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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 101

Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel. The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Family Dealings

Backing the car out of the large parking area, Dean turned and headed toward the large gate.

Bobby barked a laugh at that. "I suppose so."

Sam turned and saw the smile on his brother’s tired face. The short nap in the afternoon had worn off and Sam knew his stubborn brother needed a good night’s rest if they were spending two days shopping in the city. Dinner and discussion needed to be cut short tonight. He’d let Lisa know he could handle it if she needed him to.

The drive didn't take too long and Bobby was rather amazed that the place they'd stopped at for food actually had an option for baked chicken so Dean could have that if he didn't want to splurge overly much.

Dean looked at the baked chicken, knowing he’d been told he could have the fried. He leaned in and ordered two family packs of fried, one extra crispy, and one original recipe. He ordered the sides and extra biscuits with butter and honey. Smiling, tiredly, the older Winchester ordered baked chicken for himself.

Sam poked him. "You know you can go for fried. It's a treat considering how hard you've been working and damned well you've been doing on your diet."

The tired face turned towards the younger man. “If I ate it fried, Sam, I’d start wanting it that way. It’s better not to tempt myself with a taste I don’t really need to start craving. I’ll eat it baked.”

"No problem. Shove over after we pick the order up. I'll drive," he said softly. "By the way, I'm proud of you for how well you're doing."

“I look that tired?” Dean pulled up to get the order and paid boy at the window. He handed the bags of food to Bobby in the back seat. Sam got out and walked around as Dean scooted over. After the tall body eased into the seat and put the car into drive, Dean whispered, “Thanks, Sam.”

"Anytime, Dean. Why don't you catch a nap while we head home, ok? We'll wake you when we get there."

Bobby kept an eye on the older brother as his head leaned against the side of the car and he was gone They had a twenty minute drive to the property. Before they got very far, Dean rolled and soon had his head in his brother’s lap.

“Never known him to do that before, Sam. He’s really tired.”

Sam drove carefully so as not to disturb his brother. "He's been pushing it hard, Bobby, and in ways he's not used to when he's hunting. It takes it toll. Mental fatigue is just as bad on the body as physical one is."

“We’re gonna have to handle the physical, but the mental is at night or days off when he’s with Lisa and Ben. She’s gonna have to know what’s going on and work with us.”

"And he's going to have to be up front on it and tell them. This way she can see to it he unwinds as he needs to."

“Can he be up front if he doesn’t realize that mental fatigue is just as bad?”

"Nope, which is why I gotta explain that to him later," he said. "He's not used to college. I am. I know how fried you can get when studying."

“Is tonight too soon? He’s so tired. Work, the diesel classes, studying, and trying to make time for all of us is gonna make him sick. We may have to go over his head to the doc. I’d hate to.”

"If he's too tired to process it, it won't do much good but I can try," he said, shifting lanes.

“Well, you’ve doing a damn fine job of keeping him in line, Sam. He’s needed that for a while. Dean’s had too much on his shoulders for way too long. Do it the way you think it needs to be done. I’ll back you on it.”

"He doesn't need someone to keep him in line so much as to help him and show him when he doesn't understand things," he told him quietly, heading towards their destination.

“Is he alert enough to understand that? How long will he let you keep doing this until the old Dean begins to rebel?”

"Bobby, he'll be fine," he told him and he believed it. He knew Dean had changed considerably since meeting L.

“I’ll follow your lead in this, Sam.”

They were pulling down the road now close to the house. "Dean," he called. "We're almost home."

Dean’s eyes slowly opened and he pushed himself up from his brother’s lap, turning red when he realized he’d slept there. His eyes were bloodshot and he yawned.

“I’m sorry, Sam. I’ve never done that before. Damn, I’m so tired. “

"Don't apologize. There's a good reason why you're so tired."

“You can’t tell me I’m still not well, Sam. The doc said I was fine. What reason?”

Quietly, Sam began to explain what he'd learned in college when doing a lot of studying and how mental exhaustion affected the body.

Dean was quiet, listening to what his brother had to say. He sighed when Sam was through. “What am I supposed to do? I gotta work. I gotta know the diesel stuff. College is important, Sam.” There was a plea in the older Winchester’s voice.

"You have to take an hour or two a day, unwind. No heavy thinking..just go brainless before going to bed. It helps the body sleep and the brain to stop worrying over everything that's been entered into it that day."

“I’ve been going to bed as late as one in the morning, Sam. When am I supposed to unwind and sleep?”

"Talk to Lisa, maybe she can help you arrange your schedule better. If you keep this up, you'll hurt yourself."

“All right, Sam, I will.”

The Impala pulled into the compound of trailers. Dean slowly opened his door and got out. He was tackled by a half grown mastiff mix and Ben. Falling backwards onto the ground, the air was knocked out of him. Ben fell next to him. The dog sat on his chest licking his face, while Dean tried to push him off and catch his breath. He couldn’t get any air.

Sam laughed and pulled the large dog off of his brother. Turning to Ben who had gotten up off the ground, he said, "Okay squirt, help Bobby with the food. Your dad is pooped for the night."

Dean rolled over and fought for the air he’d had knocked out of him. He was wheezing as he struggled to sit up. Watering eyes looked up at the tall height of his brother. “Damn it, Sammy,” he gasped. “Do you have to look so high from down here?”

"Not my fault you got the short genes from the family," he teased, helping him to his feet. "We need to work with those dogs on not jumping on people."

A red face turned towards him and his brother’s wheezing gasp was heard as he commented sarcastically, “Ya think?”

Sam laughed, helping his brother into the home he shared with Lisa.

As they approached the steps to the porch, Dean wheezed, “She’s gonna think I’m an invalid or something. I can’t get a deep breath. Hell.” Dean pulled from Sam and leaned over placing his hands on his knees, he fought to bring in more air.

"Stop fighting so hard, just let your body do what's natural," he advised him. "It'll catch up."

“Damn dog knocked the air right out of me,” Dean gasped. “Still can’t get a deep breath. Hell, he’s gotta be close to seventy, eighty pounds at least. He ain’t half grown yet. I’m not getting enough air, Sam, and I am trying not to fight it.” Sam noted how red Dean’s face was getting, grateful it wasn’t turning blue.

"Yes you can. Your body was just rattled. Let it do what comes naturally."

“Yeah? What comes naturally is breathing, and it ain’t doing it very well.” Dean sat on the edge of the porch and put his head between his legs, striving to breathe in slowly.
At that moment, Lisa opened the front door. Bobby and Ben had carried in the food and told both women what was going on outside.

Sam shook his head, then smiled. "Hey Lisa!"

Dean did not raise his head, but a muffled, “Hey, hon,” could be heard from his nether regions.

He watched as she approached him. "He got the wind knocked out of him," he laughed. "Damn dogs need to be trained better."

Dean could feel her presence beside him as Lisa knelt down. He slowly raised his head, finally managing a deeper breath. Watery eyes stared up at her. “I’m sorry, Lis. Not trying to make a big fuss. Didn’t want to go in when I couldn't get a normal word out. It’s starting to ease up. I’ll be inside in just a few minutes. Let me let this clear up first. I finally got a half way deep breath.”

She ruffled his hair. "No problem, Dean."

Sam watched her rise and go back inside with a look of surprise on his face. ‘Is that how she handles him?’ he thought. Turning, he saw that Dean had laid flat on his back, slowly taking in deeper breaths and letting them out slowly. His brother closed his eyes for a minute, sighed, and rolled over and pushed himself up. He stopped his movement and stared Sam in the face, waiting for the next joke or teasing.

Sam was quiet, letting his brother take things at his own pace. It was better to do it this way and allow his body to take it as needed. "Ready to eat?"

The look of surprise on Dean’s face was laughable. He nodded and headed towards the door.
His brother stared at him. “You that hungry, Sammy? I used to have to force you to eat sometimes. I’m glad you’re eating more.”
Lisa turned in surprise at the statement, considering the months of getting Dean to eat. Sam, Bobby, and Sarah all stared at each other, remembering the lack of food at the shop that day.

Bobby snorted. "Sit down you two or I'm going to eat all of this and make you watch," he teased.

“You even like baked chicken, Bobby?”
Lisa turned in surprise again. “I thought you were eating fried chicken tonight, hon?”
“Well, I’m used to eating it the other way. I just thought it might be safer for me to keep doing that. The grease might not set well.”

"He has a point," Sam pointed out as the food was passed around. He laughed when Bobby answered. "Food is food. As long as it's dead and cooked, I'm not picky."

Dean sighed, “Yeah, I liked it like that too.”
Baked chicken was passed to Dean to serve himself from.

The conversation flowed easily until Lisa asked how Dean’s day was. Sam watched his brother freeze, knowing Dean didn’t lie to her. He never brought the work home. Lisa’s asking surprised the older Winchester. Sam noticed that Sarah was smiling. His eyes widened. Dean’s not eating right, exhaustion, and maybe even the cold showers were about to come out. He bit his lip, knowing that Sarah had gone before him. He had planned on bringing this up at dinner, getting the plans for tomorrow out of the way, and Dean to bed early.

Bobby took a bite of his corn, waiting to see what his son had to say.

Dean had the fork in his hand, with a piece of chicken on it. He stared at it and than at the woman across from him. Setting the fork down, the older Winchester swallowed and pasted a smile on his face. Sam knew that smile. Dean wasn’t going to lie, but could he still smooth talk? It had probably been a while since he’d had to.

“We gotta commission to buy and build a ‘57 Chevy, Lis. It didn’t take long to find one and it was local. I told you some of it on the phone. The guy had several other cars that need rebuilding and he sold us all of them, plus every tool and piece of equipment we’ll ever need. Sammy has been really doing good with the books and we are even going to be able to afford to build a new building for this.

He also asked us to sell the cars that are rebuilt and he’ll give us a commission. It’s a good commission, Lis.”

Dean was talking fast Sam and Bobby recognized the nervousness behind the fast speaking.

"Dean," came the gentle voice. "Calm down."

“I’m sorry, Lis. It’s just that this is big.”

"I know, love. Have you made sure to eat today?"

“I had one of the breakfast sandwiches in the freezer. There was a sandwich and a glass of milk for lunch.”

"Snacks?" She asked him.

“Snacks?” Sam and Bobby both knew he was in trouble.

"Snacks, dear. I usually send some for you to keep your blood sugar and metabolism healthy," she said, sipping a glass of diet soda.

“Lis, I....Damn it.”

"What happened, Dean?"

“I get real busy down there, Lis. I don’t pay attention to what’s in the fridge or the cabinets. I got so much going on all the time. If’it’s there and I see it, I remember and I eat. We ran out and I didn’t even realize we had. I thought there was still food. Sarah brought stuff and I got lectures from everyone. Lis, I’m trying. I’m just tired. There’s not enough time in the day. I can’t remember to do everything. I’m trying. Sarah, Sam, and Bobby helped today, but Sam was supposed to talk about this. Sarah?” Dean stared at his future sister-in-law who smiled and shrugged.

“She can grill, Dean. I left the cabin and took bags of stuff to the shop. Lisa is observant.”

Lisa held up her hand to stop the discussion. "I knew about this through Sarah, Dean, but wanted to hear it from you. I won't bring this up anymore as long as you promise to eat."

Dean’s shoulders drooped. Sam remembered the conversations of the day. Dean was pushing harder than any man should. He was living on four and a half hours sleep. Remembering their years of hunting, Sam knew lack of sleep was part of what made it so difficult for his brother to recover. Dean tried to have Saturdays and Sundays off, but Sam knew Dean was at the shop some on those days, playing catch up because of his two days in diesel classes. It was time for for the rest of them to help him in some way. Dean was not asking. He never asked. Sam had already told him things had to change and it was time for him to remind Dean that they weren’t going to let this go on. He wasn’t going to let it.
Sam spoke up. "Lisa, Dean and I are working on ways to help him unwind and stuff. He may need your brilliant scheduling abilities later to help. Right now, he just needs family to support and help him."

Lisa looked across at the slumped shoulders and the look of exhaustion on her lover’s face and knew his younger brother was right. She’d recognized it and had been trying to come up with ways to help him.

“We’re all here, Sam. Let’s talk while we eat, and see what needs to be done. Dean, I want everyone here to have an understanding on why you aren’t eating, getting enough rest, and have no free time.”

“Aww, Lisa, come on.” The older hunter looked at the faces surrounding the table and knew he’d lost. His brother heard a comment he hadn’t heard in a while. “Man....!”

Sam grinned, knowing they were fixing to put his big brother’s life in order and find some way to enable him to handle everything he was doing. He ruffled Ben’s hair and whispered to his nephew, “Can you bring some colored pens and a calendar?”

Ben nodded, hopping up and giving his dad a hug. "Love you," he whispered before going to get the items that Uncle Sam had asked for.

Dean thrived on his son’s hugs and the whisper encouraged him. It also made him more determined not to give up. This wasn’t just for him. He had a family.

The boy came back in, handing everything to Sam. "Here you go, Uncle Sam!"

The boy received a big thanks and hug from the tall man sitting next to him. “Okay. Dean, I want to know everything that is going on in your classes...both online and in the city. Hours, what’s happening in them, and the time you have to have to continue to produce good grades.”

“You’re kidding, right?” The hazel eyes scanned thee table at the other adults sitting there staring at him. “You’re not kidding.”

"No, Dad, they're not. We gotta take care of you," he said before chomping down on a drumstick.

“What? That’s not how it’s done. You’re my family, and it’s my job to take care of you. I have to know how to work diesels so those classes are long and it takes time to get there and home on the two days I go. Sam, you don’t know cars, but you don’t do a bad job selling. Neither does Lisa. Bobby, you can’t keep up with my schedule there on a daily basis, man. No one can help with college. I got to make good grades, guys. I’ve already had more than one professor who has hinted that people with GED’s are quitters. Sam, you’re taking classes on your own. It’s just what I have to do. All of it. How do you help that?”

Sam snickered when Bobby reached out and smacked Dean across the back of his head. "Boy, did I not teach you anything as far as family is concerned?"

Rubbing his head where his ‘father’ had smacked him, Dean looked at everyone. “Yes, sir, you did. Bobby, how? Look at it! How?”

"Shut up, Dean. Now..what is family supposed to do?"

“Family does what I’ve been doing, Bobby. They love, care for, and protect each other. That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s what I’ve been raised my whole life to do. Oh hell, don’t you dare call L or Watari, Sam. I know.”

"'re doing it on your own and that's not how it works. It's a net of support for everyone. It does not mean Dean Winchester has to hold the entire damned burden on his shoulders," the older man told him.

“I just said ‘I know’, Bobby. You guys don’t have to call L or Watari on me. I’m wrong. I know I am. What the hell am I supposed to do? Cause I’m not sure what any of you can do to help. Here I am. You work it out, cause I’m really lost here.”

"Sam will handle car sales on days that he doesn’t have class and one of the girls can help him with that and office work. They can teach Ben in a room at the garage on those days and after class, Ben can be my assistant and learn to be a grease monkey too since he likes cars."

“Sam runs the office already, Bobby. Lis works and runs it on the days I am in the city, so Sam can take your spot on sales. You are planning on taking over the shop on those days? I don’t want to tire you out. Are you sure about that?”

"I'll be fine. I get tired, I'll complain and you know I will," he snarked gently, making Sam laugh.

The younger Winchester spoke up at this point. “Now we deal with the online classes.”

"Again, we just divide up the shop chores until Dean is finished and homework is done," he said.

Lisa spoke up, “I suggest the morning hours when he’s more alert and awake. If it’s done then, he will be able to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for the next morning.”

Bobby nodded, agreeing with her. Sarah piped up. "I can do painting jobs on the times I'm not working..keep you guys off of the paint and where you belong."

“Painting the cars? It’s done with an airbrush type piece of equipment, Sarah. You know how to do that? Guys, I’m not going to be doing much at all, am I?”

"Not until you graduate. You need to pace yourself. On days you don't have classes, you can work and do what you want in the shop," Bobby answered. Sarah grinned. "Airbrushing is FUN!"

“All right, Guys. BUT.....the old cars that are being rebuilt are mine. I do them. You can help. I hope you will, but the decisions and the major work on them is mine. Especially the work for Mr. Hemings on the ’57 Chevy.”

"Weekends," Sarah told him. "You can do it half a day on Saturdays and Sundays and use the afternoons to rest and hang with the family."

“At that rate, it will take over a year to finish the car.”

Sam spoke up, “Dean, Hemings knows you have a business to run and the car will be an on the side job.”

Bobby spoke up. "A car like that, you want to take your time anyway. NO rushing because that's a mechanic's dream to work on."

“Yeah, I know. It’s a dream to work on. Like rebuilding my baby after the wreck, Bobby.” Dean looked around the table and sighed. He turned and stared at the colored writing on the calendar.

Reaching out and placing a finger on the paper, he asked, “Are we gonna need several of those, Sam? One for the office, one for the shop, and one for each home? That way everyone knows who’s where on what day? That way I know?”

Sam knew his brother felt like he was losing control, and for the time being Dean Winchester was losing control. For his brother’s health, this had to be done.

"We can have Ben do that tonight, give him something to do. Once you graduate, we can chunk this and you can rule the roost at the shop."

Dean was shaking a little, but he nodded and looked at what his brother had written He was only working a half day five days a week. What if something important came up? He looked around the table, sighed, and nodded again.

Sarah, with a grin, got up, walked over and gave her future brother in law a hug. She walked over to the counter and pulled the apple pie she and Lisa had made late that afternoon. The half grounded mechanic was given the first slice.

Bobby leaned in. "We're doing this to help you, just like family should."

The hazel eyes stared at the older man, and the voice was slightly shaky, “I know, Bobby. Give me some time. I’m not fighting it.” The slice of apple pie slid in front of him. Dean stopped and looked up at Sarah with a slight smile. He whispered, “Thank you.”

Sarah tapped his nose playfully. "Welcome!"

Sam looked at everyone and spoke up, “Let’s get this trip arranged because Dean needs sleep. He fell asleep at work today, Lisa. School work had him up late. Oh and we have hot water coming next week. Until it’s up and running, Dean, you need to shower here.”

The older brother bristled at this. “I am not coming home with that filth on me and damaging the shower and tub, Sammy.”

Before another word could be spoken, Lisa’s voice rose, “YES! You will, Dean. This is pneumonia weather. Things like bronchitis and pleurisy can really make you ill. No more discussion.”

Sarah looked at Sam. “The same goes for you if you need to shower.”

Sam simply answered quickly. "I will, I promise."

“Lis, he won’t get as dirty as I do. You don’t understand.”

“One week, Dean. You will have hot water by then.”

“Okay, but I clean it.”

Lisa grinned. "Deal," she said, knowing that would make him feel better about it

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