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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Nineteen: 1995 Pt. III

        The week that passed was the most difficult time the angel had ever passed with the teenager.  Dean would not get off the floor.  Finally, the need to relieve himself became urgent and the boy struggled to rise and attend to his needs.

        Castiel watched over him, but had no way of making him eat.  Dean crawled on his bed and huddled there.  The angel stayed close, pouring out his grace and peace, slowly healing the boy. 


        ‘Yes, my Son.’

        ‘His body is healing, but how do I heal his mind and spirit?’

        ‘He will learn to hide it and go on, my Son.  There is no way to remove it.’

        ‘You can, Father.’

        ‘Yes, but he has not come to me, Castiel.  He does not believe in me.  When he does, it will be during a time when I cannot help him.  Not in the way he will want.’

        ‘If we removed the father and let Bobby Singer have them, it would be better, Father.’

        ‘Yes, it would, but it is not allowed, my Son.  Remember free will.’

        The angel bowed his head in confusion and sorrow, but never left his charge.

        There were no calls from John Winchester.  Dean was sick with worry.  One week and no one called.

        The boy finally slept from exhaustion and never heard the front door open.

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