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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snippets Four: Chasing an Angel

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

Ever since Dean had become more mobile, Mary couldn't figure it out what it was that was keeping her son so entertained.  She'd often watch his little body hitching around on the floor, giggling as he tried to reach for something just out of his grasp.

When he started crawling, he was everywhere in the house. He seldom played with John.  His eyes were always on a far away spot in the room.  He would sometimes bump into furniture when staring far off into the distance. At first, Mary considered an eye doctor, but than realized that Dean could see just fine.  He was not paying attention to his surroundings. Those beautiful hazel eyes were always watching something in the distance.

The way he acted only made her wonder if her suspicions were correct.  That there was something else in the room with them, something that her little one had befriended.

She saw no signs of anything evil.  Mary Winchester knew her monsters.  She was a Campbell, after all.  She guarded her son carefully, not wanting him to live that lifestyle.  Dean was a gentle soul. He never got into anything.  ‘No’ seemed to mean something to  him.  He just had an invisible friend. John did not understand.

Castiel knew that Mary had somewhat figured it out and had informed his Father about it.  He had no reason for concern but Dean following him like this was annoying...annoyingly adorable as it was pointed out to him.

"What do we do, Father, when both parents realize I am here?"

"Both of them won’t figure it out.  John is not alert to the supernatural, Castiel.  Mary will say nothing to him because she does not want him to know.  Dean will not remember this in a couple of years.  Horror and fear will blot it out, but you will always be there to protect him.  As he ages, that will be not be allowed as often.  His course is set before him, but right now, he needs you.  Actually, he always will, but he won’t recognize it.  He will not believe, Castiel , and he won’t feel worthy of salvation."

"I don't want to question you," he said as he watched the little one crawling towards him again.  "But it doesn't seem right to determine his fate with something bloody and horrible."

"Because of his fate, Castiel, his brother’s fate will alter. This will prevent the destruction of mankind.  Dean Winchester is important.  Azazel has no idea, and he won’t. You are here because a time will come when others will understand.  At that time, you will give all you are to help him.  You will be his friend, my son. Not just a guardian."

"Wouldn't it be better just to have us take Azazel down?  Save them from this pain?"  He was terribly fond of the baby.

"No, Castiel, we have to let man have freedom  of choice.  Where Azazel is, there is Lilith, Ruby, Alistair, and many others who follow or lead.  Your brother, Lucifer, will be the cause, as he has been in the past.  Sometimes someone we love has to hurt to prevent even greater pain.  I am sorry, but it is something I have felt myself.  Be there for him.  It will not be all pain, but most of it will be.  Guard him, and keep the enemy from killing him.  For the time being, my son, he will not die, but a time will come.  Free will, Castiel.  I believe he is fixing to try to walk."

Castiel was watching his charge.  "Forgive me again for questioning, Father, but this isn't freedom of choice.  You're allowing the demons a chance to do what they want and Dean will be hurt by it.  I don't find it to be fair, Father."  Oh..he was walking a thin line but it had to be said.

"It is foreknowledge, Castiel, but man does the choosing on his own.  Seven years ago, Azazel killed John Winchester.  Mary could have let it be.  Azazel offered her a deal.  He would come visit in ten years, and if she allowed him to enter unopposed, John would live.  Mary made the deal, Castiel.  Because of this a second son will be born, and he will be the weapon of Lucifer.  It will be his choice.  Dean will raise him, protect him, fight him personally and for him, and make choices that will affect both of their lives and the future of mankind.  All of these decisions that happen are man’s chioices, not ours."

"This isn't Dean's choice," he objected.  "Nor is it the brother's that will come."

"It is not always the choice of the one affected, Castiel.  The sins of mankind fall upon others all of the time.  If Mary had not tried to run away that night, she may have died with her family.  Instead, John Winchester was brought into the battle.  He died.  She is only the first in this family line to make a deal with a demon to save a life.  It becomes a precedent among them.  The brother will die, Castiel.  Dean will sell his soul to return him, following in John Winchester’s steps, who did the same to keep Dean alive.  Dean will go to hell, Castiel.  You will free him, but  the damage is done.  If it helps, Dean does change for the better after Lucifer is freed.  You will be there at the final battlefield, but all will be scarred or lost."

"It isn't fair," he told him. "They need to be able to make their own choices, not tainted by what the others have done.  You could stop this..stop them before anyone else is harmed."

"It is freewill, Castiel.  I can not interfere.  These things are prophesied and some will be prophesied.  He may not know you are there, but you will still guide and comfort him.  He will need you, because he will not believe and will seek comfort in wrong things.  Be there, Castiel.  He actually will turn into a very good man."

"Dean!  What are you holding on to?  Who is holding you up?"  

Dean giggled, arms wrapped around one invisible angel leg.  He had walked across the room and held on to the one that only he could see.

"It is a sign, Castiel, that even when he rebels, he will cling."

The angel looked down at the child, voice soft.  He'd seen the little one's first steps, amazed that the frail limbs could hold up such a chubby little torso.  "All this way to me, Dean?" It wasn't fair.  He didn't want Dean to hurt.

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