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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snippets Eleven Getting Ready to Choose a Turkey

Snippets will be little bits of life. Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman wish to thank Eric Kripke for the creation of Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We neither own nor make money from Supernatural, the characters, or the actors, although Dean would be welcome by me. Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Laran and Tisha

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Castiel was sitting in a chair in Dean’s bedroom watching the young child as he slept.  Blond hair fell across his forehead into his eyes.  Castiel fought the urge to push them away.
He heard John and Mary in the kitchen, and knew they were having a heated discussion about the Thanksgiving dinner.  John wanted fresh turkey, and the angel could not see any problem in that.

Ten minutes later, Dean’s father entered his room.  Castiel sat up straight and watched intently as the ex-Marine woke his son.

“Wake up, Son. We are going to the Hale farm to buy a turkey.” 

The younger Winchester yawned and rubbed his eyes and looked up at his Daddy.  He wanted to ask about buying a turkey at a farm but kept quiet, not trusting his father enough to ask questions.

John got out a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and a pair of tennis shoes.  He went to the drawer and got underwear and socks for his son.  He laid the clothing on the bed and left the room.  Dean stared at the clothes and the door, wondering what he was supposed to do.  He knew parts of getting dressed but could tie his shoes, and the snap on his jeans was difficult to fasten. 

Castiel shook his head and offered to help his young ward.  Dean looked at him and said, “No.”  The angel’s head jerked back and he nodded, watching the stubborn jaw sticking out as Dean tried to dress himself and please his father.

“Father?” the angel questioned.  “Why is he trying to please a man who has hurt him so often?  I want to protect and help him and he is already trying to be independent.  Will he manage to be?”

“The boy will always need and rely on his family.  He will need to be needed, my son.  Just be there when he needs you.  Let him grow up at his own speed.”

Castiel nodded and heard John coming back up the stairs.  Dean had everything on, but the jeans were not fastened and he was tripping over the laces of the shoes.  John nodded and helped him finish getting dressed.

“You did a good job, Dean.  It will get easier with time.  We are going after a turkey and we are going to pick our own.”

Dean smiled a sweet smile, proud that his Daddy was taking him to help pick a turkey.  He reached out his hand and his father grabbed hold and they headed downstairs and outside to the Impala.  Castiel was already in the back seat.

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