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Monday, December 17, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Ten

        Sam woke early and decided to go for a walk and clear his head.  He found a spot beneath a tree near the lake and sat down to do some thinking.  He understood that there were specific reasons for Dean’s actions.  The younger brother found it difficult to believe that his brother’s behaviors all stemmed from family issues.  Rising to his feet, Sam Winchester decided to beard the lion in his den.  He intended to force Dean to talk to him about all of his issues.  One at a time, of course, he decided.

        He entered the bedroom and noticed the angel had not returned.  Dean slept quietly.  Sighing, the younger hunter sat in the chair by his brother, not considering he’d left the older man alone in the room for several hours.  

        Green eyes opened and Sam found himself the recipient of a questioning gaze.  He leaned over and clasped his hands together between his legs.

        “We need to talk, Dean.”

        The man in the bed frowned and the questioning gaze returned.  “Okay,” he whispered.

        “I’ve been having a lot of dreams about the reasons you are the way you are.  Have you had any at all?”

        “Why would I dream about that?  Sam?  Why are you dreaming about that?”

        “I don’t know, Dean,” Sam stared at his brother.  “Do you think I’m the cause of a lot of your problems?”

        “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Sammy.  You told me what happened after Roman died.  Is that what you mean?”

        “That is exactly what Sam means, Dean.  It is good to see you awake and more alert,” Castiel answered from the door.  The younger Winchester turned red.

        “Why don’t you fix Dean some lunch, Sam.  You must be hungry also.”

        Blue eyes followed the tall man as he rose, stiffened, and strode from the room.
“Cas, What’s going on?”

“You are healing slowly and I am investigating your attack.  Sleep,” the angel responded as he laid a finger in the center of the injured man’s forehead.

Sam began to make some soup as Cas appeared behind him.

“Do not do that again, Sam,” the blue eyes stared intently at the tall man.  “He is not ready for that.  This is to help you help him.  Do not do that again.”   The angel disappeared and Sam slammed a fist on the counter in anger.

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