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Monday, December 24, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Eleven

        Leaving the soup on the stove, Sam stormed out of the cabin and walked towards the trail he had seen earlier.  His mind was a filled with confused ideas and anger tore through him.

        What right did the angel have to come between his brother and him? The hunter began to see the angel as the intruder separating the two of them.  The tall man strode down the trail for several hours.  He noticed the sky darkening and turned to head back towards the cabin.

        The building was dark when Sam entered the yard.  Frowning, the hunter walked up the steps to the porch and he listened.  There was no sound coming from inside.  Opening the door, he listened and stepped softly inside.

        There were no lights on in the building.  Cursing to himself, Sam headed down the hall towards his brother’s room.  He entered quietly and reached the chair.  Sitting quietly, he turned on the lamp.  Dean looked paler than before and he was feverish.

        “Damn,” the man swore under his breath.

        The older man stirred and the green eyes opened and the older man stared at him.

        “Sammy?”  There was worry in the voice.

        “Yeah, Dean?”

        “Are you really gonna leave me?”  

        “I’m…uhhh.  Dean, right now you’re sick.  Let’s wait and talk about this when you better.”

        The older man turned his head away.  Sam gave him his meds and some water.

        “I’ll fix you something to eat.”  He got up from the chair.

        “I’m not hungry,” came the soft whisper.

        “I’ll find something you’ll like.  I promise.”

        Sam headed down the hall, upset with himself.  His emotions and thoughts were a mass of confusion again.  What did he want?  He was in a turmoil over want versus need.

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