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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Two: John's Phone Call

        Bobby was awakened by an early phone call.  He looked at his clock and noted the time.  It was 3:00 a.m.  He walked into the kitchen and picked up his hunter phone.

        A soft, weak voice queried, “Bobby?”

        “John?  Are you okay?”

        “It wasn’t what I thought.  It was a demon, Bobby; a powerful one.  It’s gone.  Protect my boys.  It told me you have them.  I think it’s coming after them.  Protect my boys.”

        “John are you all right?  You coming here?”

        “I’m hurt pretty bad.  I busted my leg and there’s no way I can even drive right now.  Don’t worry about me.  It wants my boys, Bobby!  Protect  them!”

        “Don’t worry about them, John.  I’ll take care of them.  Caleb is here.”

        “Thanks, Bobby.  Keep me updated.  You have the number here.”

        “I will.”

        The hunter hung up the phone and turned to see the oldest Winchester boy staring at him.

        “Dean, are you okay?"

“How bad is my Dad?”

        “He’s messed up his leg, but he’ll be okay,” the hunter replied softly.

        “What’s coming, Uncle Bobby?”

        “A demon, Son.”

        “Tell me what I need to do,” the boy said quietly.

        “Go get Caleb and check on your brother and make sure the room is salted at any opening.”

        “Yes, Sir,” Dean answered as he headed upstairs to awaken Caleb.

        Bobby made a pot of coffee and some hot chocolate.  Caleb entered and sat at the table.  Ten minutes later, Dean joined them.

        The three made their plans to keep out a demon and whatever it brought with him.

        Castiel, listening to the plans, looked towards the ceiling.


        “Yes, my Son?”

        “May I fight?”

        “If it becomes necessary; yes.”

        “Thank you, Father.”

        The angel stood behind his charge and kept his peace surrounding the boy, helping him remain calm.

        Bobby fixed breakfast and all turned as Sam entered the kitchen, yawning.

        “Hey, Sammy.  There’s hot chocolate and Uncle Bobby’s making pancakes.”

        The younger Winchester smiled and joined the three at the table.

        The time of waiting was upon them.

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