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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Nine

        Sam rose the next morning and fixed breakfast for himself.  He read the treatment papers for Dean.  His brother could have soft foods.  The younger man grinned.  Dean and soft foods?

        Sam made Jello and pudding and placed them in the refrigerator.  He found a box of instant oatmeal and made a small bowl of the cereal.  The hunter added a teaspoon of brown sugar.

        Entering the sick room, the taller man saw the angel staring at his brother.

        “Is he all right?”

        “Yes, Sam.  I will return to my investigation.  He will be safe with you.”

        Sam wondered if the angel was making a statement or asking a question.  He sat down where Cas had been and gently woke his brother.  He gave him his pills and asked if he was hungry.


        Grinning, Sam fed his brother the oatmeal.   Dean murmured a soft thank you and dozed back off.

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