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Sunday, October 21, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 16

        Sam and Garth drove the vehicles to the Terlingua Ghost Town.  Both were concerned about the missing hunter.  Too many had died in the past few weeks.

        The men parked in front of the large gift shop and walked up on the porch, entering the store.  Sam went left and Garth went right.  It took a small amount of time to check every nook and cranny, looking for Dean.

        They met on the front porch.  Sam looked down the wooden platform towards the theater.  Garth shrugged when the taller man stared at him and nodded his head towards the end of the complex.  Both men walked towards the end part of the building. 

        Garth watched for passers-by as Sam picked the lock.  Both hunters entered the theater.  Sam went down front and looked in the back.  No one was in the place.

        “What about the motel?” the smaller man asked.

        Sam looked up and nodded.  As they walked out of the building and turned towards the bar next door, Sam explained about the motel not being a motel.  Garth shrugged again.

        Sam picked another lock and both men entered a dark room.

        “I don’t see anyone,” Garth commented as Sam took out a flashlight. 

        As they reached the door in the rear, the younger Winchester held up his hand and stopped the smaller man from going further.  They listened to the voices coming from behind the door.

        Dean’s voice sounded shaky, “You’re supposed to be dead, Man.”

`      “I would have missed out on seeing you get everyone you know killed,” came a familiar voice.

        Sam heard his brother’s voice drip sarcasm, “You’re still alive so give me time and I’ll work on that.”

        “Dean, Dean, Dean, I died fighting your battle, so back off.”

        “Why are you killing people?”

        “Leviathans, stupid.  You always were slow to figure things out.”

        “Why me?”

        “You’re just too much fun, and the biker girl really likes you.  I’ll make sure I let her know where you; so nice and tied up for her.”

        “Damn it, Gabriel!  That’s not funny!”

        “Of course it is, Dean.  You’re just on the wrong side of the humor.  How does it feel to be gay?  I’m sure she knows a gay biker somewhere.”

        “I swear I’ll kick your ass when I get loose.”

        “Well, I’ve done my job here.  I’ll bid you goodbye and let the girl know where you are.  It’s been fun, Dean.”

        The angel disappeared to sound of wings, leaving one hunter screaming his name.

        Sam and Garth entered the dark room.  Dean, not knowing they were there, thought it was the Amazon.  He started screaming, “No!  Go away!  Garth is right!  I am gay!  I’m anything you hate! Go away!”

        He turned red in the face when his brother’s flash light lit up his face.

        “You really are gay?” Garth asked.

        “Shut up!”
        Sam held his sides as he and Garth laughed.

        “Just get me out of here.  He’s sending her here.”

        In twenty minutes, the three men were sitting in the Winchester’s motel room, having a drink.  Garth drank a soda.

        They discussed the case.  Leviathans had been in the Ghost Town.  They would never know the reason, but found it interesting that the archangel was alive and fighting a mutual enemy.

        Garth said good bye and heading back to his shack.  All three were leaving in the morning.  Dean closed his eyes and shook as he thought about the Amazon.  Sam grinned and offered to leave his brother’s cell number at the restaurant for the woman.

        Dean Winchester used some unrepeatable words and opened another bottle.  Sam smiled and joined him.

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