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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 155

Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dean and Lisa's Wedding

The woman tapped on the door, hearing the sound of men's voices behind it.  Ellen was anxious to see the son of her heart before he promised himself to 
the woman he loved.

Sam answered the door, a  look of surprise n his face when he saw the woman.  "Hey, Ellen.  I thought you'd be downstairs with the guests."  Bobby. Ben, and Dean stopped getting ready and listened to the conversation.

She gave him a grin.  "Like I'd miss out on seeing my son get ready?  He is decent right?"

"Decent enough, I guess,"  Dean's voice came from behind the bedroom door of Sam's master bedroom.  The women had commandeered Dean's.  Dean was in his the trousers of the tux and had on a white t-shirt.  He stood staring at the woman as she entered the room.

 "Not bad, kid," she said, coming in and giving the oldest Winchester a loving hug. "You clean up rather nicely," Ellen teased.

"What?  Sam's wedding wasn't clean enough for you?"  Dean hugged her back. "I guess elvish clothing is not quite dressing up American style is it?  I..ah...kept mine though."

The woman laughed. "We all did," she admitted.  "It was gorgeous.  Now, how are you feeling?"  She was doing the mother of the groom thing perfectly, having a deep affection for the Winchester boys.

The older Winchester looked over Ellen's head at Bobby and Sam, his eyes wide.  "Feeling?  Am I supposed to feel some way?"  He looked at his brother and swallowed.  "  I guess I'm  a little nervous but I've wanted this for a long time, Ellen.  I love her."

 She cupped his face, staring into his eyes for a long moment.  "You have the look of a man in love, Dean, and I'm happy for you," she told him.  "God knows, you deserve this.  Now, let's finish getting you ready to go.  You don't want your bride getting there before you do," she teased good naturedly.

The shocked look went across the room to the other men.  "You planning to finish dressing me, Ellen?"  The hazel eyes stared intently into the eyes of the woman who had pretty much adopted them.

 "You're decent and got your male parts covered," she teased.  "Allow this crazy lady a chance to help you finish getting ready, ok?  You and Sam are my boys, and I'll never get this chance again."

Sam raised a brow when Dean nodded yes.  He grinned, knowing that Dean would have found it hard to say no to Ellen Harvelle.  

 Ellen grinned, kissing his cheek. "Ok, dress shirt? Sam, help him into it so it doesn't wrinkle," she said, taking charge as she usually did.

Dean slid into the white shirt that fit him perfectly.  His broad shoulders filled it out, and his hands shook slightly as he reached  to button the pearl buttons.  Sam went to get the cuff links.\

"Very nice," she approved.  "You chose a very elegant design."

"Thanks, Ellen."  Sam reached up and did Dean's tie.  Bobby, already dressed, brought his coat.  "Does anyone know what they're doing?  Where are we having it?  I know it's a woman thing, but she's been as secretive as Sarah was."

"Gazebo outside," Ellen answered, handing Sam the box that contained Lisa's wedding ring.  "The heating has been set up already and Sarah's worked her magic touch."

"We need coats then? It's a ways out there to the gazebo?  The flowers will get crushed under a coat. Did she heat the place like she did hers?"

"It's heated so Lisa is protected," she told him.  "You'll wear your tuxedo coat, of course," Ellen told him.  "Don't worry, ok?"

"Okay."  Dean went and sat down on the edge of Sam's bed.  The younger man could tell that his brother was getting more nervous by the moment.  He was taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly.  It reminded Sam of the time they hunted the demon on the air plane.  Dean never liked flying.

 Ellen walked in front of him, smoothing his hair back.  "You're going to be all right."

The young man leaned his head into the Ellen's hand as she smoothed his hair.  "I think I'm gonna be sick," he whispered softly, voice shaking.

 "Take a deep breath, son," she said in a soothing voice.  "Hold it for the count of five and slowly exhale. Focus your mind on something pleasant and let nothing else seep through that."

"Ellen?  Isn't getting married supposed to be pleasant?  If it is and I'm feeling sick, then what the hell do I think about"?"

 "I couldn't stop puking for an hour before I married Jo's dad," she told him.  "It's scary, knowing you're binding your life to another's, but it's one of the best experiences too."

"Sam?  Bobby?"   Bobby looked at the younger brother.  "I was nervous, Dean, but not sick.  Sam?"

 "A little nauseated.  We tend to feel nerves in our stomachs," he said with a wry grin.

Dean did some more deep breathing.  "Well, wedding night tonight.  That's good.  Tomorrow we have a real Christmas.  Can barely remember what that's like."

 Ellen grinned.  "Should be loads of fun."

"Yeah, I'm real excited about it."  The deep breathing continued.   "How much longer?"  He was still shaking and looking pale.

"We should be heading out there," Bobby said, looking at his watch.  "It's almost time."

Standing, Dean took a few minutes to get his legs to stop shaking.  "This is really crazy, guys.  Bobby, if I do something stupid like pass out at my own wedding, you will shoot me?  Right???"

"No but I'll razz the hell outta ya instead," he teased, hoping to make him laugh and get him to relax.

Dean stared at him for minute and broke out laughing.  "Are you trying to be an ass, Dad?"

"I don't know, am I?" There was a wide grin that went with the question.

"I think you just might be."  Dean grinned back.  "Ben's slipped out so he's walking his mom?  That means I get both of you.  That works.  Bobby would you walk Ellen to where the groom's Mom sits."  It grew quiet for a second.

 Bobby grinned.  "I'd be honored to," he said, offering his arm to Ellen, who smiled at Dean.  "I'll see you there, son," she said with a bright look.

"Ellen, I'm going to do something I've never done to you before," he said as he walked towards the older woman.  He leaned over and whispered, "I love you, Mom," and he kissed her on the lips and backed away.

Tears filled her eyes as she leaned up, giving him a soft kiss. "I love you too, son," she told him.  "I'm proud of you..both of you..and I am so happy to call you my boys."

Dean smiled, his eyes moist.  "Well, take her to her seat, Dad.  We'll meet you out there."  Dean looked at his brother.  "Whew, Sammy.  Did you feel this way?"

"Yeah, it's pretty heady and nervewracking," Sam answered his brother as Bobby and Ellen left the room. "Trust me,the thoughts leave when you catch sight of  her in her dress though.  All you can think of is her."

"I've been waiting for this time to come for a long time, Sammy, so let's do this."

"All right," he said, opening the bedroom door so they could get out.

They headed downstairs and into the big room where it was dark except for the fireplace and the Christmas lights.  "You got any idea what they decided on as far a cake or anything?  You know?  A reception?  That gazebo is big but a reception and a wedding in it?"  They headed to the patio.  "I don't need a winter coat out there?"

 "It'll be all right. Sarah said it was going to be warm enough. I don't know about what's going on. The girls did the planning with Watari's help. I just stayed out of the way."

Dean laughed as he opened the rear door and stepped outside  between all the buildings.  "I was told what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me."

"True," he snickered, walking out with his brother.

"I hope Sarah was right about her promise because I'm freezing and Lisa is going to have to come through here."

"She'll be fine," Sam chuckled.  They stepped onto the gazebo, which was glassed in, and found it lit by candles of all sizes in red and white.  Red and white poinsettias were abundant as well as Christmas roses.  "Oh wow," he said.  It was romantic and almost traditional.

"It's beautiful.  I suggested red and gold, but Lisa told me burgundy and silver.  So we got the burgundy for tuxes.  Ah well, it's a woman's prerogative.   Right?  This is much more Christmasy. I like it."

 "I do too," the younger brother said. "Dang, my wife has good taste..Lisa too."  He was spotting mistletoe in some places and holly tied with silver ribbons, which decorated a lot of the poinsettias as well.

"I don't see a band.  What are they using for music for her.  Come to think of it, I wonder what she chose?"   Bobby rejoined them at that moment.  Dean was bouncing on his heels, trying hard to remain calm.  "I hate waiting."

All of a sudden, the sound of a  harp filled the air, playing a simple melody for now.  Lisa had hired the girlfriend of the office manager that they had befriended to play the music.  She and Sarah both loved the harp as it was a gentle sound that didn't overpower things.

The music had a soothing effect.  Dean closed his eyes and listened to it.  He quit moving as much.  Sam thought he heard a slight hum.  His brother was notorious for picking up the melody and humming off key but this time he was on key.

The older one seemed to keep on key for the moment, and Sam just smiled.  It was good to see his brother relax considering how upset he was earlier.

"I guess brides can be late too, huh?  Or are we early?"  Dean looked back and noticed that the seats were  in the middle and that Ellen sat next to Watari.  Ryu and the three boys were right behind them.  Jo was sitting on the other side of her mother.  Nancy and her friend, the doctor, Elspeth and her grandson were there.

"We get here first," he said, nudging him a bit.  The melody shifted and in walked Sarah, clad in a burgandy and silver dress that looked elegant on her.  She gave them a grin, then winked at them, taking her place as the matron of honor.  Once again, the music changed, this time to Pachebel's Canon in D and in glided Lisa on Ben's arm.  Her dress was simple but elegant with silver embroidery at the hems of her skirt and wrists.  Her dark hair had been pulled up and back, decorated with a wreath of Christmas roses that matched what she was carrying.  

Sam and Bobby heard the man between them murmur, "Damn!"   No other sound.  Dean Winchester stood in awe and watched his bride walk down the aisle.  His brother realized that he was holding his breath.  He gently punched the man in the back and forced him to breathe.  Dean gasped in air but did not move.

 Bobby chuckled, knowing Sam's comment about not being able to think when he saw his bride was definitely ringing true for Dean.  Lisa made her way to the groom, smiling sweetly as the ceremony began.

Sam gently moved Dean towards her.  All the man could do was stare at her.  

Lisa giggled, handing off her bouquet to Sarah before allowing Dean to take her hands as the ceremony began.  Ben proudly announced he was giving her away,making the preacher grin at him.

Dean had eyes for no one else.  Sam was afraid his brother was not listening or paying attention to anyone.  He was deeply concerned until Dean's voice was heard in response to something the minister said to him.  The younger brother sighed in relief.  Dean was all there.

It was a romantic ceremony and one that would remain in their memories for a lifetime.  When the minister said Dean could kiss the bride, the small crowd gave a loud cheer when the kiss was given.  It was obvious that the couple loved each other dearly.

Dean finally released the kiss and stared down at his wife, with tears rolling down his face, and the biggest smile she'd ever seen.

"I love you," she whispered to him.

"I love you too.  More then you can ever imagine, Lis.  My wife.   I like that.  It sounds so good."

 "So do I," she murmured, kissing him again.  "Now, I think it's time to party."  She took his arm, smiling up at him.

Dean grinned and let her lead the way.

The group headed towards the main living area of the house that had been kept in darkness except for the fire and tree.  Lit up, it was decorated warmly with flowers and poinsettias with plenty of food, drink, and music.

Dean looked at the drinks.  "Is that ginger ale or sparkling cider?"  Jo walking up behind him almost gaped at his question and decided to ask about it from someone else.  Dean got his two glasses of sparkling cider, saving the champagne for toasts only.  He handed one to Lisa and gently touched her glass with his and sipped the cider.

She smiled radiantly at him,looking so very happy.  It was lovely to have this finally after dreaming of it for so long.

Dean set their glasses down and took her into his arms and out into the middle room, pulling herinto the dance.  He leaned his head close to hers and whispered in her ear, "Tomorrow's Christmas.  I want to be early as much as everyone else, but I'm not planning on an early night, Lis.  I want you as bad as I love you."

 "And you will have me," she promised, arms wrapping around his.  "Our first Christmas as husband and wife."  She leaned up, whispering in his ear.  "The papers are in for Ben," Lisa told him.  "I thought we could give it to him as a gift tomorrow."

"It's final?  Nothing else has to be done?  Was  it my name being  on the birth certificate that made  it go through so fast?  Yeah, we need to wrap it up real special, Lis.  The best Christmas ever."

"It's final," she giggled.  "Watari helped it go through a bit faster so it'd be done in time for Christmas.  The ink is barely dry on it."

"I don't even need to look under that tree tomorrow.  You and Ben are all I wanted.  I'm satisfied."

 Lisa giggled at that, looking happy.  "Well, guess that means I have to take your presents back."

"If there's no present under the tree, does that mean we get to stay in bed?"  Dean kissed her, gently nibble her bottom lip.

 "No, because Ben and the others have presents and I want to spend time with family," she reminded him.

"I hate to say this, but  you have presents under the tree."  Dean slowly moved down to her neck and up to her left ear.  Sam noticed the slow movement on the dance floor and Dean's other movements.  He motioned to Sarah that the cake might be in order.

 With Watari's help, a gorgeous cake was wheeled into the living room.  "Time to cut the cake," she called out, hoping to calm Dean's libido for a bit.  There were still kids here.

The newlyweds walked over to  where the cake stood.  Dean whispered to his wife, "Why do they use cakes for weddings?  Can you imagine a pie that size?"

 "Because it's easier to decorate the cake," she said, laughing a bit.

"I'm not so sure about that, Lis.  A pie stays in a deep dish, you cut a slit in it to let out steam.  The decoration it needs is egg whites to make it shiny.  When you eat it, you can have whipped cream or cheese.  Lot easier."  Dean grinned at her as the came closer to the cake table.  "What do we do next?"

She handed him the knife.  "We cut the first slice," she told him, trying not to laugh at his comments about pie.

Dean, seeing three layers, grinned.  He took her hand and pulled it up to the top layer and cut all the way through the three layers.  "If I have to eat cake, we'll do it right."

The group heard his comment and started laughing at that.  Oh well, not like the top layer would be edible in a year anyway.

The champagne toasts were done.  Everyone was enjoying the cake and the other foods that were set out.  Dean and Lis had fed each other cake.  The hunter ate very little of it.  He did graze the small buffet.  They danced a little more, and Dean asked where Ben was staying for the night.

"He's crashing with Mello and Matt," Sarah answered, overhearing the question being asked as she moved by in Sam's arms.

"Thanks.  Merry Christmas, Everyone.  Good night."  Dean took Lisa by the hand and drew her towards their wing.  "I'm thinking a lot of bubbles in the whirlpool tub for starters," he said softly as they shut the door.

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