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Monday, January 31, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 118

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Rebellions Can Backfire.

She opened it, then hugged him tightly. "It looks beautiful. Thank you."

A soft smile was the response given as the older man returned her hug. Sam noted the hazel eyes closing for a moment. Dean released her and opened the doors for the women. He hopped into the driver’s seat, leaned out and asked Bobby if he was ready. At the wave, the Impala’s engine started and he backed the car out of the parking slot and headed towards the down ramp.

Lisa settled in the back seat,getting comfortable in the sea,t and talked with the occupants of the car about various things that had happened during the weekend.

Sam noted that his brother talked but was quieter than usual. He kept his eye on the highway, watching the places they passed. After they were about an hour out of town, Dean pulled into a restaurant parking lot. After he stopped, he commented on the need to eat. The place was a small Mexican restaurant.

Dean got out and started opening car doors. Everyone stared at the restaurant and than looked at him. Lisa stared at him and over at his brother and Bobby, who had walked up. The older Winchester commented that breakfast was hours ago, and the guys at the diesel school said the food was authentic here.

"Might be interesting," Bobby commented. "Sometimes the little places are the best to try."

Sam watched his brother exhale softly, relaxing a little. He’d gotten past Bobby, but Lisa, Sarah, and Sam would have the final word about Mexican food.

Lisa looked at her fiance. "Stay away from the fried things and it should be all right," she murmured.

Dean grinned, remembering what everyone had told him was in authentic Mexican cooking. Fried food was a minimal problem. Animal fat and other things were high in the stuff he wasn’t supposed to partake off. This afternoon, he didn’t give a damn.

She knew she could help him make the right choices and slipped her hand into his as they walked into the restaurant. Sam, grabbing Sarah’s hand, followed them in. He knew exactly what his brother was doing, but he knew Lisa too.

The group was soon seated and drink orders taken, the waitress leaving them to look over the menu.

Ben wanted enchiladas. Dean grinned and said yeah to his son. The hazel eyes turned towards the menu. He decided on a chile relleno stuffed with fajita beef and cheese. He asked for extra queso and sour cream for it. The meal came with refried beans smothered in cheese, Spanish rice, and a taco soup. The flour tortillas were thick and large.

Sam, Bobby, and the two women sat there as the order was given.

Lisa was quiet; Dean would be sick after the meal but she wouldn't say anything, letting him get himself into this. Once someone was on a diet that he had been on, going back to the unhealthy stuff would cause nausea.

Everyone’s meal was brought out. Dean ate his meal slowly, enjoying it, but felt full in a short while. There was a look of frustration on his face. His brother recognized the look,knowing that there was a rebellion going on. He looked at Bobby, who shrugged. This was Lisa’s battle this time. He slowly ate the taco salad he’d ordered, shaking his head when his brother tried take to another bite.

Sarah had a gut feeling as to what Lisa was doing. If this was Dean's way to rebel, he'd chosen the wrong kind and would be sick later. With Lisa not acting, she was allowing Dean to punish himself.

Sam’s brother knew exactly what he was doing. If he was as wrong as everyone thought than he deserved to be punished. Rebellion had set in big time and he’d do whatever he felt was necessary.

Lisa focused on her meal,letting Dean do as he wanted. She had a feeling that this was in regards to the problem earlier and if so, then he had to work it out his way.

Dean didn’t make it through half of his meal. He sat back and waited on everyone else.

The group finished their meals with contented sighs. "That was good," Sarah commented. "We'll have to try this again later." Sam got up and beat his brother to the register. He knew that Dean would never allow anyone to try to divide up this weekend and let them all pay part. He paid for the meal and left a tip.

The family went outside and back to the vehicles afterwards, ready to get home. Dean backed out and pointed the car towards home. He was quiet, but did contribute to the conversation. It was getting dusk when they turned onto the dirt road that went back to the property. Dean started having abdominal problems at that point. He kept quiet about it. It was his problem and his alone. He figured on indigestion with acid problems. He got a lot more than he bargained for.

Lisa was watching him as best as she could from her vantage point, already plotting to put the kettle on for ginger tea when they got home.

Everyone got out of the vehicles to start unloading suitcases, suit bags, and packages. Dean finally managed to get out of the car. He tried to stand up straight when the pains hit hard. He grabbed himself and doubled over, finally going to his knees. “Shit!”, he whispered, his head touching the ground.

She helped him back to his feet. "Time for tea," she murmured. "Come on, love." He tried to straighten and walk beside her, but they only made it a few feet before he groaned loudly, and doubled over again. She heard him whisper,“I’m sorry, Lis. It’s not burning. It’s hurting.”

"Your body has gotten used to having healthy things and is now protesting what you had for lunch. The tea will help," she said, guiding him toward their trailer

Sam walked up, “You guys need help?” He couldn’t see his brother’s face, but could tell his breathing was labored.

“I think I’m gonna be sick, Sammy. Stupid thing to do today. I knew better.” Dean fell onto the ground on his side, pulling himself into a ball, arms around his middle.

"Stay with him," she murmured, then went into the house to start brewing the tea.

Sam knelt beside him. "I'm surprised you did it," he told him, then helped him up.

“Why?” He was doubled over but standing. “Come on, Sam. I’m the bad guy in all this. Okay. I punish myself, maybe it’ll be over. Til I can come with something better, just let it be. Please?”

"You already apologized and it was don't have to punish yourself," he told his brother, knowing he'd need to let Watari know of this.

“They didn’t let it go, Sammy. The last stuff said was about what I did. Not, okay, it’s forgotten or anything. It’s not over in their minds. Because it’s not, it’s still in mine.”

"Dean, stop it. She accepted the apology so it's over. They're not Dad."

“Really? Watari and L both knew I still had some problems, Sam. You do too. Or was Friday morning a dream? Okay? I was apologizing for something I’ve believed my whole life. I’ve always joked in front of them. They joked with me about stuff I could’ve taken wrong but didn’t. I can’t joke any more about things that embarrass or upset me. I have to keep my mouth shut. I sure as hell can’t say the truth, can I? If they don’t take jokes, and I tell them why I feel that way,I’m an ass. So who the hell do I tell?”

"You can joke, Dean, but there are times when you take the joking a little too far or over things that are sensitive to others. I'm used to it, but it's not a good habit to have."

“Well, thank you, Mr. Sarah. Don’t worry. It’s not gonna happen again. I just thought I could talk to you about what I’m feeling. Hell! There’s no one.” Dean pulled away and walked off toward the cabin, holding himself and managing to stand about two-thirds upright.

Sam caught up to him. "Stop it. I was just explaining how the girls would take it. I'm not taking sides here, Dean. I'm trying to help."

“There’s such a thing as understanding what someone has gone through in their life, Sam. There’s such a thing as compassion. I never once made fun of her Wiccan heritage. If she really wanted us to wear kilts, I would have. I just would not have worn a Campbell. I’m sorry. You’ve never been around them, Sam. You can’t possibly understand. It would seem that Lisa doesn’t either. That is so comforting. I never called Sarah a witch. I explained that I had problems with paganism but I would listen. I called a kilt a skirt and joked that did I not want to be naked in a west Texas winter. She started on the Campbells. I did read about them. I did look them up. I even went to a couple of Scottish festivals and asked people. I got very little good on them. Nothing that would encourage me to want to look that side up. Hell, I know better than anyone that Dad isn’t any better, Sam. At least he took us to Bobby when I was so terrified they were gonna split us up. He didn’t separate us, Sam.The Campbells wanted to.They would’ve broke our family up,Sam. No. I can’t accept them.”

"Yeah, Dean, but you can't pin the blame on our ancestores..that's all Sarah was trying to say. The problem is, the jokes can be taken wrong. She's not used to your sense of humor."

“Damn it, Sam! You’re not listening any more than they did!. I did look them up. I read some stuff on them. I even got a damn book on the history of the clans. I asked people who are into that. The Campbells are not well liked by a lot of clans. I read some of their stuff. No, Sam. I didn’t say it just because of what the modern ones did. The ancient ones did stuff too. They killed everyone, trying to wipe out an entire clan, Sam. They killed little kids, pregnant women, and babies, Sam. They killed people who coudln’t protect themselves. Hell, even the men were in bed. They don’t have a good reputation. You know I thought it was awesome that they were hunters. If any of them are still alive, and I imagine they are, they never once offered to help us. Mom was their blood. We were her kids. No, no point, is there? We’re not gonna agree? Maybe I can hunt up some of the family for you guys and you can cozy up with them. Just damn well leave me out. I won’t bring it up again, but tell them to not do so either.”

Sam blinked at him. "There's other events the Campbells were a part of and did the right thing, Dean. I know what you're talking about, I researched too."

“You were right that time when you said Dad raised as as warriors. I guess I still am, Sam. When you made me see that when someone was possessed and we killed them? Hell, Sam, we killed an innocent person. I’ve lived with that guilt. I don’t want to be part of a clan that butchered babies, Sam. It goes against everything I believe is right or wrong. It’s my right to believe that. No one, especially those who don’t really know me like our future wives seem to not know, has that right. I am not going to joke any more. Lisa told me a while back that my joking might be coarse at times but it was just me and she understood. It’s really okay that she didn’t. You see, I love her. I told her than that I could stop it. I will. Tell them to back off on the Campbells. It’s the one thing that is not negotiable. I’m a Winchester, and so was my Mom.”

To be honest, Sam had serious doubts that Mary ever was a Winchester given what the woman had done in their past. "All right, Dean. Let's just get you inside."

Dean turned and slowly moved back towards the trailers. Lisa was standing on their porch with a large mug of ginger tea. Dean stopped and looked at her. “Where’s Sarah”

"She went to put their stuff in their trailer," Lisa said quietly.

“Ours still in the truck?” Dean’s voice was barely a whisper.

"No, Bobby and Ben are working on it now. Come on,time for a long soak in the tub and sipping the tea," she told him. "You need to relax."

Dean panicked,“The backpack?”

"Already here," she told him. "Unopened."

Dean almost sobbed in relief, thinking of the watches and the emeralds. The wedding rings were in there too. He slowly raised one foot up a step and tried to pull the other up with it, taking deep breathes as he did so. He was sweating hard.

Sam braced him, helping him climb and allowing his brother to use his strength.

Dean murmured a quiet thanks when they reached the porch floor.

He waved it off, helping his brother into the trailer and to the bathroom. "Think you'll be ok or should I stick around?"

Something flickered in the hazel eyes, but to fast to recognize it. “I’ll be fine, Sam. Until recently, I took pretty good care of myself. Lisa is here.”

"I'm just trying to help," he told him.

The eyes flickered again, and Sam knew it to be fear. Dean was not trying to push him away. He was trying to be whole, normal, and the man of his home. He still needed his brother and was afraid to admit it when those times came around. “I wasn’t trying to chase you away, Sammy. I’m sorry.”

"Dean, it's ok to need someone even here," he murmured. "Relax and let us help you."

"I can't bend over to get anything off, Sam. It hurts so damn bad. Where the hell is the regular indigestion and the acid?"

Sam helped his brother sit on the closed commode and he and Lisa began removing his tennis shoes. Lisa put the dirty socks in the hamper and placed the shoes in the closet. When she came back Sam had Dean standing and was unfastening his belt and removing his jeans. Soon Dean was laying back in the tub full of very hot water, drinking a large mug of ginger tea. Sam lowered the light on the dimmer switch. He joined Lisa in the kitchen.

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