early might surprise him."

“Getting there early wasn't my idea. I want to have time to stop and eat, sleep, watch a little television at night. Haven't had much time for that lately. I really needed these few days off. Damn it, Sammy.”

Sam shook his head, his mind on Lilith and Ruby, and what the hell was he gonna do when he needed it?

They were stuck though and had to follow through on this.

The week that followed was a total taste of hell for both of the boys. Dean was bitchy, nothing satisfied. He tossed and turned at night. He wasn't eating well. He didn't even drink. All he could think of was a lingering noose around his neck. This 'L' had them by the balls and there was no way out of it.

Sam was scared of facing withdrawals. He'd not been able to get hold of Ruby. He was panicking, not wanting Dean to know there might be problems ahead. He'd told Dean that nothing was going on that he couldn't handle.

When they arrived in the city, the directions guided them to a nice hotel. At the desk, an elderly gentleman was waiting for them. He was well dressed in a suit, but carried himself if he'd had training in the past.

Dean reached for his wallet, wincing at the thought of the price for this place and no idea how long they would be kept there.

He nonchalantly asked, “How much?”

The gentleman shook his head. "Dean and Sam Winchester, I presume?" He was soft spoken, obviously educated.

“Yeah, we're them. You know this guy who brought us here?”

He nodded. "I am Watari. Please, both of you follow me. Your rooms have been paid for already by L."

Dean eyed the man carefully, unsure of everything in their situation. "Paid for?"

He nodded, giving a small smile. "Paid for, yes. Please follow me."

Dean looked at Sam and smiled slightly. Sam was sweating. “You okay, Sammy?”

Sam just nodded and said yeah.

Watari helped with the bags, leading them to an elevator. Once inside, his voice broke the silence. "L's team is here already. I shall introduce you to them once you are settled. Should you have need of anything, please inform me."

“What I need, is a hot meal, a hot bath, and a good bed. This has not been a good week.”

"Of course," he murmured. "If you will tell me what you would like, I can have the food ready for you once the introductions are complete."

“Okay, I want a steak, medium rare, baked potato with all the fixings, and a big piece of apple pie. A beer would be nice to go with it. Sammy?”

“I just want to sleep, Dean. I'm not hungry.”

“You haven't eaten much all week. That's not good. What's wrong?”

“I'm just tired, Dean.”

Dean frowned, worried about Sam.

Watari nodded, giving both a key card. "This is your suite." He opened the door,
depositing the luggage inside. "If you'll follow me, I'll introduce you to the team."

Dean knew they were both exhausted, he was hungry, no idea why Sam wasn't, and he needed a hot shower badly. He knew he wasn't ready to meet anybody at this moment, but he followed Sam and Watari down the hall.

The older male knocked on the door once, then opened it, leading them inside.

Inside the living room of the suite, there were computers set up. Each one in different colors. There was a red head on the couch, playing a game machine. Beside him, with a laptop on his lap was a blond munching on a chocolate bar. On the floor was a white haired boy, white computer in front of him and toys in his hands and around him. He looked the youngest of the trio.

Sam had walked in and was looking at the arrangement. Dean stopped in the doorway. "This some kind of joke?"

Watari shook his head. "No joke. These three are part of the team."

“Okay, now that we've seen the nursery, where's mommy and daddy?”

A soft voice from a doorway within the suite answered Dean. "Dean Winchester would be wise not to underestimate them." Standing inside the doorway was an unkempt figure. Dark hair, longish, flowed messily over the pale skin of his face and shoulders. He was tall but slumped in a careless crouch. He wore a long sleeved white shirt and jeans, no shoes. There were smudges under his eyes, which were dark in color.

Dean was angry and frustrated. “Look, I'm tired, dirty, hungry, and my brother is acting like he's sick and he's not talking about it. I'm being blackmailed by a bastard who won't meet me face to face. We had no case and were planning on a few days off. We never get that chance. I've driven over a 1000 miles to get to the middle of nowhere to meet with the diaper patrol? What the hell do they know about demons, monsters, and how to kill them?”

The blond stared at him. "It depends on your definition of a monster, idiot."

"Mello," came the quiet voice. "Enough. You two must be our guests. The blond is Mello; the one beside him is Matt." The goggled boy waved half heartedly. "The white haired young one is Near."

“And you are?” Dean was gritting his teeth.

"I am Ryuuzaki," was the soft answer.

“Please tell me you're the leader and I don't have to deal with kids? Kids don't always take orders. When hunting monsters, your life can depend on that.”

"I am and the boys will follow orders. They have been trained since they were small to fulfill certain purposes."

“Well that's just dandy. I hope they fill your purposes completely. Keep them out of mine. If we are having a debriefing now, then tell us what's going on. I have three things I want to do tonight. The fourth I will do if you tell what's happening here. Sam and I hunt with other hunters once in a while, but we mainly hunt as a team or alone. People who don't understand what we go after will get hurt if they try. I won't be responsible for kids. If I have to keep an eye on them, and I will if they tag along, I'm gonna get myself hurt or killed. I am not in the mood to do that again.”

There was the press of a gun against Dean's back and another at Sam's. The blond and red head had moved without the two noticing and had done so quickly. Matt's voice was soft, holding a smoker's rasp."I wouldn't discount us so quickly. Each of us have had been trained in combat since we were old enough to walk. L has said we work together because he wants to know the truth of things. So we work together."

Matt never saw it coming. Dean moved and was down under him in a roll and came up holding the boy's gun at his temple, a knee across his throat. Sam had made no effort. Dean looked at his brother in worry. “Okay, you may be good, boy, but I was trained by a United States marine starting at age 4, and raised my brother from that age on. I've seen shit you have no idea exists. If your 'L' wants to know that things exist, he sends adults. I'm not getting myself torn to pieces again. Not because I have to keep an eye on kids. Ryuuzaki, tell them to back down. I don't want to, but I can hurt him. This crap goes on and I will. Sam, you're on your own in this. Drop the gun, kid.”

There was the cock of a pistol and a monotone voice was answering Dean. "Dean Winchester may have been trained by a former Marine but Near can guarantee that Dean Winchester cannot dodge this bullet." It was aimed right for the spot between his hazel eyes. "Near suggests that Dean Winchester regains calm and listens to Ryuuzaki. If Near recalls correctly, L's orders must be obeyed or both Dean and Sam Winchester stand to lose a great deal."

“If your 'L' is so smart, he would let us do our job and leave. I can not do the job if kids come along. I won't. It's a risk and I can't take it.”

Ryuuzaki answered. "It is not your choice to make but his."

“Look, just tell us what is happening. Let us do the research. If it's a simple salt and burn, the kids can come and you'll have your info. We have the most dangerous job on earth, okay. Our minds have to be alert every second. We can't worry about other people. We have each other's back and go for the kill. We kill, and it's not what you want kids to see. I promise you that. You taught them how to fight, shoot a gun, and research. Awesome! Send them after what they are trained to go after. What we hunt is not human, okay? Horrible things can happen if you aren't alert. I won't be alert if they come. I won't be able to not be worried about them and keeping an eye on them. It will get me killed or worse.”

Ryuuzaki took a seat in a chair, crouching in it. "Impossible. Our orders are clear. Matt, Mello, stand down. Once they have rested, I will explain things further."

“Well, Matt here can't stand down. I have his damn gun. You might tell Near here to stand down. It's beginning to itch. Don't worry about rest. Let Sam go back to our suite. He's not looking good. Okay? I'll handle this for the time being. Let's do it now. I'm not going to be getting any rest in the near future.”

Dean looked at his brother, his eyes showing the fear and panic he wouldn't let the rest of him exhibit. Sam was acting strange. Not himself at this point. Dean wanted him to get some rest.

Ryuuzaki stared at the pair for a moment. "I was not under the impression your brother was ill." Matt moved a second later, flicking a lit cigarette lighter under the arm holding the gun.

“I wasn't under the impression he was either. I've been cut and burnt a hell of a lot worse than that, boy. I'm not letting go of the gun. The gun between my eyes is getting rather tiresome, Ryuuzaki. I suggest you pull him off now. Or I might let this lit lighter make me squeeze down.”

Near's voice was soft. "Not until Dean Winchester lets Matt go."

“This is a Mexican stand-off, Ryuuzaki. Your boss didn't do his homework. Anyone will tell you, after what I've been through, I don't give a damn any more.”

Ryuuzaki picked up a lollipop, unwrapping it studiously. "I believe you will find that L ends up earning extra credit. You have a die hard attitude. However, you are acting illogically because you do not have all the information and chose to come in 'guns blazing' in regards to attitude. Let the boy go. I will share information but only when you have calmed down enough to assimilate it properly."

“I never drew a weapon on anyone, Ryuuzaki. I just told you that I can't have kids on a hunt. The way I work, I would not be able to keep my mind on the job and stay alive. You understand that? Your 'kids' here, drew guns on us. I disarmed one. Now I have another on me. You show good faith and remove them. I'll talk, but not with them holding guns. I will not disarm until they have. First rule of combat, you never do that.”

Mello had moved back to the couch, picking up his chocolate again, while Near simply laid the gun back onto the floor. The white haired teen played with a lock of his hair, eying this newcomer.

Dean removed his knee from Matt's neck, uncocked the gun and slid it across the floor to Ryuuzaki. He stood up and walked towards his brother. Shaking him, he hissed at him, “What the hell is wrong with you. You act like you're on something or coming down off.....” Dean looked into Sam's eyes. “What are you taking?”

Mello looked at Ryuuzaki as Matt headed back to his game, lighting a cigarette. "You didn't say he was a drug addict."

Dean turned and looked at the two. “You didn't say?” Dean walked to Ryuuzaki. “I want to talk alone. Let Sam go lie down, send the geek squad on an errand.”

Dark eyes looked at Watari, who nodded and called for the three teenagers to come with him.

"Watari, would you take Sam back to our suite?"

"Of course. Come along boys, you can help me get him settled."

"Thank you. "Dean watched them leave. He turned to the other man. "I think we have some sharing to do here. A little honesty, a little story telling."

"Sit please. I have coffee and tea available. My subordinates tend to be a bit defensive, especially when their skills are called into question." His voice was mild.

“Yeah, well, they're kids. There's a lot you don't know about us, L. Things that were never in the papers or written down anywhere. I'm gonna open up here because of who you are. You want to know what's out there? I'll tell you. Hell, I'll show you. But it's you and me at this point. If we need others later, so be it. I'll tell all you want to know and then some right now. Deal, L?”

He stirred his tea with his lollipop after adding a lot of sugar. "You assume a great deal in calling me by that name." There was no insult at all.

Dean took a cup of coffee, drinking it black. He watched the other man as he sat down on a chair. “I'm not assuming anything. You are very eccentric in the way you act, dress, sit, and even the large amount sweets you are taking in. The kids drew weapons trying to enforce your orders. You don't act like a subordinate, or even how I would have acted with my dad. No, you're L. I won't tell anyone, but I can think pretty clearly. Especially when I feel like I'm in a trap and trying to find a way out. I want honesty, here.”

He blinked, shaking his head. "You believe I am L just from my mannerisms? The boys are well trained to follow orders. L has given me jurisdiction. His face is never seen. However, this is no trap."
“I know I asked for honesty. I took L to be an honest man. The boys did what they did out of loyalty to you. I have a feeling that L is seen a lot, just not as L. Is Ryuuzaki, your real name, L? You see, they're kids, and this is a very dangerous situation if I'm not mistaken. L would not leave them in the hand of another in that situation. I think he's like me in some ways. He has to keep an eye on kids, even if it costs him his life.”

He gave him a lopsided smile. "A mark in your favor. The boys are my heirs. They have been working with me to gain them more experience as a detective. And no, Ryuuzaki is a name I won."

Dean's smile broke through, the laugh lines around his eyes showing. “Thank you. I will just call you Ryuuzaki for the time being. If L is heard and not seen, I'm not gonna change it I'll tell you the Winchester story you haven't heard. You know about deaths, car wrecks, and stuff, You think I'm a killer. Well, in some ways I am but not like the police know it. Inspector Henrikson found out but he died. He set it up that we were killed. He was gonna work with us. Where do you want me to start?”

"From the beginning," he answered, sipping his overly sweetened tea. "I do not believe that Dean Winchester is a murderer. I do believe there is something that he is hunting. Before now, I have not acknowledged anything can exist beyond our senses."

"I wish I could say that. I'll go back before I was born because I got to go back in time and see my parents before they married, and met my grandparents. I met a demon, I would hunt for several years. His name was Azazel. We didn't know his name then. He was known as the yellow-eyed demon. My grandparents and my mom were hunters. That surprised me, because I didn't know. In a battle with the yellow-eyed demon, who had possessed my grandfather, my dad was killed. Mom made a deal that he could come into our home ten years from then. Azazel brought my dad back to life."

L set the teacup rather hard in the saucer. "I beg your pardon?"

Dean looked up at him. “What?”


“Most of the things that go bump in the night are real.”

"Illogical," he murmured. "Please continue."

“The supernatural is not logical. Six years later, I was born. Four years later, Sammy was born. When he was six months old, Azazel came to the house. Mom found him standing over Sammy. He forced her up a wall to the ceiling. She ripped open and caught on fire.” Dean's voice broke when he said it. His eyes closed.

A plate of chocolate cake was slid over to him. L was listening with keen interest.

Dean took a slice of the cake, and murmured that it was good. “My dad handed Sammy to me and told me take care of him, get him out. He didn't know that I'd seen what happened to mom. I didn't talk for over a year. Dad went kind of crazy. He found out about the world of hunters and what they hunted. He kept a journal. He ruined our lives. We never finished a year of school in the same district. Sometimes there were more then ten schools in one year. Sometimes he left us with other hunters...Pastor Jim and Bobby Singer. Those were the only times of normalcy. I raised Sam, making sure he had a childhood. I didn't have one. When Sammy got out of high school, he got a full ride at Stanford. He and dad had a fight and Sammy left. I didn't he see him for a couple of years. He never answered the phone the couple of times I tried to call. I quit calling. Dad, well, he raised us to be soldiers. He was a former Marine and he taught us hard. When Sammy left, Dad didn't want it to be the two of us and he walked out. I hunted on my own til Dad disappeared. I was scared, to tell the truth. With Dad really gone, I had nobody, so I went after Sammy.”

The detective listened quietly, munching on snacks and sipping his tea. "A very demanding person."

“He left his journal for us when we followed his trail and took out a woman in white. Sammy got her in a way. Dad sent us coordinates for a hunt in Colorado but Sam wanted to go back to Stanford. He had an interview for law school and his girl wanted to make sure he was there. He was thinking of marrying her. Her name was Jessica. I dropped him off, and left, but something didn't feel right. I saw the flames when I pulled back up. Azazel did the same thing to her he did to Mom. Sam became obsessed with revenge...just like Dad. We hunted Wendigo in Colorado. Dealt with a water spirit and I was able to help a kid who saw his dad killed by it. He wasn't talking either. We finally caught up with Dad looking for the colt.”

L nodded, following the tale with interest.

“Sam had split up with me earlier, wanting to go after Dad in California. He met a girl named, Meg who tried really hard to separate us. She wanted Dad and the colt because it kills unnatural things. Dad wanted it to kill Azazel. She was human but possessed by a demon. We had some run-ins with her. She set a really good trap. They had Dad but we found him, killed her brother. We threw holy water on Dad and he seemed fine. We hid in this cabin we knew about. Dad wasn't mad that Sam didn't kill Azazel when he had the chance, and that's when I knew it wasn't Dad. Dad and I got into it after that. I ended up against one wall and Sam against another. He didn't hurt Sam and I never questioned it. It never occurred to me that he would hurt Sam. He all but killed me. Tore my insides up bad. Sam shot him, and Azazel left his body.”

“Sam got me into the backseat of the Impala and Dad into the passenger seat, and that's when an 18 wheeler semi hit us. I remember waking up in the hospital, but I was having an out of body experience. I was dying and had a reaper on my tail. Sam began to notice things and thought I was hanging around. He had Bobby take the Impala to his yard and he went out and bought a Ouija board. I laughed at that, but it worked.”

“Dad knew I was dying. He made a deal with Azazel. He gave Azazel the colt and his soul. He said good bye to us and told me I might have to kill Sammy. He died.”

L frowned, sipping his tea. "So your family has a bit of an issue with this demon."

"Yeah, we did."

"So, beyond demons, there are other things within the non-human area?"

“Yeah, Strigas, vampires, weyrwolves, shapeshifters, wendigos, women in white, water spirits, angels, well...the list can go on for hours.”

He frowned. "Then my suspicions were correct."

Grateful that Ryuuzaki had changed the subject off the Winchester history, Dean asked, “And they are?”

"I will explain momentarily but there is an area of concern I must bring up. Your brother. I hold some expertise in psychology, and he is exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal. Can he be trusted?"

“Withdrawals? From what?”

"I would venture to hazard a guess to say drugs but I am unsure. Your type of nomadic lifestyle would make that difficult." L listed the symptoms Sam was exhibiting.

“We were apart for about four months. He changed while I was gone. He was hanging around with a demon named Ruby. He's told me that I can't do the job the angels said I was supposed to do, that was prophesied. I had something really bad happen to me. I couldn't deal with the memories for a while. I was drinking way more then I normally do. It was affecting the job, I think, but I'm not sure. Some other things happened and it lined me out. I knew I would have to do what I was supposed to do. Me, not Sam. He's been pretty hostile about it. He wants revenge on a demon named Lilith. He blames her for what happened to me. It was my fault and mine alone, but it scarred him.
We're traveling together but he has gone to see Ruby and drives out demons that she tells him about. I've seen him do it. He's getting more powerful all the time. But he can't have a pusher. We are all over the country. I need to look at his cell.”

"I would. I would also be willing to volunteer Watari's assistance in helping him to dry out while we work on this investigation. My heirs are more than capable of assisting us. I would advise looking into his habits."

"I would appreciate the help in drying him out. I would really prefer to work with you. They may be really good, but they are kids. I can't keep up with them and do the job, whatever it is."

He held a slender hand up. "I would prefer utilizing their talents where we can. With your brother down and Watari attending him, we will need the additional manpower. They may not even be in a danger zone."

“I want you to keep them out of the danger zone.”

"I will attempt to. Mello..can be difficult but as far as physical fighting, he is the best of the three." He frowned. "First, before we get further into the issues, let me call Watari.” He gingerly picked up a phone and pressed a button.

“Ask him if he can send me Sam's cell?”

L gave instructions and a few moments later, Matt came in with a tray of food for Dean, as well as the cell. "Watari had to help him sleep."

Dean looked up. "How did he do that?"

The red head shrugged, handing him the cell. "Pressure points."

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