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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Twenty - Three: The Telephone Call

        A week after Bobby’s conversation with Dean, the telephone rang.  Bobby was outside, working on a car and Sam was upstairs reading a book.  Dean had some in to get the hunter a beer and he picked up the phone. 

        “Singer’s Salvage.”



        “Sammy there with you?”

        “Yes, Sir.  Where are you?”

        “I just got cursed at by a retired nurse.  What the hell did you and Bobby tell her?”

        “I told everyone I fell, Dad.  I didn't say anything to anyone.”

        Castiel could hear the conversation.  He put an urgency in Bobby to check on the boy.

        “I’m coming to get both of you and we’ll discuss this more when I get there.”

        “Yes, Sir,” the boy answered.

        “Give me the phone, Dean,” Bobby took the phone from the boy’s hands.  Dean tried to reach for it, but was stopped when the older man gave him a look that made him hesitate.

        “John,” Bobby spoke in anger.

        “Bobby, you had no right to take my boys.”

        “John, the nurse was ready to report you.  I saved your boys.  You didn’t even check on Dean after you beat the crap out of him for not reading Sam’s mind.  You set foot on my property, you’ll regret it.”

        “I’m coming after my boys and we’ll let them choose where they want to stay.”

        “I’ll fill you full of buckshot,” the older hunter threatened.

        “You can try,” John stated as the phone went dead.

        Bobby turned and looked at the hope in the green eyes.  He shook his head, knowing Dean would go with his Dad' and  Sam would follow his brother.

        Castiel wanted to curse, knowing Father would be highly upset if he did.  ‘I can’t stop him.  Father, I can’t stop him.’

        Father did not respond, knowing that Castiel had reached a major threshold on understanding Free Will.

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