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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 110

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 andbefore L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Sam and Dean talk marriage

In 45 minutes, the Impala entered the city limits. Sam knew where the Holiday Inn was located, finding it on his laptop that morning, while helping Dean with his restaurant issues.

He pulled into the parking lot, putting the car into park before turning the engine off. "We're here!"

Dean got out, opening the door behind him to let Lisa and Ben out. He reached down his hand and offered it to the woman who had played another joke on him , two in one far. Smiling, Dean waited to see if she was going to accept.

She took his hand, getting out of the car as she did so. "Well, time for work and play, hmm?"

Dean had a slight confused look in his eyes. “What work, Lis Decorating OUR home is not work to me. Play, yeah, and we will, too.” Dean leaned down and brushed his lips across hers. There was no smirk in the smile on his face.

She kissed him back, then giggled at the playful gagging sound from their son. "Come on! Kissy stuff later."

Lisa almost choked when Dean smiled and muttered under his breath, “How do you think you got here, Boy.” He kissed her again and said, “Don’t choke too hard, son.” He went to the back of the car and started helping his brother pull out luggage, when Sam saw the bellhop with a luggage cart coming towards them.

The childish ewww had the rest laughing while they started to load up their luggage.

They entered the hotel, followed by the bell hop. Dean walked up to the registration desk, saying, “Three rooms under the name Winchester.”

The young woman nodded, typing into the computer before completing the last few steps. She gave him the price as she fished out the keycards for the rooms.

Dean pulled out a card from his wallet, smiling because this one said Winchester and was more scams. He signed the paperwork, picked up his license and the card. Which is the small two bedroom suite?” He had gotten one so Ben and he and Lisa could have privacy.

She pointed out the card. "This one is, sir."

“Thank you,” Dean responded with a smile, the Winchester charm working without any thought behind it. He turned and handed a card to Bobby and one to Sam. “These are deluxe rooms, with the bedroom off a living room and small kitchenette. The bed is king sized.” Dean was bouncing a little.

"Not bad, kid," Bobby said, taking his card.

“This time no being afraid of what the room is gonna look like and whether it’s clean enough.”

Both Bobby and Sam gave a grin at that. "Very nice," said the taller Winchester.

: “Yeah, Sam. Having clean clothes today was nice, too. No having to sit in the laundromat in something smelly while you wash stuff out of the rest you’d rather not have to wash at all.”
The older man laughed. "Yes, you three have fun getting grape out of your clothes."

Dean grinned, “They are going to the cleaners as a rush order.”

Sam laughed. "Oh good."

“Sam and I have something to go and do, so we have to change. Bobby, you, Ben and the girls can go do whatever you want to do. You can shop for the cabin or Christmas shop. Either one.”

They got to their rooms, everyone working out what they were going to do, while the boys changed.

Sarah had her own ideas on where to go and told Bobby to take Ben and Lisa to do their thing and meet up later. She had a ton of things to do and could do it faster on her own.
Sam changed into dressier clothes, brushed his teeth and hair, and then hurried out to meet up with his brother.

Dean walked into the lobby and Sam stared. The suits Dean usually had to wear never fit him right. The only time Dean had looked nice was when Bela got them the tuxes. His brother was wearing the dark brown sports jacket, tan slacks, and an open white shirt. He looked good in clothes that actually fit. He hoped Lisa had gotten a look. He also hoped the clothes built up his brother’s confidence The last thing they needed was Dean’s usual response to a lack of confidence

"Not bad, Dean, not bad at all. Ready to go?"

Dean relaxed and some of the concern left his face. Dean was walking unknown territory. He’d come close to this once with Cassie. This time he had a woman who understood who and what he was. Sam grinned, realizing that he did too.

. "All right then, let's scram and do what we got to get done," he said, heading out towards the car.

Dean paled a little and followed his brother out to the car. Sam walked to the driver’s side, wondering if the older man would say anything. Dean was too nervous and grateful someone was taking charge at this moment. He knew he needed to be in charge at the jeweler’s.

“There’s a real nice one over by court house. It’s called Simon’s. I’d like to try it. I’m only doing this once, Sammy. I want to do it right.”

Sam nodded, heading towards where he remembered the courthouse to be. "I asked Sarah once about engagement rings. She told me flat out no on that and told me what she wanted for a wedding band for her."

“You thinking about getting married, too, Sam? I’m looking for a set. Three pieces that match. They will have to be either white gold or platinum. I know what I want. I just got to find it.”

"We've talked about it but she's in no hurry, she told me," he said softly

“Sam, really? She talks kids all the time. Women usually think of kids as one of the perks from marriage. Maybe, she’s doing like Lisa. Maybe she’s waiting for you to just ask and a set a date.”

"I know she does and when I bring it up, she's all like "when the time is right' and things like that." He sighed.

“Make the time right, Sam. She says she doesn’t want a ring. You can buy her the wedding ring she wants, but damn it, buy her an engagement ring. It can be one that she wears until you take it off and put that band she wants on her hand. She can wear the engagement ring as a regular ring on her right hand afterwards. Maybe you need to claim her, Sam. So far, she’s done a lot of the chasing since you guys kind of asked each other. Be macho a little, Sam. Claim her. I’ll tell you what. She never asked you to wait. Lisa suggested that to her. Maybe you need to go further. If she gets pregnant, fine. Do what you got to do to make her yours. She wants your kids, Sammy. Maybe she thinks you aren’t ready. Maybe you need to take her to make her realize you are.”

"She genuinely doesn't want an engagement ring. She's got her grandmother's wedding ring that comes from Ireland," he said softly. "It's been handed down for generations and that's what she wants to use. It's a claddagh ring."

“Okay. I can understand that, but her hesitating isn’t normal, Sam. She still goes on and on about marriage and kids. Why, if she wants to wait? Maybe tomorrow night, you two should talk.”

Sam nodded. "Yeah..unless she's hoping to wait until after you two are done and doesn't want to rain on Lisa's parade, you know?"

“Well, I’m doing a winter wedding sometime around Christmas, Sam. How about New Years or Valentines? Ask her. Hell, if that’s all it is, we could have a double wedding unless they’re against it.”

He nodded again, pulling into the parking lot. "I"ll see what I can figure out."

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