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Monday, September 10, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 10

Dean woke up the next morning in an uncomfortable position.  He found himself laying on the dirty floor of a jail cell.  His hands were manacled to the barred door.  The place was filthy.  A bunk was against the wall with an ancient mattress on it.  His mouth was dry and he ached all over.

Blinking his eyes, he stared around the small room, trying to remember what had happened.

Suddenly, he remembered the dark shadow, Garth leaving, and Sam suggesting they make a lot of noise to scare away the bear
Everything happened so suddenly he wasn’t sure it all had really happened.  He and Sam made a lot of noise with everything they had on them.  There were shouts from the different cabins in the area and people came running. 

The dark shadow had come down the path and Sam backed up.  Dean remembered turning and being grabbed by the ‘bear’ who turned out to be the biker chick in baby doll pajamas.  His flash light on her showed more then he wanted to see.  The pajamas were very sheer.

“Sam!” he yelled when the several men jumped him.  Sam ran forward to stop the attack when Garth grabbed him and dragged him away.

“It won’t help.  They’re stoned, Sam.”

Dean knew he had taken a beating and was taken to the small holding cell and manacled to the door.  What he couldn’t remember was what happened with the biker chick who had come in behind them.

“Please God, nothing happened,” he murmured in a panic as his memory slowly returned.   The thought of the sheer baby dolls and the tattoos made him ill.  He couldn’t remember. 

“Awww, man,” he whispered.  

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