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Friday, October 19, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 14

        Dean stared at his brother in total disbelief.  He closed his eyes, grimaced, and looked at both men.

       “Are you sure?  How do you know?”

        “Think about it, Dean.  Tricksters go after a certain type of person.  Think about Gabriel.”

        “You know, Sammy.  He went after both of us.  I’m the only one getting it here.  I guess you’ve both noticed that?”

        “Dean, the Trickster went after a half dozen men around here.  Real macho types.  Like you, Dude,” Garth offered.

        “Really?  The people in that town are insane, Man.  I’m not like that.”

        Sam took a drink of iced tea and gave a knowing look to Garth.  Dean saw it.

        “What?  I’m wrong?  Well, we’ll have to set up some kind of trap for this thing.  We know what he likes,” Dean smiled at the waitress as she brought him his steak.

        “I’m gonna eat and enjoy a peaceful meal.  Any problem with that?"

        Both men shook their heads in reply. 

        As Dean finished a slice of pie, Sam looked at him with a quizzical expression on his face.

        “What is it, Sammy?”  Dean was feeling amiable after the wonderful meal.

        “Tricksters like women, Dean.”


        “Yeah.  Maybe your girlfriend is one of his,” Sam said in a serious tone as Garth started to snicker.

        Dean choked on the coffee, stood up, and started to leave the restaurant.

        “You can pay, Smartass,” he said over his shoulder.  “Leave her a good tip.”

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