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Monday, August 23, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 2

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Learning the Truth

Dean picked up the cell phone, trying to think clearly. At this moment, he was really confused. It had been a long time since he had done a hunt without Sam. He felt alone. He'd just told a good portion of their life story to a complete stranger, and barely talked to Sam about their past. He shook his head, opened the phone, and looked across at the enigmatic man who had managed to get so much out of him without saying much at all. This was certainly something he wouldn't repeat.

He turned to the red head, wondering why the goggles. “Thank you for the meal and for bringing the phone.” Dean tried to get to the action screen. The phone was locked. Dean used the normal procedure for a locked phone and was surprised when it didn't work. “What the hell? Sam's never done this before.”

L frowned. "What has he done?"

“Can you program a phone to lock in some other way then what is normal?”

Matt nodded. "That model? Yeah, it's easy to do."

“Really? Well, can you reverse it? Make it like it's supposed to be? And fix it so it he can't do it again?”

He grinned and nodded. "Sure, lemme see it."

Dean handed the phone to Matt. He watched him while he ate. Watari had remembered his request. L watched the medium rare steak and massive potato with all the fixin's being eaten. His eyes remained on the dessert Dean had ordered, wondering why he would choose something with pastry when there was cake.

Matt laughed softly. "Oh this is too easy." The genius had it unlocked and everything hacked within ten minutes.

Dean smiled at him, and said thank you. He went to voice mail. Knowing his brother as well as he did, he knew the password. There was only one and it was from Ruby. Her voice irritated him with its lisp, “Well, hi, Sam, it's been awhile. You needing that bad, baby?” Dean paled then grew red with anger. He erased the voice mail. Then went to Sam's contact list. She was on it. He hit dial.

Ruby answered on the second ring. “You know for someone who was so in need, you took your slow, sweet time getting back to me.”

“Hi, Ruby. Don't hang up. We need to talk about Sammy.”

Matt's eyes were wide behind his goggles as he listened to the conversation.

“We're in Texas” Dean named the town. “You can call when you get here. You damn well better find a really quick way to do so. It took us three days. I don't know what you gave him, but you're gonna help him, bitch.”

L's dark eyes narrowed, and he shook his head. This may not be the right thing, especially if this Ruby was Sam's supplier.

Dean hung up and looked at L, seeing the disapproval. “Ruby is a demon and Sam's been hunting with her for some time. He's still doing it even though I'm back from...uh...well, anyway, she's got something going with him. She won't hurt him. She needs him. She knows she can't get to him without dealing with me, and she's gonna have to kill me if she wants Sam. She knows it. I know it. She does want Sam, so I got a demon battle coming.”

"Logic dictates that if she is the one in constant contact, then she is the one supplying whatever it is that he is in withdrawal from."

“Exactly. Sam sure as hell isn't gonna tell me, but Ruby will. If she thinks she's got me and is fixing to send me back, then she will tell me. Rub it in real good and laugh in my face. I'm gonna gank her if I can get my hands on her. Mainly, I need to know what he's taking.”

"I will inform Watari, and you will need to tell him what to expect in order to protect himself and whoever remains with him."

She's not getting in there. He needs to salt every entrance, I mean every. Vents, windows, doorways. A line of salt. He only lets me in. I can't be possessed. I have a tattoo that prevents it. Everyone is to stay away from anyone they don't know. Stay together. Never apart. Watari will be protected by salt. Tell him, in my duffel is a sawed off shotgun. It's loaded with shells filled with rocksalt. She won't stick around."

L typed up the notes, sending it to watari's cell.

Dean seemed more relaxed after this. He finished his meal, and took a bite of the pastry. L watched him. closed his eyes like he'd tasted heaven. It would seem that Dean had the same addiction that he had....sweets, but mainly, this one thing. He seemed to enjoy the cake but he had no reaction to it like he did to the pastry.

The detective frowned. "While we wait for this acquaintance, we should review the case."

Dean noticed the frown and wondered what had upset L. “I'm listening,” he replied as he took another bite of the apple pie. He seemed to chew it more slowly then he did the meal.

"I was called in due to the viciousness of the serial killings that have been going on. There literally is not much left to the victims."

“By not much left, do you mean eatened, ripped apart, or dismembered?”

"I do not believe that they were devoured strong is your stomach?"

“Look, I'm human. It bothers me, but it's my job. I've seen just pieces of a person left after a werewolf got them. There are others who do worse damage.”

L handed him a file that contained pictures of what was left.

He turned green, took a bite of apple pie, and swallowed faster then he had. He looked at the the other photos and looked at L. “What the hell did that to them? I've never seen a body look like that.”

"Neither have I and I have been doing this line of work for years. The victimology is different each time, location, and remains. The only thing that connects is the viciousness of the murder and also that this town is the only one affected."

“Only this town? This one looks like he was scalped, but not by anything I've seen. He looks like he was beatened, hacked, clawed or chewed on, and shredded. They were eaten. Parts of them are gone. Whatever it is, it plays with its food first. Damn! This is nasty. I got to get to Sammy's computer. Got research to do on this. Need to look at Dad's journal and see if there was anything he's come across that might help. I don't remember reading anything, but it can't hurt to try. I'll call Bobby and see if I can get hold of Cas. Damn, I can try to get hold of Ellen. It's harder with the Roadhouse burned down, but I have her cell.”

"Matt," L murmured. The red head nodded, disappearing into a room and coming back with a laptop. "Here. Where is this book? I'll go get it and retrieve Near and Mello. We'll help research."

"It's in my duffel Don't go alone. We should salt every room but this one. I want her to come here.

"Then come with me. We'll start with your suite. Perhaps we'll move you and your brother to Ryuuzaki's room. He doesn't sleep." L nodded in agreement.

Dean got up and went looking for salt. “I have plenty in the Impala but not sure it's safe to go down there. We don't know what this thing is we're looking for.” He turned and looked at L. “By the way, no offense, but your sleeping habits suck, dude. It'll kill you one of these days. It messes up the brain cells.”

L chuckled. "I do not sleep, do not need it mostly."

“That's not human, man. Everyone needs sleep. Some can go long times without it, but it's still needed. This year, I haven't been able sleep much. Nightmares have been really bad. It has all but killed me. If I was drunk, I could sleep for a while, but I don't get the rest my body and my mind needs. It make things worse, but I don't remember any nightmares when I've been drinking.”

The detective gave a small shrug. "Matt will accompany to your vehicle to get the items you need. I will inform Watari to move your things and your brother here."

"He should not be alone. Come on, Matt, we got things to do. Oh, and normal bullets won't hurt her. It will her meat suit, but she will just leave it to find another."

L nodded. "Understood."

“Watari's got my sawed off. He's okay. Matt, here, has a gun with no rock salt. It won't help him. We need to get down to the Impala and get weapons for any possibility. I need at least one other of the boys. We got a lot to carry.”

"Take Mello," L murmured. "He's more physical of the three, Matt behind him."

"Okay, then we need to make this trip fast, I'm not loaded for rock salt right now, but I may have the bullets in my duffel"

Matt nodded, gesturing for Dean to follow him to the other suite to pick up his usual partner in crime, who was helping Watari and Near get the brothers' things together.

Dean knocked on the suite door. He waited until someone asked who he was. "It's Dean and Matt. We need Mello. Got an errand to run. I need to look in my duffel"

The white haired teenager opened the door. "Mello is ready. Watari took the moment to order salt, which will be delivered to the suite soon. Watari, Near, and Sam Winchester will be in the suite by the time Dean, Matt, and Mello return."

Dean answered, “Okay, that sounds good.” Dean dug in his bag and found the right bullets for his gun. He replaced the silver bullets the gun had been loaded with and put them in his jacket pocket. "We don't know what's attacking in this town I'll keep them on me, just in case. Let's go, guys. I gotta learn to trust you sometime." He headed to the stairs instead of the elevator. He slowly started making his way checking level stairwells from above and as they descended. He had no intention of having something trap him on an elevator.

The blond was munching on chocolate as the two followed him. Both were alert, watching for anything out of the ordinary.

Dean looked at the chocolate and shook his head. “Do you understand that we aren't going after humans? There's all kinds of creatures out there. A large number of them have incredible senses. Hearing, sight, and smell. You might want to get rid of the chocolate.”

Mello smirked, cramming the last bit of chocolate into his mouth, which made Matt chuckle. The blond's antics would never change.

Dean looked at the smirk when he heard the chuckle. “You know, watching you has opened my eyes. I'm beginning to dislike myself. You remind me too much of me.”

Mello's smirk widened further "What..beautiful, smart, and deadly?"

The red head laughed softly. "And full of himself."

Dean smirked back, “Exactly.”

Matt laughed again. "Oh man, you two...let's get this done. I left my game on the 25th level."
“You would be Sammy.” "I would be what?" "Just like him. Computer games, good back up." Mello's voice spoke up. "Best computer hacker in the world." “Until I met you guys, he was.” Matt laughed. "He's a power user really. I know a few others who could make powder of his hard drive." “You see, the thing is, Sammy has some major powers. Don't cross him.” The blond shook his head. "For the supernatural or does it affect humans as well?" "What scares me is I think he can use it on anyone."

Blue-green eyes narrowed. "That isn't all." “He's only used it on demons. He drives them out without hurting the person. Well, until
Alistair, but there were reasons for that.” Matt had to grin at the wisdom from his friend. "Most people would say the same of our
intelligence but...that's a power humans shouldn't have." “He was born with it. I keep an eye on him as much as I can. This addiction, whatever it
is, scares me. It's changed him and not for the better.”
"Power usually does." They emerged into the lobby, and found the stairwell to the
underground garage. “He's my brother. I raised him. I protected him. I sold my soul for him. I went to hell for
him. It's during the four months I was in hell where he changed. Ruby is involved some how.”
"If Ryuuzaki suspects it, it usually means he's right. Where is your car?" "It's the big, black Impala." Matt spotted it. "Hmmm..classic."
“Yeah, a 1967. She's my baby. My dad gave her to me." Dean paused a moment, then said,
"No one hurts Sam.” Mello answered him as they headed to the car."As long as our group isn't threatened,
he won't be." “Fine. Can't see him doing that.” He nodded, satisfied with the answer for now. Dean opened the trunk and both boys' eyes grew large. Dean pulled out shotguns,
ammunition, and salt. He grabbed holy water. “This is what we need for the time being, until
I know what we are up against.” Both grabbed a duffel each, slinging it over their shoulders. Dean picked up two more duffels and locked the Impala. They headed back to the stairwell. Matt picked up his cell, then nodded. "Everything's shifted to Ryuuzaki's suite." They reached the hallway that Ryuuzaki's suite was on, when Ruby appeared. Mello blinked at the new arrival. Given the older male's reaction, this must be the person in
question who was causing so many issues.

“Hello, Ruby, this has to be a new speed record for demon travel in a meat suit. Dean
had dropped the duffels and his shotgun was pointed at the woman. Matt's fingers were quick on the cell, warning Ryuuzaki of the danger. “Hello, Dean. Still as obnoxious as ever. I need to see Sam.” “Well, when it comes to my attitude about you, I can take first place in obnoxious. You
aren't seeing Sammy, Ruby. Just tell me what you've been giving him. I got to help him
overcome the addiction. What's he on?” “He's on me, Dean.” “Cut the crap, Ruby. What's he on?” The two teens frowned, listening to the conversation before Mello broke his silence. "On
you? What are you feeding the guy?" Ruby smiled sweetly. “Blood.”

“What the hell?!! Sammy wouldn't drink your blood, you bitch!”
“You'd be surprised what Sam would do to become strong enough to take out Lilith to
avenge you, Dean. This is your fault, big brother. Then, it always is, isn't it?" Dean fired the rock salt from the shotgun and Ruby disappeared. Dean picked up the
duffels and headed to Ryuuzaki's suite. His face was red, and his eyes were shining brightly. Ryuuzaki was near the door, obviously having overheard the conversation. This
development was not a good thing, he mused. Dean pushed past Ryuuzaki and dropped the duffels. “Where's Sam? Damn it, where is
he?” Dean hit the floor on his knees, his face in his hands, sobbing. Watari gently touched his shoulder. "Sleeping in Ryuuzaki's room at the moment, safe. I
spread salt according to how you instructed." “Damn it, she's right. It's my fault. I brought this on.” Ryuuzaki's voice was mild. "And exactly how was Dean able to prevent this? Your brother
is an adult and makes his own choices." “It's been my actions that caused this. Hell, I never let him grow up and be his own man.
I always protected him like Dad told me when I was four. Sammy was killed a couple of years
ago. I couldn't live with that. I sold my soul to bring him back. Hell, Dad did it for me. What's
one more, right? I got one year out of the deal. Sam couldn't handle it. He was there when
those hell hounds tore me to ribbons. To him, I was in hell for four months. For me it was
forty years. Sam couldn't handle that either. He always had me and I wasn't there. Along
comes Ruby. Damn her.”
Near's fingers were working at a lock of his hair as he eyed Dean. "How is Dean responsible for Sam's actions when Dean was not there to watch over Sam? Sam is an adult, responsible only for Sam's actions as Dean is responsible for Dean's actions. If Sam was misled, then only Sam can answer for Sam."

Dean stared at the white haired youth for a few minutes, trying to decide if he actually talked that way all the time. He looked at the toys on the floor and realized that the boy had a problem somewhere, but he was saying things Dean didn't know how to respond to.

Near's gray eyes were watching the man intently, learning his facial expressions. He was waiting for a response.

At first Dean thought to be sarcastic and toss it off, but looking into the gray eyes and then looking at Ryuuzaki, he knew that honesty would be the only way here. “It's been ingrained in me for a long time to be responsible for Sam. It's not normal. I know Sam realizes that. It's just so much a part of me, I don't know how to let go. I'd like to, but I'm not sure there is a way at this point.”

L's voice was soft as he addressed his heir. "Near, there are times when the bond of responsibility is difficult to break in regard to familial relationships. Intellectually, Dean is aware that his brother is solely responsible for his own actions. It is just difficult to break the idea within his instincts."

The white haired genius frowned slightly, nodding. "Near cannot say that Near understands. It is a waste of energy to blame oneself for the actions of others."

Dean's laugh was bitter as he responded to the boy, “You have no idea.”

His voice was soft. "Perhaps the time spent here can be of use to Dean Winchester as well
as this team." “I don't know if anything can help. I now know what he's addicted to. I want to shoot
him right now, but he's my brother. The pain right now is overwhelming. I sold my soul and
was torn to ribbons by hell hounds. I spent 40 years dealing with torture. I became a monster
towards the end of it. All that's happening now is my fault. What does he do? Just look at
him and you will get an answer. I'm just emotionally and physically drained. I can't sleep.
Tonight is the first time I've eaten a decent meal and kept it down. There's got to be a way.
I did all that and he'd rather be with that demon.
Gray eyes looked into hazel. "Near believes that this case will be good for Dean Winchester.
L will understand more than Dean Winchester can know."
Puzzled hazel eyes looked back into the gray ones. “You know, if he can understand my
messed up life and my mind set, he'll be of more help then anyone has been, 'cause I have one
major screwed up life. You have no idea what is expected of me and by whom. I guarantee

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