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Monday, September 17, 2012

Snippets Ninety-Eight: The Return of John Winchester

After John found out about the picnic and playing ball instead of practicing, he drove to Bobby’s house to get his boys.  Dean sat on the front porch watching Sammy play out front.  He could hear the two men arguing.    A few minutes later his father opened the front door and looked outside.

“Dean, get your things.  You and Sam are coming with me.”

“What about school?  Sammy starts Kindergarten.”

“I’ll have you in a school.”

Dean did as his father said and loaded the car with their duffels.  Sammy watched him and looked at the house.

“We leaving again, Dean?”

“Yeah, Sammy.  Dad wants us with him.”

“There’s no home with Dad.”

Dean stood still and looked at his brother. 

His voice cracked with emotion as he answered his little brother, “Sammy, where ever we are, I’ll see to it you have a home.  I’m home, Sammy.  Okay?”

“Okay,” the younger brother said softly and hugged the bigger boy. 

Dean closed his eyes and held on. 

John walked outside, telling the boys, “Let’s go.”

Sam ran to the man on the porch.  Dean stared after him and Bobby could see the pain in the boy’s eyes.  He hugged Sam and walked out to the older boy and hugged him.

“It will be okay.  You have my number. I’ll be there any time you need me.”

Dean nodded and got into the car.  This time the angel touched Bobby and gave him grace, filling the man with peace.

‘I will be with him too, Bobby.  I promise,’ Castiel murmured softly.

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