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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snippets One: Cas and Dean

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

Castiel, in his heavenly body, stayed invisible as he watched the young couple enter the nursery and place the infant in the crib.  He hovered over the three, trying to comprehend why Father felt he needed to watch over this one small child.  It seemed a long waste of time to him.  He went into the corner of the ceiling as the parents went to lie down and others entered the room.  The angel was protected from the demons at this time  They would not be able to sense him.  Castiel frowned as he noted that Azazel was telling several others that this was not the expected one

"Did you know this one would be born, father?", asked a female demon.

"No, but the expected one is four years away.  This one is worth nothing.  We will return at the time I was invited to come.  I wanted to see what this one was like.  He may be an influence over the other, and it may not be what we want.  We will watch and see.  He can always be removed."

The demons disappeared and the angel softly landed by the crib, staring at the small baby with curiosity.

"Your future brother would seem to have a fate, young one?  Is it possible Father expects you to have one too?"  

Mary Winchester entered the room and leaned over her son, "Angels watch over you tonight, my love."

Leaning over the crib, the young blond gently kissed her fair haired son and left the room.

Castiel stared at her and thought about what she had said.  He looked at the blond haired infant.

"We will.  I promise."

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