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Friday, September 14, 2012

Snippets Ninety-Seven: Helping Dean be a Boy

Dean had grown exceedingly quiet after the shtriga.  Bobby wracked his brain trying to come up with something to help the child.  He was so angry with John.  John had called that morning and talked about Dean’s training.  Bobby had not been very polite with the man.

School would be starting in a few weeks and Bobby wanted to give the boys a chance to have some fun.  His first idea was to take them to the park outside of town.  He packed a large picnic lunch and included a pie for Dean. 

Bobby worked with both of the boys, teaching them how to play catch.  Dean had argued that he had to practice his shooting every day.  The hunter told him that fun was just as important and they were going to play ball.  The boy obeyed.

Sam ran after the ball, laughing as he did.  Dean watched his little brother and slowly began to relax and try catching the ball.  At first, he missed, but he began to judge way the ball was thrown and managed to catch it.  Bobby watched the boy’s face as he calculated each throw.    He loved it when Dean began teaching Sam how to do the same thing.

The three played hard for two hours.  Bobby asked them if they were hungry and thirsty.  Both boys nodded and told him yes.  He went to the truck and grabbed a large quilt and two baskets.

The boys helped him set up the picnic area.  Bobby set out a large jar of iced tea and one of lemonade.  Plates, forks, glasses, and napkins were brought out.  The other basket had a potato salad, corn on the cob, and fried chicken.  He took out a cake and an apple pie.

Castiel leaned against a tree, enjoying the togetherness the three were having.  He sighed and hoped the boys would be able to stay with Bobby.  He doubted it would happen.  Father seemed to think that Dean’s attitude and personality stemmed from living with John.  He hated the thought and was still dealing with thoughts of removing the older Winchester. 

He heard Bobby laugh and looked back up and saw Dean getting his third slice of pie.  He smiled, thinking Dean would run it off in very little time. 

Bobby taught the boys how to play Chinese checkers.  They had a portable radio playing rock and roll.  Sam fell asleep with his head in Dean’s lap.  The older boy smiled and looked up at the hunter.

“Got to take care of him, Uncle Bobby.  Dad won’t find fault with about that ever again.”

Both the angel and the hunter were quiet.  Neither had a response for it. 

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