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Friday, September 14, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 11

Dean heard a noise and lifted his head to see who was approaching the single jail cell.  He saw a shadow as someone knelt down by the barred door and looked up into the eyes of his brother.

“Sammy?” his dried throat managed to croak.

Sam remained quiet as he worked on the lock.

“A jailbreak, Sammy?”

“It’s not legal, Dean.  This is not the real jail.  Just hold on,” the taller man murmured as he picked the lock on the door.

“Where the hell is Garth?” Dean whispered.

“He’s standing guard,” Sam replied as he heard the lock click.  “I need you to move with the door so I can get to the manacles.”

Dean inched forward on the floor as the door opened.  He couldn’t go far without being crushed into the wall.  Sam worked on one of the manacles.  They both heard the click, and he started on the second. 

“Come on.  Let’s get you out of here,” he reached down and helped his brother stand. 

The two men walked towards the Impala.  Garth was standing near it.  The older Winchester walked up to the hunter and the man never saw his fist before he was on the ground.

“What was that for?” asked Garth.

“That’s for leaving us on that trail with a bear,” the older man snarled.

“It wasn’t a bear, Dean.  It was your girlfriend all dressed up nice and sexy for you,” laughed Sam.

Seconds later, Sam was on the ground with the other hunter.

“That’s not funny,” growled Dean as he got into his baby. 

Rubbing his jaw, Sam got into the passenger seat and Garth ran to his vehicle.
Sam started to comment but was interrupted by his brother. 

“Don’t talk to me right now unless you tell me where I can get a good breakfast and some explosives.”

“Why do you need the explosives, Dean?”

“I’m gonna blow that damn place off the mountain.”

“Let’s go get some breakfast and let you calm down,” murmured Sam.

“Calm down!  I was beaten, manacled, and I can’t remember what happened with that Amazon!”

Sam doubled over laughing as the Impala headed back to their motel and the restaurant next door to it.

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