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Monday, September 17, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 12

The three men entered the local restaurant next to the motel and ordered breakfast.  Dean remained quiet, listening to the other two talk.  After his third cup of coffee, he turned to Sam.

“Where do I find the explosives?”

Sam sighed, “You won’t find them, Dean.  Besides, it’s historical.  You can’t damage it without going to jail…real jail.”

“They’re protected?”

“Didn’t you read the sign?”

“With everything else surrounding the area, no.”

Sam looked at his brother’s blood shot eyes and the droop of his shoulders.
His voice softened, “Man,  you had a very bad night.  Why don’t go get a real sleep?  Garth and I will do some research.  Some of this is probably normal, but not all of it.”

Dean nodded, finished his coffee, and started to go pay the bill.  The door opened and in walked his Amazon.  Sam saw his brother stiffen as the woman made a beeline for him.

Garth started to laugh quietly. 

“Hey, Sugar!  Come have some coffee with me,” the woman gushed as she headed towards him.

Dean almost stammered as he answered the woman, “I haven’t had much sleep.  I’m going to my room and getting some shuteye.”

“Good!  I’ll come put you to bed,” the woman said suggestively as she leered at the hunter.

Garth interrupted, “He’s gay!”

Sam’s coffee spit out of his mouth across the table.  Dean turned and stared with his mouth open.  The restaurant quieted down to where a pin could be heard drop in it.

The woman stared at Dean in surprise.

“I shoulda known someone as pretty as you would be,” she muttered and walked over to a table.  Dean set the payment down at the register and walked out.

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