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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 116

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Arguments over Ancestry

Ten minutes later, both of Lisa’s men came out of the bedrooms in jeans and a t-shirt, hair going every which way. Dean carried socks and tennis shoes, and so did his son.

"Much better guys!"

Dean looked up from tying his shoes, a smile on his face that reached his eyes. “Yeah. We have to come back on Saturday to try on the suits and pay for them and pick them up. Sarah, we bought nothing for your wedding, because none of us had any idea what you wanted. Maybe we can do it next Saturday?”

"All I need are measurements. I'm going to order online and then go to a seamstress for any adjustments needed," she said with a smile.

Dean grinned. “The tux place has Sam’s measurements.”

"Can you get them for me?"

“Sam’s measurements? Sure.”

She nodded. "Thank you."

Dean smiled, relieved it was just his brother’s measurements she needed.

"Oh, I'll need yours, Ben's, and Bobby's too," Sarah added.

“For what? What are we having to wear?”

"Don't sweat it. I'll show you later," she told him.

“Is it Scottish?”

Sarah shook her head. "No, it's not."

“I looked at sites on the Internet with Sam. No skirts? We gonna have to wear tights for something like that?”

Sarah stared at him. "First of all, it's not a skirt, it's a kilt and having scottish ancestry, you should know that and be proud of it. Second, no, not tights. I'm doing a combination style type of thing. It'll be fine."

“First off, I’m a Winchester. They didn’t like my dad. He wasn’t good enough for them. The Campbells never had time for us. It is a bloodline from my mother. I love her more than you’ll know, but she’s the reason we’ve been hunters. There’s a lot you don’t know. I never took the time to know what the Campbells were other than their dealings with a clan called McDonald. I’m a Winchester.”

"Despite your grandparents, you should still look into it. It's a strong and noble heritage," she pointed out.

Dean’s voice never raised, never showed disrespect, but Lisa knew there was a lot more to it. “Yeah, well...maybe someday. When I find the time.”

Sarah shook her head. "Fine...anyway, I have more work to do." She headed out.

Dean watched her leave, knowing he’d upset her. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, waiting on Lisa.

"Dean..she takes a lot of pride in her heritage. You can't judge your family history by your grandfather. There's a lot to be said in knowing the background of your family history. I think you upset and hurt her. What if she had gone Celtic in her wedding?"

“Ben, why don’t you go check on Grandpa. See if he’s close to being ready.”

The boy nodded, then went to find Bobby.

“Lisa, Cas sent me back in time. I watched the Azazel possess my grandfather. I watched him kill my grandmother. I was named after her. He killed my dad. Mom made a deal to let him come into our home ten years later. He bled in Sam’s mouth. He killed my mom. I watched that. My dad saw part of it. We are what we are because of Campbell blood. I’m sorry. I will love my mom til I die. I would give my life to prevent what happened to her and Sammy. I can’t, but I don’t have to respect a bloodline that turned us away. I didn’t talk for over a year, Lis. They didn’t want me. Bobby took us in. No, they may be in my blood line, but they’re not my family and they’re not my heritage. I’m proud to be a Winchester. I may not like or respect my father and the things he did, but he went after Azazel.”

She shook her head. "Your grandfather wasn't to blame for being possessed, Dean, or do you remember Sam having that same issue? You also can't blame your ancestors for what the modern ones did. Do me a favor, research the Clan."

“I watched my mom sell us out to keep my dad alive. If it had just been her who was hurt in this, okay, but it wasn’t.”

"Again, you're holding that against the entire clan of the past. Just research it, Dean."

“I looked them up not too long after I came back from all of that. Did you know that they killed out an entire clan? Only a few escaped. They were told to get an oath of loyalty to the king from the chieftain of the McDonalds. It came late, but they sat on it. They went and spent the night, slept under the McDonald roof, ate their food, and slaughtered them. Under the clan system, that was evil, Lis. Where’s the honor there? All I have seen is dishonor from them.”

She stood up, shaking her head. "That's not all they've done. There's good in the history too but you're too determined to think bad things about them

“Why are we doing this? Why do I have to love something about my heritage that I have no interest in? Why am I being forced into this, Lis?”

"One because you're being beyond stubborn on it. Two, it's important to Sarah and you were rude about it."

“One, if I don’t want to be a part of the Scottish craze about clans it’s my right. The rudeness is in trying to insist that I do it. I was not rude. I never raised my voice. I never smirked at her. I kept my voice calm and even.”

"You don't have to smirk to be rude, Dean." She shook her head. "I'm going to teach Ben to respect that history and be proud of it, even if you're not."

“Lis, the things from my past were dealt with, but there’s painful memories. The name Campbell raises those memories that I’d rather just forget. Go ahead, but if Ben asks, I’ll tell him the truth. If you and Sarah plan to raise the memories than I’m free to talk too. Right?”

"As long as you don't prejudice him against his history," she told him. "I'm not judging the men of hundreds of years ago against the stupidity of your mother's family."

“All right, Lis. You and Sarah do whatever you want about it. Don’t expect me to be a part of it. don’t mind Scottish stuff. I draw the line at Campbells Let’s not hurt Sarah’s feelings, right? I’ll apologize, but I won’t be a part of it. I’m sorry, but I can’t."

She nodded. "By the way...she's mixing Elvish with medieval/renaissance style. So no worries."

“What the hell are we guys supposed to wear with that? Pointed ears? I love Lord of the Rings, but Legolas has pointed ears.

"No, no fake ears. Just let her plan it and see. I think you'll be amazed," she pointed out.”

“Well, I hope so. I’ve trusted her with murals, Near’s room, and our entire Christmas decorations. It’s her wedding, right? Just no skirts in the dead of winter. That’s all I ask.” Dean grinned when he said skirts.

She gave him a smirk. "Count yourself lucky she didn't go with the older traditions."

“What? Her and Sam going naked?”

"Back then, everyone went skyclad," she told him.

Dean stared at her, eyes wide, and he grinned. “I’ve had my moments, Lis. The car wash for one example, but I’m not in the habit of doing that around family.”

Lisa giggled. "Like I said, you should count yourself lucky then."

“I’m not stupid, Lis. I would have gone to L. Sam and Sarah would have been hijacked and put on a private jet to some place fabulous...maybe Ireland. They can have a wonderful elopement and do what they want to their heart’s desire over there...not around family.”

"And I would have been incredibly disappointed if you had," she told him. "Eloping is always looked back on with regret. Granted, Ben wouldn't have been able to go but I would like to think the rest of the adults are mature enough to handle that type of situation. All that would have mattered is that Sarah would have the ceremony of her dreams."

“Okay, Lis. You’ve seen Sam and Sarah has seen me. That was uncomfortably embarrassing. Do you really want me to see her in the nude, knowing me? Come to think of it, would Sam want me to see her?”

She gave him a soft smile. "If it made her happy, I know Sam would walk through fire for her. So yes, I think he'd have done it for howeverlong the ceremony lasts because a girl's wedding is the day a girl is treated like a princess and given as much as her heart desires."

“Okay, LIs, you win. Tell her to do what she wants. I’ll even wear a damn skirt, just please, no family tartans. Okay? That’s just for me.”

"You don't have to worry about it, Dean. While I was trying on dresses, she was sketching out designs for a friend who is a seamstress. What she's put together so far, it's amazing. o be honest, we could wear them for renaissance fairs and blend in well."

“You were serious about faeries? Wings, and sparkly stuff Faeries? If it is, that will certainly be interesting in the middle of a west Texas winter.”

"I think it's going to be gorgeous. We're going candlelight on ours; she's going to use really small white lights to create the affect of Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings movies. I'm excited for her," she said with a grin.

There’s not a lot of trees in the area to do that except behind the cabin. I don’t know when those were planted but they took root real good. Mainly there’s mesquite and cactus around here. There’s a few others but I don’t know what they are. The ones behind the cabin formed a woods on all three sides,“ Dean replied, remembering Mello in those woods and being stabbed in his neck by a nail from the hand of one of the creatures they were hunting. He didn’t mention it.

Smiling, Dean looked at the woman sitting next to him. "would work there. The mountain is in the background. The trees are beautiful and the lights would look good in them. It’s close enough for electricity to run them.”

"I think that's where she was thinking of having it. I'm not sure."

“Well, it’s really time we all headed home, but I don’t think she’s coming this way. I said I’d apologize, Lis, but I do hope she’ll back off.” Dean leaned over, kissed her and headed for the door.

"Let's just see how it goes," she said, starting to pack up their things.

“How what goes, Lis?” His hand on the doorknob, the older Winchester stopped and stared at her.

"The apologizing thing," she told him. "Sarah was really hurt by it."

“Look, Lis, I am apologizing because she got hurt because I have no interest in my heritage and really have a dislike for it. It’s my right, but I’m apologizing. Am I the only one that thinks this is odd?”

"You're apologizing because you hurt her feelings by the flippant attitude you took towards all of this. You know she takes her heritage seriously, and you also know the term for the stuff worn by the Scottish people. By calling them skirts as well and trying to be funny about going naked, you pretty much just told her you didn't care at all about her traditions and heritage. I know you didn't mean it that way but it's how she took it," Lisa told him softly.

“Lis, wearing ‘kilt’s and appearing nude in front of my family is embarrassing to me. I joked to keep from offending her by telling her what I really thought about it. If you think that’s wrong, she’s done a hell of a lot of it about things that bothered me. I said nothing and I did not make everyone feel uncomfortable or that they had to apologize for joking about it. I’m gonna apologize, and I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on. No more joking around Sarah. Honestly, I’ll need a rule book on what I can and can’t say.”

Dean started to open the door and stopped, “You know what would have been nice? The thought that I even bothered to look over Sam’s shoulders and see what this stuff was about. Did it even click in her head that I took some interest in it to do that? Hell no. It didn’t. I won’t again.”

"No, Dean, you just went on and kept insulting her by your stubbornness and willingness to blame your mother and her immediate family for the misery you and Sam went through. Generations and generations are carrying that blame now, and she knows it. You took it out on her. Your jokes can be taken as insults because you don't hide what you think. It was just as bad as telling her flat out you think she's a freak and a fool for believing as she does," she said. "Sarah is a sweet person and despite the inner strength, she's very insecure at times and you nailed right on it."

"Fine, Lis. It’s funny cause the conversation with Sarah didn’t go that long. It honestly didn’t. It did with you, though. That’s all right. I’ll go eat crow right now, but it’s for Sam. I won’t have this crap between my brother and me. I don’t want it brought up again. Understand? I told her I’d look it up when I had the time. Considering how my life is right now, there’s not a hell of a lot of time to do that. I did look it up once. I didn’t like what I saw about them. It’s my right to feel what I need to feel about some things in my life. What may surprise you is other people can be insecure at times and some things in their life hurt and they don’t want to be reminded.”

Dean walked out the door and headed down the hall to Sam and Sarah’s room.

Lisa shook her head and resumed packing. For all his big heart, there were a lot of times when Dean didn't see that his actions could and did hurt others even when he thought he was being silly and playful. Especially if the topic he was joking about was one he hated.

Sarah was filing the last of the receipts away for the orders she had made for decorating the house. She was keeping track so that when the deliveries were made, she could verify everything was there.

There was a soft knock at her door. Sam was still in the shower removing paint.

She headed to the door, opening it a crack to see who it was before allowing Dean in. "Sam's in the shower."

“I didn’t come to see Sam. I came to see you. Sarah, I’m sorry for being an ass. I know I am one. To be honest, I joke to cover up for other things. Okay? It doesn’t make it right, and I didn’t mean to hurt you. The truth is I would have worn a ‘kilt’ if that was the plan. I just did not want anything Campbell for me. Sam could wear it all he wanted. Ben too. I just can’t. I respect your ideas about your heritage. It must be great to have someone teach you those things and the love for them. Thing is, Sarah, I didn’t have that. No one ever taught me that Campbell’s were family. I met my grandpa and grandma when I was grown and they were dead already. The whole thing was just to show me thatI couldn’t change anything. They’re right. I couldn’t. They died. My mom set us all up for a life of hell, and my Campbell family...well...they failed too. I did read some stuff about the Campbells. What I had the time to read told me that my family was just like the older ones. I wrote them off my list. I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t. They wrote me off theirs. The difference was I was four years old. Okay. Now, i am sorry. I will wear whatever you think is right to make your handfasting the most beautiful and memorable night of your life. The best place for the lights is behind the cabin. I’ve been all over the area. It’s perfect for what you are thinking. I’ll do whatever you need to make it right. Just, please, can we leave my heritage out as far as I’m concerned? If not, give me warning now. I’ll work on dealing with it.”

"I respect the fact that your immediate family is nothing but a group of inconsiderate assholes. However, you can't judge an entire clan and clan history by what a handful of people have done. Yes, the Campbell clan did some bad things but there's good mixed in there too." She sighed, taking a seat. "I'm not going to push this but you need to promise me something."

Dean still stood looking at her, “What, Sarah?”

"I know it's how you were raised but promise me that you'll stop judging people by the immediate history and try to dig deeper, to see underneath the underneath. Before you two got to know me, had you known I was Wiccan at the time we met, you probably wouldn't have treated me as well as you did."

“Sarah, I have never met a Wiccan before. I have read about them. I have no problems with them. I joked about the ‘kilt’s and the nudity because the thought of having to do that embarrassed me. Okay? I told Lisa and I told you that I did read some ancient history on my clan. What I read was no better than the modern Campbells. They were dishonorable and they were butchers. I didn’t just leave it to the modern ones. I actually attended a couple of clan gatherings and asked people about them. They’re not liked much. I would not have had a problem about you being a Wiccan. Now, a witch or a pagan, yeah. I’ve had hands on experience with them. I draw the line at religions that still have living gods that tried to eat me. I told you that at the time and said you’d have to show me different, but not once did I put down your beliefs, Sarah. I do joke about stuff, but I never joked about your beliefs or your mama teaching them to you. Are you kidding? You had a mama to teach you. Again, what I said earlier, I meant. I’m sorry. I’ll wear whatever you need worn. If it’s gonna be Campbell, give me warning. I’ll wear it. I was trying to offer help.’

“Anyway, tell Sam to get a move on. Watari and them are coming sometime today.”

"I wouldn't make you wear it," she said softly. "Besides, I think you'll like what I've chosen for the men." She was quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry I was so defensive. Your jokes can come off as really harsh sometimes."

“That’s all right, Sarah. I’m not gonna do it any more. It was never intended to hurt anyone. Better that I don’t. Got to finish packing. We do need to hit the road.” Dean leaned over, kissed her softly on the cheek and went out the door.

He walked halfway down the hall and stopped,leaned against the wall, closing his eyes, thinking a talk with Watari would be nice.

Sarah sighed, finishing up the packing.

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