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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 115

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Sunday Adventures

She cuddled into his arms. "Perfect. I love you, Sam."

The following morning found everyone meeting for breakfast. Dean and Lisa were the last to arrive. They had found a huge round table and the other four were waiting for them. Bobby kept trying to get a look at Lisa’s left hand to see if his guess was right, but it was in Dean’s hand. Dean’s eyes widened when he saw the necklace on Sarah. His gaze turned to Sam, a question in his eyes.

Sam just gave him a wide grin, cuddling Sarah in his arms as they found their seats. It was obvious that he was very happy with the events of last night given his relaxed easy smile.

Everyone ordered breakfast, and Dean had hot tea. “Too much of the wrong stuff this weekend.”

Bobby was not about to give up. “Does anyone here have any announcements to make? Dean?” Ben looked at his father and mother at his grandpa’s question.

The younger Winchester looked at his brother, wondering if he was going to tease Bobby or just come straight out with the announcement.

Dean added cream and Splenda to his tea, stirring slowly. “Just how much of an announcement do you want?” he asked, not looking up.

"Cut the crap, Dean," he said to him, fingers tapping on the table.

“Okay, Bobby. Ben, you need to hear this too. Okay?” Dean pulled Lisa’s left hand into his and stared at the two who didn’t know what had happened. “In a round about way, the dessert at the restaurant beat me to the punch last night and asked Lisa to marry me. Thank God she did not accept the dessert, although she did eat it.”

Ben started giggling at that, and Bobby cracked up. "Dessert asked her before you did huh? Winchester luck," he teased.

“Seriously, Bobby. The dessert came out on two plates with silvers lids. They removed the lids and it was cheesecake with chocolate sauce. The sauce on hers had been done in the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ I had to talk fast. She said, ‘Yes.’ Ben, I’m going to be your Dad by marriage too.”

The boy pounced him, hugging him tightly. "Good!"

Dean wrapped his arms around his son and held him tight, eyes closed.

Sam and Bobby just smiled, serving themselves breakfast while the two had their little cuddle. It was definitely good news.

“Ben, it means sharing your Mama full time. She’ll be mine as much as you are. At the same time, I’ll be yours as much as she is.”

"I don't mind sharing with you," he told him.

“Okay, just so that’s straight between us. I love your Mama, Ben. I love you as my son. To me, this gives me a little more right to be your Dad. I just want you to know that this is a lifetime proposition. I don’t intend to walk away from this.”

"I know," he said. "As long as it's you,I don't mind sharing at all. 'Cause it means I get you too," he grinned.

“Ben, you already had me, son. This only makes it a little more legal with your Mama.”

He stared at him. "This mean my last name is gonna match yours now?"

“I’d like it to be, but only if you want it to be. We’ll have to go to court, I think. I am not sure, but we’ll talk to an attorney to have it changed. That’s your choice, son. I’d like it with all my heart.”

"Well, if Mama is going to be a Winchester, it means we have to match and I wanna match with her and you," he said.

Dean nodded, “We can make it so you match. If your Mama is a Winchester, than you sure need to match.”

Ben gave him a sage nod. "Exactly."

Dean reached for a bowl and placed some oatmeal in it. He poured honey and milk over it, and started to eat. He reached fora biscuit, looked at Lisa and Sam. “One okay?”

Both nodded, knowing that one would not hurt him.

“I miss the wheat ones and the turkey bacon and sausage. Okay, dresses and suits? I guess you’re possibly shopping for more than one today, Sam?” Dean asked, nodding towards the necklace. “You aren’t robbing from Lisa and me if that’s what you think.”

Sam grinned. "Sarah accepted when I asked her to marry me last night."

Everyone congratulated them. Dean grinned, “I knew you weren’t going rings and bought the necklace, so that was no surprise. We set our date for Christmas Eve, everyone. I guess we’ll honeymoon some times after Christmas. You guys picking something close to that? We've been waiting a long time, Sam, so I wouldn’t blame you any.”

"Since Sarah is very much in touch with her Celtic roots, we're going to get married on Winter Solstice," he said. It was a pagan holiday but meant a lot to his fiancee.

“Outside? Reason I’m asking, is we got to dress right for that. I guess that means that Sarah’s Dad will be here. You inviting him for Thanksgiving and have him staying? That’s only four or five days before Christmas. We need to get things going here.”

Sarah shook her head. "For the wedding, if he'll come. His girlfriend doesn't like me much and tends to keep him separated from me when she can."

“Well, there’s plenty of men here. We’d love to give you to Sam. Outdoors? It is a solstice.”

Sarah gave a soft smile. "I'd like to call in an old friend of my mother's but not sure how you guys would take to that."

“Take to what?”

She leaned into Sam. "Being hunters, you guys have issues with witches..but what's your stance on wiccans and pagans?"

“I hate witches, okay? I’ve never had a good experience with one. We've killed several pagan gods so far. They like to sacrifice people or have them sacrificed to them. That’s something I prefer to have my family avoid. Wiccans? I learned about them when I studied online. When dealing with pagans and witches, you have to rule some things out. I’ve never met one. Are you telling me that you are?”

"My mother was and I learned at her knee," she said softly. "One thing about pagans and wiccans most people overlook is the Rede they follow. 'Do as you will an' it harm none.'The things you faced were in it for power and glory. That's not how it's supposed to be." She gave him a soft smile. "I'd love a handfasting ceremony, which is why I asked. The friend of my mother's is licensed for weddings."

“Wiccan, I can deal with, Sarah. Pagan, I’m gonna have to be convinced. I had one god that appeared as a scarecrow. This girl and I were supposed to be killed by it. The blood kept the apple orchards and other growth healthy. The other two gods killed around Christmas time. We thought it was a black Santa. They caught Sam and me. It was painful experience. Convincing me may not be too easy. I got no problem with Wiccans, and as long as you are dressed, a handfast is fine. I really don’t want to see Sam in the nude in the dead of winter.”

She started laughing. "I promise, no skyclad ceremonies."

Dean grinned. “Outdoors? We need to know what we have to wear.”

"It'll be outdoors."

“ guys having people stand with you? I’ve never been to one of these. I’m assuming you dress special for it. What do we have to have, or do we? We can kill two birds with one stone. You and Lis can hit the bride shops. We guys can hit the tux shops.”

"I know where to find mine," she smiled. "We'll hit the wedding shops after breakfast."

“Okay.” Dean looked confused.

The girls finished their breakfasts and hurried out after kissing their loved ones goodbye.

Dean watched them leave and turned towards his brother. “Okay, Sammy. I’m gonna assume that you know what the hell your half of the handfast requires? Do we have any part in this, or is is just you two? No one is answering a damn question I ask.”

Sam shook his head. "I'm going to have to research it and find out because I don't know anything about Wiccans honestly."

“Sam! We’re supposed to get all of this done this morning, man. Handfasting is ancient. Other than no nudity, what else has changed in it?”

“I have four tuxes to order. I wanted to get everything for yours done, too. Hell,this is the most confusing mess I’ve ever had to deal with and it’s not even a hunt.”

Sam smiled. "Knowing her, she'll have it all planned out."

“I don’t guess it would cross her mind to call you and tell us what we need to know? Dean asked as he looked over his brother’s shoulder at the handfasting site he’d found.

“Sam,” Dean’s worried voice pierced his brother’s thoughts. “Does she know we have Campbell blood in us?”

"Actually, yes, she knows Mom was a Campbell," he said to him.

“They’re all wearing skirts, man. Even the men!”

Bobby started cracking up. "That's if she goes with the Scottish one, Dean. She told me once her Mom was Irish."

“The Irish wear them too, Sam. If she follows this tradition, she’ll expect it from a Scot. I’m not wearing a skirt outside in the middle of a west Texas winter. You gonna bear your legs and balls to that? I don’t think they make underwear warm enough for a skirt!”

"She could go Renaissance or anything, Dean," Sam said softly. "Don't worry about it until we know. And watch the language, Ben's with us."

Dean buried his forehead in his hands, rememberinga a morning months ago where he and Ben dealt with language. He’d done it again.

Ben gave him an innocent smile. "Want some soap?"

Dean stiffened, turned towards his son in surprise. “Well, aren’t you a smart ass this morning.”

Bobby snickered. "You know, Ben,I think your dad does need the soap."

Dean’s eyes widened. “Oh shit, does temporary insanity over wearing a skirt in the dead of winter count in court?”

"Not where Lisa is concerned," he said, snickering as Dean continued to bury himself in bad language.

Dean took a deep breath and looked at his son, “You say one word and you will be wearing one of those skirts outdoors at your Uncle Sammy’s wedding. I guarantee it. Let’s go order tuxes, guys.” Dean left a large tip, grabbed the tab and walked stiffly towards the cashier.

Bobby and Sam broke down laughing. Ben was giggling too as he ran to catch up to his dad.

Dean felt his coat pocket for the keys to the Impala. They were not there. He began slapping every pocket he had. He remember Lisa slipping her hand into his pocket. He’d thought thatit was rather romantic that she had done that.

“Bobby, can you fit all four of us in your truck? I’ve been robbed and Lisa shanghaied my baby.”

"Yeah, I can but you'll have to get in the backseat with Ben. Sam won't fit back there. Good thing we fixed up an extended cab for me," he chuckled.

“Hell, Bobby, I’m not short legged. Sam’s just a sasquatch. Come on, Ben. You’re Mama and I have to talk cars.”

Bobby laughed softly, opening the truck for them. "Get in, boys."

Bobby’s seat had to go all the way back for Sam. Dean literally had his knees in his face. His eyes were closed, and Bobby, watching him in the rearview mirror, thought the young man was doing everything he could at the moment to keep his temper under control.

"Hey Dad, am I going to wear a tuxedo thing too?"

“Yeah, son, you are,” was mumbled through gritted teeth.

He grinned. "Cool,I can pretend to be James Bond!"

“Yeah, Ben, you can. I’ll even get you a water gun that looks real, and a hit list.”

"Sweet," he cheered. "Will you, Uncle Sammy, and Grampa play with me?"

“Well, we can’t wear the tuxes and play with water guns, but I see no reason why we can’t have suits for that. Do you, Bobby, Sam?”

Sam grinned. "Sounds like a fun game to me." Bobby laughed and nodded. "We can get various types of water guns and use balloons for 'grenades' since Bond has a veritable arsenal to use."

“Yeah, he does. Where do we play this game?”

"Probably should wait until it gets warmer," Bobby said with a frown while Sam typed on his phone, then passed it back to Dean to read so Ben wouldn't see it. -Find a paintball arena and have fun after we get fitted?-

Dean grinned and nodded and showed the phone to Bobby when he stopped at a red light.

Bobby nodded his agreement. That would be a great place to play "James Bond" and not have to worry about courting pneumonia. The truck started up again.

They pulled into a men’s dress store.

The men climbed out, stretching for a moment before heading into the store. As they opened the door and head inside, Dean was overheard muttering about a cab.

Bobby poked him. "Don't diss the truck."

“I’m not dissing the truck, Bobby. It’s too long legs, and too short a back seat.”

"Take it up with your girl then, Dean. Cabs are too expensive when you've got a running vehicle. I can throw you into the back next time."

If you got blankets,I’m hopping into the back.”

"I think I might," he said, looking at the various tuxedos.

“Other than the ones covered with the grapes. The clothes were hanging in the bedroom last night. I’ll get yours to you, Sam. She wants burgundy and silver, guys. I was thinking either a white tux with silver vest or a black tux with burgundy vest.”

Ben wrinkled his nose. "White is icky on tuxedos," he said, pointing at one of them.

“Yeah, the only one of us who could carry that off is Sam. I’d look like a ghost in one.”

Sam shook his head. "Not really for me either. How about black tuxes, burgundy vests with silver cufflinks?"

“Yeah. That would work. I don’t want formal. It’s not a big wedding. Suit style tux. The idea of a tails really bothers me.”

"Penguins," Ben chimed, making Bobby laugh.

“You expect some little guy to wear that and walk around strutting his stuff like a banty rooster.”

Sam and Ben nearly fell over when Bobby called out "Da plane, da plane!"

Dean stared for a minute and started laughing.

The group cracked up for a few moments, sobering when a salesman approached them, asking if he could help them.

We need matching tuxes, black, burgundy vests, and we’ll look at your cufflinks. They need to be dressy. I want nice...very nice.”

"Wedding, formal dance, or another type? This will give me an idea which selection to pull out for your approval," he said to him.


"Do you have a time picked out for it, sir? Morning, afternoon, or evening?"

“Christmas Eve at sunset. It will be a candlelight service.”

He nodded, then went to pull some thick binders out, marking places. "Come and take a look at these, sirs. This will help narrow down the choices and then I can pull out samples for you to make your final choice from."

Dean remembered back to having to buy used suits that never fit right. He nodded and they started looking over the pictures.

Ben knelt on a chair between the men, peeking at the pictures.

“This one reminds me of the one Bela had us wear. That’s way too fancy. I like this one, Dean pointed at a tuxedo that looked like a very richly made suit. “If it fits right, that would be perfect.”

Bobby nodded. "I think that's a good one too. Nice but not too fancy."

“Sir?” Dean flagged the salesman down. “This is the one.”

The salesman took a look and smiled. "Excellent choice. Let me pull one out so you can take a look at it before committing to it. Some people like what they see on paper and then when they get their hands on it, find it's not to their tastes. I'll be right back."

“I’ve never done this before, guys. It makes me nervous. Do they get the measurements right? I mean what if you go in and it doesn’t fit right?”

Bobby shook his head. "They'll measure it correctly. These guys are professionals."

Dean nodded and waited on the salesman.

The salesman returned, carrying the tuxedo. "Why don't you take a look at it and make sure this is the one you want, sir."

“Oh man. I love this. Sam, we may need something like this for car stuff? If we do, let’s buy ours. Bobby you want to keep yours? Some of the shows have these parties and things. We get heavily involved and we'll need something like this. Ben will outgrow his. If he needs another later, we can get it for him.”

Sam was thoughtful for a moment. "Owning is probably a good idea."

Dean looked at Bobby, who nodded in agreement. “We can order a couple of extra vests beside the burgundy. That way we aren’t stuck with just htat color. Maybe a dark blue and a charcoal gray?”

"Good idea," Bobby answered. "No bow tie things but good solid ties that'll go with it."

“Thanks, Bobby. We’ll need a tie for each vest color. Nice long ones. I’m not wearing a bow tie.”

The salesman nodded. "As you wish, sir. Which would like to go first for measuring?"

Dean paled, swallowed hard, and nodded. Sam was grinning, knowing this was an unknown for his brother.

The measuring was done with respect and tact, ensuring that Dean's suit would fit him well. After the first measurements, a tailor came in to start fitting the vests first while the salesman measured Sam.

Dean, relieved that the ‘poking and prodding’ of the salesman was through, had less discomfort being fitted for the three vests they’d selected. Another salesman brought a selection of ties to be gone through. Dean knew the ones for the wedding had to match, but there were choices for the other two. Sam came out and Bobby went in to be measured.

The men worked together to claim the ties and vests for the outfit that weren't used for the wedding. Ben was measured after Bobby and came out with a grin.

Dean smiled at his son. The salesman who had brought the ties had gone into the back to find longer ones for Sam. He had brought long ones for Dean but was not in the main room when Sam had been in there. Sam's tastes were different than Dean's.

“We’re going to need tie tacks for the different ties and matching ones for the wedding, as well as cuff links” He turned when their regular salesman, who had measured them, reentered the room. Dean asked about the jewelry and when they could expect to try on the tuxedos.

"How long will you be in town, sir?"

“Look, I imagine you will have to special order my brother’s and possibly my son’s. We can come back. We will be leaving once the women are done since they gave us no orders on the needs for my brother’s wedding. Yeah, there’s two in one week.”

"I can have all of them ready in a week, sir," he told him. "We keep our tailors on hand. There will be a final fitting for hemming and the like, and they could be ready an hour or so after."

“Next Saturday?”

"I'll make a note of it and have them ready to go,"he promised him.

Dean was surprised and stuttered slightly at a thought that had come to mind, “That..w..would be wonderful. That okay w..with the rest of you?”

Bobby nodded. "Yup, works for me." Sam agreed as well and Ben just grinned. "I'm good."

Dean smiled and turned back to the salesman. “That would be good. W..what time should we be here.”

"Shall we say eleven a.m. sir?"

Dean nodded, a big smile on his fact at this point, “Yeah. Th..thank you.”

Bobby poked him. "You don't have a reason to stutter, so stop it," he groused softly. "We'll see him on Saturday. Now let's find something else to do."

Dean turned and looked at the man who was a father to him. “I’m terrified, Bobby. I want this so damn bad. You know my luck with women. What are the odds of getting through this whole...with a wife and family? Every step I take brings me closer to a possible failure. “

Ben answered before Bobby could. "You're being silly, Dad. We chose you, remember? So stop being goofy and have fun!"

Dean stopped and turned towards his son, not realizing the boy had overheard the conversation. “You and your Mama chose me?” Dean knelt down where he was eye to eye with his son. “When did you do that, Ben?”

"When Mom told me you were my dad. I asked if we were gonna be together, and she said if I wanted it. I said yeah and she said yes we chose you."

Dean had tears on his face. His brother came up and placed a hand on his shoulder, knowing the older Winchester would be embarrassed he was emotional in front of strangers. He stood up and looked at his brother. “They chose me, Sam?” The question held a tone of awe in it.

"Ben's pretty honest, Dean. If he says he did, then they did." Sam was grinning at that.

“Yeah. They chose me.” Dean grabbed his jacket. “Let’s go play for a while. Did you find a place where could do what we talked about, Sam?”

"Yeah..three miles west," he said, picking up Ben and tickling him.

Three hours later, Lisa called Dean, telling him they were at the hotel and wanting to know where they were. Dean, with splotches of pain on his face, neck, and hair, had been running from his brother. He was out of paint balls. How Sam still had any, he did not know. Bobby and Ben were out of the game. Dean knew he’d be any second.

“Now is not a good time to talk, Lis. I’ll call you back.” He was hit in the chest four times with red paint,the sting of four in row made him wince. He could hear Lis asking if he was all right, when a white ball hit his cheek, the paint going over his lips and dripping into his mouth as he tried to tell her he had to go. He hung up and raised his arms in surrender.

All three of them were howling with laughter at that; everyone covered in paint. It had been fun, and Ben had held his own against the seasoned professionals. It was obvious he had played himself out but was enjoying himself still.

They turned in the coveralls and wiped as much paint off as they could. Dean looked in a mirror and wondered if they’d be allowed in the lobby looking like this. He grinned. They were heading out anyway, so who cared.

They drove back to the Holiday Inn. The stares they received were making it hard for them to keep a straight face. They went to Dean’s suite, knowing both women were there.

Sarah and Lisa both started giggling at the sight of them. "Oh there any paint left at the place?"

“I doubt it, but you’ll have to ask Sam how he won and still had balls left? You and I are gonna shower together one time only and that’s now, Son. You’ll never see the paint on your head otherwise.” Dean put his hand on his son’s head and steered him towards the restroom.

Lisa doubled over at that, giggling harder. It was obvious the guys had fun, and she was glad for that. Bobby and Sam went to clean up while she and Sarah giggled over the sight of them.

Sam turned before he left, “Lisa, I thought you ought to know that Dean is afraid of losing you guys, but Ben told him that you two chose him, not the other way around.” Sam nodded at the women and headed to shower.

She grinned at that. Good for Ben!

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