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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snippets Ninety-Four: Sam Turns Five

I have decided to time jump two years.  Dean is nine and Sam is five years of age.  

The next two years saw the Winchesters traveling some, but John attempted to stay in one place for a while, at least.  Dean turned nine in January of that year.  He had already attended five schools.  John realized it was a struggle for the boy, but he had to go where the hunting was.  He wasn’t leaving his boys behind. 

Sam’s fifth birthday arrived.  John was gone, as usual.  Nine-year-old Dean called his Uncle Bobby the night before and asked if he could come for the day and help him make his brother’s birthday special.  Bobby agreed when he realized the boys were only two hundred miles away. 

The man arrived at three o’clock in the morning and found the older brother awake and waiting for him.  Dean let the man sleep in the second bed and slept beside his brother.

The next morning, the hunter took the boys out for breakfast and they went to the local roller rink.  Neither boy had learned to skate and Bobby enjoyed watching them as they learned.  Sam caught on faster than his older brother.  Dean didn’t give up and finally made it around the rink without falling.

After the skating, Bobby and the boys went to a pizza parlor.  After the meal, a birthday pizza was brought out the employees sang “Happy Birthday” to Sammy.

Dean was allowed to pick out a present for his brother.  He chose two books for the voracious reader.  Sammy was reading on a third grade level.  Bobby bought a G.I. Joe for both boys.  The hunter stayed the night and watched movies with the boys.  Sam went to bed early.  Dean fell asleep with his head in man’s lap with an angel sitting at his feet, a contented smile on his face and blue eyes, shining.

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