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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snippets Ten: The Fourth of July Picnic

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

Castiel had pretty much stayed in Dean's line of sight since the incident in the car.  The little boy was very subdued, even when they reached the picnic and Mary had set out the delicious looking food she'd prepared for her family.  Usually the sight of his favorite foods had the child eager to eat but not this time, and it had the angel very worried.

Dean had taken some of his Legos and was building a fort for his toy soldiers.  He was sitting beneath a tree in the park, about ten feet away from his parents.  His mother had not noticed the slight red mark on his cheek and Dean had not talked about it.

The angel sat beside his charge.  "I know it's hard to understand, little one, but your father does not hate you."  Though there were times he wondered at it.

The blond raised his head and hazel eyes gazed into the angel’s.  "What...?" He stopped the question before he finished asking it.  The small boy lowered his head and went back to his Legos.

"Dean, you are allowed to ask questions when I'm with you.  I will never hurt 
you for asking me anything.  I promise," he told the boy.

"Hate?" was the only word that came from the hesitant child.

"Hate is an emotion that people feel," he said, falling into teacher mode, which 
he seemed to do more and more lately.  "You remember how your mom was teaching you about 
opposites the other day?  Hot and cold, wet and dry?"  Basic terms but easy for a bright child Dean's age to comprehend.

The young child’s head bobbed in a nod.

"The opposite of love is hate.  Hate makes you feel all bad inside because you 
can't see the good things around you," he said softly.  "Your father loves you very much, never doubt that.  However, his life has been rough and things have happened that have made him more aggressive to people than is normal."

Dean was having problems understanding some of the big words the angel used.  

Castiel could see his little mind working  in the way the eyes focused.  He stared up at the angel, "Agesive?"

Ok, too big a word.  "You know how, when you're tired and it's close to nap 
time, you get a bit mean to your mother sometimes?"

"I dun hit Mama."

"No but you do yell at her, right?"

"I not mad at Mama.  Dayey was mad at me."

"Well, when you yell at her when you're tired, that's being aggressive.  People 
do wrong things when they're upset.  Sometimes, they yell and say mean things.  Other times, they hit and later feel bad because they did.  When people hit, they may not be aware of just how much they hurt the one they've hit.  Dean, I want you to remember this, ok?  When you're upset, try to talk it out but never..ever...hit a child or a woman.  They can't protect themselves as well as males can."  He stroked his fingers over the soft hair, reassuring his charge.

Dean nodded and turned looked at his parents, both of them seemed happy and contented.  His daddy didn’t look  upset to him.  He knew the angel was right, but he would be careful around his daddy, anyway.  He liked being daddy’s boy.

Dean smiled.  The twigs and ants were bothering him.  He walked over to the Impala with his Legos and climbed into the front seat and began to play with the small connecting blocks on the dashboard.  He never noticed that several pieces slid down into the vent.  His mama called him to come eat.  Leaving the Legos where they were, he hurried over to join his parents, leaving one angel with a wide-eyed stare at the vent.

Castiel began to raise his hand to draw the toys out of the vent when Father 
intervened."The Legos must remain, my child.  They are important in the future."

That didn't make much sense but the angel complied.  "As You wish, Father."  He was quiet for a moment, watching the little family.  "Did I do all right there?  I have no comprehension as to why John Winchester is so abusive to his child."

"John Winchester does not recognize it as abusive, my son.  He is a strict man.  In a few years, Dean will come to worship him.  He will dress like him, listen to the same music, and he will own the Impala.  Whatever John Winchester says will be law.  John’s attitude will not change..  He will use that to control Dean, but the younger brother will see it for what it is.  Dean is a hero, Castiel, but he will never recognize that side of himself.  neither will will his family.  I promise you that there will be those who see it."

 "If he will mimic the man that closely, Father, then I will have failed because 
Dean is unique as are all humans.  John Winchester's only redeeming point is that he sired such a child," he whispered.

"You will not have failed.  Dean is not completely blind, Castiel.  He loves and 
worships his father, but when he is reaches his twenties, he will be deserted by his family. It will hurt deeply, and he will do all he can to win them back.  John Winchester will do things  that some might consider to be a fatherly thing to do, but there will be repercussions  and he will use Dean at the end of his life.  Dean will have to bear great burdens, but he will make most of the right choices.  Not all of them will be, but you will become a vital part of  his life again, at that time.  You will never leave him,  Castiel....not permanently.  He will lose sight of you."

"I never thought to say this, Father, but I wish that he will not.  He has me."

"I will give you other errands at times, my child.  You may have to find ways to 
understand what has gone on during those times.  Until I send you back into the fight for his soul, safety, and sanity, you will not always know what he has been up to.  You will have to find ways to know.  It will be important that you do."

The sound of a car backing and tires screeching to a halt brought  an end to the conversation.  Castiel could hear John Winchester yell, "Damn it Dean, they’re in the vent!"

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