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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snippets Seven: Potty Training

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

When Dean turned two, John informed Mary that it was past time for diapers. He saw no reason the boy couldn’t use the big toilet.  Mary stared at him and said there were special made potties for training and they had a cup in front for little boys.  John snorted and told her to get the boy a small stool and make him stand like a man.  He was a boy, not a girl.

At that point, Castiel had the distinct pleasure of watching Mary go out and buy the proper training tools for Dean, including a special potty just for Dean.  He was very happy for that, especially given what John had done over the last nudity issue.  She was learning to stick to her beliefs when it came to helping Dean through certain phases in his life.

The arguments started when John got home.  He left the house and did not come home that night.  Dean had pottied during the argument.  Dean had actually done both in the potty and was very proud of himself, but did not know how to wipe.  He could hear mommy crying in the kitchen.

Castiel knelt beside his charge.  "You have done so well, Dean.  Your mother will be so proud of you."

"Mommy is crying," Dean pointed out the obvious to the angel.  Castiel could see, in the bright hazel eyes, the brain working.  Dean was not a stupid child and he was trying to find a way to make Mommy stop crying.  Before Castiel could stop him, the little boy, training pants still around his ankles, reached into the potty and grabbed what Castiel was sure was something that should have remained where it was.  He headed to the kitchen to cheer his Mommy up.  Castiel had said she would be proud.

 The angel facepalmed as he followed his charge into the kitchen.  Fortunately for Dean, Mary didn't react negatively and knelt, asking her son if he'd done his business in the potty when she saw the 'gift' in his hand.

Not for the first time was the Winchester charm shown in a bright smile.  Father had said the smile would get the boy into lots of problems later in life, but it would also help him.  Castiel had problems comprehending this in the innocent face before him, but Father was never wrong.

Mary beamed at him, calling him a good boy and then guided him to the bathroom to help him put the 'present' back into the potty and then taught him how to wipe himself properly.

Dean smiled up at his Mommy, when she picked him up and took him to the sink to wash his hands.  He put his arms around her and whispered, "Don cry, Mommy.  I luv you."

 "And I love you, my precious boy," she told him, kissing his little face.  "And my little one, if I cry, it's never your fault.  Remember that, ok?"

"Daddy made you cry," Dean’s little voice just sounded like he was stating a fact.

 "Sometimes daddies can make mommies cry," she told him.  "They don't mean to but can be quite stubborn."

"Wuz subborn?"  Castiel  thought the question was cute, as Dean yawned.  It was past his bedtime.

"Let's brush our teeth, little man, and I'll tell you," she said, getting his toothbrush wet and a dot of paste on it.

Castiel watched a sweet scene between mother son, marveling at how much the young man looked like his mother.  Little did he know that one simple question would open a part of childhood he had never dealt with.

In later years, most people would think that Dean was not that smart.  His younger brother would be credited with the brains of the family.  Dean started asking questions, nonstop, at age two.  Castiel, being his invisible guardian, and Mary would get the brunt of it.  The angel was going to learn patience.

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