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Monday, September 3, 2012

Snippets Ninety-Three: May 2, 1986

John took Sam to the nearest town to buy a present for the boy. Dean stayed at the cabin.  When the Impala drove away, the boy headed into the kitchen.
He looked in the pantry and found the one cookbook that was on one of the shelves.  Looking through the book, he found a recipe for chocolate cake.  He started looking for ingredients.  There was no cocoa but there were some chocolate bars. 

Taking the ingredients to the counter by the stove, the boy made his brother’s cake.  The cookbook did not explain what Tb or tsp meant.  He did not understand fractions.  The cake called for cups of flour, so Dean took down a coffee cup from one of the cabinets. 

John and Sam came home an hour later to a strange smell and some softly spoken curses coming from the kitchen.  Opening the door to the room, John saw Dean lifting a mess out of the stove.  The boy was covered with flour and there was flour and eggs on the floor.

“What the hell happened, Dean?”

“I made Sammy a cake, Dad.”

“That’s nice of you, Dean,” John said softly looking at his messy son and the floor that looked more like paste then hard wood.

Dean and his father cleaned up the mess.  John found a can of frosting in the pantry and let his son frost the cake.  After a meal of hot dogs and French fries, Dean brought out the cake. 

John tried to cut the cake but the texture wasn’t right.  He had to scoop the cake out of the pan. 

Sam made a face when he bit into it.  John spit out a large piece of egg shell.  Dean tried a bite and frowned.

“What did you use for measurements, son?”

Dean brought the utensils he used.  John smiled softly.  Nothing was measured right.  He watched his son spit out two pieces of egg shell.

“Did you break the eggs, Dean?”

“Only on the floor, Dad,” the boy responded.

Castiel, looking at the messy cake, smiled when John burst out laughing.

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