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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 106

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dean Rebels and Faces the Consequences

"We were just teasing with you, love."
“Okay. Everyone ready to go? Where’s Bobby and Ben?” Dean headed to the driver’s seat.

Lisa stared at him, eyes wide.

Dean looked back at her. “What, Lisa? I said okay. Let’s get going. We’ve wasted a lot of time joking.”

"All right, Love."
Bobby and Ben came out with the cooler. "Got it dad!"

Lisa heard Sarah mutter, “Are we fixing to have a war?” Sarah looked at Sam as Dean got behind the wheel of his car. Bobby’s eyes grew large, and he muttered, “Shit. Dean don’t need to be driving.”

Sam leaned over the window. "Shove over. Remember our agreement?" He knew his brother was tired and needed to nap.

Dean stared at his little brother, forgetting everything at that moment, except he was the big brother. He forgot Sam had been taking charge at his request, and he forgot that Sam had learned to take him on. He also forgot how tired he was.

“I’m wide awake, Sam. Believe me.”

"Let me try for a while, ok? You still look tired." He was worried about him.

“I said I’m fine, Sam.”

Bobby softly said Sam’s name in a tone of voice that gave permission.

"Shove over, Dean," he said to him, pushing him gently but firmly to the passenger seat.

Dean slid over but went out the passenger door, coming around to the driver’s side. “What the hell are you doing, Sam?”

Sam had taken a seat, keeping Dean from taking over. "Doing what a good little brother should. Now get in shotgun and shut the cakehole."

Dean turned red. At this time, Bobby stepped in. “Dean Winchester! Get your ass in the back seat with Lisa. It’s what you agreed to. NOW!”

It grew suddenly quiet as Dean stared into the eyes of the man who was father to him. “Yes, Sir,” was softly heard. Dean climbed into the back seat as Sarah rode shotgun.

The younger brother sighed, hoping Dean wouldn't be pissed with him. He was worried about him.

Bobby watched Dean sit stiffly on his side of the car, shook his head, and walked to the doctor’s office. He told the doctor about everything. The lack of sleep, forgetfulness, not eating right, and what happened today. He asked the doctor to step in and help Dean. He explained what was planned for the weekend. They did not want Dean to miss out, but he did need some help.

The doctor listened seriously before walking out with Bobby. "Dean, would you come here a moment please?"

Sam looked at his brother’s face. Dean was in a panic. He jumped out of the car, stumbling as he did so. He quickly approached Bobby and the doctor.

The doctor braced him. "Take a deep breath slowly, hold it for the count of five, then exhale on a six count."
Dean had stiffened when the doctor grabbed hold of him. He made eye contact and did not break it as he followed the doctor’s orders.

"Again, keep on until you feel the panic subside."

Sam watched his brother breathe in deeply and exhale. He did it several times and slowly calmed. Dean waited on the doctor, knowing he was in trouble.

"How do you feel, better now," the physician asked him.

“I’m not panicking any more, Doc. Am I grounded?”
"Are you?" He checked him over, taking a wrist to check his pulse.

“Am I what? Panicking or grounded?” Dean was nervous, his pulse was high. “Look, Doc, I got major plans for this weekend. I can’t be grounded.”

"I won't ground you if you promise to follow specific orders. Will you hear me out and make that promise in front of someone?" Dean swallowed several times. The doctor could tell he was shaking. He nodded, “O..k..kay, Doc."

He gestured for Bobby to come forward. "I'm giving Dean orders for the weekend and he's promised to follow them. First order, plenty of rest and limited stress. Let Sam or someone else do the driving. Nothing mentally taxing if possible. You will spend at least an hour meditating a day to help balance you."

“W..w..what?” Dean stared in surprise. “D..doc, I need to talk to you....alone.”

"What is it, Dean? Just you, me, and Bobby here," he said, voice low.

“Doc, only Sam knows.”

Bobby nodded, moving out of the way until the doctor called for him again.

“Doc, we are gonna be gone for two days. We are shopping for the cabin. The thing is, I have to go to one of these fancy jewelers and face a bunch snobs who look down on guys like me. Sam is gonna come with me to keep me out of trouble. I’m buying a ring for Lisa. I’m taking her to a really fancy restaurant and I’m taking her dancing. Me, a fancy suit and dancing. I’m asking her to marry me. How the hell can I do what you are asking?”

"'re making a bigger deal out of it than it is.'

“Doc, I’ve never had a relationship that lasted this long before. I love her. It is a big deal to me. I have never kept a good girl as mine before. Nothing has gone right today. I’ve been blowing it all day. I can’t afford to.”

"Look at me. Calm down. If you don't calm down, you'll be hospitalized in an hour. Understand? Take it slowly..which you can do. Dump as much on Sam and Bobby as you can. If you don't, I'm grounding you."
“Doc, I’m completely not in control any more. Taking it slow is all they’re letting me do. I’m doing what they ask. I just lost it for a bit. I’m tired, Doc. Not just my body, but my mind. I want to be able to handle things like Sam can. I’ve always been able to do stuff before. Why is it staying this hard? I’m well, so why?”

"Because you're still not scheduling and prioritizing as you should. You're reacting first instead of thinking through things."

“Doc, last night ,my life became a calendar full of prioritizing and scheduling. My shop is no longer under my control. I get to work a half day every day, Doc. That’s all. It’s got me freaking out, but I’ll find a way to deal with it. I have online school and the diesel classes in the city, so I do understand, but it’s my shop, Doc. I guess, I am not sure how to handle it, but I will learn how. It’s gonna take a little time. There’s been a lot of emotional stress today. I snapped.”

"That's the problem. You're taking things too personal right now. Your family is doing what is best for you. Be damned grateful instead of reacting this way, Dean. Most people would ignore you and let you kill yourself with exhaustion and stress. Now, can you follow my orders?"

“I can try, Doc. The only meditating I know how to do clears your mind and you go to sleep.”

"That'll do..something to relax. No stress."

“How long is this to go on? Just during the trip?”

"I'll evaluate you after you return and see how that is doing," he told him.

Dean just nodded, shoulders slumped. “Can we leave now, Doc, cause we’re way past time to leave. If that’s all right.”

"I'm holding you to it, Dean."

“I know, Doc.”

"Have a good weekend, and good luck," he smiled at him.

Dean almost smiled, and his eyes looked dull. “Thanks, Doc.”

He tapped the other. "None of that. Smile, live..enjoy yourself."

“You know what, Doc? Maybe one of these days I can.”

"I'm thinking you've got pretty damned good reasons as to why you should today," he said, gesturing at the family waiting for him.

“You know, they played an ultimate joke on me today, and I couldn’t deal with it. What an ass.”

"No..just stressed and that shows the high level of it."

“Really? So how do I go back there and unstress this?”

"Easy, enjoy time with your family and forget about the shop and everything else. Live in this moment for now."
“Just like that. Let everything that has happened go? Pretend it never happened? It was so stupid.”

"If they don't bring it up, you don't."

“Okay. Thanks, Doc. I’ll do all I can to follow your orders.”

"I know you can do it, Dean."

“Thank you for believing in me, Doc.”

"Of course. Now scram, I think Ben is trying to convince Sam to let him drive," he said, snickering.

Dean’s grin was more natural and his eyes smiled too. He headed to the car, climbing into the back seat behind Sarah so he could have more leg room.

"Ben, go ride with Grampa. Later, we'll use a different car and I'll teach you," he teased the boy, who ran to Bobby.

Dean stretched out as best he could. laying his head in Lisa’s lap. “Wake me when we stop, Sam.” Soon his eyes were closed, Lisa playing with his hair.

"No problem," he said, starting the Impala.

Dean was soon asleep. Bobby called Sam. Sam answered his cell. ‘Yeah, Bobby?”

“No need to talk, son. From what little I overheard, it’s stress and exhaustion. We keep him calm and the doc has orders for him. We can still all have a lot of fun this weekend.”

"Okay, I think we can do that."

“We better cause the doc is talking hospital if we can’t help him, Sam. There goes both schools if that happens. I don’t think he’ll try college again if that happens.”

"I know, Bobby. We'll help him. That's what family is for," he told him.

Sam heard Lisa murmur softly, “Yes, it is.” He looked in the back seat from the rear view mirror and could see that she was caressing Dean’s stomach and chest where his shirt and t-shirt had ridden up. His brother’s breathing was slow and steady...asleep.
He ended the call, focusing on the road.

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