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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snippets Nine: Dean and Women

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

Mary had been busy  with things for the Fourth of July picnic.  John told her he’d keep an eye on Dean.  He put his son in the front seat of the Impala and headed to his job to pick up his paycheck.  The mechanics would always tease him about having such a fair haired son  The teasing seemed to mainly be about how the boy looked like such a beautiful girl.  This worried Dean’s father a  good deal.
The worry didn't make sense to Castiel, who was currently seated in the backseat so he could keep an eye on his charge.  They had come to a stop and being such a hot day, the windows were down in order to cool off the vehicle.  The holiday didn't make much sense to the angel but it seemed to have everyone outside and as scantily clad as was morally possible.

John had pulled into the bank and was filling out a deposit slip to put into the drop.  Dean was standing up and looking out the window.  A very skimpily clad woman walked up to the drop and was putting a money bag in it.  Castiel watched his charge get very still.  A small grin appeared and Dean Winchester leaned out the window and yelled, "Wow!"  John’s head jerked up as the woman walked past Dean’s window to his.  The slap was loud and  hard, and the woman turned away.

John rubbed his face and looked at his son, realizing that he was no ‘girl.’  

Castiel watched the scene and then did something very rare for him.  He laughed.  Not the gentle chuckle kind but a full deep belly laugh.  Oh, he could foresee a great deal of trouble for this one and it seemed John Winchester was just now starting to realize it.

Dean leaned out the window and pointed to another skimpily clad woman.  Before he could say anything, John dragged him back inside and sat him down, sternly telling his son, "No!"  

Dean asked, "Why?"

The angel couldn't stop the laughter as he watched John deal with his first bout of the infamous 'why' when told something.

"Because women dressed like that get angry at men when they yell something like ‘wow.  You got me slapped for something you did.  It hurt."

Dean asked, "Why?" 

For once, that was a good question Castiel mused to himself.  He couldn't claim to understand the female species but wouldn't dressing like that mean men would ogle and treat them like objects?  Why would they be angry?

"I don’t know why they dress like that and get angry, but I sure as hell know why it hurts, Dean."  John reached over and slapped the boy on the face.  "That’s why it hurts.  That’s why you stop something when I tell you no.  You didn’t learn from the last time you got in trouble.  Learn this time and quit asking me why!"

Dean did not cry which surprised the angel.  His hand touched his cheek and the hazel eyes turned turned almost gray with distress, but he kept quiet.  There were no more questions.

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