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Monday, September 10, 2012

Supernatural Ninety-Five: After the Shtriga

Nine-year-old Dean followed his father and little brother out to the Impala.  He carried their duffels.  John placed them in the trunk and told his older son to get into the car. 

Dean sat in the back seat, his brother’s head in his lap.  The younger Winchester slept the entire drive.  The older boy ran his fingers through the thick head of hair, tears going down his face.  He remained quiet, not wanting his father to see him crying.

The evening replayed in his young mind.  His Dad was right.  He had almost gotten Sammy killed.  It was his fault.  It had not helped that he had frozen when the monster attacked his brother.  He had failed Dad and Sammy.

Dean Winchester sat up straight, a determined look on his young face.

‘I’ll do whatever Dad says from now on.  Can’t let Sammy be hurt,’ the young boy’s thoughts were determined.  His heart ached over what his disobedience had almost cost him.

Castiel sat in the front seat, looking back at his charge.  The hazel eyes were glistening, and the angel could see the heartache the boy was trying to contain. 

‘Father, John Winchester needs to comfort his son.  Please, Father. Make him realize.’

‘I cannot do that, my Son.  A major part of Dean’s personality formed tonight.  He will obey whatever John Winchester tells him to do.  It will be a point of contention with Sam Winchester.  One day, Sam will learn of this event and he will understand this part of Dean.’

The angel saw more tears fall and thought of ways to torture the father.  Surely Father would  not be offended by ideas as long as they were not carried out?

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