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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snippets Ninety-Two: Life on the Road

The Winchesters stayed in Montana for another week.  Dean’s cough lingered due to the winter weather. 

The next few months were spent traveling from place to place.  John trained his older son more than the boy had learned before.  There was no longer a weapon in the man’s arsenal Dean didn’t understand the use of, had fired, and could break down and clean.
On the first of May, the family stopped in the Ozarks.  John had a hunt for a wendigo.  Sam and Dean stayed at a cabin another hunter had loaned their father.  Dean continued with his training when his father was around and planned for Sam’s birthday.

Sam was asleep in the upstairs bedroom when the wendigo showed up at the cabin.  Dean could hear it outside and went looking through the items his dad had left for their protection.  He found the flare gun.  His head turned when the front door opened.  He knew he had locked it.  The creature had to be strong to break a lock.

It was standing in the doorway when the flare hit it.  The creature fell backwards, a loud roar escaping its lips.  Sam came running into the living room.  Dean dragged him back upstairs and stayed with him in the bedroom.

“It’s okay, Sammy.  It was a bear.  I hit with something and it roared and ran away,” the boy lied.  “Dad will be here soon.”

Sam fell asleep in his brother’s arms.

John arrived two hours later.  He’d tracked the creature back to the cabin and panicked when he saw it. 

“He ran into the house, noting the broken lock.

“Sam!  Dean!”

The man ran upstairs and heard his older son whispering to his younger brother.  Opening the door, John knelt down by the boys.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, Dad.”

“You did good, Son.  I’m going to take care of the remains.  You boys get some sleep.”

“Yes, Sir.”

John took care of the creature’s burnt body.  He cleaned up and went upstairs.  He looked in on the boys.  Sam was sound asleep but Dean was restless.  John ended up sleeping with his sons.

The angel sat in a chair in the corner.  He had stayed with the older boy the entire time.  The creature would not have killed him.  Castiel would have stepped in.  It bothered the angel that a seven year old would have to do what Dean had done. 

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